Chris Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' tops Billboard 200 album chart with more than a quarter of a million copies sold


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Looks like Team Breezy didn’t let their man down this week.

The ride-or-die followers of embattled pop star Chris Brown lifted his fourth album, F.A.M.E., to a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart. It’s the second album since the infamous February 2009 incident that nearly cost him his career. The first, December 2009’s ill-received Graffiti, was a (relative) dud—pushing out just over 100,000 copies in its first week for a No. 7 opening.

Thirteen months later, it appears that aside from last week’s much-covered relapse, Brown is back. F.A.M.E. moved 270,000 units in its first seven days out. It’s the first time he’s topped the albums chart and the sales figures earn him 2011’s second best debut behind Adele’s 352,00 for 21. Trying to figure out how Brown made it to No. 1? Well, you can start here.

Jennifer Hudson’s sophomore set I Remember Me starts at No. 2, selling 165,000 albums. And Adele’s 21, last week’ s No. 1, drops to No. 3 with a still-impressive 96,000 albums sold.

Check out the full top 10 list after the jump.

March 30, 2011′s Billboard 200 albums top 10

No. 1 – Chris Brown, F.A.M.E.: 270,000

No. 2 – Jennifer Hudson, I Remember Me: 165,000

No. 3 – Adele, 21: 96,000

No. 4 – The Strokes, Angles: 89,000

No. 5 – Kirk Franklin, Hello Fear: 87,000

No. 6 – Songs For Japan compilation: 68,000

No. 7 – Panic at the Disco, Vices & Virtues: 56,000

No. 8 – Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More: 39,000

No. 9 – Bobby V, Fly On the Wall: 38,000.

No. 10 – Lupe Fiasco, Lasers: 29,000

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  • jack

    nothing about the strokes debut?

    • Mark

      sad America, sad. Worst taste in music.

      • Mark

        debut? is the forth record!!! and a great one

      • Matt

        “Debut” in this case means 1st week on the chart with a new album, not a first album.

      • Tom

        it’s friday friday friday friday gotta get get get get get get it’s friday friday friday

      • Didi

        How disappointing! Granted, selling 270,000 means that less than 1% of the country bought his cd….but still! How people can support such a violent person is beyond me. There are so many more talented guys out there!

      • Ignacio Martin

        hipster tool.

      • black widow

        F.A.M.E. is an AMAZING CD! I love when a perosn who is not apart of “popular” america produces a well crafted CD and #WINS!

    • MattyWillWinSeason23

      The Strokes are amazing.
      Chris Brown is Satan.

      Yet another sign Armageddon is very near.

      • andee

        dude get the hell outta here!you nerd!get a girlfriend

    • Jessi

      LOL…both Brown and Strokes suck

      • andee

        chrisss Browwwnnnnnnnn i love him!

    • Tom


    • S.O.

      If The Strokes would have released their new album in a different week that wasn’t against Chris Brown & Jennifer Hudson & Adele’s new album still high on the charts, they could have easily been #1.

      • Stupidman

        A different week like this week when Britney Spears releases her album. Strokes only sold $89K, any week would have been a bad week.

    • Bluto

      Chris Brown’s album will plummet next week because 1) he sucks, and 2) see 1.

      • Pete

        Ooooh , poor Bluto

      • Tom

        3.) Albino

      • Whatever

        HA! Lamezoid.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Album sucked. Got a worse rating than Chris or Britney.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Angles is slowly shaping up to be my second favorite album of theirs, after Is This It of course. I’m slightly dissappointed that its not selling better, but thats about what I expected, manafactured pop and half-hearted, party-ready hip-hop sell better than honest alternative music every time; its a sad fact about our sh*tty consumer tastes.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Also, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect, but I’ve never HIT A WOMAN! That is an awful, cowardly, spineless, selfish, irresponsible, unforgivable thing to do! Real men stand by women and take care of them; we make them feel safe. Chris Brown is not a real man, he’s a spoiled p*ssy a**hole and I will never support him! & I ask everyone with at least an ounce of sanity to do the same.

  • TopherGracesucks

    Chris Brown is still a better person than Topher Grace

    • Topher Grace

      Yeah, sorry I slept with your wife AND your mom, but seriously, get over it

    • cM

      why? just curious

  • MT

    Sealed, Signed, Delivered, Chris Brown is back !!!
    EW, I think it’s the very first time that you address the TEAM BREEZY while talking about Brown. Just so you know, he actually credited Team Breezy as Executive Producer of F.A.M.E.
    Anyway I’m proud of the success of F.A.M.E, who is like the best peer-to-peer marketing plan I’ve come to see. Thanks, twitter!
    The dog days are over for Chris now, I hope he watches himself from now on and keeps deliver great entertainment. He is our real life Rocky Balboa or Daniel LaRusso, he messes up sometimes but nobody wants to miss the day when he gets it right.

