Lady Gaga confronts Christian anti-gay protester; announces release date of 'Judas' single


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Doesn’t it say “Let only he who is without sin picket a Lady Gaga concert” somewhere in the Bible?

In her latest YouTube video diary update, Gaga reveals footage of her arguing with a Christian fundamentalist protester outside of one of her shows. The picketer—who was doling out “get out of hell free” cards—was a bigot with a big gut who seemed to get quite a kick out of cutting off Gaga mid-sentence.

In the video, Gaga’s car rolls up to the lonely protester and she offers a friendly, “Hi, I’m Lady Gaga,” to which the man replies huffily, “So?”

You know what, guy? You are clearly spending hours of your free time lurking around her concert, which sort of undercuts the whole “So you’re Brad Pitt? That don’t impress me much” attitude.

Trying to meet him on some common ground, Gaga told the man, “I’m listening. You know we really believe in God at my show.” “Well, your pervert ways don’t quite equate to what God is all about,” the man spat out. “ When asked to clarify, he made what I’m sure he thought was a devastating, eloquent argument: “Yeah, the homo stuff.”

You can skip ahead to the 2:20 mark and watch it here:

When Gaga begins to ask him about his “hurtful” choice of words, the guy takes a cue from the Limbaugh/O’Reilly playbook and condescendingly cuts her off before a real conversation can begin. “You know the black book, the gold edges, the little ribbon?” he asked, referring to the Bible.

“I went to Catholic school for thirteen years–” Gaga started before being stopped again. “That’s probably most of your problem,” the man generously explained. “You got raised in a screwy religion.” Geez, there’s no pleasing this guy! He doesn’t like gay people, he doesn’t like Catholics… he must have an engaging, multifaceted social life.

But on to less contentious matters: At the end of this video, Gaga announced that April 19 is the release date of her upcoming single “Judas.” (Doesn’t that name come from the black book with the gold edges?) A mere 13 days away! That hardly gives fans enough time to memorize the lyrics.

Brilliant song alert: While Gaga is talking to the camera, you can hear Ladytron’s “Seventeen” playing in the background. What excellent taste you have, Ms. Gaga.

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  • LOL

    Religious nuts and Republicans fear Gaga.

    • js

      Your comment makes you no better then that misguided jerk.

      • Loch Ness

        I think you mean “than.” You fear English.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Misguided?? How very generous of you.

      • js

        Lol Lochness!good one

      • Ruby

        Agreed js. And “LOL”, please don’t lump all Republicans together as “religious nuts”. Thank you.

      • Well…

        It can not be denied that religion has been used to spur homophobia AND Republicans have made gay issues the cornerstone of their campaigns, from adoption to marriage to get… yup, religious voters on their side.

        While not all religious people are homophobic, and not all Republicans… you can see where LOL gets their point. It’s a touch close-minded… but not nearly as close minded as those that are public figures for both Churches and the Republican party.

      • Jess

        Please don’t group all religious people together as “nuts” either.

    • J

      Yeah pick on a nut and keep preaching to the converted…enough self-generated publicity already!

    • Ellen

      I’m a Christian and a registered Republican, and I love Lady Gaga. I think it’s generous of a popular entertainer to be so tolerant of religious people and to mention God so much in a positive light. Plus, her music is really fun.

      • Boetica

        Hmmm, really? She mocks so much of what you believe in by her actions. Obviously that’s not a problem for you.

      • John

        Boetica, how do you know what Ellen believes in? Are you an Internet psychic?

    • DGH

      We should put that guy and Lady Gaga in a room and make sure the both stay in there.

    • Jessica

      What a dumb comment, if I was a Republican would that mean I must be afraid of Lady Gaga and not allowed to like her? It’s as if you want to sit there and put people in a cubby hole because of your own narrow notions that people are not diverse or that knowing someone on an intimate level is the same as knowing a couple of things about her/him since we can fill in the blanks from there.

      What a dumb comment. I assure you Lady Gaga’s fanbase is much broader than the confinements you would impose her audience to have.

