Chris Brown flips out, walks off set on 'Good Morning America': What happened?


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Chris Brown flew into a rage on the set of Good Morning America earlier today, smashing a window and storming out of the studio shirtless after GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts kept directing the conversation back to his felony assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna two years ago.

The 21-year-old R&B singer waited until his interview and first performance was over before storming into his dressing room, where insiders say he began shouting and tearing it apart.

Before ABC’s building security arrived, Brown somehow shattered the window in his dressing room, smashing it up enough that glass fell onto the sidewalk below. Brown then tore off his shirt and left the building before a second scheduled performance. Watch the interview below:

The tension started when Roberts asked Brown if he had seen Rihanna since she dropped her restraining order against him last month.

“Not really,” answered Brown. “It’s not really a big deal to me now, that situation… I think I’m past that in my life. Today is the album day that’s what I’m focusing on. Everyone go get that album!”

After explaining that his album title F.A.M.E. stood for “Forgiving All My Enemies,” Roberts directed the talk back to his assault, saying, “You can understand how some people… it was very serious what you went through and what happened.”

Not willing to let the conversation drift back to his felony, Brown responded, “Definitely this album is what I want to talk about and not stuff that happened two years ago.”

After he left the studio, Brown pulled a classic Tweet-then-delete: “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bulls**t.”

Responding to the incident, ABC News released the following statement: “As always, we asked questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

UPDATE: A source at ABC said that Chris Brown was made aware that Robin Roberts would be asking questions about Rihanna.

Aside from wondering exactly from what quarters Brown is hearing praise for Charlie Sheen, what do you think of his behavior? Will it affect the sales of his new album, out now? Should it?

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  • David

    Go away Chris. You have anger issues that you still need to take care of. Just go away.

    • Sir MIxx A Lot

      Lock up your girlfriends! Lock up your wives! Crazy Chris Brown is on the loose again. Maybe he stormed over to The View?

      • Karate Pants

        Or stormed through a Connecticut Wal-Mart looking for his crappy CD’s…again.

      • Dean

        Hide ya kids. Hide ya wife. And hide ya husband too.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Karate Pants WINS!!!!

      • Crimson Kisses

        I have no problem with Chris Brown. I’ll take a woman beater over a baby toucher any day. Besides, unless anybody else was in the car with him and what’s her face then nobody really knows what happened. Many woman tell a good story. Maybe she scared the bajeezuz out of him with some back village voodoo stuff. Yeah, he hit her, shame on him. He did her a favor. She would have gone down as having a couple popular songs then she would have been unheard of after that. He was the best thing to happen to her music career.

      • Karate Pants

        Uh, good news Crimson Kisses…you don’t have to choose. You can opt to take NEITHER a woman beater or a baby toucher. Weirdo.

      • Kay

        I agree with Crimson Kisses, that he is the best thing to have happened to her career. lol @ “back village voodoo stuff”

      • MT

        Okay, let me recap the situation here:
        – He has been banned from music the industry for 2 years.
        – He worked for months on an album that went #1 in three hours on Itunes
        – 6 hours later and after a successful appearance on BET’s 106 he comes on one of the biggest TV shows in America to promote his already album who had just been released.
        And ALL Robin Roberts and GMA can ask him about is how he handles his criminal record?
        Robin Roberts was OUT OF LINE. Period. Chris tried to handle it politely but it was clear he didn’t -rightfully – liked how it turned out. Did she even talk about the album. No.
        My only wish is that Chris Brown should have told the “lady” he wasn’t going to discuss the subject anymore. He tried to restrain himself and that’s why he went off afterwards. I wish he would have said what bothered him like Kanye did with Lauer.
        People need to stop talking about anger management issues. Me myself I have a bad temper, it is what it is. I don’t hit people, when I’m not having something, I say it , I scream it out loud and I’m done. He has the right to lose it if he wants to. Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen do that all the time yet they still gain a string of accolades for their behaviour in EW, in Rolling Stone and so on.
        By the way, the ladies on The View said he didn’t break the window. So basically TMZ is making a fuss (and money) on Chris Brown without any proof.
        What I’m witnessing right here, it’s the “white” media (TMZ, ABC,…) tearing this young man apart like they did with Michael Jackson or Britney Spears until they socially “kill” them.
        If you don’t want Chris Brown’s music, I’M BEGGING YOU, stop talking about him, in good, in bad, whatever. STOP CARING ABOUT CHRIS BROWN. YOU’RE GONNA “KILL” HIS LIVELY PERSONNALITY. If you don’t believe me, watch his appearance on 106&Park yesterday. He’s always all smiles. If you don’t want him, let him go. PLEASE.

      • Karate Pants

        Is there ANYTHING more baffling than a Chris Brown fan???

      • Not MT (empty)

        MT- We got it. You are a racist. Guess what? Misogynists come in all colors, creeds, and religions and the are all wrong.
        Black people hating white people is racism too.

      • Pangloss0

        Something is terribly wrong with people who defend woman-beaters. You think there’s an excuse for hitting a woman? No MAN hits a woman. And, btw, GMA is supposed to be a news show, not an ad for his whiny egomaniac album. The deal is: he gets some media exposure to help sell his album; in exchange, he has to take a real interview. His problem is he thinks he’s making less money because people see he’s a punk woman-beater. Good.

      • MT

        How can I be hating on white people if i say “white media” turned Britney into a weirdo too?
        I’m a fan of talent first.
        Not empty but Full-ishness.

