Beady Eye: Liam Gallagher talks about his new band's CD, the last time he spoke to Noel, and why he 'likes the Gaga'

BeadyEyeImage Credit: Steve GullickIt has been eighteen months now since Oasis broke up following a backstage blowout between singer Liam Gallagher and his guitarist brother Noel before a scheduled show in Paris.

That’s a long enough period of time for Liam to form a new band, Beady Eye, with Oasis members Andy Bell, Gem Archer, and Chris Sharrock, and for that act to record their debut CD, Different Gear, Still Speeding, which was released March 1. However, a year and a half is apparently not a lengthy enough period for the Gallagher brothers to have kissed and made up.

In fact, Liam says that he hasn’t spoken to his brother since that night in Paris, and that there wasn’t a lot of “speaking” going on then. “We screamed at each other,” he recalls. “It wasn’t speaking, but sort of shouting at each other. And that was it. Never mind.”

After the jump, Liam and Andy Bell talk about the debut Beady Eye CD, the royal wedding, and Lady Gaga.

Entertainment Weekly: What’s the mood like in the Beady Eye camp?
Andy Bell: It’s pretty good, man. We’re doing rehearsals, we’re doing interviews, we’re building up to the big day when we start playing live. We’re actually very excited about doing some gigs.

I read you’ll be playing all new material at the shows. Are you sticking with that?
Liam Gallagher: Oh yeah. We’re playing the album a couple of b-sides, and maybe a cover… of “Wonderwall.”

A cover of your own song? Well, not your song, but an Oasis song?
LG: No, I’m joking, mate. We’re doing a cover of “Sons of the Stage” by World of Twist. Great tune. And that’s about it, really.

How different was the atmosphere while you were making this album compared to the last Oasis album?
AB: Well, I mean you didn’t have Noel there directing things, which was a big change. But we’re into the same music we always were. We’re still a guitar and rock’n’roll band.

Liam, on the track “Beatles and Stones” you sing “I’m going to stand the test of time like Beatles and Stones.” That’s fighting talk.
LG: Well, that’s the name of the game, innit? You don’t want to be listening to your music in five years down the line and it’s sounding s—. You want it sound as good as all them old classics, you know what I mean?

Do you think that’s something you’ve achieved with the album?
LG: Yeah, definitely. That’s our opinion, anyway. Otherwise we wouldn’t have put it out. We wouldn’t be talking to you about it. If other people feel the same, great. If they don’t, never mind.

The name Beady Eye does put you next to the Beatles in the three record stores that are left in the world. Was that deliberate?
LG: Yeah. The name Beady Eye looks great on paper. You have to call yourselves summat. Whatever we had called ourselves, some people would have turned their nose up at it. So you just had to do it, put it out there. It all depends on the music. If the music’s good, people will come round to the name.

Obviously Oasis had their ups and downs over the years. When did you realize that it was definitely over this time?
LG: When we were making the record. When we started demoing the new songs. I’d kind of seen it coming. All good things come to an end I suppose. But there you go, no one died.

That’s true. Has Noel heard the Beady Eye CD?
LG: I’m not sure, but we’re all on the same management, and we’ve all got the same people working for us. Maybe he’s sort of just washed his hands with the whole thing and doesn’t care. But, if he’s a music lover, then I think [he’ll] want to know what we’re doing. We don’t really care whether he’s heard it or not. Not interested.

Will you be watching the royal wedding?
LG: I think we’ll be on tour, mate.
AB: I think we’re going to be away, yeah.
LG: We’ll put it on the news I suppose. See what happens. Why not, man? Two people in love, can’t be a bad think, can it?

Any thoughts on Lady Gaga?
LG: Yeah. She’s great. Seriously, man, we like her. She’ s the only one out there who’s got balls. I like her. She can play instruments. She can sing. She can dance. She’s weird. She’s shocking people. I like her. I like the Gaga, man.

You can check out the Beady Eye track “Four Letter Word” below.

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Liam Gallagher’s new band is called Beady Eye

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  • KT

    Great CD and great to have a real rock band and frontman back in the press stirring things up (radiohead comments and etc.). Welcome back Liam

    • Karan

      Oh, thanks. Really It’s hard eungoh working 8 hours, commuting for two hours a day, and paying $300 a week in daycare, but then to be called a child abuser by another mom- great. Thanks. That’s really what I needed to hear.Yeah, i choose to work, because I am choosing to try to keep the rural home my kids have been living in. The disruption of their dad’s income loss was eungoh of a shock, to them and me, not to mention traumatic to lose a stay at home parent as well.It really helps to have another mom be so judgemental. I am pretty shocked at this post especially at yoour statment about having a large family and convictions thereof. I mean, whenyou were young, you left your kids in the CAR while you worked. you were SINGLE. But you are going to bust the parenting style of a mom who is trying her best to provide a home and stabilty for her kids- when the dad has bowed out?I wonder how long you would be in the farm if John just up and left?

  • HML

    It’s a great record. If you think you might like it, you will, so go buy it!

  • Hank

    Really good record..Lot`s of great songs..After hearing it for the first time i gotta there is life after Oasis.

  • Jenny

    Love the album & this man!!! :D

  • doug

    I can appreciate Liam’s comments on Lady Gaga in terms of her having balls and shocking people, but the problem is that she has exposed herself as a farce now. Her best song was one co-written by a guy who ended up suing her and the latest incarnation of both her image and her music is just a Madonna rehash. I liked some of her earlier work but I couldn’t even watch her latest video. I started watching it and then I was just overcome with boredom and had to change the channel.

  • doug

    As for Beady Eye, I really like the debut album. Four songs in I was like “wait a minute, nothing sucks yet, what’s going on?” The only thing I disliked after my first listen was that the first half seemed to be all energy while the second half was more mellow, which was a little bit exhausting. But now that I’ve listened many more times that doesn’t really bother me anymore. Great album.

  • Lesley

    Amazing band and was brilliant

  • Jean Genie

    He gives me another reason to hate Gaga even more: he wants to prove how cool he still is by kissing up to her.

    • RRRICK1000


      • Jean Genie

        What drugs are YOU on? You obviously missed my point.

    • jeremy

      your comment does not make any sense at all. You just implied that Lady Gaga is cool by saying that he is kissing up to her and yet you say that it makes you hate Lady Gaga even more. So does that mean your jealous of her? It sure sounds like it. Liam is not the only person in the music industry to compliment her. Micheal jackson did when he was alive, pink has, and many others.

  • RRRICK1000

    Great album, not a bad song, love it and that super, sweet, pop gem “for anyone” is priceless i never can hear it just once , i hit replay everytime. Keep it going Beady Eye!

  • Dave

    Best rock album of 2011! Just amazing. Not a bad track on it.

  • stuart kelly

    Being a fan of OASIS for 19 years and appreciating their Kalibre for excellence and much loved artistic prowess,i was really down and missed the fact that the band dissapeared.Thanks to Liam and the rest of what i believe is to be the most incredible band on the planet!!!!keep the dream alive….Stuart from Runcorn.

  • Beady Eye

    You won’t regret getting this album – as many others have said it is totally awesome!. Heh! and who doesn’t like a bit of the Gaga…. Brian in Salford

  • tresorparis

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