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If you’re a fan of Kelly Clarkson, friend her on Facebook. It’s worthwhile, because she posts frequently, humorously and honestly. Earlier today, she alerted her legions that her much-anticipated fifth album has been delayed till September. (There had been earlier buzz that it would drop in the first or second quarter of the year.) Explains Clarkson: “I recently found out that my album won’t be coming out until September. The album has been recorded, but I can’t release it until then. I realize that is a long time, but that’s the best time to release it apparently so I’m sorry for the wait, but I promise you it sounds great!”

Details of the album are vague-ish, but Clarkson has provided some clues as she’s been recording. She revealed that it contains a cover of Eric Hutchinson’s “Why Don’t You Try” (her favorite cut, she says) and is “influenced by Prince, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Radiohead and there’s a little bit of a Country vibe/influence on a couple of songs.” Oh, and the album is definitely not called “May” as previously rumored. (“That’s the worst title ever,” according to Clarkson.)

What do you think Kelly fans? Are you excited to hear the album? Are you bummed out by the delay? At least we have her excellent duet with Jason Aldean (“Don’t You Wanna Stay”) to hold us over for a while.

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  • Mario

    Oh no ):
    Well….At least it’ll make it to the grammys!! :D

    • JJ

      Translation: The record company thinks the album is going to bomb so they are going to sit on it.

      • Eric

        Maybe they’re sending her to fat camp for the Summer?

      • ^^^

        She’s still gorgeous, though!

      • Michael

        Yeah…the same must apply to Oscar hopeful films that are released in late fall or early winter, months after their completion.

      • Brenda

        god, look at all these FAT jokes! I can’t believe it!!!

      • Sergio

        No. It’s just business, and they want to make the most money possible from it. They probably want to put lots of marketing behind it, and their budgets are dedicated to other artists. Also, records released later in the year- especially big ones- often make more money because of holiday sales. There could probably be several other reasons too- like building buzz, creating higher demand, etc…

      • Michol

        Eric, don’t take it out on Kelly for your short comings! That’s so mean. Shame on you.

    • Tom

      I will count the minutes until this golden dream of a music is rendered to my eardrums. That sweet sweet creature!

    • Cindy

      Your sarcasm is duly noted.

  • Regina

    While I can’t wait, I actually like this move. Now I’ll have Britney for the spring, Gaga (and Colbie!) for the summer, and Kelly leading into the fall along with God knows what else will creep up between now and then. Can’t wait though! All I Ever Wanted still spins regularly in my car…and you’re right- Her song with Jason is AWESOME. Everytime I heart it I blare and just scream along with it. lol

    • LOL

      Regina, check out “Price Tag” by Jessie J.

      • SXiPPY

        Or “Zombie” and “Mirrors” by Natalia Kills.

    • Brenda

      Or Bootyclap Dreams by Dj Phantom

  • J

    That stinks but atleast I’ll have Dev Tailes(Booty Bounce/G6)to listen too!oh and Paramore!.

    • Cindy

      I can’t believe this. I’m stuck listening to booty bounce, and dj dreamclapper with no hope in sight of listening to her awesomeness on my Zune anytime soon!! how terrible!

      • KC

        I can’t believe you’ve omitted Bass Down Low! That song is criminally underplayed on the radio.

  • Tye-Grr

    It’s a bummer, but as long as the album is great and Kelly gets the publicity and support from her label that she deserves on this album, I’ll be perfectly fine waiting. Besides, good things come to those who wait, right?

    • S.


  • Lincoln

    That just totally ruined my day!!!! If the album is finished why don’t you release it!!!! Kelly can stand her footing along side Brit and gaga!!! The sooner record execs realize this the better!!! I am just so disappointed to no end! You can hear in Kelly’s message that she too wants this album out for her fans to hear!!

    Common let’s start a demand for Kelly’s album to be out sooner!!! Who is with me?!?!?

    • Frod

      Yeah that never works.

    • Cindy

      I just don’t have enough crap all at once to listen to at the moment. I’m very sad by this revelation today.

    • tom

      i really feel bad SAYING THIS….I LOVE KELLY…HER VOICE AND MUSIC ROCKS…..EVERY ALBUM HAS BEEN GREAT….BUT….SHE GOT FAT….SORRY JUST TRUTH….thats why the last one bombed….and there were some awesome songs on it!

      • A Fan

        Why did u have to go there, tom? Kelly is an incredible artist and her last album was awesome but I don’t think her weight contributed to her lackluster record sales (case in point, Adele right now).

      • swimmer

        You are competely wrong @Tom, Kelly is not fat, she has actually lost some weight but so what she is a singer NOT a model. Secondly, her last All I Ever Wanted did not flop. It was #1 on the Billboard 200 for two weeks, nominated for a Grammy, which it should have won. And weight has nonthing to do for a success for an album. I second what @A Fan says.

      • Larry

        I like the fatties!

      • Asher

        All I Ever Wanted was not a flop…My December was a flop, and All I Ever Wanted was a pretty nice comeback. It had her second #1 song and a couple of other hits. It may have not sold like Breakaway or even Thankful, but what albums do nowadays? Not too many. Your comment is uninformed.

