'Glee': All-Warblers album gets a release date. See the full (spoiler-y) track list


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They might be out of the running for Nationals, but the Warblers still have plenty to celebrate now that their previously announced album finally has a release date! (To be fair, it’s only been two weeks, but we’re impatient.)

Sony announced today that Glee: The Music presents The Warblers will hit shelves April 19 and feature three songs fans have yet to hear: Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” a live version of “What Kind of Fool” (performed at this year’s MusiCares Person of the Year gala in Los Angeles),  and Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (…yes). The latter two are pegged as album exclusives.

The full track listing for Glee: The Music presents The Warblers:
1. “Teenage Dream”
2. “Hey Soul Sister”
3. “Bills, Bills, Bills”
4. “Silly Love Songs”
5. “When I Get You Alone”
6. “Animal”
7. “Misery”
8. “Blackbird”
9. “Candles”
10. “Raise Your Glass”
11. “Somewhere Only We Know”
12. “What Kind Of Fool”
13. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

In related Glee news, the show’s fifth music compilation has sold over 132,000 copies since its release March 8. The next move is yours, Warblers.

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  • Ang

    Hopefully this will be the end of the Warblers and Dalton. Sorry but I watch this show for NEW DIRECTIONS. Kurt needs to be back where he belongs with his ND family.

    • Eli

      And prevent the producers from milking every possible cent out of Glee merchandise?

      Ryan Murphy says, “No! Give me your money, b**ches!”

      “Now buy the Glee Karaoke Party 2 DVD and Bluray, and go buy Glee Season 2 Episode 4-7, also on DVD and Bluray. And remember that one time someone sang in the shower, well go and buy the Glee Shower Sing-A-Long DVD and CD set. Do it now, your lord and master Ryan Murphy commands it!”

      • Leslie

        I love this show and CanadaMatch.net was amazing

      • Mia

        Honestly I love the show and the music enough to pump money into Ryan Murphy’s veins with an IV. Put a dollar amount on the show and I’ll buy it, its existence has changed my life, how many TV shows can you say that about?

      • lexi

        I have to agree with Mia, I will purchase anything and everything glee related. It’s the only show I feel this strongly about. :) Can’t wait for the warblers cd!!

        god, who WOULDNT want to listen to a whole cd of Darren Criss :) *swoon*

    • Ryan

      I love the sound of The Warblers (and desperately wish there were a group like this for me to join!) but I have to agree with you, Ang. I imagine Blaine will be coming with Kurt to McKinley High though.

      • diane brooks


      • gazelovr

        Pretty sure I’ve heard that Kurt is coming back 2 ND & that Blaine will follow. (Klaine all the way!)

      • cappella

        The Warblers are in fact voiced by the college a cappella group, The Tufts Beelzebubs. They have been creating this sound for decades, and they are the pinnacle of college a cappella. Many college groups strive to create this sound, including vocal percussion. You can definitely find a group like this.

      • zoey


    • Jobless

      Semi-Spoiler Alert:

      From what I’ve read, they are pretty much done with the Warblers. Since they lost at regionals its not really a spoiler but oh well.

      • Ashley

        SPOILER!!!! Actually I heard that the Warblers are sticking around until the end of the season. Kurt will be back at Mckinley before nationals and him and Blaine are going to prom together. The Warblers are going to preform at prom. Blaine will be going to ND next season.

      • TIFF

        Read the same thing about Kurt and Blaine going to prom. KURT AND BLAINE FOR PROM KINGS!!!!!!!!

    • Justice

      Squeed. Actually squeed to hear they’ll sing Keane. Keane! Ulp!

      • Bekah

        Oh me too. I actually might have humped up and down a little. But then I remembered they wouldn’t have British accents… Ah well. I LOVE Darren Criss’ voice, but without Tom’s voice it’ll be very strange. But win for keane! Awesomeness!

      • Bekah


    • Megan

      BOO!! The Warblers ROCK!!!!

      • Chester

        AGREED!! :D

    • Sami


      It has been confirmed, can’t find the link, but its been confirmed, that Blaine is coming back with Kurt to ND.


      I think its the next episode that airs, but don’t quote me on this, that Karofsky, Blaine, and Kurt will be singing “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. And its been highly speculated that it’s Karofsky’s coming out song.

      • gazelovr

        Really? I didn’t ever imagine he’d come out so soon. Though maybe after seeing Klaine 2gether perhaps. Interesting.

      • Hannah Gleason

        thats in 2 episodes..but i think your right!! at least i hope you are

      • TIFF

        OH MY GOSH!!!! I never ever thought Karofsky would come out!!!! It’s a new ball game on Glee and at McKinley High

    • nicole grady

      Agree with you, as long as Blaine goes too. It’s nice seeing Kurt so Happy! And I miss his flair for fashion!