      • Khanni

        LOL Karate pants for the win! Crimson Kisses, you need therapy. Now.

      • Mad Max

        Man MT you’re almost as delusional as Chris Brown.
        Also, when you go out of your way to point out the white media in the manner you did, you’re racist.

      • Pink



        @ Not MT….how is MT a racist if he is stating A FACT….ABC, TMZ and most major new organizations are geared towards the “white” majority. Do some research, bc that is a STRAIGHT UP FACT. They didn’t mention anything else about race. Besides blacks can’t be racist bc it’s attached to power…as a whole, Blacks don’t have power and WE DON’T CONTROL the media!!

      • sc

        can’t say I agree with “white” media because the black blog sites are way worse on him.. only thing is they support him as much as they tear him down.. why does america have such an infatuation with entertainers’ personal lives? he was like 20-21 made a mistake like everybody else.. Bush got a dui then Barack Obama was snorting coke then and I’m sure it’s some women on here who have been victims of domestic violence and might still be with that person.. that was their personal problem let him live why do we feel the need to destroy people’s lives and keep pushing them to the edge if you’re an american and believe in our “justice” system it has been served and even Rihanna is comfortable with the punishment handed out and isn’t she really the ONLY person that matters.. if she doesn’t want to talk about it why should anybody else?

      • @ MT…

        Sorry MT, anyone can have a #1 hit on iTunes. Kim Zolziak’s song was #1 for a long time, as is Jennifer Lopez right now (and no offense to Kim).

      • lovinglife

        If you are doing promotion for an album, movie, book, or whatever how would you feel if the interviewer does not discuss what it is you are promoting? I understand that questions about the assault will be asked it has to be asked, but once it has been asked and answered, move on. If anyone has seen the interview between Robin Roberts and Chris Brown you clearly see that he is not wanting to discuss the assault charge, clearly displayed by his body language and his answers (bringing it back to his album). I will agree he has got to think before he reacts and I think he can use more guidance in that area (anger management)because he is under a microscope, his every move will be scrutinzed.
        As far as the comparison to Charlie Sheen, he has a point…Charlie Sheen went balistic at the Plaza hotel last year and he continued to have a number one ranked TV show with a 2 million dollar salary…the difference is Charlie Sheen was not convicted in a court of law. Just my opinion…by the way, in the future if he doesn’t want any questions asked about the assualt charge, he may want to have that be a condition of him granting an interview. There are things that should be left in the past that people just don’t want to talk about everyone feels that way…everyone and it should be respected.

      • Ughhh

        Omg… you did not just say “white media”. And I’m black, just to let you know before you call me a racist too. I can’t stand Chris Brown. I was a huge fan some years ago before he beat up Rihanna, his music became nasty, and he dyed his hair that god-awful disgusting color.

      • carly

        @MT, you do know it was confirmed by TMZ that they asked Chris beforehand if they could ask him some questions about Rihanna and he said yes. All he had to do is say NO and they wouldn’t have gone there. He obviously still has major anger issues. What if someone had been under that window when the glass fell. He could of killed someone. From the sounds of it he may eventually still kill someone. Get help Chris.

      • Christopher

        The simplest, easiest words to explain what happened here is, “Chris Brown wanted the cheese, but couldn’t take the heat.” The kitchen will still be there when he actually gives a damn about what he did… As to MT… he hasn’t been out of the public eye, or even banned from creating or releasing his music, nor has he even stopped. He clearly is a very emotional person, and while I can’t say what his attitudes were here, he was challenged to use his words to show his progress or defend himself… and he instead used his fists on a poor, defensless window (and freaked out some hair stylists).

      • Eurydice

        @MT – Let me add to your recap of the situation:

        Nobody has to right to beat somebody up, regardless of how much he wants to lose it.

        The restraining order against Brown was lifted last month, not last year or 2 years ago. It’s still a current event – nobody’s dredging up ancient history.

        The point of his interview was to show he’s a changed man. The way to show that is by not blowing up when things don’t go your way. He failed.

      • NPkuips

        Lesson is: If you don’t want a reporter to bring up beating up your girlfriend…THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BEAT UP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

      • @MT

        They do pre-interviews with the guests, in which they are asked what they want to talk about & what they refuse to discuss. Chris Brown told them he was OK with questions about Rihanna. So Robin Roberts was not out of line.

      • MT is a moron

        MT is a moron…plain and simple. Making excuses for a worthless punk who beat up a woman. MT has anger issues too. Instead of women,..he beats himself. Too bad Chris Brown didn’t toss himself out the window too. Punk _ss _itch.

      • asshat

        Yeah, I agree with Crimson Kisses because I am also a huge misogynist and racist like Kay. Actually, no woman has ever been raped or assaulted in the history of the world, they all make it up with their crazy primitive otherworldly non white magic. CK, Kay and I really see eye to eye on this, the rest of you are so crazy!

      • jane

        MT, we get that you don’t care that Rihanna got beat up. Do you care at all that he endangered the people who were standing on the street below when he broke the window?

      • ew-bot

        I’m no Chris Brown fan, but I bet the reports of what went down in his dressing room are being exaggerated. It does make for a more titillating news story if the young black man who flew off the handle and hit a girl, is still flying off the handle and lashing out.

        He could easily have been frustrated with himself over how he fielded the question, and may have hit a wall or something, and did whatever else (undressed from his performance outfit) in the same frame of mind. He didn’t hit a person! Big improvement!