    • Erika

      People should love everyone including people who don’t love them. Labels are ridiculous. It’s not important if you’re a republican or a democrat. You should still have respect for everyone. If I labeled myself I would be a white, libertarian, bisexual girl, but I still accept everyone else and I think that’s the whole point of what Lady Gaga is trying to say. I may be wrong, but I don’t think she would disagree with me.

  • Rebecca

    Doesn’t she know you can’t reason with the crazies?

    • James

      she doesn’t even realize the gays don’t want her as their mascot. They just want an over the top pop star. Just glitter it up, and shut your pie hole. Nothing she has done in her life has qualified her to have a political discussion with even a homeless person, let alone lead a protest. Stick to what you’re good at: pop music. Stop with the Anthems that are actually quite offensive to the gays.

      • Well…

        This gay is ECSTATIC that Gaga is addressing the terrible homophobia, bullying, and ignorance that effects this country and the world.

        Thank GOD for Gaga.

      • Dxx

        Speak for yourself. This particular gay is impressed by her outspokenness, her activism and willingness to make equality the theme of her single. She knew her next song would be huge, and could have released whatever she wanted. The world was listening, and she spoke up for the Gay community.
        I know gays that don’t like Born This Way, but none that are offended.
        I wish an insanely public positive message like that had been around when I was younger and struggling with my sexuality.

      • Vini

        Im sorry, but i dont see how she is offending gays. and how do you qualify to be a protestor? seriously? she is very intelligent, and well spoken. you probably havent heard her speeches. no one is born into politics, we learn as we live. shes learning, and she is making a difference.

      • Vini

        and EVERYONE wants a pop star defending their “case”
        music has a hugre influence on everyone. racism, orientation, everything. music can do it all. you cant get a president, or an actor to do what gaga does. so speak for yourself, because she is doing a lot.

      • Michael

        God forbid someone stand up for us without us telling them to. I swear, sometimes I think us gays worst enemy is ourselves.

      • Strepsi

        @ JAMES — I’m a gay man, and you know what’s “offensive to the gays”? Calling us “the gays”. :P

        I think Gaga is doing a great job with a new generation of more inclusive people, and she’s also activated her fan base in support of repealing DODT and DOMA. As for “Born This Way”, the fact some radio stations censor the word “gay” in the song just shows why it’s needed. Team Gaga over Team nutjob,

      • Sylvian

        Amen, James. Your words are being borne out as the truth already. She is not a savior but a fool, since she has opened her mouth and removed all doubt.

      • Frod

        Yeah, that’s the problem. People won’t stand up for basic human rights without being forced to, or directly told to. We should be proud of those like Gaga even if we don’t like her music for proudly taking a stand.

      • Sylvian

        Oh and to Stepsi, she refers to gays as “the gays”. So in fact she is part of the problem according to you. Irony welcome back, come on in.

      • Woot

        Do you need qualifications to have a political discussion with a homeless man? Also Sylvian, “The Gay Community” is different from “The Gays.” Also Sylvian…you suck.

      • BP

        Shes epic and stands for great thing.
        Speak for yourself- I want her as my mascot

      • lesfull

        Just a small point: Lady Gaga is in fact bisexual and therefore part of the LGBT community, which makes her perfectly qualified to defend HERSELF.

      • Amber

        James, first of all, being a citizen qualifies her to have a political discussion. That is the beautiful thing about America.

        Secondly, my friends in the LGBT community are grateful that someone is speaking out about the inequality and discrimination that has somehow remained LEGISLATED in our country. Until gay couples are allowed the right to marry, adopt, and all of the other rights that are now denied to them, Gaga and ANYONE with integrity should be standing up for equality.

      • Peyton

        U sound sooo stupid when u say that!!! I bet she looks at this stuff and laughs at it!!!! I know I did :D

      • One of “the gays”

        I just want to share something with you, Sylvian.

