Carson Daly on Britney Spears' strict interview conditions: 'It's insane'


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You can try Till the World Ends, but you won’t be getting a live, unedited interview with Britney Spears—even if you’ve known her for approximately half her life.

Carson Daly, who first met the now-29-year-old Spears nearly a decade and a half ago during their mutual pre-TRL days, ripped into her management team on his personal Twitter after being asked to pre-tape an interview with her (standard practice right now for the star, who has primarily been conducting interviews via email), and then submit it for approval and editing before air.

In a series of frustrated tweets he wrote:

“I was jst TOLD my @britneyspears interview tomm on @ampradio MUST b pre-recorded & submitted 4 approval by HER mgmt b4 it can air! F THAT!”

never that restricted. Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this…it’s really insane.

And to a fellow tweeter who called him an “unprofessional a–hole,” he replied:


jst shocked her mgmt won’t let her do a normal interview. She probly doesn’t even know.

I’ve known and supported her since she was 15. This has nothing to do w her. Just her ppl.

To another responder he explained:

hey ant, pre-recording it was NO prob- her mgmnt taking and editing the tapes overnight was the issue. Be well:)

What do you think, Music Mixers—is Daly right to be outraged by the terms of Spears’ camp? What grievous harm would befall the world if Britney were allowed to speak live on the air, unedited and uncoached? Or would the harm be to her own reputation? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  • tim

    She’s an idiot AND batsh*t crazy. She’s never sung a note live – spontaneity is NOT an potion.

    • Danielle

      GREAT point about “spontaneity”. There is NONE with Britney Spears. Every single thing she does (from singing, touring, making videos, etc.) is a pre-planned scripted affair. She is the ultimate “manufactured” pop star. Having said that, I’m having a blast with “Femme Fatale”!

      • yoyoloverccc

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      • Daniel

        Well the last time she did anything spontaneous she shaved all her hair off.

    • chris

      Love or loathe her, there are live performances on YouTube so let’s not jump to conclusions immediately. Yeah, her management is totally over controlling everything which is understandable after Circus came out in the midst of the comeback, but a fault now because there’s no personality left to shine through the mass of people. Pity.

      • Ryan

        I think the point Chris is that her “live” performances are lip syncing. She does not actually sing “live.”

      • David

        @Ryan no, I think chris was referring to actual live performances. She has done them, a large
        number of her early performances were live.

        I think it’s very fishy how her management are controlling her. Judging on her performances these day, she does not want to do this anymore.

    • jane

      Britney has been spontaneous before- by shaving off her head and getting out of cars without her panties on. Clearly the mgmt team is trying to make sure she doesn’t do more to damager her rep. The problem is that Daly seems to be someone who has supported her in the past and won’t lead her into a trap. It seems he’s insulted by the management teams distrust, which he has a right to be. her management team should have handled this better. Now every major news outlet has been red-flagged about this and as a brotherhood, they might want to impose their own restrictions in regards to her. Tsk, tsk.

      • Jonathan Squire

        True, He must feel very insulted! FREE BRIT

      • Hutchy

        There was a big article recently about this, about how apparently this is an open secret amongst the entertainment in-the-knows, that Britney’s meltdown a few years ago wasnt a temporary setback, but a permanent psychotic break. Her team is terrified that the truth will come out, which is that the lights are on but no one is home. She was surrounded at all times during her Glee appearance last time by her handlers, who led her (apparently in a Xanexed-out spacey haze) to her spot, had her read her lines, and led her away like a show pony. She refuses to conduct any interview (or even interaction) with another human being in person. She still, 4 years later, is a 29 year old woman who’s finances are in a conservatorship. Evidently, in her most recent live performances, she no longer sings a note or even really dances. Its a really creepy situation, to be honest.

      • jealousmuch?

        LIES from Hutchy. Britney is doing a one on one with MTV’s Sway for her Femme fatale special on Sunday. So the statement “She refuses to conduct any interview (or even interaction) with another human being in person.” is technically INCORRECT.

      • carly

        @jealousmuch? You do realize that interview with Sway has already been taped and is being edited by her management team for what they will allow to be shown on air which is exactly what Carson Daly was complaining about. She hasn’t done a “live” interview since her breakdown without her team right there and having the rights to edit out anything they don’t want the public to hear her saying.

      • Jesse

        Actually, if what Hutchy claims is true, I think Britney should count her lucky stars that her “handlers” actually have her best interest at heart in that they don’t want her to have a public breakdown (either physical, mental, or financial). While the road to recovery may take years, I’d much rather she have family that supports her (as opposed to the Lohans) or let her rein freely and risk losing the public goodwill she has built back up in the past few years (sorry Chris Brown, you may have the #1 album in the country right now — but no one should have let you within 10 feet of Robin Roberts). I understand Carson Daly not wanting to have an interview edited into oblivion, but I can also understand the people looking after Britney to want her portrayed in her best light. Tough situation.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        @Jesse – that’s SUPPORT to you? To me, that’s indentured servitude; it’s their own best interests in keeping the gravy train rolling that provides the incentive, not Britney’s best interests. If what Hutchy says is true, and I’ve heard it echoed in other places as well, she’s headed for a big psychological come-uppance at some point. “Serenity now – insanity later!”

