FBI releases documents on Notorious B.I.G.'s murder; what did they find?


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It’s been 14 years since The Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace) was killed in Los Angeles in a drive-by shooting.

Several probes and investigations have yet to bring the criminal(s) to justice, and fans of the legendary rhymer have been left wondering what has been accomplished by authorities handling the case.

Now, finally, the FBI has released its (heavily redacted) documents on the murder, and several facts were revealed—one being that the bullets that killed him were rare Gecko 9mm ammunition, made only in Germany and sold Stateside only in California and New Jersey.

Officials hoped they could link the bullets to other crimes to find the murderer, but none was discovered. They were also hoping to link Biggie’s killing to Tupac Shakur’s six months earlier—and did find individuals who were present at both scenes.

They report that a number of the officers on duty at the industry party Biggie was leaving at the time of his death were also employed by Suge Knight’s rival West Coast label Death Row Records as security officers, which violates LAPD policy.

The documents also include talk of Biggie’s connections with the Genovese crime family in New York, and posit that the family may have photo or video evidence of the persons involved in the shooting.

And on a quirkier note, the contents of Big’s pockets at the time of his death were listed: Biggie had a Georgia driver’s license, a pen, 0.91 grams of marijuana, an asthma inhaler, and three condoms. You can check out the files yourself at the Los Angeles Times.

Do you think they’ll ever find out who killed Wallace? Let us know what you think.

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  • Michellw

    I really wish they would let this man REST IN PEACE. At this point they are never going to find the real murderers and all this does is stir up saddness of he leaving here way before his time.

    • Joy

      My uncle was murdered in December of last year. There is no peace for the family of a murder victim. Finding the person(s) who commited the crime gives some small amount of peace. My family has not been able to bring my uncle’s murderer to justice and it makes him murder go on and on and on. Justice must be served to the murderers of B.I.G. Secondly, there are murderers out on the street. Would you want them to be your neighbors?

      • Dave Thomas

        Anyone who is brave enough to kill a drug dealer is welcome at my dinner table.

      • Joy

        @Dave Thomas – really? That’s all you have to say? So murdering people is ok? So you’re saying that not all life is precious? If you’re this or that, then committing the crime of murder is ok? I don’t agree at all.

      • Dave Thomas

        Murdering drug dealers is OK, yes. The lives of drug dealers are not precious, no.

      • Jimbo

        Dave Thomas is in hell, the guy sold assembly line CAFO-raised beef like crack, and I’m sure he’s responsible for tens of thousands of heart attacks. Burn in hell Dave Thomas, Wendy’s sucks!

        Also, if one is going to make the judgments of heaven or hell in the place of God, then that person is going to hell, too. He who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • darrell

        to bad this rapper wasnt a drug dealer huh… he was probably one of the more cleaner rappers out back then. his associates are another story… but i think we all know what you meant (wink)

      • ZDB413

        @Dave Thomas You have a simplistic and frankly idiotic way of thinking about the world

      • Mike

        Ignore Dave Thomas, he’s a close minded fool.

      • Maria

        My Father and brother where both killed in their 30’s and for me a day doesn’t go by without some form of sadness… With technology today it still boils down to someone telling what they know… IF I ever see a crime I will call the police as I see it… I miss my Brother and Father Will someone speak for them???

      • Marie

        ::Agrees with Dave Thomas:: Can’t say this guy was a huge loss to society…Just a loss to his “followers”…If anything the murderer did us a favor…One less Druggie on the street.

      • Andrew

        Yea…this post is dedicated to all the teachers that told me
        I’d never amount to nothing, to all the people that lived above the
        Buildings that I was hustling in front of that called the police on
        Me when I was just trying to make some money to feed my daughter
        And all the n—-s in the struggle, you know what I’m saying?

        Its all good baby baby

      • Nick

        We’re all sinners here, Dave Thomas. You don’t get to decide who should or shouldn’t die for it. After all, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

      • kate

        WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jules

        Go Boondock Saints on them. If they didnt think it was WRONG to kill innocent people they wouldn’t hide. Why should any murderer be allowed to walk away from his crime with a prison sentence? Overflowing prisons allow for “lesser” criminals to be released meaning the streets are flooded with rapists and pedophiles. So who is the sick one here? The people saying that cold blooded killing drug dealers that massacre people in front of their children or the people who allow for pedophiles to grope those same kids while their parents murderers live with 3 square meals?