        I just wanted point a flaw in your reply to Strepsi (not Stepsi) equating James’ use of the phrase “the gays” to Lady Gaga’s use of the same phrase. The context of the word(s) being spoken is just as important as the actual word(s) being spoken.

        Clearly James was using “the gays” as a perjorative, given the context of his message. When Lady Gaga uses it, it’s used affectionately. I see no irony in Strepsi’s comment.

        I for one am quite ecstatic that she is standing up for “the gays”, as it’s clear that there are plenty of others out there that don’t.

      • gdlrl

        I’m gay and I’m happy to have Gaga as my mascot. Also, I’m pretty sure anyone is qualified to discuss politics. Sarah Palin?

      • Becky Anne Leaman


      • anon.

        hmm. how do you know “the gays” didn’t want gaga to be their mascot? are you one of them?

        god teaches us to love. not to hate nor to criticize and outcast.

      • MsSuniDaze

        What type of qualifications does she need to have a political discussion? I didn’t know that being a pop star automatically disqualifies her from voicing an opinion. Her concerts are empowering, not only to the gay community, but to everyone who wants a voice. I’m not sure why she expected to reach that nut. When someone goes to that extreme to picket a concert, he’s not looking for a debate, but I admire her for confronting him. I love people who use the bible to make their point. I would love to know how God feels when nutjobs use his name to feed their hate.

      • Zulu

        Exactly. And her sad widdle munsters don’t realize that this man HAD TO SIGN A RELEASE for his image to be shown. It is a publicity set up. Man, pick up a book on Madonna’s tactics.

      • Joseph

        James you can not speak for “the gays” as a group. You may not like what she has to say, but there are those that do.

      • peaches

        This gay grew up in the Madonna- Debbie Harry-Bjork era so Gaga does little for me that I haven’t witnessed done better earlier. That being said if the gay children enjoy her who am I to rain on their parade?

  • Leo

    Like anything she could’ve said would’ve made any difference

    • GagaBlahBlah

      It’s not like she went into the discussion with an open mind. Her only goal was to change his mind. So, now he’s the bad guy for being just as closed minded as she is?

      • tony

        I think the fact that she even drove up to him and heard what he had to say when she obviously knew it would be negative showed that she was open minded and curious as to what he perceived her to be. It’s ok to have an opinion just try to sound educated and have a better argument than mere personal attacks and “yeah, the homo stuff”. Not only does it make you look stupid but it makes what your defending look stupid.

      • LindaT

        No, he’s a bad guy because he is a homophobe.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        @LindaT – you beat me to it!

      • Sylvian

        Don’t forget she filmed it to market to “the gays”. There are those who have fought and died for gay rights and there will not be any news at 11 for them. But go to her concert and dress like her, talk like her, think like her and be free, free, free!

      • Katja

        Sure, she didn’t expect to have him change her mind, but she didn’t use hurtful language or interrupt him. She was trying to have a rational discussion. He, on the other hand, said some nasty things, called some names, and if I’m not mistaken, used a very condescending “darlin'” a couple of times, all while cutting her off repeatedly. I’m no Gaga fan, but she still wins this one in my eyes. Open-mindedness isn’t always about one’s willingness to change one’s mind. It can also include one’s willingness to engage in a rational debate without resorting to defensive mud-slinging.

      • Tarc

        well, when you’re correct and have the FACTS to back you, why should you be open to the lunatics of the world? Seriously.

      • PJM

        No, he’s the bad guy because he spent his time hitting people over the head with the Bible rather than opening it up himself and reading a few passages outside of one quote in Deuteronomy. Apparently, the guy skipped past the “love one another as I have loved you” section of the Bible.

  • commentor

    Gluttony is also a sin, Tubby.

    • Reena

      this is exactly what i was thinking! lol

      • Jean Genie

        Ditto! For the record, I also don’t like Rush Limbaugh.

    • GagaBlahBlah

      funny how you’ll ignore the Vanity, Greed, and Pride of Gaga to toss a biblical insult at this guy. Typical.