    • Pete


    • Mark

      I feel sorry for being American when we glorify people like Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen. Both are mentally disturbed and megalomaniacs. And the youth of today only gives them ammo for staying in the limelight. What a waste of people.

      • Krissy

        I feel ya. It’s embarassing.

    • Wow…

      I normally do not EVER say comments like this, because I think that these kind of comments are stupid and ignorant…but I don’t care at this moment…this is extremely sad to read. First, it’s SIGNED, sealed, delivered. And did you seriously just compare Chris Brown to Rocky Balboa/ Daniel LaRusso? What on earth does an immature singer, who (yeah yeah forget about the abused thing) storms out of Good Morning America, breaks a mirror, and goes all Hulk on everyone and rips his shirt off? He’s more like a child than your comment.

      Ok. I expressed my opinion by bashing yours. Sorry. Let the games being.

    • claire

      Chris Brown sucks. He’s a mediocre singer. Don’t feel sorry for him because if Rihanna has to live with the emmotional, mental and perhaps physical scars for the rest of her life, then he deserves to be shamed for the rest of HIS life!

      • Tony

        I Feel bad for a person that likes to hold Grudges

    • Denise

      I wouldn’t say Chris Brown is back, per say. 270k is still impressive, but those numbers are expected from an urban album. He has a long way to go to regain the acceptance of the white mainstream public. All the ghetto girls rallied behind him this week, but we’ll see how the album and his singles hold up in the following weeks.

      • MissVampireDiaries

        All the ghetto girls? Why do people have to make this about race? Most of his fans are white, which how he sells a lot of albums.

      • Whatever

        WOW! Ignorance. Just because a certain fraction of the public is willing to give this guy a second chance and let him move on with his life and not label him a screw up, does not mean those people are “ghetto.” How much of an ignorant mutherf*cka do you have to be to say something like that? Wow. Some people. I guess all the people who gave Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke and all the people who are supporting Charlie Sheen through his breakdown must be ghetto girls from the hood as well.

      • Denise

        Yes, ghetto. The same ghetto bi*ches that appear on 106 & Park yelling “I love you breezy,” the same ghetto bi*ches that send death threats to Rihanna saying “bi*ch imma kill you for ruining my man’s life.” Those are the ones I am referring to. Any self-respectable woman with an ounce of dignity is smart enough not to support this moronic wife beater. It’s been two years and he still cannot control his anger. The boy has some serious issues.
        And why do CB fans always bring up Charlie Sheen? No one is defending Sheen or his idiot fans.

      • mel

        yeah ghetto girls??honestly, i know alot of white girls from the suburbs who bought this ppl dont care about someone personal life when they buy an album, they actually care about the music..i dont care what he does in his personal life because that is his life…

      • DR

        Yes, they’re ghetto, bew. I’m a black man and I know what Denise is talking about.

      • Dee

        If only the ” ghetto girls” brought the CD it would not be #1. Some white suburban girls and boys brought purchased the CD as well.

    • Ty

      I purchased F.A.M.E because I like Chris’ music and because I’m so ready for people to stop playing the role of God and judging others for their mistakes. If you want to judge and talk negative about someone, look in the mirror.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Hey buddy, here’s the thing: I’ve never abused my girlfriend! I’ve never engaged in violence with or made derogatory comments towards any woman, ever! I can look in the mirror and be mostly satisfied with the choices I’ve made in my life. Can Chris Brown (and you) say the same?

      • andee

        @color me impresssed,dude shouldnt you be like doing your fiance,instead of reading comments,what a loser,i thin you need help dude,and @Ty,I agree!(:

      • Najalic

        thank you…. finally someone stays out of his bussiness its his life not others is it… no, i couldve of seen if it was someone elses situation… dats der binez, n like i say befo its ur life deal wit it

    • Didi

      If you are holding your breath that he won’t beat someone else’s face in, or break someone else’s property….I wouldn’t hold your breath. His supporters will be feeling pretty guilty a year from now after he has yet another episode.

      • andee

        ohmyy dude get outta here!