      • Jules

        Go Boondock Saints on them. If they didnt think it was WRONG to kill innocent people they wouldn’t hide. Why should any murderer be allowed to walk away from his crime with a prison sentence? Overflowing prisons allow for “lesser” criminals to be released meaning the streets are flooded with rapists and pedophiles. So who is the sick one here? The people saying that cold blooded killing drug dealers that massacre people in front of their children or the people who allow for pedophiles to grope those same kids while their parents murderers live with 3 square meals? (didnt know if i sent it right lol)

      • ryno Kneel

        Who said BIG was a drug dealer.
        He was a Rapper, thats it. A Damn great one

      • Alice

        I am sure he is missed by his family, friends, and fans. I am none of those and I believe that you reap what you sew.

      • Jeff C

        @Dave Thomas – What about people that murder prostitutes? That is illegal also, right? What about people that murder someone who drives over the speed limit? Or fails to use a turn signal? Or is it just drugs you have a problem with. And what if it is a drug dealer that kills a drug dealer?

        I assume you aren’t Christian, since your statement goes against pretty much everything they stand for. I mean… you may call yourself one… but what’s in your heart is what counts, right?

      • Derrick

        There should be a law that states anyone affiliated with Gangs can be shot on site no questions asked. Period. And they need to bring back the electric chair, as well as harsher punishments for victims of cruel and vicious crimes. Don’t you DARE tell me otherwise until both your parents are stabbed in front of you over a wallet.

      • TruePerspective

        are you guys kidding me. Kill and murder drug dealers.

        So then start by taking out all of the major pharmaceutical companies. Kill all those drug dealers.

        Drugs should all be legal case and point you aren’t free if you don’t believe that. you are a sheep.

      • darthmullet

        Odd, with a name like Dave I’d have thought you were a man. Nice weak and by all means superficial response, Dave.

      • Jumangee32

        Dave Thomas: lmao, you are gonna have a lot of Mexicans at your dinner table who kill each other in gang wars. Should I ask some thugs o. The street if they killed their crack dealer so they can enjoy your soup kitchen?

      • nick

        @ Dave thomas, he was most likely killed by another drug dealer or rival gang you a$$hole, plus he was only dealing to get enough money to feed his daughters

      • Dave Thomas

        @ Jeff C, If you knew anything about being a Christian (The history of the Bible, King James version, and Nicene Creed, etc…) you would know the truth of how that book has been revised for the interests of others, not your spiritual salvation. But you don’t, so therefore you can’t really say you’re well informed.

      • Andrew Jones

        haha Dave you’re my hero

      • Kate

        @Dave. Wow! I never knew acephalics could write. I stand corrected. Your lack of empathy is underwhelming….

      • Tod

        Boo on Dave Thomas

      • Lone

        You don’t even need empathy to understand what an incredibly shallow outlook one has to wish death on others. Religion or not, your value is equal to everyone else. The problem is that many are never given the tools and environment to develop a functional life. They don’t deserve death, or to waste in prison, they deserve stability and a real chance. If you don’t understand that then you’re are part of the problem and you only shoot yourself in the foot with that selfish apathy.

        Derrick – Are you Batman or something? Get some therapy, better yet get involved with a youth-gang prevention program.

      • Shelbygt83

        Makes no sense… drug dealers kill each other all the time. so youre saying a drug dealer who kills another is ok? No sense…

      • Kevin

        Well Joy, thank you for going completely off topic to advance your own personal agenda. While sad that your uncle was taken from you, it has nothing to do with this story.

      • Dee

        Hey Dave Thomas. There’d be no drug dealers without drug users. So, all those upper class kids going to the hood for a fix need to be held accountable, too. I’ll assume you think it’s OK to murder them as well. Or is it just people of color you don’t like?

      • Yari

        @Dave Thomas..in that case all the junkies like you should also die because w/o you there would not be any drug dealers..IGNORANT IDIOT

    • a1000lies

      He is resting in peace, he’s DEAD. Dead people don’t wake up and listen when people speak about them.

      • James Slifierz

        Lol Aint that the truth!

    • Christopher Wallace

      …you mean, you dont want them to find my killer? whats wrong with you?

    • Chris Perez

      I really wish all rappers were gunned down!