      • klaineklaineklaine

        Blaine is supposed to join ND in Season 3 Ryan Murphy said. But he WILL be in the remaining season 2 episodes.

    • Annika

      Darren Criss is so incredible hot, so why would you want him to go away?? But luckely for you and me, Darren criss signed already for season 3 and they have stopped filming at Dalton Academy. So probably they’ll both go to McKinley High School :)

  • Cygnus

    Great, now we can have a whole album of Kurt singing off key. When will they torpedo the Warblers, Blaine, Kurt, and concentrate solely on the main cast again? The show feels split between the two, and suffers from it horribly.

    • deedee

      Kurt is part of the main cast; what show are you watching?

      • Lily

        Yes, he is part of the main cast, but he is not a main singer with the Warblers

      • Ann

        No, the main cast is the Glee club at McKinley High. Since Kurt chose to leave and was no longer a part of that club, I did not see a reason for the show to dwell so much on Dalton Academy. It sometimes felt like I was watching a spin-off, which is what they should have done instead of splitting the show up between McKinley High and Dalton. Poor writing and greed–they just wanted to sell more songs.

      • James

        @Ann … do you want to know why they “dwell” so much on Dalton right now? It’s because Kurt is a main character and simply switched schools. So rather than fire Chris or move him down to supporting cast, they continued to give him screen time and show us his new life at his new school. Plus, yeah it makes for another great marketing ploy.

        As for the album, I won’t be buying it either, Blaine and the Pips were never my cup of tea.

    • John K

      Eh, you can only hear Kurt so far on maybe two of the songs so it’s not so bad.

    • Ang

      Kurt sings on 3 songs on this album, two of which are shared with Blaine. If you’re gonna complain about too many songs then give credit to BLAINE who has had more solos that ANYONE this season except maybe Rachel!

    • suebrody

      What show are you watching?! Kurt singing off-key? Chris Colfer has one of the best voices on Glee.

      • tay

        thank you. someone should be saying it.

      • BRANJO8589

        Agreed! Personally I believe there had to be a link to get Blaine to ND and just so happens it’s Kurt. Kurt is awesome alone but harmonizing with Blaine is epic.
        OMG! In my book they so rock the party, Boss. KLAINE! KLAINE! More sweet man kisses…….

    • nathan

      Kurt is (usually) beautifully on key (4 minutes, Blackbird, I Want To Hold Your Hand, La Jazz Hot, Happy Days/Come On Get Happy). Unfortunately they occasionally give him songs that aren’t right for him. “Candles” should never have been a Kurt/Blaine duet.

    • Alva

      I agree even though Kurt is from the original cast I hate the Warblers, they are so boring!

  • Jack

    And this marks the first Glee album I’m not purchasing.

    Can they leave permanently now?

  • Alex

    Love the Warblers and the fact that GLEE showcases different kinds of glee clubs. The Warblers bring a fresh dynamic to the show – they can pull off songs that New Directions can’t. How can you not love that?

    • Beepela

      Agreed. The Warblers are by far my favorite part of the show now. I started watching the show to hear cool choir arranged songs, like we were promised in the pilot with Don’t Stop Believin and Rehab. Yes, there were instruments, but the focus was on vocal harmonies and a show choir sound. Then it seems like it turned into the American Idol drama hour, with every song being a terrible solo. When the Warblers sang Teenage Dream I thought “Thank God, the music on this show is good again.” If they cut out the a cappella style completely and just go back to “random soloist backed by a jazz band” then I am done with this show. I certainly don’t stick around for the plot!

      • Chrissi

        You said it perfectly!

    • Chester

      Beautifully spoken, Beepela! I think the Warblers have brought back the “original Glee sound.” I mean, I have enjoyed songs this season that the New Directions have sung, but some are a little “American Idol”-like. In conclusion, I love that the Warblers are using mostly their voices to create harmony. I greatly look forward to this album!

      • bc

        the Warblers are using ALL voices to create harmony. It is a capella. :)

  • HD

    I still can’t believe that a show with such potential squandered it so and so quickly. And shockingly so efficiently as well.

  • Strepsi

    Kurt AND Blaine should join New Directions: but I also think that New Directions should do more a capella numbers like the Warblers. The song “Teenage Dream” was so great in the way it was an all vocal pop prduction. The New Directions ballad “Get It RIght”, on the other hand, totally lacks the female counter-harmony that would have allowed us to hear not just Rachel but Tina, Mercedes and Santana backing up.

    In short, @ GLEE: please bring our boys to New Directions, but keep the Beelzebubs on staff as vocal arrangers!!!

    • amber

      I agree with everthing Strepsi just said…

      • karen


    • Chester

      I too agree with Strepsi! “Teenage Dream” was an amazing performance, and I think the New Directions can take a lesson or two from the Warblers!