      • titianterror

        hold on – so she gained weight and that’s why the album bombed?

        so i guess adele’s success, being just as fabulous a singer as kelly and also not a size zero, can’t be explained, right?

        i can’t wait for the male lowest-common-denomiator target demographic to be done away with forever. i’d be lucky if it happened within my lifetime, but seriously – the misogyny against women in the arts is beyond ridiculous at this point.

    • swimmer

      It’s being released until September cause her label sucks a**.

  • Azzhole

    I hear they’re just gonna shave some fat off the album before they release it. But seriously, Radiohead? Doubt it.

    • swimmer

      Kelly is not fat and she has actually lost some weigt. Jerk

    • Tom

      I dig fatties!

      • UGH

        That’s a mother’s son right there!

      • swimmer

        She is not a fattie, fattie.

  • efrain

    The album by Ms. Clarkson will be great! It will debut @ #1!

    • Cindy

      They all debut at number 1. Its rigged dummy.

      • Matt

        They can’t “all” debut at #1 – that’s not possible, dummy.

      • Tom

        They just do. It’s not about talent.

  • mvylvr

    Y don’t they just postpone the album indefinetly. I don’t care what anyone says she should have never won American Idol. She can’t sing and she already canceled a concert tour two years ago, because ticket sales were rediculously low. Face it Kelly Clarkson cannot sing! Sorry, but the truth hurts.

    • LOL


    • Michael

      LOL @ saying she can’t sing. You must be a Rebecca Black fan.

      • Mike

        Sounds like a still-bitter Justin Guarini fan to me. Any critic will tell you she has one of the best voices in the business, regardless of whether they actually like the music she puts out. There are other ways you can attack Kelly, but you lose all credibility by saying she can’t sing.

    • Cindy

      Redeculiously awesome!!

    • ethel merman

      It’s not Kelly’s fault you didn’t make the Idol cut. Not only can she sing, she can out sing dozens of others, Idol contestants or so-called “pros.”

    • cg

      Wow someone is jealous of Kelly’s talent. Kelly is the best singer in today’s music. She can every note on the scale, sing pratically every genre perfectly (no other pop singer can do that maybe with the exception of Christina A). @mvylvr you don’t even known the other reason why she canceled the first My December tour. It’s b/c her stupid manager at the time planned this big arena tour which was ridiculous and it would have began right when My December was relased in which Kelly said fans had no time really to get to the album. No, the truth hurts to you that you don’t what a true and amaingly talented artist Kelly is. Whenever her new album is released it will be a breathe of fresh air in today’s music. @mvylvr if you wanna a know who can’t sing, Kesha she can’t sing a lick.

      • Brenda

        Im so jealious omg

  • Ryan

    Thank God. This will be more than enough time for her to lose weight and a couple chins.

    • G-Mom

      Wow, Ryan! How shallow and unkind can you get!?! Kinda wonder what YOU look like!! Kelly is an awesome singer and person. Can’t say the same for you!!

      • Ryan

        I’m ugly and covered with zits. You found me out, G-Mom.

      • Cindy

        Ryan would still hit that.

    • Michael

      Many of the greatest female singers are not twigs. Look at Ann Wilson of Heart and Stevie Nicks. Kelly is a talented songwriter with an incredible voice. That is what matters, not how she looks. Idiot.

  • billbos

    funny Ryan…….pathetic soul.

    • Cindy

      he just needs time to understand the subtle value in her artistry as a musician and performer.

  • Eileen Sims

    Kelly is one of the best singers that I have ever heard, real talent and a nice person. She definitely, should have won Idol, check out how the rest have done, whoever said she couldn’t sing is obviously tone deaf.

    • madonna

      Hellooo, SHE DID WIN IDOLS @002), under which rock do u live!!! She’s amazing good, best female singer ever!!!

      • Casey

        You misunderstood. She was saying that as in a “She really deserved to win Idol” kind of way, in response to another poster.

    • Brenda

      Oh she deserved it, alright!

  • Wunderbarf

    Kelly is by far the best thing to come out of American Idol. Can’t wait to hear some new music from her, even if it’s not for a few more months.

    • Cindy

      it will be a very sad day when they cancel this show.. soon

      • swimmer

        They are not going to cancel Idol soon. The show is having it’s best ratings in years.

      • Brenda

        Reality TV is so 2004.

  • Summer Bay

    Kelly Clarkson has sold approx. 25 million albums, pretty sure that’s more than the bitter people here.

    • Brenda

      And don’t make fun of fat people. That’s not ok.

    • Lynn

      Exactly, “Summer Bay” – 25 million albums sold can’t be denied. She’s an amazing talent, and I’m looking forward to hearing her new album. So SAD it’s delayed!!

  • JoeR

    I can only hope that the delay until September is a move on the label’s part to give them a better chance to support it (since they haven’t done so well in the past). Unfortunately, this means no summer concert tour. A winter tour is limited by the lack of outdoor venues.

  • carly

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait! I hope she goes on tour for it. I saw her for her All I Ever Wanted Tour and she was amazing! I didn’t even know she was coming out with an album this year.

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