      • KW

        Eleshia’s comment: “Besides blacks can’t be racist bc it’s attached to power…as a whole, Blacks don’t have power and WE DON’T CONTROL the media!!” This is mind-blowing…in the worst way. Did you honestly just say that black people can’t be racist because racism implies a power inequality in favor of the racist person, and that because black people don’t have power, they logically cannot be considered racist for hating any other race? Holy sh*t. Way to completely redefine racism, which has never been tied to power in its dictionary sense. It simply means disliking people of another race/acting upon said dislike for no other reason than that they are of a different race. Sure, in this country white people have historically held the power while denying it to other races, and the power imbalance still exists somewhat, but if a black woman hates on me purely because I’m Asian, that is racism. If a black person hates a white person, or accuses a white person of distorting the truth simply because they are white, that is racism. It’s exactly like saying that a Mexican person is probably lazy, because he’s Mexican.

      • Tim

        One only hope he would storm the View and put the smack down!

      • Troy

        That was corny.

      • Leslie

        I love him and was amazing

      • Larry

        It’s not easy being an albino rapper

    • Aunt Sassy

      Thank goodness he has a big “unit” – maybe he can go and do porn or something. I mean really, let’s face it – he just keeps digging himself into deeper and deeper holes. He’s just released a CD that’s getting fairly positive reviews and he can’t keep his sh!t together? Good lord dude – get a grip on reality. Of course people are going to ask you about that – I mean face it, you beat the cr@p out of one of the most successful and popular pop artists around and you think people aren’t going to ask you about it? Just come up with a standard response and for ONCE IN YOUR LIFE be the bigger person and just walk away. But no, you’ve got to keep going there. Oh well, I guess we can now look forward to your public break down.

      • #s_girl

        I agree that he should have a standard resoinse and it wouldn’t hurt if he was humble and mentioned how people can help victims of domestic violence. Instead, he wants it dropped because he says so – because he wants to sell albums. He reminds me of Kanye West – narcissistic ahole.

      • #s_girl

        resoinse = response

      • asshat

        Aunt Sassy!!! A thousand point for a comeback reference

      • whuzz

        He should go on Oprah and cry like the punk that he is.

      • Sarah

        I. JUST. DON’T. GET . IT!!!! I believe that Robin did that on purpose!! What Chris Brown did 2 years ago WAS WRONG, sure, but why can’t it be done with? If Rhianna can be done with it, why can’t others? Chris Brown is trying to to do better yet society won’t let him. If you are NOT a fan, fine, noone is forcing you to either listen to him or buy his record. For those living the past, well that is exactly where YOU should go then with all your crap. It is nice how we DO let Charlie Sheen do all the crap he does and not let stuff Chris did go. I am not a racist, I am a white woman and can let things go and move on, CAN THE REST OF YOUR IDIOTS DO THAT?

      • Beth in MI

        @Courtney – I think you hit the nail on the head. Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

      • the realist

        you are a worthless skank.

    • abana

      that’s dennis, dennis rodman.

      • Jonathan

        Dude! It’s totally Dennis Rodman!

      • L

        More like Sisqo to me.

      • sdlh

        Dennis Rodman was my first though too!

    • William

      Just saw the interview and have no idea what he was so upset about. Ms. Roberts did bring up the past incident, but also mentioned the fact that the restraining order was recently relaxed. That the judge had kind words for him (that he’s done his time, etc).

      And yet, Mr. Brown’s answers are “what I went through”, “after what I went through”. Yeah, not feeling the responsibility there Mr. Brown. You are responsible for what you “went through”.

      • cattyfan

        Here’s what Ms. Roberts should have asked,”So, Chris, you’ve been villified for hitting Rhianna…yet her latest musical release is an ode to the joys of S&M. How do you feel about that strange dichotomy and the irony?”

        Until someone calls out Rhianna for encouraging violence against women, sticking it to Chris again over him hitting her should be dropped.

        (And for those who don’t understand what I’m saying, I’ll use smaller words. Chris is disgusting for hitting women in the first place…and his “victim” Rhianna is at fault for perpetuating a culture in which violence against women is acceptable.)

      • Courtney

        GMA was out of line period. He completed his punishment and has a right to move on with this life. The next time they have Jay-Z on the show ask him about the girl he pushed into a wall and see how he responds to that. Chris is human. It puzzles me how people will continue to put you down any chance they get.

      • Caryn

        good point,cattyfan but s&m is also a choice. getting beat up by your boyfriend isn’t. Oh, and I think Chris continues to be vilified because he shows no remorse for his actions, only for being caught.

      • True Blue

        He has spent the past two years talking about the incident, almost in every interview he’s been, and you don’t see how he would understandably annoyed? He’s there to promote his album, not discuss something that’s already been discussed to death.

      • SaraJ

        @cattyfan: I agree with you about Rihanna; she’s classless.
        Courtney: when did Jay-Z push someone? Recently? Hmm, news to me.

      • jack

        He’s a violent jerk. I hope his career dies, he’s truly the WORST role model in pop music.

      • Troy

        Cattyfan… What are you talking about “Until someone calls out Rhianna for encouraging violence against women”???? S&M is not violence. Get the facts. S&M is about sex, PERIOD… And most S&M is woman doing it to woman. More men are into S&M (on them) than woman.

      • Marissa

        I completely agree, cattyfan. Yes, Caryn, S&M is a choice but it still seems off to me that someone who suffered a violent beating chooses to sing about enjoying violent sex. It just seems wrong.