      • Big Daddy Ray

        Stupid Bastard!

      • explorer601


      • Knative

        Country music singers and “edgy” pop stars too.

    • Tom

      Don’t let your children grow up to be hip hop stars?

    • Helena

      who cares? KATE CARES!!or she wouldn’t post.

    • sdmysud

      I know who killed him and they will pay

  • Andrew

    The FBI doesn’t know the difference between the words “their” and “there”.

    • Tony

      Biggie had it coming anyway, with his whack lyrics. “Westside” Pac was the real loss…Sorry Badboy records were always some punks including Diddys lame a$$. The whole Northeast is garabage-So garabage that there isnt even another rapper better then BIG and he wasnt even that epic- Not Like 2pac, whos a true legend…WORD

      • David Flem

        Tony, you’re a tool. Probably only heard a few of his most popular tracks. Go put on a Biggie record and actually listen for once. “I got techniques drippin’ out my butt cheeks, sleep on my stomach so I don’t f*** up my sheets.” RIP BIG

      • Supreme

        Tony, you are soo retarded. You can’t be serious can you.. Pac was garbage.. complete garbage.. Bigg was the truth which makes both you and Pac all lies

      • RealBad23

        Tupac was from the North-East!! Check yourself before you wreck yourself!! Cause making un-facted statements is Bad(Boy)for you Health!!!

      • Jimmy B

        Good to see the rivalry is still alive, Tony. @David Flem haha why would you go and use the butt cheeks one? (even though it’s one of my favorites)

      • kcv

        So, we’ve found the one fool left that’s still holding on to East Coast/West Coast Beef…grow up and get a life! So you like one music over the other, you think your hood is harder…and?? How about trying to be smarter, more responsible!!?? Also, though he started as a drug dealer, I truly believe Biggie was trying to change and turn his life around, just listen to his last interviews and songs…he seemed to have a lot of regrets. I can’t stand using “dealing drugs” as an excuse to pay your family, but why is there so much hate thrown at the black artists/actors and not the white Charlie Sheens, Robert Downey? Why does a black guy get called a “thug” and a white guy that does the same crime a “deliquent?” Hummmm…

      • Andrew

        You are the racist kcv… Robert Downey Jr. or Charlie Sheen don’t attempt to depict themselves as gangsters or thugs like Biggie and Tupac did.
        You had a pretty insightful post and then you just ruined it with your racist attitude.

        Perhaps, you should do some soul searching like Biggie did, you could always tell he felt conflicted about the whole rivalry… probably because deep inside he knew better. Its too bad he waited to long and now its too late.

      • B-Mo

        Tony, you’re a black person aren’t you? The whole west coast is garbage filled with gangsters and thugs. Who you kidding? I’m glad both of them are gone, two less black people in the world.

      • john

        well I think Biggie was better than Pac. And can you call “word” on your own rant?

      • ddjrkw

        Tupac was weak.

      • eirf

        biggie and tupac rapped with such passion and heart and they were both too young to go i bet alot of people still wish both of them were here today

      • JLK

        Nobody cares that you are a Pac homer…I live on the West Coast and you buy into the media driven sh!t to divide hip hop and keep this east/west sh!t goin. Keep bumpin All Eyez on Me…Im gonna keep bumpin Ready to Die…you are an idiot!

      • Helena

        Every one of these post before me are complete idiots!! Both Pac and Biggie were talented (tupac was def. way more intelligent! Tupac put the weight of racists against blacks on his shoulders, Biggie played up the gangster from poverty thing that even his mom says wasnèt his reality) REgardless of whose music you preferred, WEst coast/ east coast was all PR! These guys didn’t deserve to die, Diddy and Suge night should have taken their places if anything!
        Drug dealers??? really? fkn bankers are raping you everyday and you are worried about drug dealers??? If the rich weren’t so f’n greedy, there wouldn’t be a black man, a white man, a Mexican man, … selling drugs to get a piddence of what these a-holes throw away in their trash each week!!
        Share the wealth motherf’s! and you idiots who are struggling then fight for parties that want to let the rich off without paying taxes- well, you are just that= idiots!! It has nothing to with black or white, it has to do with greedy and struggling to survive!!!

  • DEE


    • mda

      I’ve been saying that for years!! It’s so obvious, isn’t it?

    • The Urinator

      Diddy? You mean P-diddy/P-daddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy/Poofy/Poof?