      • JenH

        @Jesse I have to agree with the above poster who says Brit is in servitude. This poor girl had a psychotic break years ago and rather than let her try to get better behind closed doors and away from the media, they parade her around like a soul-less robot hoping she will keep it together so they can continue to make money off of her. They don’t seem to care a bit about HER, they seem only to care about her image so they can make a buck.

      • Classy!

        I think there’s a huge misconception about Britney. Yes, she has endured some mental and emotional setbacks, but she DOES make decisions for herself. Her conservatorship has put certain people in charge of her finances, but they can’t FORCE her to work. She is doing this album/tour because she wants to. Promo and interviews come with the territory, and I think she’s very self-conscious, shy and nervous about doing interviews bc of all she’s gone through publicly. Everytime someone, ANYone asks her a question, her answer gets analyzed to the nth degree for weeks. Don’t be so cynical about her “handlers”. I believe Britney wants some protection and distance from the media, and these people were simply hired to help fulfill that need. The media have their own editing tricks to make an interview seem like it went one way or another. Britney’s team is letting the media know that she’s not their b…ch anymore.

    • Jonathan Squire

      She is such a sweet woman. Idiot is NOT the right word. She has been doing this since she was 16. It is all she knows. She is stuck just DOING the motions, eventually she will find herself until then… I’m freeing her !

      • Elizabeth

        How in the WORLD do you claim to know that she is “sweet”? Just because a woman looks nice, doesn’t mean that she is. Trust me! People give me far too much rope, just because I have a nice smile. Idiot might be better applied to those people that are suckers for visuals.

    • Bob Barker

      Tim, I couldn’t said it better. She is a crazy trailer park redneck. Hilarious how Carson says “known and supported since 15″. He really means lusted and tried to hit the sheets with since 15.

      • Jason

        Or he means “played her videos on TRL, promoted her albums during every episode, booking her for interviews on his radio shows, giving concert announcements. That kind of support. Not everyone is as low class as you.

    • Jason

      I would agree with Carson if every single mediocre talk show host wasn’t going after an award during every single interview. If they think they can create a controversy, they will. They show no respect to these people they interview, and then act shocked when the “stars” prepare for the worst. Sorry Carson, she just wants to make sure you don’t build your entire fan base on one interview.

      • Classy!


    • Daniel

      Yeah Carson is a friend of hers so why they treating him like the enemy?

      It’s not like he is known for some hard hitting interview style anyways sheesh.

    • Lee Harvey

      Carson should just sh**can the whole thing. This is a travesty.

    • Tiffany

      Even before the meltdown, her performances were weak. She was never a great dancer…people just like to see a pretty girl in little clothes. That is fine, but I think her fans hyped up her performance ability far beyond reality. Beyonce, Ciara, and Shakira were always better dancers than her. Because of fan hype, people expect to see an amazing performance. What they see is someone who likes being famous, but who doesn’t want to put in the effort to GIVE a great show. She was always just the face of a very big machine, now it is just more obvious.

      • David

        Yes Tiffany, she was a good dancer before her breakdown. She was a great one in fact. Not anymore unfortunately.

      • Krissy

        I agree with Tiffany. As a dancer myself, I always thought she was ok, but she never really did much. It was like she marked the steps that her back up dancers did. If she was really singing, I could see why, but she never sang live. Why couldn’t she dance full out? What she is doing now is a weaker version of what she always was doing.

    • BJ

      OMG, she’s AMERICAS SWEET-FART…lol Her album won’t sustain any momentum anyway.

    • The Shaved Biebers

      Say what you want about Britney, but she’s going to see 300,000 copies of her new album in one week and debut at #1 AGAIN. You gotta hand it to her, whether she’s crazy, psychotic, robotic, dead-behind-the-eyes, whatever you like…. she’s still selling. I guess people notice that something has changed…

      • Didi

        Yes, she will sell a lot. She can thank Dr. Luke and Max Martin for that. Without Max Martin producing for her, she would never have had a career.

      • Classy!

        Max def put her on the map, but she can and has made great music without him plenty of times. Max has written hits for many people, but most are not as successful as Britney. She herself is the main factor of her megastar success.

    • Aly

      I don’t think they lipsync on Star Search but I could be wrong. And she has sung entire songs live (namely the ballads)…poorly, but live none-the-less.

