Lupe Fiasco reveals he contemplated suicide, pans his new album

Lupe-FiascoImage Credit: Lionel DeluyIt’s no secret that rapper Lupe Fiasco is not a fan of the record label system as a whole. But after being forced to continuously edit, add, and subtract from his oft-delayed third album, Lasers, he’s just about fed up. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, the Atlantic Records artist says he doesn’t “really give a f—” about what the set—out tomorrow, March 8—does as far as sales are concerned. After several failed attempts at parting ways with Atlantic, Fiasco hopes his remaining years under Atlantic are easier ones.

In another interview with the U.K.’s Guardian, Fiasco recalls a meeting where his demo for Lasers on what would become B.o.B’s smash “Nothin’ On You” was called “wack” by an Atlantic executive. The conversation almost pushed him to suicide.

“It was less about the bruised ego but more the audacity of it, he said. “I was super-depressed, lightly suicidal, at moments medium suicidal – and if not suicidal, willing to just walk away from it all completely.” With all that said, I enjoyed the album. It seems like Lupe hates the process and what it took to get the album out more than the album itself. It’s a solid effort and sounds just as controversial and intelligent as any of his other offerings. I do think, however, that he might be better suited on an independent label where he’d have more control of his music and could ex out the suits.

What do you think of Lupe’s quarrels? Will you be buying Lasers is spite of his disparaging words about the creative process?

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  • SaraJ

    I saw him on Fallon last week, and he was great. Too bad about record execs being stupid; I’ve heard plenty of horror stories. They’re just penny pinchers with no artistic vision. (Unlike, say, what Harvey Weinstein — the with the money — has done for movies.)

  • Helena

    pure bs; he knows his album is a piece of crap so now he’s blaming the record executives.

    • lauren

      hmmm, how do you even know his album is a piece of crap? have you even listened to Lupe before?

    • dupree

      helena is the worst song made by the most sold out band of all times.

    • jasmin

      Helena! oh! thats right cause you put out a great selling album! right?!..OHHH no you didnt you just complained and stuck your ignorant non researched opinion for everyone to read..and for no one to agree with..*such a rebel* so off the beatin path huh?..*boooo* END-

      • Lesley

        He is amazing and was perfect

    • Jeffery

      your dumb as hell the album is good listen to his lyrics and its always been the record label killing his flow since food and liquor i wouldnt expect you to kno this you #hasbeen #idiot

    • John

      lol piece of crap? you must be like a 50 cent fan or something. You don’t know music. go listen to like wacka flacka flame or something

  • PN

    I think he’s just uncomfortable about how his art and intelligent kind of rap style isn’t respected by the major label execs, who want that overly slick commercial song. He should get on an independent label and have his own creative control of his music and sounds and bests.

    • Cris

      Intelligent rap? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

      • really, idiot?

        no. it’s not. just bc what YOU may have been exposed/bothered listening to may be less than stellar does not mean there can be intelligent rap. your statement is rather moronic. rap denotes a type of music that has spoken word with rhythmic backing. nowhere is it defined as unintelligent. that depends purely on who writes the lyrics.

      • deborah

        You obviously haven’t listened to anything besides the overly commercialized junk that is out there. That’s a really big presumption there.

      • wakeforce

        Probably a country music fan. Yeah, that music is incredibly intelligent. (Ignorance works both ways) See how I did that!

  • Huh

    He sounds overly-dramatic. Some people have serious medical issues that lead them to suicide. Personally, I wouldn’t take someone else’s negative judgment of my work and creative output seriously enough to want to harm myself. Most true, innovative artists face misguided reviews of their work at some point–often, time vindicates them over their short-sighted critics. He needs to develop a long term perspective on the ups and downs of the entertainment business. You have to fight to give the best that is in you; and not let yourself be ground down to fit the lowest common denominator of popular taste. You have to fight to lead in art and not let the “suits” and moneymen crush your spirit. You also have to fight to keep from becoming so fat and complacent that you fear taking on the fight to create something new and push boundaries. You have to become a warrior in the service of protecting and advancing what you love–making good music.

    • eh

      easier said than done for many artists. the vulnerablity that makes them good artists usually leaves them open to all kinds of psychological issues. although, i have yet to meet a fully functional mentally healthy person. everyone has issues of some sort to a certain extent.

    • jasmin

      yea you would know alll about that because you are in his same situation huh>? yea cause you have millions upon millions of dollars riding on you too huh! *sarcasim* any way* *rolls eyes* easier said than done,cause lupe really is gonna read your comment and be like “ima be like this person!”and be strong and not off myself!- anyways i do agree with your more positive not self absorbed comment about his music- carry on…

  • Dumb People

    Honestly, Didn’t the song Nothin’ on you win a grammy? Im sure he isnt just making the suicide thing up. Thats messed up that a record label gives the artist barely any control of what they want. But I think he got greedy with money and thats why he signed to Atlantic, and now he is seeing the consequences. Lets hope that Food and Liquor II gives him back his own style and freedom again.

    • Gigi Young

      His version of “Nothin’ on You” was wack. I heard it on YouTube and not only did Lupe not rap to the melody and the hook’s contents, but it lacked the feel-good commercial appeal of B.o.B.’s verses.

      • STARB3CK

        Lupe’s version was more like poetry and had an emotional pull, B.o.B’s was like the mainstream hip-hop that the radio plays. I agree B.o.B’s version is good, and I’m glad he ended up with it because I am pretty sure neither B.o.B. or Bruno Mars would have been as popular without it. However lyrically Lupe smashes on B.o.B’s version. “You remain, they mirage, they collapse, we collage/We stick together like we starting fires/Thickest thieves, pick pockets at large/Kinda like les miserables/But we don’t play, Broadway’s for the stars.”. He can change a really simple song into something deep and amazing, it’s too bad that’s not what makes the record company money or everyone could win.

  • Mel

    Yes I will be buying his new album ! :) I’m sure it’ll be great! He makes great music and I’ve waited a long time for Atlantic to get their claws off the album!

  • Mick

    He talked more about on Tavis Smiley

  • truly amen

    1st off lupe is the bases of hip hop not rap, 2nd being human if u love a noun so much u will die for it. 3rd stop judging him ur not yahweh 4th be blessed cause he is and he is just trying to live up to that. 1 more thing yahweh bless everyone

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