    • Perfect

      @MT, VERY WELL SAID! I do find it interesting that the media is now scratching its ignorant, evil collective head trying to discern why their typical scheme was not successful this go around. They tried to take what was a very stressful moment in this yong man’s life (CD release day) and turn it into the “murder of a child”! It was plain to see that he didn’t want to discuss the 1 subject the media used to side-line his last CD and was clearly caught off guard by RR! The stressful moment passed but the media made a federal case out of it. Funny that Charlie Sheen destroyed the entire penthouse suite at the NY Plaza (33,000 worth of damage) but that only receive 1 day news coverage as appose to the 14 day coverage they gave 1 cracked window in a dressing room!I love that they are trying to blame his fans for the fact that everyone isn’t stupid and can see through the lies and bias disguised as somthing else! Chris Brown did a great job on his CD!

  • Tha Phoenix

    I’m just waiting for the pressed to get here.

    *sips Martini*

    • Me Too!

      They are all still over on the Chris Brown DWTS blog – it’s gonna get GOOD when they jump over here – lol.

  • David

    Adele rocks!

    • milli

      Adele is fanatastic!! Love her whole CD!!!

  • Laura

    Chris Brown is the greatest HANDS DOWN

    • Pete

      Re: Laura – Wow. Sad that a woman could make that comment

    • DGH

      The greatest what exactly?

      • Joey

        He has the greatest pimp hand. He NEVER allows his hos to get out of line. Much Respect!

  • steph

    the album definitely has some catchy tunes. Not a real big fan of the overtly sexual ones – they were actually kind of disgusting to listen to.

  • will

    Chris Brown needs to thank Good Morning America for a boost in sales.

  • edouble

    African American male singer is able to rise to the top of his profession despite his problems. America is becoming more and more progressive by the day. This is a good thing.

    • Soho

      So you’ve never heard of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Kanye West, John Legend, Bob Marley or Youssou N’Dour? Or Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson, Usher or Lenny Kravitz? Have you been living under a rock? Wait-are you the Geico gecco?

      • Kevin

        And they all did it without hitting a woman!

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Kevin: Amen!

    • DGH

      Thanks for the laugh now get your head out of your a@@.

    • Julie

      Him being number one doesn’t necessarily mean that America is progressive, it just means that all the hoodrats went out and bought his album instead of downloading it online.

  • Charlie

    Ah, the new Chris Brown album – the perfect soundtrack to acting like an aggressive jerk.

  • Ernestine Simon

    Big UPs to Chris Brown!!!!

  • Connie

    Faith, and forgiveness wins… Chris Brown keep ya head up and always remember as long as you keep the faith you will continue to succeed in life reguardless what others who have no faith believe…. Contine to inspire others that even though you may fall on hard times or fail you can always pick yourself back up and try again.. because no one is perfect…

    • Devine Love

      No one is perfect but if they keep giving him chances to man up and redeem himself and he keeps messing them up, then he clearly has issues. He could have used that appearance on GMA to show how much he has learned and matured. Instead, he met everyone’s expectations by throwing a fit of rage in his dressing room. I like Chris Brown but he has to try a little harder than that in order to fully regain the public’s trust.

      • melody

        You know they say you never know a man life until you walked in his shoes. I watch Chris Brown on 106 and park. He confess to feeling exploited and betrayed by Robin Roberts. Like he said he worked so hard to redeem himself. To get pass his past mistakes. For two years he’s been trying to put the pieces of his life back. He had a moment of fear not rage. A fear that one of the most prestigeous shows was highlightening a episode in his life that was the past. For two years he has stayed clean. The hawks were waiting. Just like you were waiting in not wanting to believe in him. You see you and I could have an episode like Chris in our lives. Yet if it was after two years of staying clean. Our families and friends, colleague would applaud us. And we would be fine. To enjoy a normal life to deal with getting to the next level. Chris everyday is under scrutiny. When I look at Chris I see a scared little boy. Trying to make people happy. His fans understand that. We are human being, flesh and blood with a whole lot of flaws. Could you imagine how Chris everyday must be a struggle.I pray for him. For all the people who don’t like him for whatever reason. Who cares. Life will continue with or without your support for Chris. You know I don’t even follow Lady Gaga, Kathy Perry, JayZ, Rihanna or kesha. I don’t care for them. I don’t talk or hate or like them. Even if they did bad things in their personal life. My life concerns are things that makes me happy. Regardless how someone feels about it.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Ok I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect, but I’ve never HIT A WOMAN! That is an awful, cowardly, spineless, selfish, irresponsible, unforgivable thing to do! Real men stand by women and take care of them; we make them feel safe. Chris Brown is not a real man, he’s a spoiled p*ssy a**hole and I will never support him! I ask everyone with at least an ounce of sanity to do the same.