      He needs to be bent over a sawhorse like in the dungeon scene from Pulp Fiction. “Release the gimp!”

    • lower9pat

      I have had the same thoughts. I was making a mental list of all the people who would gain from BIG’s death.

      • kcv

        Diddy (and Pastor Mase) is definitely a suspect in my book! If you look at some of the last interviews Biggie did, almost seems like he was getting fed up with Puff. I suspect he’d be part of Roc Nation if he was still alive, him and Jay Z were getting really close and seemed to have the same mind frame.

    • Summer Bay

      I think your getting Diddy & Biggie mixed up with Courtney & Kurt.

      • Helena

        summer Bay, you are the only one confused.

    • Helena

      fkn right!!! Diddy wouldn’t be nearly as popular if Biggie was still around taking the righteous spotlight. Instead Diddy made is dough selling Biggie’s music and merch. Diddy is a talented whore!!

      • Helena

        sorry “talentless”. Diddy is a TALENTLESS whore!!

  • rob

    yea shannon ur rite but have u have u eve heard of transportation such as cars nd planes. vegas isnt far from cali

  • Satan

    …they found a thug who sold poison to children to finance his music career got his comeuppance and is now enjoying the pleasure of my company.

    • Dr. Drew

      When I die I want to go to hell, cuz I am piece of sh*t it ain’t hard to tell. Dont want to go to heaven with the goodie goodies, I was hang with thugs that shoot dice and wear black hoodies.

      • Dave Thomas

        The man sold drugs, he’s probably in hell

      • BIG RIP

        “God will probably have me on some real strict sh*t. No sleeping all day, no gettin’ my d*ck licked. Hangin’ with the goody goodies loungin’ in paradise, f*ck that sh*t. I wanna tote guns and shoot dice ALL MY LIFE.”

      • mr flex

        j z was a drug dealer too…..!!!!!

      • ddjrkw

        @ Dave I can just as easily label you a drug dealer and child molester. If you didn’t know the dude then what point are you trying to make?

      • joim

        It was all part of his shtick! YOu people eat up anything, that’s why pop stars create the false drma in their lives

  • Al D’Antonio

    My G-d … who the hell cares???

    • VinceP

      The lack of attention span, reading comprehension and spelling ability of some of the people commenting is more of a concern to me than the article itself!

      • JB

        ARE more of a concern
        Not IS more of a concern

      • FIO

        Hey Vince, you’re reading an article on Notorious B.I.G, what more did you expect? Figure it out, you mule

      • FIO

        Hey VinceP, you’re reading an article on the Notorious B.I.G, what more did you expect? Figure it out, you mule

      • Joy


        You were correct the first time. Lack being the article so therefore IS being the action since Lack is not plural. LACK IS…

      • Well…

        Actually, it depends on how you read the sentence. “Lack” is not necessarily the article. You’re assuming that the author intended to say ‘lack of good reading comprehension and lack of good spelling ability’ when they could actually be stand alone. It’s an ambiguously-phased sentence, but either “is” or “are” is correct in this instance as we give the author the benefit of the doubt.

      • Joy

        @WELL…good point. Love it!

      • VinceP

        I knew what I was doing! It was purposefully ambiguous because I knew it was an article about Notorious B.I.G.!

    • MR No

      all white people going too hell.

      • C

        I think you mean all white people *are going *to hell.

      • Ofay

        Since you will get there before us, be sure to send us a weather report from time to time.

      • Otay

        Dang! Will I have to support your non-white arse there too? That would be hell

      • So true

        @Otay lol

    • Helena

      if you don’t (a lot of people do), why did you read the article, read enough posts to see that no one yet expressed what you wanted to, to compel you to post?

  • Marie

    I have been a Biggie fan since day 1 & yes I’d love 2 know who did the damage but then again all it does is bring the east coast, west coast b.s. up again. Suge was shady and right after Suge started the rivalry(Pac n Big) were both dead enough said.

  • kathy maher

    I was rasied in L.A know from a medic view it is tough. You can easily live in the fast track and with money & drugs the fast lane can break you and your lifestyles changes the best of us. Old news back then they shoot and overwith that fast. Maybe those involved are inthe pen or dead. Snitches in mob, or gang are always looking oer their back.