  • Anne

    I agree with Carson. Tweeting about it might not be the best forum though. It’s obvious that Britney is very “handled” and probably will be the rest of whatever career she has left.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      But isn’t that what tweeting is all about – expressing every thought that comes into one’s head, regardless if it’s appropriate or even interesting. That said, I think it’s fine – everything about her irritates me.

      • womanizer

        ^STFU please.

      • L

        Why should Bobby’s Robot “STFU”? What they said was true.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Well, at least you said “please”. But no, of course I will not STFU. My opinion is as valid as anyone else’s here. I’m sure most of the music I like irritates you too, which is perfectly fine. I expect you’re too young to realize that there will always be people who disagree with you and none of them are about to STFU because you say so.

      • Aly

        That may be the point of twitter but it sure can get people in trouble. Ask Gilbert Godfrey. Not that Ryan Seacrest has to worry about that but it’s still a valid point that celebrities should be careful about how they utilize twitter.

  • Stacey

    I think her management is being cautious. Probably overly… But I don’t see why he’s so steamed about it. So what if it’s pretaped, and for all we know it goes totally fine and not edited… I think they (her management) have been really worried about her being taken advantage of especially since the whole meltdown. It would probably help her to be honest, unedited completely live interview. But still, I don’t see what is wrong with the stipulations…Even if he’s known Britney all her career; doesn’t mean the interview will be on the up and up… I don’t see why he’s so pissed.

    • Jon

      Stacey, Daly made it very clear: it’s NOT the pre-taping he’s opposed to, it’s the idea that her people would have final say as to what goes over the air. At that point, you’re just telling Carson Daly to run a Britney infomercial.

      • Amanda

        Exactly. Her people want the right to edit the interview and only release the parts they want folks to hear. It’s a commercial, not an interview. It’s coming through loud and clear they’re terrified she might say something crazy. And she might. But that’s what makes an INTERVIEW interesting. You might actually learn something real about the person talking. These conditions are nonsense. Why bother?

    • PDawg

      I agree with Stacey. She went through a HELL-STORM with the media back when she was crashing and I think she has a team that protects her every move because I’m sure parts of that meltdown still haunt her.
      AND Spontaneous? ???? She used to do SNL and all kinds of live interviews until everyone wanted a piece of her during her meltdown. And now I’m sure the rules are in place so they can’t get a piece of her. Give the girl a break. This promo period has been a much needed improvement from the Circus area.
      Ohhhhh and all the you haters who think she doesn’t have a career??? Check again! ;)

  • Brian Wallace

    Medical science and an always vigilant society have been able
    eradicate many diseases and conditions that generations ago would be fatal.

    If we, as a people, can eliminate measles, why are we still plagued with Carson Daly?


    • what?!


    • Liz

      Britney is a far greater burden on the world than Carson.

  • M

    I understand pre-taping, but I’m with Carson about them getting to keep the tapes and edit it. Why not just hire some unknown actor to pretend to interview Britney with prepared answers?
    Glad to see Carson has some integrity.

  • Chelsea

    I agree with him. Makes me wonder what in the hell happened to Britney that rattled her so much she can’t even give a coherent interview without someone guiding her along.

    • C

      Anti-psychotic drugs’ll do that to ya.

      • Marisa

        No they won’t.

      • @ Marisa

        Yes they do. I just don’t know if she was ever on them.

      • Red

        I saw someone who took anti-psychotics. Caused faced tremors and drooling in him. Don’t know if she has had them, just saying.

  • Marion

    Finally someone in the media with the guts to really admit what Britney Spears really is now: a freaking puppet.

    • gaga

      I don’t think this is a secret to anyone, really. The fact that Carson Daly is in the news is the biggest shocker to me.

    • AlyssaG

      Jimmy Kimmel also tweeted something that alluded to Britney’s management. Isn’t she still under conservativeship? I think she is a puppet. A very sad, rich puppet.

      • Stacey

        She’s still under conservatorship. But from all hints. It’s basically a formality. She basically has joint custody of her kids. Sees them all the time. Personally, I think it’s all about keeping the lawsuits from her time of meltdown from getting her into court. Hence they are reluctant to stop it. But still, I am not sure they are afraid of what she’ll say. But of her being taken advantage of… Even by Daly who has known her.. I am sure a compromise could have been made… I think something major happened during the meltdown. And they are worried about her… And it’s easier to pull the strings. So there is no a repeat of the “Sam” incident. The guy who took complete advantage of her… And did who knows what else to her…

      • Christine

        Stacey, during the Sam phase, the judge called her a “habitual abuser of drugs”. In her most recent video shoot, the dancers had to sign contracts stating that they wouldn’t allow the “artist” to come into contact with drugs or alcohol. Very possible what we are seeing is a result of a drug overdose and not a mental disorder.