  • PN

    Strong starts for both Chris Brown and Jennifer Hudson’s albums! Jennifer was on 4 or 5 different TV talk shows last week and those strong sales really helped. I think people bought Chris Brown’s album for the music and looked past that incident on Good Morning America. If this was 5 years ago, his sales would have been crushed.And Adele’s album is still selling strong a month later! But look out for a big sales week for Britney Spears–she might overtake Chris next week!

  • Carrie

    That makes me a little ill. I’m so glad he’s being rewarded for his outrageous behavior. Either people have very short memories or they just don’t care that he beat up his girlfriend.

    • Lame

      Carrie STFU! Many are over it and so should you because we shouldn’t judge someone’s personal life. Are you that pathetic and lonely that you have to be in someone’s life? The media should not have been in Chris’ and Rihanna’s business like they were and still are. Would it be okay to fire a police officer for cheating on his wife???? No it wouldn’t, so it’s not okay to ruin someone’s career over something that you weren’t apart of.

      • Martin

        @Lame — Except Chris Brown didn’t cheat on Rhianna — he beat her up. That’s a little different. And I like how you think that his physical assault on her is just their “business.” That’s just as classy as those who leave comments like “Rhianna deserved it.”

      • Shell

        @Lame – if a police officer was found guilty of beating up his wife, you bet he’d be fired!

        If Chris seemed a bit more sorry, if he seemed to learn and grow from this, people would be more forgiving. But he acts entitled and his apologies seem empty. That is the problem.

      • whatevs

        You’re accusing Carrie of being pathetic and lonely for being in someone’s life? You’re doing the same thing by responding to her comment. Not that it would’ve been hard to see that you’re pathetic anyway for defending a self-important, insecure, woman beater.

    • steph

      OR people like the tunes. Musicians/celebrities are pretty much disgusting, and shouldn’t be looked upon as role models.

      • Kevin

        I agree-but shouldn’t there still be SOME behavior that is beyond the pale? I can accept that they sleep around, are unfaithful, and are generally selfish and frivolous people (like a lot of non-celebrities), but I’d still like to believe that violence towards women is something we decidedly don’t accept in society.

      • MissVampireDiaries

        So you don’t mind when a woman hits a man? Or a man hits another man?

  • Lame

    I am so glad that he’s getting success, but I am so frustrated with idiotic people. What in the world does a singer’s personal life has to do with his/her career? Rihanna is a *itch who has made Chris’ celebrity status a living hell. I cannot wait for her career to end and I hope that karma comes her way real soon. How dare she use this story for publicity? It’s embarrassing! The media is disgusting and does whatever it can just to get money. They are on such an old and small story when they should be focued on the tragedy in Japan and Haiti! Point blank, we have no right saying that Chris needs to not be a singer anymore due to his mistake.

    • Jay

      You’ve never been beat up by the one you love, have you?

    • Michael

      So if Rihanna is a *itch then when it is Chris? He doesn’t deserve a second chance. He did not make a “mistake”, he committed a felony. A mistake is being five minutes late for an appointment, or leaving the stove…it is NOT BEATING A WOMAN. In any other profession the person would have lost their job and their money. This creep gets to keep both. Team Sleazy is more like it.

    • Lisa Simpson

      As Michael pointed out, beating someone up is not a ‘mistake’, it’s a deliberate act of aggression. That’s why people are so appalled that Brown is still being accepted by the media and his myopic fans. (And yes, those same people are appalled at the Charlie Sheen worship that’s been going on, too.) When you are a public figure, a lot of your personal life becomes public, especially when it ends up in a courtroom. I’m all for forgiveness and second chances, but not when the violent and aggressive behavior continues without remorse.

    • DGH


      Your name says it all although clueless would have fit also!

    • LOL

      270,000 wife beaters can’t be wrong! WTF is wrong with people? This thug should be in jail.

      • DRG

        What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that American loves crap!

      • MissVampireDiaries

        When did Rihanna and Chris get married?

      • LOL

        Another sad person making excuses for Brown? Incredible.

    • Dave

      When I read comments like the one from “Lame,” it honestly makes me sad for humanity.

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