        Also, Chris Brown is not doing himself any favors by having these outbursts. I am ready to accept him as a singer/dancer again, but come on, man…control your anger! It makes all the “soul-searching” and community service seem invalid. Chris, I am a fan of your music but please pull yourself together. Stunts like this won’t retain your fans or give you new ones.

      • cattyfan

        Troy…she’s singing a song which includes lyrics like, “now the pain is for pleasure,” and whips and chains exciting her. She equates PAIN and PLEASURE. she shouldn’t, therefore, be surprised when someone infers she doesn’t mind being hit. S&M is about enjoying pain….and it isn’t a big step for that violence to spill over to other parts of a life. It is also imagery that affects how people behave. She is a fool to perpetuate that behavior at the same time she claims to be a victim of abuse.

        I am not defending Chris Brown. I think he and Rhianna are both talentless idiots.

      • @Courtney

        GMA asks all guest beforehand what they will & won’t discuss. Chris Brown told them he was OK talking about Rihanna. If he didn’t want to talk about this he could have told them so in advance.
        Sounds more like his flipping out was a publicity stunt.

      • cal

        cattyfan, it may behoove you to learn a little bit about kink. Consensual S&M is very different from rape and assault, and often it’s used as a place where women are the master so that hetero men and women can be comfortable playing with different power roles and men can feel sexually and physically dominated. I’m sure this will all be covered in your senior seminar.

      • boon

        yeah, I think none of you understand what S&M is. It’s about control and power and CONSENT — and often the woman is in charge (dominatrix). If you think it is even remotely similar to rape, you’re pretty ignorant about the issue. Stop patting yourself on the back for earning feminist points by being a judgmental prude, because you’re blaming the victim, and that’s reprehensible.

      • cattyfan

        cal, sweetie, my senior seminar was twenty years ago. I live in the real world, where images and words cause actions, and choices have consequences. If you read (and actually comprehend) my initial post, you will see I place blame on BOTH Chris (for his initial actions) AND Rhianna (for what she is choosing to do now.) You can pretend S&M doesn’t involve violence, but the premise is ENJOYMENT OF PAIN. Pain caused by violent acts while at the same time having sex. It is the blending of two very disparate concepts.
        As for boon…I’m sorry you don’t understand one can enjoy a healthy sex life (without being a ‘judgmental prude’) while still not being a pain enthusiast. Sending themessage that it’s okay to CONSENT to pain is not a positive message.

      • AK

        @cattyfan: You did not just compare S&M to domestic violence! Consensual fetishistic sex and beating somebody up are not the same thing. What Chris Brown did was wrong, period, and Rihanna’s latest single doesn’t change that.

    • Flip

      LOL what a violent thug! I can’t STAND Chris Brown.

      • Posit

        Chris and Kanye should go do missionary work in the Congo for a decade. We can do without them.

    • Liam

      The same thing happened to kanye on i think the today show. He wasn’t too happy either. I can see why each would be annoyed that all they can talk about is old negative things but the way he handled it did him no favors

      • @Liam

        All these shows like GMA and Today do pre-interviews with guests. They ask the guests what they will and won’t discuss. Whatever topics the interviewers bring up are already cleared with the guest.

    • paul

      Hey Chris!

      Charlie Sheen is looking for a roommate!!

      • Ladyli1

        And an intern.

    • NB815

      NO EXCUSE FOR HIS PUBLIC TANTRUM! .. he has every right to be upset.. but must you bug out in PUBLIC knowing youre a PUBLIC ICON ?! way to make yourself look WORSE!

    • Melly

      To say that you are “over it” re: the beat down of a woman is f***ing stupid and insensitive. This douche is very lucky to even have a career thesedays.

      • True Blue

        How is it insensitive to move on and not spend the rest of your life beating yourself up over a single mistake? Is Rihanna being insensitive by being over it and refusing to discuss the incident, too? How about you get off your f***ing high horse? Someone should lord your mistakes over your head for the rest of your life, then maybe you’d be less judgmental.

      • melanie

        True Blue you are a complete moron. There is no excuse for his behavior and the fact that you can’t see what he is makes you a pathetic individual. I actually feel bad for both of you.

      • Melly

        The view from my high horse is nice and pretty revealing into you, True Blue and CB. My past mistakes are shoved in my face on a daily basis, thankyouverymuch. The difference btw CB and myself is the acknowledgement and acceptance of past mistakes as being WRONG. CB needs to deal with the fact that beating up a (famous, in this case) woman is a horrible thing and will always be a part of how he is judged/perceived going forward.

      • Sarah

        Melly answer a question please? Have YOU ever did anything you weren’t proud of? Would YOU like your mistake thrown in your face over and over again? Whose to say Chris Brown doesn’t regret and is sorry and lives with what he did day after day? You are going to keep throwing stones? When did you become GOD?

      • True Blue

        @ Melanie:

        Actually, you’re the complete moron here. Where in my post did I ever excuse or condone what he did? So because I’ve not damning him to hell, it means I approve of his actions? Nice logic there, idiot. I also love how you can decipher the type of person I allegedly am over a computer.


        And how do you know he’s not genuinely remorseful over his actions? If you can be sorry for your own mistakes, then who are you to say he isn’t? And how continuously bringing up what happened CHANGE what already happened? Constantly reminding someone of their mistakes doesn’t always change them for the better.

      • True Blue

        * How DOES continously bringing up what, happened.

    • Plugh

      Looks like SOMEONE won’t be performing on “Dancing With the Stars” next week, as had been announced last night!