      • Jesse

        No doubt your mind is open and everyone else is wrong. Hello kettle, this is the pot. Guess what? Have a nice day, Summer’s Eve…

      • Sylvian

        It’s all about the money, honey. Wow, she is so empowering! She cares so much about my gay money by filming this and finding someone ignorant to confront! She is such a role model for gay youth!

      • Sara

        He was the protester. Given that he started by being nasty, it seems justified to examine him, first. It’s like that saying about cleaning up your own house before carping about the state of your neighbor’s house.

        Or perhaps you would prefer the “He who throws the first stone” analogy.

  • whatevs

    Is it necessary to put “Christian” in the headline, because that is one thing this guy obviously isn’t.

    • Ash

      I’m sure he identifies himself as Christian which does make him one.

      • Jeremy

        Not true. I could indentify myself as a car, but that won’t make me one.

      • allie

        1. No, just because you “identify” yourself as a Christian, that doesn’t automatically make you one!
        2. I HATE what people like that do to Christianity!!

      • Spiderman

        I AM SPIDERMAN!!!

      • Ash

        Right but Christianity is a state of mind more than it is a physical state of being. If he thinks he is a Christian, if he identifies as one, then who are we to say he isn’t? If you believed you were a car, if you identified as one, who am I to argue that you aren’t? Isn’t that what Gaga is all about? Freedom to express yourself? He’s just expressing himself in a hateful way that most people deem unChristian.

      • HA!

        Amen, Jeremy! And allie! And Spiderman!
        The word “Christianity” implies that its followers are following in Christ’s footsteps.
        But I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t dig all the hate in His name. It’s not Christianity. It’s STUPIDITY.

      • Jeremy

        Ash, I see your point, but I still disagree. Christianity is a lifestyle more than anything. If I identify as a car, but do not live my life as a car would, I’m not a car, no matter what I try to tell myself. As far as being able to say he is or isn’t, you’re right. Only he knows, but the example he is living certainly doesn’t support his claim.

      • Jean Genie

        Too bad so many people who are proud to be “Christian” have to be bullies.

      • Hi

        @Ash: the word Christianity is NOT a state of mind at all. It is, in fact, a state of being. The word Christianity literally means “Christ Like,” just identifying yourself as a Christian doesn’t make you Christ Like. I may not agree w/ Gaga’s song lyrics or think she even has a crazy leg to stand on, BUT I CERTAINLY don’t agree w/ protester-chubby-guy. His actions and words are NOT Christ Like at all!!

        God is LOVE, that doesn’t mean he loves all things or agrees w/ all decisions…but he always shows love! If we were REALLY Christ Like we’d win a lot more people to Christianity through God’s message of LOVE not protests! Again, I don’t agree w/ protester’s methods and I think it’s embarassing he’s even labeled a Christian. BUT that doesn’t mean I agree w/ Gaga either.

      • jodipo

        Jeremy, to be fair you are comparing apples and oranges. identifying as a Christian is a belief system, not a physical state of being. To say its like identifing yourself as a car is not an accurate analogy. It would be better to compare it to identifying as a Nazi, or a Democrat, or a Taoist. Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, Political Affiliation, and general world views are states of thought, not states of physical being. THis man can think of himself as a Christian, and nobody can really tell him otherwise. I may not see him as a Christian due to his actions, but it is hardy my or your place to tell him what religion he can identify with.

    • Jeremy

      Agreed. And quit lumping us all in one group. I am a Christian and a Lady Gaga fan. While I don’t agree 100% with all her beliefs or messages, I 100% agree with her right to have and voice them. Not all Christians are like the ones you see on TV all the time. Some of us are actually quite open-minded if you give us a chance.

      • Joan

        Sorry but if you don’t stand up and denounce the crazy fundies who are increasingly the face of your religion, then you can’t blame us for equating Christianity with such people.

      • Jeremy

        Joan, being a loving and open-minded Christian doesn’t exactly grab headlines these days. Thankfully, not everyone subscribes to your belief that the most vocal of group are the representation of that group. If we all thought that way, civil rights would be set back about 30 years.