  • Jill

    What is with all the hate’n people? If you are going to complain about glee – please complain about the Will & Grace-style celebrity guest spots. It’s overkill now!

    • James

      100% agreed. I don’t watch glee to see who is guest starring, and I certainly don’t care for most of the names they’ve had on the show either. Gwenyth Paltrow being the exception, as I find Holly Holliday to be an awesome substitute teacher lol

  • Lily

    Do you think I am sexy ? Wondering how that song fits in the plot… Would be hilarious if Kurt sings that song… Wishful thinking… it will be Blaine again…

  • Jenna

    Am I the only one out here that just loves Blaine?

    • Sydney

      No girl, you are SO not alone.

    • Ann

      No, I love Blaine too. Too bad he’s gonna get stuck with Kurt. The writers really should have had him testing the waters with the other “team” for a while. They totally screwed that one up.

      • Amanda

        They did. It’s called Rachel. And then he found out he was gay.
        Blaine was created as a gay character. We all pretty much knew what was gonna happen.

    • Sara

      You are definitely not alone in that one :)

    • Chester

      I love Blaine! Let me just say, in my coming-out process, I wish I had a friend/boyfriend like him. He’s a great character, and despite some of the hatin’ on here, I think the show’s creators are brilliant for including him on the series. He’s a great role model. :)

    • Anita

      I Love Blaine also!! So HOT!

    • nicole grady

      so NOT alone! I love it when Blaine and Kurt do duets together!

    • Sandwich

      Nope. Not at all. I absolutely love Blaine because he’s HARRY FREAKING POTTER!!!!! (And Toby Phillips, and a guitarist/random guy in MAMD)

      • bologna

        And he is totally awesome!

      • teamstarkid

        daaaang straiiight! STARKID FOR LIIIIFE! Just thought’d I’d say :)

      • warped

        I was hoping to see some starkids here!
        now quick everybody climb in my rocketship! We have an appointment with RUMBLEROAR!!!!!! to mars!!!

      • crushinondarren

        they should have blaine play guitar. darren is really good. remember when he conquered that dragon’s heart with his guitar?

      • lisa

        I too, am at a loss for words when I have the most to say. So I am just going to say that I am thinking about and paiyrng for your family (including little Ian) and lots of cyberhugs for you too Marsha

    • zoey

      no, i LOVE Blaine too! One of my fave characters… besides Kurt of course…

      • Aylin

        Praying the Lord gives you peace, Marsha. Yes, I too am undoubtedly the most hmoornal when pregnant. (Can’t believe my family and husband have survived me 8 times….) I’ve gotten to the point where I know to take all my thoughts and emotions with a “grain of salt” knowing I’m not thinking very clearly when my body is creating another human being.Psalm 94:19 is one I cling to.

    • Caroline

      I love Blaine too…

      • Aprian

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  • Richard

    i think the warblers are the only good thing to happen to glee this season. maybe there will be spin-off show to save us since glee has become “the gwyneth paltrow show.”

    • Adam

      Gwyneth Paltrow has been in all of 2 episodes… and she has a great voice for New Directions. Sooooo, I see no problem…

  • Pickle

    I think that the comment made from the former star, Victoria Jackson, is just a little bit out of hand.

    I know she’s a god fearing Christian and all, but I’m sure some of her movies involved racy scenes. And, just leave the gay community alone?! They have every right to express themselves in any form, in any place. So, shut up biiiitch(:

    • Other Mel

      Just for the sake of argument, Pickle, how is it that the gay community has “every right to express themselves in any form” but Victoria Jackson doesn’t? Frankly I don’t care about either party, just fairness. Freedom of speech means freedom of speech you don’t like, yes?

      • nathan

        She has every right to express herself. And I have every right to call her a hateful moron, who’s blind bigotry has nothing to do with Christianity.

    • Ann

      No, I think she is spot on. Even though she is a bit crazy. The writers have chosen a very anti-Christian stance in the series while being very pro-gay. We’ve got at least three gay/lesbian storylines going on. That’s not including whatever the Beiste is. It’s okay that they feel the need to write these episodes, but on the other hand, the writers have gone out of their way to make Christianity seem like the anti-christ. Kathy Griffin playing a teabagger Christian? Ugh! A former stripper nun? How about Quinn’s Glen Beck-watching Christian parents who threw her out? Or Kurt’s anti-religion beliefs or Finn’s faith in God being shattered by Emma convincing him that his prayers weren’t doing anything, it was all just coincidence…blah…

      I still watch this show because I enjoy the music, but it has gotten increasingly hard to watch and definitely not a show for young viewers!

      • Gillian

        If you have seen Sister Act (2) with Whoopi goldberg you would have understood that the stripper nun was from that.. so it was just an extra joke that only some of the audience would understand.