    • sinicalgrl

      couldn’t agree more – clearly he is still grappling with serious unresolved/unacknowledged issues that are going to get him into more trouble at some point – and if thinks what transpired with Rihanna isn’t going to be brought up (since he has basically avoided interviews since it happened) then he is delusional as well.

    • Alan

      Sorry but Charlie Sheen IS being treated differently. There IS a double standard. Suddenly it’s “cool” to love Charlie Sheen. He’s on a speaking tour that is selling out!! Charlie Sheen is a wife abusing drunk alocholic who it’s suddenly “cool” to like. People are buying tickets to his shows, so YES, Chris Brown does have a reason to tweet about a double standard!! That being said, his outburst does nothing for his reputation and Chris Brown should have been a man and said he screwed up and is sorry.

      • @Alan

        I haven’t seen the press saying it’s cool to love Charlie Sheen. I’ve only seen some morons posting online that they think he’s cool & buying tickets to his show. But Chris Brown has people posting postive/sympathetic things about him, judging by the people defending him here. His cds & concerts sell.

      • Shirley

        He did remember two years ago

      • Lala

        I agree that there does seem to be a double standard. However, perhaps it is b/c he was never appeared to be truly sorry or contrite for what he did. And for all his completion of court mandated therapy, it seems that is all show boating. he hasn’t dealt with core issues.

        also – fire your team, Chris! Why is it this kid hasn’t been given some standard statements to rattle off for this? he obviously has terrible people around him, that are doing absolutely nothing for him or to help him repair his image.

    • Steph

      (oh Karate Pants…I <3 you)

      But serously, is everyone overlooking the part where he RIPS HIS SHIRT OFF?
      Who, other than the Hulk (both of'em) does that?

      I do think perhaps the interviewer should have stop persisting so much, but nothing- absolutely nothing- justifies his reaction. It is far more than obvious that the kid has serious anger issues.
      there is no excuse.

    • Bluto

      I remain amazed at how many people want to defend Chris Brown’s violent tendencies simply because he’s a celebrity. @David above me said it simply, and said it best: Chris has anger issues and needs to go away and deal with them. GMA did not make Chris Brown lose control, and GMA did not make Chris Brown smash a window. Chris Brown did those things, and now he’ll have to deal with the consequences.

      • the realist

        bluto,you are 100% right.

    • Jason

      He totally has his anger under control. Woman beater.

    • JaySin420

      Classic! One minute he says he’s totally past it all and the next he’s crying breaking stuff when they mention it.

      • ARIES


      • Veronica

        He is still cute. I don’t know why everyone is hating on him. Don’t be mad u cant be him.

    • FromChicago

      He has a good point. Charlie Sheen isn’t asked about his past violence and bad divorces & marriages. But Robin should have let it go after the first question. He said he wanted to talk music and she pursued it….trying to be controversial for the press.

      • Gilligan

        If Charlie Sheen reappeared in two years with a new show/movie/CD/whatever, the media would be asking him constantly about his meltdown, how he recovered, was he sorry, etc etc. And he would be judged by his response. No different here. Brown beat up a woman and pled guilty. Now the media wants him to respond to these questions and he will be judged by his response. And he FAILED.

    • sam

      Clearly he has shown that his anger issues have gone away. Robin Roberts hardly was hard hitting with her questions. Amazing.

    • andy

      psycho wife beater

    • Ja Ja Ja

      his music is also garbage

    • Emily

      I cant stand Chris brown he should just left he did not have to beat Rihanna but guess wat Rihanna look amazing now look like she never got beat by a looser like Chris brown and i wished that u would have losted everything u no Gud life man like u u should be ashamed of yo self how do u still got fans i am not one nomore and many more now Rihanna i am Happy for her she now she got alot of fans and she is a beautiful young lady she don’t deserve to be treated by someone like u Chris brown cant believe or forgive u

  • Heather

    Fault lies on both sides. It isn’t right to trash your dressing room, but the interviewer didn’t take the hint that he wasn’t going to talk about that (even after he said it several times). I don’t know if his handler didn’t screen the questions or the interviewer went off script, but if he’s here for the album, talk about the album. It’s daytime/morning television — not the place for hard hitting questions and commentary. Fluff and fancy!

    • Casey

      Sorry but the interviewer was simply doing her job. She’d be given crap if she didn’t ask about that incident.

      • Sara

        She did do her job by asking. He responded. She then proceeded to keep asking and keep asking…

      • Pink

        WOW, I don’t blame him for getting pissed off, that stupid b**ch needed to LET IT GO, HE WAS THERE TO PROMOTE HIS NEW ALBUM, Rihanna has moved on, why can’t the world…..just makes me SICK, Charlie Sheen makes millions off of being psychotic, and Chris gets torn to pieces….grrrrrrr,lol

      • melanie

        Thing is, he didn’t respond.

      • Debbie

        Ask, fine but then let it go and get on with something else. I don’t like Chris Brown but move on. Shame on GMA.

      • JohnE

        Casey for the win! If his management team decided to book him on a quasi news show like GMA, he should have been ready to handle obvious questions. He had a fantastic opportunity to have displayed remorse over the incident and then move the conversation to selling his album. His behavior shows that he still believes he has done nothing wrong, that he’s the victim, etc.. What a douche bag!

    • Eshia

      I agree with Heather. It wasn’t the time for those questions, and he should have handled things better.

      • Dave

        Of course it was the time for those questions. It was an interview. The audience that would actually watch GMA only knows him as the guy that beat up RiRi.