      • Kevin

        The most famous protesters, who’s name escapes me but they are the funeral protesters, actually consider themselves Baptist. It is sort of offensive as a Christian to see these hate-filled people be lumped into what I believe. Christian is actually a very broad term.

      • Tarc

        And you are a rare thing, Jeremy. Very, very rare.

      • jk

        Kevin, you’re thinking of the Westboro Baptist Church, and they are truly terrifying.

      • (Fundies aren’t) Winning, Duh!

        Ugh. Fred Phelps and his disciples are like the modern-day Nazis to me – they’re just as bad. Also, I love the fact that people keep using the statement from the Bible as defense for their homophobia. Some people used to do the same thing with segregation in the South, so it is pretty much rendered invalid to me.

      • Menchy

        @Joan: So any African-American person who doesn’t stand up and specifically denounce gang violence and inner-city crime “can’t blame us” for associating them with the Bloods or Crips? That’s a scary path of logic to go down (and a dumb one at that).

      • Maureen

        @Joan: Your logic is making my head hurt. ;)

      • Kelcie

        I couldn’t agree more Jeremy. Amen!
        But Kevin, when you call yourself a Christian, and you truly know what that means and what it calls for you to do, it’s actually not so broad at all.

    • Sara

      I could go either way on this one….

      On one side, there are a huge number of Christians and scholars who say that his actions do not follow Christ, and therefore he is not a true Christian.

      On the other side, I hate to say it (an no offense to Christians), but his actions are pretty much a demonstration of the historical Christian attitude in much of the world. Also, there is a significant faction of Christianity today that agrees with him. When you take all of that and add that he used religion to back up his position, it does become relevant.

      Whether it deserved to be in the title, I don’t know. But I’m not convinced it shouldn’t be there, either.

      • Hi

        I can completely understand this argument. As I thought about how to refute it, all I could come up w/ is how sad it is that people who are TRUELY living it, who are out in the trenches loving people, ministering to people, touching people’s lives w/ the Gospel of Love…those people don’t get press b/c it doesn’t make for interesting headlines. You’re right when you say that this guy’s mindset is the historical attitude of most Christians b/c sadly that’s all you’ve been shown. Come to Texas, my church can show you what genuine Christianity is. Believe it or not, there really are people who LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE and have a heart to see people’s lives changed, marriages saved, youth living a Godly moral life, people healed, families touched by the grace, peace and prosperity of God…etc. And it’s a shame you never and will never hear of those!

      • bookemdano

        This man is not a Christian. If he was, he would be a missionary in Haiti or working in a soup kitchen. Here is the clue, hateful comments = hateful person, the polar opposite of Jesus Christ. Also nice of author to determine that he represents Republicans and the Right. Bravo to Lady Gaga for at least taking him on and trying to change his sad excuse for a mind.

  • joblo

    >> When Gaga begins to ask him about his “hurtful” choice of words, the guy takes a cue from the Limbaugh/O’Reilly playbook and condescendingly cuts her off before a real conversation can begin. << Why are you making this into a right-wing thing?? Way to be fair. As if liberal opiners do not do the same thing? But it's not even accurate – Limbaugh rarely ever has interview guests, and Beck doesn't cut people off like that. Maybe you're thinking of O'Reily. But you really should say Chris Matthews.

    • joblo

      Oops, I mis-read Beck/O’Reilly. But the point still stands.

    • Tom

      Because the protester was obviously conservative, it’s most appropriate to choose conservative commentators for the example. If Gaga had been doing the cutting-off, then it would have been more appropriate to say “from the Matthews handbook”.

      • DGH

        Tom I don’t think you even know what a Conservative is besides what MSNBC tells you. Being Conservative has NOTHING to do with hating gay people which this guy clearly does or believe’s he does anyways bible-thumpers hurt my brain.

  • the_girl

    Since when is Catholicism not a form of Christianity?

