Britney Spears: Hear her new single 'Till the World Ends' co-written by Ke$ha

It seems like every day there’s a new snippet released from Britney Spears’ upcoming album Femme Fatale. But today we’ve been gifted with a full-length song from the March 29th release: the new redonkulous dance track “Till the World Ends,” reportedly produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke and co-written by Ke$ha. It actually has a Ke$ha-esque party vibe with Brit Brit challenging fans to “Keep on dancin’ till the world ends.” My verdict is immediate love but I’m also a staunch Britney fan. Listen below to form your own opinion…

What do you think Music Mix-ers? Is it Britney’s latest hit? Or a disappointment?

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  • Jeff

    AMAZING. One of her best singles ever

    • LG

      Non singing britney again and a chorus she doesn’t sing at all. :)

      • Jess

        this is EPIC!

      • Lyd

        Britney knows how to be on top!
        Great job Team Britney..can’t wait for Femme Fatale.

      • kate

        LOVE Love love love it.

      • @biye

        you desperate loser. I hope you get a chick with an adams apple.

        “I am an Air Force and single at present” HAHAHAH! how about “I am an illiterate loser and its no wonder im single”

    • CC

      where’s the amazing part?????

      • Woot

        Haha! I love this.

      • SXiPPY

        Yeah, I’m still waiting for that too. It just sounds like some crap Ke$ha would put out. Way to set the standard Britney. Had she done this before Ke$ha ever came out, maybe I’d be doing helicopters with my c0ck, but it’s essentially just a rehash of the same townie bar-skank anthems Katy Perry and KeSha have given us this past year.

      • Justin

        Yeah, I’m still looking for this EPICNESS

      • Timay

        its the same sounding crap that always goes out that all the musically inept, top 40 listeners will drool over. it’ll probably be in the top 10 with all the usual irrelevant junk that sell

      • dipshat

        Seriously. I mean really. This song is that much better than any other pop music out there?

      • Michael

        Agreed, she really doesn’t deliver anything but dance music lately. Britney needs to take a step away from it, and not try so hard to be too much of a Lady Gaga.

      • Sheeple….

        When did she ever deliver anything but poppy dance music? A huge voice, this girl has not. (it’s funny how little talent she has now compared to when she was a little girl on Star Search and MMC). I’ve never been a fan of Brit, but she had better produced stuff back in the day than this rehash of everything that’s already on the radio at the moment. All of these pop tartlets are interchangeable at this point. How many of you would know the difference bw most of the songs on the radio if you didn’t already know who sang them?

    • Michael

      LOVE IT! O my gosh, I love her so much, and this song does not disappoint!!!

      • jason

        Anthem of the YEAR! Seriously.
        in fact, born this way eclipsed by this single.
        Great britney.

      • Gomer Pile

        Fruity pants…it sux.

        you’re to dumb to realize it

      • LG

        This isn’t half as good as BTW. I’m glad the world has ears and buys GAGA!!

      • @Gomer Pile

        I have a Master’s degree, a**hole. This song is awesome!

      • @masters degree moron

        WOw u idiot, good job going for a poor mans PhD, with that masters, u have a diploma stating u are good (mere masters worth) at one thing…to bad its not a degree in “proper musical taste”


      • ZoĆ«

        Do you feel good about yourself, “@Master’s degree moron”? Does making fun of other people make you feel big? Way to go; you’re a real winner.

      • Sheeple….

        This sucks. Everything Kesha sucks. Most of Gaga’s ish sucks. Most of Katy Perry’s stuff sucks. Not saying you can’t shake your booty to it at the club. But you people only “LOVE LOVE LOVE” this dross bc your musical standards are soooo low. Ooh, it has a beat and the person singing it wears fun skimpy clothes and is reasonably pretty and everyone is telling me how awesome they are so they MUST BE awesome! Oh and look, everyone else is buying their stuff and they are making lots of money and i wish i had lots of money like them so they MUST be good! It boggles my mind that that’s how deep a lot of ppl think about deciding whether they like a song or not.

    • Emily

      Take Usher’s OMG, throw brits weak vocals in…don’t forget to tell her a machine is singing the chorus. This isn’t even better than ke$ha’s dumb Blow. Very disappointed!

      • Jay

        It does sound like Usher’s OMG…catchy chorus, but it’s the same stuff we’ve all been hearing…she better DANCE HARD in the video, with memorable choreography! Put on some sneakers lol :)

    • Bluto

      Umm… it’s okay. It doesn’t compare in the least to “Toxic,” or even “Womanizer.”

      • jan

        anthem of 2011.
        get the world dances!

      • Gomer Pile

        “get the world dances!”

        for you i think its “Learn to write better”


      • Sheeple….

        jan, this will not get me dances or dancing… Not a brit brit fan, but Toxic was definitely a better pop song.

    • Tonic

      I’d rather just hear Ke$ha. Britney has no artistic vision. She’s a product and nothing more.

      • Adam

        And Ke$ha is just John-freakin’-Lennon? Give me a break.

      • @ Adam

        No one’s saying KeSha’s John Lennon. Still, at least she writes her pop-crack songs. At this point, Spears has become a small lid on a huge tub of advertisements.

    • miss k

      I’m really not trying to be mean but what’s amazing about this? It’s so typical.

    • Ty

      She is seriously bringin it! Ear porn keepin it on repeat!

    • just saying…

      Co-written by Ke$ha and it shows. Serious, crappity crap crap. If she seriously thinks this is her best effort yet, it just shows that Brit had no musical taste to begin with.