      • Tom

        His album stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies”- of course it was the time to ask questions about the incident. He was asking for it. Also, it’s not like she was asking about a public gaffe that happened two years ago… he ASSAULTED his girlfriend. For something like that, two years is hardly any time at all. What an obnoxious, immature, and selfish person. Hope his album tanks

      • the realist

        it wasn’t the time?HE WENT ON A G*DD*MN NEWS SHOW!!!!!!!!the f**k is wrong with you dumb *sses?are you that starstruck of a singer who is mediocre at best?

    • Heather

      True, but she asked, he answered, then she asked two more times after he said he was there to talk about the album.

      • Mad Max

        He didn’t really answer, he deflected. Good on that interviewer I say.

      • maggie

        When someone is on Good Morning America or Today to promote an album, they usually just perform. When they sit down for an interview it’s usually because there is something else to talk about in addition to the album. He could have just agreed to a concert if he didn’t want to be asked questions.

      • Tom

        It might be morning news but she’s a journalist. Her job isn’t simply to promote his album. He didn’t answer anything; if anything she didn’t press him enough

      • the realist

        HEATHER,you are a stupid c*nt.

    • Jon

      Robin Roberts has said that he was made aware in advance that she might ask him about that.

      Plus, let’s be honest: he’s Chris Brown. That’s the defining moment of his public career. It’s always fair game, even if he hasn’t been made aware.

    • Mavis

      According to TMZ, Robin Roberts questions were all approved by Chris Brown (or his handlers) before his scheduled interview. So either his handlers didn’t warn him or he thought (wrongly) that she would only talk about the album.

      • forwarddad

        And we should believe TMZ why?????
        Chris should have advised Robin I will not answer any more questions on this subject period. His perogative. If she continued he should have walked off the set quietly and without fuss but that would have had screaming headlines as well ” Chris storms off set!!!”

    • The Truth

      How can fault be on both sides? People are free to ask any question they want to. It is his responsibility to disengage or let it be known he will not answer questions on that subject in a civilized manner. He is just a thug and a cry baby.

      • Tanya

        Exactly! Just because he doesn’t like a question doesn’t give him the right to destroy private property. If he doesn’t want to answer, he should say Next Question and behave like an adult.

      • Me2

        Uhhh. he did say he didn;t want to talk about.. repeatedly. Either Robin is a complete moron or she doesn’t listen to the subject she’s interviewing. It’s the job of the interviewer to ask the questions, but if the interviewee doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s time to move on.

      • blah-blah

        I don’t think can be a thug and cry baby… do u?

      • Reena

        umm he did he tried several times to say that it was in the past and he was there to talk about the new album…and she kept asking questions that referred to what happened with Rhianna…even if his handlers approved it I wonder to what point? did they tell her she could talk about the restraining order being lifted and she decided to take it futher…no offense to Robin Roberts but she has done this before…would it be right if Britney Spears was being interviewed and she kept bringing up the crazy times?

      • jmcg

        At least he hit the window instead of Robin Roberts; if you look at it that way, then I’d say he’s making progress. Another thing, I heard that his people told GMA before hand that he wouldn’t take any questions about the past with Rihanna. He repeatedly didn’t answer those questions–she should have moved on. And there is praise for that screwed up Sheen–he’s selling-out tickets to his shows, he is in talks with FOX, and there is talk that CBS is going to ask him back to Men. If that ain’t “praise”, it sure isn’t backlash.

      • BG 17

        I think Chris Brown needs to realize that he is better known to more of the population for hitting Rihanna than he is known for any of his songs. It is only natural that it is going to come up. Something tells me that throwing a hissy fit is not a good way to make it go away. How is the next interviewer supposed to avoid asking about his obvious personal coping issues? Sure, Rihanna was two years ago, GMA is what people are going to be talking about now. Good luck having anyone care about your music…

      • Dr. Linus

        Exactly, the majority of America knows him as an abuser. The only people defending this clown are the teeny bopper fans that are under his spell for some reason.

      • The Truth

        If he is being asked the questions after he said to stop then he is responsible to end the conversation, again in a civilized manner. Destroying other people’s property is not a civilized thing to do. By the way how did he end up shirtless, that is just plain stupid. And finally to answer blah-blah’s question thugs are inherently cry babies. I felt stating just a thug would not be sufficient since some people do not realize to be a thug they need to be narcissistic, whiney little babies who are prone to rash violence when their limited intelligence is not capable of dealing with the situation.

    • laila

      No, fault doesn’t lie on both sides. If he didn’t want to talk about it, he could just calmly have repeated over and over that that’s not what he’s there for and he’s not going to talk about it. As many times as she asked, he could have answered that way, and eventually rather than silence she would have asked about the album. His fault completely.

      • Gilligan

        What most politicians and celebrities do in this kind of situation is rehearse the questions that might be asked in advance. That way he can practice his answers. Even if it’s not sincere, he should have had a better answer ready. He and his managers are wrong because they thought he could just say “I want to talk about my album” and it would go away. That’s not going to be accepted by an interviewer.

    • shawtyb

      im sure his manager did screen the questions but Robin went off script. you can tell because of all the fillers and her tryin to word the questions on the spot with all the umms and uhhs and pauses and switching of words. If she wanted to talk about the domestic violence to me she should have done this interview 2 years ago. No one wants to keep reliving the past especially if it hurts to hear it over and over

    • NB815

      yes. the interviwer was out of line afer pushing im too many times to talk abt his rihanna incident.. BUT that is no excuse for his public outrage.. no broken glass or not ! he needs to quit the tantrums!