      • Jenny Prescott

        I completely agree. The Christian bashing is only serving to alienate a large portion of Glee’s audience. Just because the show has a pro-gay agenda does not mean it needs to bash Christians. Instead of being fair to both sides and showing how gay people and Christians don’t need to be enemies, they seem to just be encouraging a rift between the two. And, really, all the anti-Conservative and anti-Christian remarks on the show aren’t funny. The writing has really gone downhill this season, and if I keep feeling insulted by the show, I am going to stop watching it. I can always just get the music on iTunes.

      • John

        Anti-christian? pro-gay? wow, wake up and smell the coffee, who cares, it is a show, don’t watch, judge not lest ye also be judged.

      • Robyn

        Well said Ann. I used to love the show. Now every time I watch it I find myself frustrated that The tolerance for differences is so one sided. Why not show respect at least for people who have differing beliefs then those being brought up by the show?

      • bc

        it’s not “pro gay.” Glee is “accepting.” And Robyn, your frustration for the one-sided tolerance for differences really ought to make you identify with what it must be like for people who are gay. They don’t experience only on a t.v. show ~ they experience it in every venue of their lives. It’s a real indictment of our society that we cannot live and let live, allowing each of us to be our authentic selves.

        What would Jesus do?

      • teamstarkid

        I agree with John 100% here. I get people are offended, but if you don’t like where the shows going, stop watching.

      • Sarah

        Ann- While I completely agree that the points you mentioned in the show can (and are) veiwed as anti-Christian, I also feel that they do have some very inspiring (if not spiritual) moments on the show. “One of Us” comes to mind as I was personally very moved during that performance, I do feel that the writers could try and make it more… I don’t know, even I guess. However, the fact is that the writers have the right to do as they please, the only thing the viewers can do is to stop watching.

        bc- I completely agree with the point that the frustration we Christians are feeling due to the writing is extremely similar to that faced by the homosexual population, though not the same. However I disagree that we only face it from a television show. I’m LDS, (which IS a Christian organization) and my religion is constantly mocked and ridiculed, even called evil. I don’t understand what it’s like to be gay, but I do understand what it’s like to be a minority, and to feel ashamed, or frightened because of others reaction to who you are.

        I hope I haven’t offended anyone, because I personally believe that everyone has the right to be heard and to express themselves however they please, even if I disagree with things said and done sometimes, it’s still a right.

      • nathan

        What Christian bashing? The show has several possitive Christian characters (Mercedes for example). They mocked Christine O’Donnell & Michelle Bachman via a specific character, but they’ve never mocked Christianity.

      • nathan

        One by one:

        – Bieste is a heterosexual woman.

        – Kathy Griffin’s character wasn’t mocking Christians, it was mocking Christine O’Donnell and Michelle Bachman. Their hateful insanity has nothing to do with the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.

        – The stripper nun was not a comment on Christianity. She was a movie reference.

        – Quinn’s father was a comment on Glenn Beck’s fan base, not Christianity. Mercedes family is also Christian and they took her in after her father kicked her out.

        – Kurt’s an atheist. Are you seeing atheists can’t express their beliefs without it being “anti-Christian”? That episode had many positive expressions of faith.

        – Finn was failing to be Christian. He was trying to use God as his personal genie. Note Mercedes as the counter example in the same episode of someone getting it right.

    • Kaliye

      I came to your blog via Roscommon Acres. It is very difficult radeing that your Christian would be seven on November 12th and that he lived only three years and nine months. Our Carson lived only three years and seven months, and would have been six on November 11th.It does get less difficult, but those emotions still surface frequently.

    • Purwanto

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  • John K

    Heck, I’m a perfectly hetero guy and I love Blaine – he’s the best character on the show since Jesse St James (that dude could sing). The only thing I don’t like is that in album form, you can’t see Blaine act – I always think a capella is meant to be seen and heard – just hearing it without the visuals isn’t as good.

    • Mi

      Ditto! Capella is meant to be seen and heard thats what makes it so enriching.

  • Tara

    YES! :D I am SO excited for this CD. The Warblers are basically the only reason I watch the show anymore. I’m just not that entertained by all of the New Directions drama. Also? The Warblers’ songs are all freaking fantastic. I’ve been playing them on repeat for months. I’m going to be so upset when they’re gone. I love Blaine and David and Wes and Jeff and Nick and Trent and ALL of them. <3

  • donna

    Cant wait to purchase this but want both Blaine and Kurt to transfer now. No point in keeping the Warblers anymore.

    • teamstarkid

      Blaine + Kurt + Transferring to New Directions = EPIC WIN. ;D

  • Other Mel

    I enjoy the Warblers’ songs, but a whole album of them would feel a bit, er, repetitive. Not much variety there. But on iPod shuffle? Sure, why not?

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