      • meh

        Why does everything that these pop stars put out lately sound like the same electronica crap that was played back in the nineties. minus all the cool psychedelic overtones that made you feel like you should be doing E. This music just makes me want to go into a K hole until it stops.

  • Paul

    Amazing. She never disappoints.

    • Timay

      and i suppose you think McDonald Happy Meal Jokes are HILARIOUS!!!?

      • Allison

        I didn’t know McD’s had jokes, but I know the Laffy Taffy jokes are eye-rollingly awesome.

    • n.r

      i dont get why ppl are always hating on todays music?…i like everything from Queen…Tupac…even Justin Bieber Music…this song is good…ppl need to stop being narrowminded…and the saying “Todays music sucks” has been said forever! only reason why u say dat is becaue u only remember the greats from ur generation…the beatles werent the only ones during the sixties…u guys had ur Heidi Montags…so did the 70s…80s…90s…sucky music…

  • Love

    Holy s$!+! This is this year’s I Gotta Feeling!!

    • John

      I got the same vibes!

    • Woot

      I Gotta feeling is without a doubt one of the worst written songs of the past decade. You might want to rethink that statement.

      • Jonathan

        This is true, but it was inescapable for an annoyingly lengthy amount of time. I think that’s what @Love is trying to say. Either way, I really like this song.

  • eliott256

    Awful. Sounds like a rejected Ke-dollar sign-sha song…which it is

    • LG

      I agree……weak. :)

      • Alejandro

        you must be stupid if you think its bad

      • eliott256

        Ouch, how will I ever recover from such a sharp and witty reply

      • @ Alejandro

        and you must be massively ret*rded to think its good

  • Reena

    I just had a dance party in my office! LOVIN IT!…can we have a Ke$ha and Britney tour that would be one big dance party

    • Keesh

      yeah, your office at the toilet paper factory. use some of that toilet paper to wipe this sh*t they call music out of your stupid ears

      • sarah d

        The toilet paper factory? Seriously? Please, somebody get the teenager off this post.

      • @ sarah d

        since you work at the plunger factory, go unclog the sh*t Reena is listening to

      • Kris

        The toilet paper factory? LOL. WOWWWWWWW

      • Jonathan

        Hey @Keesh, I think I smell a troll. Why don’t you let music be subjective and not condescend other’s tastes.

  • julio

    this song is amazing

  • Jason

    So is Kesha unloading her crappy songs on Britney?

  • Mike

    I was scared it’d be TOO Kesha, but Britney always put her on spin on things. This track is epic and catchy as hell. Britney’s always a step ahead of the game. The hook is contagious as hell.

    • Woot

      as hell

  • E.B. Berman

    Wow. I’m not a Britney hater, but I can’t remember the last time she put out something I cared to listen to even twice. This is actually pretty good.

  • Bradd Bradd


  • Juan


    • petey wheaty

      Low standards I see

      • Juan

        I just dont take myself as seriouslys as you do.

      • Pete Wheat

        good observation idiot.
        I clearly stands out by my post
        “low standards I see” that I take things seriously.

        HA! what an idiot you are :0

  • Keesh

    jeeeez this is crap. this is nothing special, nothing new. If your “WOW’ed” by this, you are an IDIOT…end f story

    • Michelle

      Why do you keep commenting on this so many times? Go away if you don’t like it.

      • Keesh

        why do you give a hoot on my opinion? dont read it if you dont like it, moron :)

    • Nick


    • James Jacobson

      Kind of harsh, but it’s true. This song is not that good. First off, the chorus is nothing special. Second off, HIAM had a better beat and lyrics. This Ke$ha rip off would have fit Ke$ha better, it’s just not amazing.

    • lovelovelove

      If you don’t like something why waste so much of your time trashing it. All your comments do is boost the amount of buzz that she is getting. Focus your energy on something better. You are not hurting her or this song’s popularity- you are doing the opposite

      • @ lovelovelove

        wow, im boosting this junk of a song by bashing it on the EW comment board.

        So according to lovex3, my few comments are boosting this junk…i should get paid for it :)
        but, im a charity worker, i’ll do it for free ;)

  • david

    I’m not convinced Britney Spears is an actual person. This is all just a machine, right? They just press a button and out this comes.

    • Janitor Tim

      sure seems like it, but with cut-n-paste leftovers from the 80s

    • Marie

      I think so too. She always seemed like a hologram to me.

      • just sayin

        Yeah, I think she’s a hologram and the music is written by manatees…

  • LRichards

    I would love to beat her up like Chris Brown did Rhianna

    • Janitor Tim

      she’s would rightfully deserve it as she is beating our ears up with this trash

      • Love

        No one made you listen to it and no one is making you listen to it. If you’re going to talk sh*t, do it right fool. Excuse me while I dance Til the world ends!

    • meghan

      wow you’re a fu*king douche.

      • Janitor Mit

        your boyfriend should beat you up for your stupid comment

  • Keesh

    I see a lot of comments left by guy names. either stupid little girls who like this junk use guy names or the fairies are in full bloom over this over-done, nothing new, auto-tuned junk

    • HAHA

      I like how you hate so much, yet feel the need to click on the link and listen to the song. Confused? It’s ok.

      • Keesh

        well, i had to listen to it once at least before i give my opinion…and my opnionin is that its horrible. and thats thats, suga baby

    • Ann

      I find it funny that you hate the song but you continue to sit there behind a computer screen and comment on it. Were you forced to click the link? No? I didnt think so.

      • Keesh

        well…ok moron (Ann), read the above post :) ^^

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