    • kristina

      I agree too with you Heather!

      • the realist

        all of you broads who are agreeing with heather are the stupidest bunch of b*tches in life.please die.

    • Amy

      How about they ASKED HIM if it was okay to ask some questions about the Rihanna incident and he said YES.. So everyone saying they shouldn’t have brought it up. Shut the hell up, he beat a woman. End. Of. Story.

    • Ken

      Uh, Heather…”trash the dressing room”? He broke a window in a high-rise building and glass fell to the ground. Is it too much to have CONCERN for the INNOCENT people on the ground who were at risk because Chris Brown was upset about WORDS?

    • Pete

      Any woman making excuses for this douchebag needs her head examined. He wants forgiveness, but has never done anything to show he really is sorry. He called it a “mishap” ! That is not the word someone uses who really takes responsibility for beating a woman.

      • @Pete

        And what has Rhianna done? Has she donated anyd time or money to domestic violence no she puts out a song about liking WHIPS and CHAINS!! how does that help?? I am not defending Chris Brown what happened happened there is no taking it back but why is it someone like Lindsay or Charlie keep getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th chances and he is just looking for another chance to prove he isnt that guy and yet EVERY interviewer asks him these questions!!

      • Kate

        Were you in that car? I don’t care about pictures. Were you there? Every famous man on planet earth can get away with it, but the guy never received any bad press until the scandal gets all the hate. If Eminem (who I like) did what Chris did on AMA, no one would care! People would talk about, but there would be very little hate.

      • XanderLJ

        Kate below is an absolute moron, and is prolly the kind of pathetic doormat who’s gonna get beat-up by an abusive punk boyfriend just like Brown. You don’t care about pictures??? Her pictures speak VOLUMES, I didn’t have to be there, you sycophant!! There was absolutely NOTHING she could have done to justify such a violent, sickening attack!! Most people (not braindead fans like Kate) realize that. And if Eminem did what he did it might not be as big of a deal, though there would CERTAINLY be criticism, but that’s just because EMINEM NEVER BEAT UP HIS GIRLFRIEND, YOU MORON!! Nice try to make them seem equal.

    • stevenjaba

      He’s terribly thin-skinned. Celebrities have been getting far more intrusive questions for decades. If he can’t handle it with grace and class, he’s in the wrong business.

    • Khanni

      Heather what world are you living in? Journalists don’t submit their questions to interviewees in advance to get their approval. That would be a press release, not an interview. If you go on TV and do an interview with a journalist, you do it knowing that you have zero control over what they will ask. If you have a problem with that, don’t do interviews. Robin Roberts did exactly what she’s supposed to do. No reason she should throw softballs to Chris Brown because he doesn’t like talking about.

      If he can’t handle some tough questions without totally losing his cool, that’s a problem with him, and his handlers should have prepared him better. They’d all have to be fools to think she wasn’t going to ask about. In fact, it seems even more clear to me that she was right to ask about it since he clearly still has issues. He responses were all about what he had gone through, as though he were the victim. Incredible narcissism.

      • Khanni

        Also, I think it was very classy of Roberts to give Brown a heads-up that she would be asking Rihanna. And even tho he knew it was coming, he still couldn’t control himself.

      • @Khanni

        Journalists don’t ask NEWSMAKERS what they will or won’t talk about.

        But talk shows & morning news/talk shows ask ENTERTAINERS what they will and won’t talk about. GMA did a pre-interview in which Chris Brown told them he was OK with questions about Rihanna. So he knew what Robin Roberts was going to ask.

    • True Blue

      Exactly. He should’ve handled it better (ie, just walk off the set calmly as opposed to getting his Axl Rose on), but let’s not act like he’s entirely at fault here. He clearly wanted to change subjects and talk about what he was there for, his ALBUM. But they wouldn’t let him talk about anything else, and it’s quite natural that he eventually got fed up.

      • Kate

        lol @ the Axel Rose comment.

        Axel can do stuff like that and no one would hate him for it. Chris was wrong for the busting the window, but he’s not perfect. If your name is Chris Brown, people pretend to care.

    • the realist

      are you stupid or what?they do hard-hitting stuff on the morning talks all the time,are you kidding?all he had to do was be A MAN and answer the question and she would’ve moved on.chris CLOWN is big and bad enogh to beat on his girl but too much of a p*ssy to talk about’re a simpleton.

    • the realist

      the fault lies on both sides?are you completely stupid or just a d*mn fool idiot?they do hard-hitting news on the morning talks all the time.dumb-*ss

    • andy

      what a moronic post….i bet you think women who are beaten somehow “deserve it”…

    • Tim Lieder

      Fault lies with the producers for allowing this awful creep to be on their show. There are thousands of better and more talented musicians who don’t beat up their girlfriends.

      I only hope that Chris Brown goes back to jail where some nice man will rape him and drown him in the toilet.

  • Brit

    Didn’t this guy go to anger management…clearly didn’t work! While I can understand his comments about Sheen, Sheen is only harming his own body, not someone else. You have to live with your decisions, and as much as Brown would like us to forget he hit a woman, sorry buddy.

    • Jay

      uhm…. Sheen DID have problems with domestic violence in the past as well

      • Brit

        True, but that isn’t the stuff he’s getting praise for. I think we saw exactly what happened with Rihanna. She prob kept pushing something that was upsetting him, and he eventually blew up.