      • Classy!

        @ Christine that judge’s statement was never ONCE substantiated by a positive drug test from Britney. She had to take several random drug tests and they never came back with anything.

  • crispy

    Would it really kill people to spell the two-letter word “be”?

    • jerzegirl

      Excellent point… So she doesn’t/can’t sing live and is NOT allowed to have an actual interview that isn’t cut to pieces in editing? I guess this IS what happens when you manufacture someone’s career & they go bat-ish crazy & you have to keep the illusion going…

      • Jonathan Squire

        I usually get bothered when I see things like this about Britney. But It is true. I want that spontaneous girl back, I want that free spirit, that lover. It’s honestly “Free Britney!” now..I had a dream that she was preforming a concert and the electricity ended up “going out” & she was unable to preform. i WAS soo disapointed. I was like..No, she can’t be doing this. Then, when she was released..every single person was trying to get her attention, screaming at her & she ignored all of them. So I stopped, still dissapointed, Then THAT smile..& she came straight up to me and gave me a huge hug. She is under the control of her management. It’s safer that way. She’s a public figure. THE CONTROL MUST END, I WANT MY BRIT.

      • Amanda

        are you serious? you had a dream about britney being stifled?

    • Abe Froman

      When you’re limited to 142 characters, you cut where you can.

    • SoyBombGuy

      Right on, Crispy. I know exactly what you mean.

  • Sachie


  • jets

    Her continual popularity is perplexing. She’s always been a manufactured commodity. Fine, when she was a teen, but now that she’s full adult age with adult responsibilites (and hasn’t kept up on her dancing) there should be more depth and autotomy to warrent her fame and pay-check. But whatever; that’s our culture.

    • Beth

      Agree 100%

    • Classy!

      Her depth is the fact that her current album is a better body of work that any her peers have put out. Rollingstone gave it 4 stars. That’s a higher rating than they’ve ever given Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera etc. Only Rihanna and Britney, of the young female pop singers, have received 4stars from those critics. Gaga’s new album might hit that mark when it drops, but I’m just saying…

    • Chris

      I agree, she’s a 90s teen pop star that was fading. Then Jive decided to buy some Clear Channel radio time for her with Blackout and since then her career has experienced a somewhat revival. She is the most boring, 1-dimensional pop star out there. If Madonna’s heir has finally arrived and it’s Gaga, not bore queen Britney.

      • Classy!

        Britney has almost matched Madomna’s success in MANY ways and surpassed it cometely in other ways. So it’s fine if Gaga is the new Madonna. Britney is doing great just being Britney.

  • Karen B.

    I agree with Carson. That’s not an interview – it’s a TV show. While he’s not exactly Woodward and Bernstein, he is a music journalist and host. He wants a real, honest, spontaneous interview. Maybe get something original and unique. What is the point of him even participating if it can’t be real.

  • NIcole

    Good for Carson for being honest about it! Brit’s managers won’t let her take one step without their pre-approval, it’s ridiculous. He’s been her friend, he’s not going to exploit her and Britney’s 29! She can answer whatever questions she wants to in whichever way she wants! God, she really is nothing but a freakin’ puppet now – a shell of her former self. It’s time for her to retire.

  • gaga

    Her whole life career wise is mapped out. She follows the book. Management can’t risk an interviewer asking a candid question that Britney doesn’t want to answer so they just need approval first. Not exactly a shocker since the public has known about this for years now, where has Carson Daly been? (oh yeah, busy being a nobody). Doesn’t surprise me since she can’t even sing live.

    • rose

      Yes, but they dont need to hand over the interview to be edited. Usually the interview has questions set up to ask that the Britney in her management will be informed beforehand, so she is ready to answer.

    • Jessica

      Yes, there is nothing interesting about this girl. In 1999 she was at the right place at the right time and hit the lottery but she has never been in any danger of being confused as a major pop music artist. Her records have no personality and are only as good as the material she is given. I am bewildered as to how she has maintained her career. If she ever reigned as a pop music queen, she’s clearly been usurped (rightfully so) by Gaga, who makes sublime pop records that, with time, will hold up with Madonna’s best records.

  • Thatguy

    Something very strange must be going behind the scenes if she can’t even give one normal interview when she used to do thousands of these

    • Abe Froman

      Yeah, she’s crazy and literally can’t take care of herself. Where have you been?

  • chris

    Her management don’t realize that the overprotected aspects now are hurting more than helping. Understandable right in the midst of the Circus comeback? Sure, especially seeing as she had just gone through her big breakdown. But now? Not so much. She’s just proving to everyone something’s not right anymore if everything’s become scripted. I just want to shake her handlers and be like, Come on idiots this is coming off too much like “reality” TV now and people are noticing now. Pity too. And this is coming from a diehard Britney fan.

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