    • Jay

      Wow, your post is written so poorly I cant even tell what you are trying to say.
      Go back to school and learn to communicate properly

      • Joy

        Jay, you are a very judgemental person. Do not make fun of others. As Michael Jackson sang, “I’m looking at the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. No message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”

      • Jay

        @Joy: The post above is complete jibberish. My statement is easily comprehendable.

        I simply stated a fact then gave advice. Nothing about that is judgemental.

      • MJ = pederast

        I guess that makes Jackson a hypocrite, being a pedophile after all.

    • Balto Paul

      Do they have ether in your rig? You been hittin’ it? You make no sense at all.

    • Raggo

      Have a little more of whatever you’re on, and maybe you can start texting in tongues.

    • Joy

      @ Jay – good point. I appreciate that.

      • Dave Thomas

        @Joy. I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson is the closest thing to a non-white person you’ve ever known.

      • Joy

        @Dave – is there a reason you are attacking me personally? You do not know if I am a black person or a white person. In fact, since this is all in the written word, you have no idea what my ethnicity is. Pettiness is not a good attribute.

      • joim

        Dave Thomas is just a low life, no brain troller- he is probably a drug dealing, one part black, one part white and on and on–ignore the TRASH!

  • matt

    Either the LAPD were involved or Suge Knight. No way the Genovese crime family had anything to do with his death.

    • Marino

      Its more likely that he was killed for owing money on the street then anything. Do not read to much into one dead rapper…

      • brit

        He didn’t owe anybody money, he was rolling in cash at the time of his death.

      • brit hater

        Stupid beatch

  • rehab

    Its a govermentcover up the bullets that kiled em r WAY to expenive for a common thug off the streets. Days before he was killed he talk against the goverment and was invlved with th illimunati. They’ll never find out who killed biggie or tupac because it was thed forces that protect this nation

    • Balto Paul

      Any thug with enough cash to drop a couple grand on some rims or a grill can afford those bullets.

      • brit

        rims or a grill? really? talk about a stereotype…

      • Ofay

        brit, stating the obvious is not stereotyping. Paul has a point.

      • brit hater

        @brit…you be stupid gurlll…dunb ni*gga.

    • Tajah

      Illuminati? Seriously? Now that is going off on a tangent.

    • todd marshall

      Bullets aren’t expensive.

  • Alex Krueger

    Anybody notice that after the person of interest is implicated on page 2 in the long blocked out part, it goes on to say Several “other” LAPD officers were seen… What I gather from that is that is that an LAPD officer was implicated in the shooting… just saying…

    • Joy

      I agree. I got that same vibe from the article too.

    • AKC

      I saw a show on Dicovery Channel that implicated someone from the LAPD, said to be a 2Pac fan/supporter.

  • VinceP

    Ummm, yes. This fact is clearly stated in the first paragraph of the article. Nice displays of attention span and reading comprehension there.

  • VinceP

    Did you read the article or did you just skip to the comments? The locations of the deaths of both Biggie AND Tupac were stated in the article.

    • Wendy

      Not sure if YOU read the article…no where does it state where Tupac was killed.

    • HeathS

      Vince, keep your crappy attitude to yourself, ya comment Nazi.

      • Joy

        I’m sorry. I had to just give you a high five on that one. You crack me up. Of course, I am commenting a lot too so I guess I deserve that title as well. But, that was hilarious. Thanks!

  • Tupelo

    B-I-G P-O-P-P-A

  • begone

    NOONE cares!!!No Talent hoods make for weak a$$ storylines!!

    • hater

      one less big, dumb, fat ni*gga…who cares?

      • mr> white

        cant we all get along. i might be a dumb redneck but ithink this wrong

      • joim

        BEGONE- YOU CARED !! or you wouldn’t have been on the page at all! and all you trolls trying to stir up racial tension are RETARDS!!!! GO GET MORE CAVIAR< PET FOO FOO< AND ASK MOMSY TO RENEW YOU WOW ACCOUNTS< AFTER YOU PUT THE PORCHE YOU GOT FOR YOU !^TH IN THE GARAGE- GET A PERSONALITY DIP ST HEADS!!

    • jig-a-boo

      i believe he liked to be called sh*it*skin

      • mr> white

        sometimes i hate being white

      • mr> white

        first we steal from the native amercians. then we put drugs in the black communties. ok maybe being white is not so bad

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