      • Jon

        Huge difference between Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen has never once stated a question was off-limits and never acted like what he was trying to promote was a bigger topic than his life. In fact, with Sheen, it’s the opposite: he wants to talk about his life 24/7. So, no, the media is not giving Charlie the free pass that Chris Brown is claiming.

      • April

        And if Chris Brown were to talk about his past with Rihanna you all would love him? No, you’d still hate the guy.

        Meanwhile Sheen is doing God knows what and has more “fans” now than ever. The guy was Kimmel for crying out loud.

    • Alan

      Sorry but I think there IS a double standard. Charlie Sheen continued to receive $$ millions on his show long after he started beating his wives and going crazy. And now how to people react? they are buying tickets to his speaking tour/comedy show/whatever it is. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Charlie Sheen is a drunk, drug abusing, wife beater and suddenly it’s cool to check out his web shows and buy tickets to his speaking tour??? GIMME A BREAK. People are treating Charlie Sheen with this “hey it’s cool to like him because he’s odd” kind of vibe, like he’s Gary Busey or something. People are not treating Sheen like Brown and they should!!

      • andy

        …and Browns record is doing very well…so much for a “double standard”

        Brown is a psycho woman-hater who deserves jail time, nothing more

  • steph

    He kind of has a point.

    • Brent

      Really? REALLY? He never has really owned up to what he did- this is typical abusive male behavior. They aren’t sorry that they DID the act…they are sorry someone CAUGHT them in the act. Totally different thing.

      • Ryan

        He has a point in this case that he was there to talk about his album. He is putting the past behind him and told the interviewer that he was NOT talking about that, she then persisted to keep asking about it? Yeah I’d get a bit pissed too.

      • steph

        I was talking about the Charlie Sheen comment.

        He was there to promote an album, not dredge up every detail that everyone already knows about rihanna. Why should a celebrity be expected to air everything in every interview? Just because the American public has this sick twisted desire to know everything about people more famous than they are? He said he was there to promote the album and didn’t want to talk about that night. Robin Roberts just wanted ratings.

        Although, going all Hulk on the GMA set probably isn’t doing him any favors.

      • Kay

        Speaking from experience? Well, go confront your abuser and leave Chris out of this… you don’t even know him!

      • Silv

        “They aren’t sorry that they DID the act…they are sorry someone CAUGHT them in the act. ” Brent — or called them on it.

      • Alan

        Chris Brown beats his girlfriend and that’s all anyone alks about for years. Charlie Sheen beats up multiple wives and girlfriends, not to mention the drugs and alcohol, and he’s appearing on Jimmy Fallon, selling out tickets for his speaking tour, he’s all over the web, and nobody is calling him to task for being a violent drug addicted wife beater.

      • whuzz

        You mean Chris Brown does something other than hit girls?

      • Kate

        He did! The freaking Judge praised him! Rihanna even said she hopes he has a happy life and career! Get a life.

      • Lala

        when has charlie sheen owned up to his violence?

    • Casey

      Yeah he really has a point saying he’s past all the violence, then proceeding to fly into a rage and smash a window.

      • Karate Pants

        EXACTLY! He just made his anger issues relevant all over again.

      • DW


  • Art

    At least he kept his pants on this time. I guess the “praise” for Charlie Sheen would be a sold-out tour across the US, something Chris Brown definitely will not get this summer.

  • Casey

    Is anyone really surprised?

  • bridges

    Laineygossip has been calling out Chris Brown since his “mishap”. She’s right about him. Too bad.

  • AJ

    Glad to see it, please keep having meltdowns you no talent woman beater. Can’t stand this fool!

  • BeBe

    His hair is so ugly!

    • Ems

      looks like sisquo

      • Mad Max

        lol what ever happened to that guy?

  • Alex F

    Yep, time for this garden-variety, totally dispensable performer to go away and grow up.

  • Paul

    He’s a punk and a wannabe thug. I can’t believe EW is still talking about him. Can’t we focus on the real issues here…like, Charlie Sheen and winning!

  • purpledancingskirt

    Still has not learned to control his anger issues.

  • Go to Jail Do Not Pass Go

    Brown acts like a psycho. Pretends to be rehabilitated and “forgiving” but…not! He’s not man enough to stop throwing temper tantrums. Waah, waah, waah (insert sounds of him throwing and breaking stuff)

  • ES

    Not professional at all.even if he was tired of answering questions about the assault he still should’ve done the 2nd performance.things like this makes me think he’ll never change or get it.

  • ccyu

    can we say that somebody still get an anger issue?

    • Country Boy 85

      It’s got an anger issue dum a**, and what everyone needs to see is that he is still human we all make mistakes so dont judge the guy if you dont know him.

      • Pink

        Thank You!! Well Said!!

      • janedoe

        Who/What are you referring to when you write “It’s” (got an anger issue)…what is “it’s” in reference to?

      • Freea

        Maybe he should grow a pair of balls and man up to what he’s done, instead of deflecting the questions and then throwing a temper tantrum in his dressing room. Someone needs to call Super Nanny to put him in time out.
        If someone commits a crime, they should be prepared to deal with the consequences. Nobody, especially an interviewer, should have to dance around the topic because he’s too sensitive to handle it.

      • McMc

        @ janedoe – Country Boy is using “It” to refer to the mispelling in the previous comment. Don’t worry, “It” isn’t being used to refer to Chris Brown.

      • chantelle

        Its actually “has” not get or got.

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