    • Jean Genie

      Because the Catholics worship Mary & the saints. That’s a favorite argument of the hardcore biblethumpers.

    • jk

      It is a form of Christianity, but it doesn’t line up perfectly with this guy’s version of Christianity, so he refuses to tolerate it/treat it as a legitimate religion. That should tell you all you need to know about his “beliefs.”

    • jodipo

      this is one of the truly amazing things about Christianity. Not only do they dismiss anyone who is not a Christian as a heathen, they even dismiss other Christians as heathens if they do not agree with them on 100% of every issue. It has nothing to do with the bible itself, just the ignorance of the person reading it. I am a Christian, but am anti organized religion because of my experiences with intolerance in every single church I have EVER been to. EVER

  • Mephysto

    It is gonna be funny when that christian arseface dies and realizes that there’s really no heaven or hell

    • PJM

      Actually, I kind of hope there’s a heaven and hell, because this guy won’t be on the heaven side of it.

  • Irwin

    Bravo, Joseph! A hilarious summary. I think her Ladyship acted as a Saint in not spitting in the guy’s face – or at least flipping him off.

  • Tammy

    Wasn’t she scared to go up to those nutjobs?

  • RG

    While i don’t love Lady Gaga like a lot of people seem to, I really respect the way she tried to talk to him. She didn’t speak down to him or start spouting her beliefs, instead she simply tried to talk to him. It’s obvious that she has very strong beliefs and it’s nice to know that she tried to have a conversation instead of just getting into a two way yelling argument.

  • lucia

    The Founders instated freedom of religion so that no one religion would have total power. Now you see why.

    Although the fat Christian has a right to protest, Lady Gaga also has a right to perform her music. Sadly I think that the Christian would not recognize Gaga’s rights, even though Gaga would probably recognize his rights.

    I despise most religions. But I respect the right of people to practice their religion as long as it does not impinge upon other people’s rights.

    • Sylvian

      Gimme a break. Lady Gaga doesn’t even allow people to take photographs of her in concert unless they sign a legal contract making it her sole property. She said in Israel her goal was for those to fear her. She has no respect for anyone, and she is the same as this faceless drone arguing with her.

      • Well…

        You are factually incorrect. I’ve heard her talk, and praise, fans who have taken pictures and videos at concerts.

        While I obviously don’t know her personally (do you?) it seems very unlikely that “she has no respect for anyone” given all we’ve seen from her… and the message of “Born This Way” itself.

        I see you are very charged up about this and taking the time to comment negatively about her… is it that you don’t like her message or the fact that she’s actually making a difference?

      • Tiffany

        Sylv, you got some massive hate that you need to deal with (how many comments have you posted now?). Secondly, Gaga actually TOLD the audience to raise their cameras and take pictures at the concert I went to. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Michael

        Agreed. She is definitely a idiot, whom has no beauty in her voice. She is definitely a Madonna “wannabe!!”

  • GAgaMAnia

    Lucifer obviously believes in God too.

  • Tom

    I’m not homophobic, but I’m sick of gay people referring to themselves as a community and acting so important…

    • John M.

      A lot of Christian fundamentalists act that way, too.

    • Tarc

      Just like heretrosexuals and religious people do every minute of every day…

    • Wha’ever

      Hahaha, I really like how you start by saying “I’m not homophobic”. Then, why does anything the gay community – because it exists – does makes you sick ? If you really weren’t homophobe, you would either support or be indifferent to gay protests because they don’t councern you in any way.

    • Mark

      You shouldn’t get too worked up about it. They’re all sinning and will most likely go to hell. God gave us freewill, they are using it but unfortunately for them, they are making the wrong choice.

      • fasty

        I’ll save you a seat.

    • fish eye no miko

      Tom said: “I’m not homophobic”

      Yes, you are.

  • Christy

    I myself am not gay not I have good friends who are. No one likes to offended and yes everyone has their own opinion. I like the message that she brings to the public. It’s nice to see someone in my age group actually entertaining and making difference. We all wish we had the money and the time to do what some celebrities can do.

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