Rihanna teams up with Britney Spears for 'S&M' remix: Hear it here


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Rihanna’s “S&M” is by far one of the most suggestive pop singles of 2011, so how do you make it even more naughty? Add Britney Spears.

The pair teamed up for a remix of the track that dropped earlier this morning on New York City radio station Z100. “In order to do a remix, it had to be major,” Rihanna explained to morning show host Elvis Duran during an interview just after the song’s premiere. “I asked my fans last week who they really wanted me to collaborate with, and Britney was one of the most popular names. Britney doesn’t do features, and it was really amazing that she wanted to be a part of this song.” Check out the track after the jump.

The remix doesn’t do much to the song (it’s the same beat with the same melody and lyrics), but it does add Spears’ unmistakable voice to the mix.

What do you think: Does Britney kick it up a notch or was it better off left alone? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • lupe

    i love it

    • Tom

      They are coming out with P B and J next week.

    • Sharlin

      It was better left off alone. The only thing this song highlights is that Britney’s voice is nothing without the autotune/technical assistance.

      • Tom

        m&m was going to be in it but they didn’t want to confuse ppl too much

  • laura

    Love the mix, especially the new Britney parts.

  • J

    love both divas great song!

    • Beyonceforever

      love it!

  • Carlos

    Pretty horrible :s

    • AliB

      Agreed :-$

    • Amber

      I liked the original better. Brit doesn’t really add anything to it…her voice is just awful.

    • Coreysince1991

      I disagree it is EPIC

  • oheneba1

    OMG I lOve Love it britney made the song Cant wait for it on Itunes

  • Drew

    I’m sure the comments are going to be flooded with Britney hate, but I liked it. Its not the best Britney’s sounded (she sounds like she’s straining to hit a few notes), but its fun. And it will serve its purpose- to get Rihanna her 10th #1.

  • T2

    You know, there’s nothing quite like driving along with a ‘Top 40′ station on the radio, and having your teen daughters singing along to this utter trash, “sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it”.
    It’s disgusting that lyrics like this would be on the air.

    • Drew

      And you as a parent have the power to change the station.

      • Katja

        Not when the kids are out with their friends or listening to the radio alone in their room with the headphones on…so I’d say that T2 has a valid concern about the content of Top 40 songs. HOWEVER. Pop music has always been about sex half the time. I mean, I was in high school when Ludacris had a hit in that song that goes “I wanna lick you from your head to your toes / and I wanna move from the bed down to the floor.” I turned out fine and while I enjoyed the little thrill of singing dirty lyrics, I knew better than to go out and do the the things I heard in pop music. I credit that with being raised well and having high behavioral expectations placed upon me by my parents. T2, you can’t keep your kids from hearing stuff like this song, and it’s also nothing new that kids listen to naughty music. That’s been going on for generations. So the best thing to do (at least in my mind) is to just make sure your kids know your expectations of them and that they know that what makes for good entertainment in music and movies and on TV does NOT translate to real life. My mom and I had talks about how a lot of rap music was dirty or about inappropriate lifestyle choices like drugs and pimping and violence, but that I still appreciated the musical quality of the genre, the artistic characteristics of speaking in rhyming beats. She knew that we both agreed the content was objectionable, so she accepted that I listened to it because I liked the sound of it, not because I approved of the message. And again, I turned out fine. You can’t control what your kids are exposed to, but you can help manage their response to it, and that’s just as good (and arguably better, actually).

      • Travis

        Thank you Drew! Nobody is make you keep it on that station…There are many others

      • khetcol

        Katja…your post is absolutely awesome! My kids are still small enough that they only sing the songs that I play. Really loved what you wrote and am going to remember to keep the dialog open with my kids and hope “they turn out fine as well”. It’s all we can do as parents.

      • Mike

        @ Katja

        EXCELLENT response. I hate to break it to delusional parents, but kids hear FAR WORSE on the playground. Kids notoriously love to cuss and be vulgar when adults aren’t around. So if your kids go to public school or take place in any kind of social activity with other children, they’re already hearing nasty stuff. As Katja said, it’s all about mananging how they RESPOND to it all, ’cause at the end of the day, they’re just words.

      • Bea

        @ Katja
        EXCELLENT RESPONSE!!! Thank god some people still have some sense! A teenager is going to listen to what they want and there is not much you can do to stop it… when I was 16 I was listening to ‘Put it in your mouth’ on my head phones so I wouldn’t get in trouble and I didn’t go out and go down on every guy I met (or any for that matter, I waited to fool around with a guy who respected me as person and thought I was hot).
        What I don’t agree with is when parents let their little children listen to this type of music, no 10 year old should be singing about S&M or listening to a song about it because they don’t understand what it’s about

      • Coreysince1991

        our change the station your listening to -LOL DUH

    • Krystal

      I completely agree. I didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine. and @ Drew…it is not that easy to just change the station. The song is on EVERY station, all over TV, in magazines at the store and it’s all her songs not just this one. How about playing it at night when there aren’t kids in the car or how about her singing about something other then sex??? Or is that all she knows about? She has no substance and niether does her music.

      • MSR

        I’m doubting country radio is playing S&M, just a thought.

      • Mike

        Krystal, children here vulgarity and profanity every day when they go to school. Do none of you remember when your friends starting learning cuss words and started using them all the time when the teacher wasn’t around?

        And if Rihanna is a young woman for whom sex/sexuality is a big part of her life (which is FINE), then singing about sex counts as substance. It’s substantive to HER. Is it a trashy pop song? Yeah, pretty much, but hasn’t rock n roll/pop always had that sexual component? If you’re that offended, there’s always Radio Disney. The rest of us shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the day to hear songs we like…we didn’t sign on to raise your children too.

      • Mike

        HEAR not HERE. Sigh…

      • Mike

        Get over itttttt…..

    • junior428

      don’t blame world wide ICONS for having ur daughter become a SLUT… youre the parent do ur job right

      • krystal

        Ok all of you…i don’t even have a daughter so don’t kknow where you came up with that but if I did, no she would not be allowed to listen to crap like Rhianna. And I certainly am not asking anyone to raise my kid for me @ junior and since when is Rhianna a world wide icon??? That’s news to me. She is an entertainer at best…I would hold off on that icon part. I’m simply trying to express my oppinion and this is that this girl puts herself out to the world as a disgusting whore that can’t talk or sing about anything but sex. Yes rock and roll and all other types of music are about sex as well but the artists also sing about OTHER THINGS not just sex sex sex all the time. Rhianna is so one dimentional that she can’t come up with anything else to sing or talk about. She is a disgrace of a role model and should be ashamed of herself for the interview she did Rolling Stone. I am entitled to my opinnion as are all of you. My opinnion is that she can’t sing to save her life, she acts like a slut, and this collaberation is awful because Brittney is just as bad as Rhianna is if not worse. They are both pigs and if i never see or hear either again it will be too soon.

      • Classy!

        Rihanna has made plenty of songs about topics other than sex. Plenty.

      • Tom

        Nothing helps get that role model message across than wearing no clothing.

      • Classy!

        Maybe Rihanna doesn’t want to be a role model. She’s an adult and a recording artist. Her ADULT fans expect her to be real and true to herself as a woman and an artist. If she’s sexually adventurous it’s only natural that she would select a song that expresses that, and songs about such tend to inspire less clothing. Rihanna is not a kiddie artist. She makes music intended for an adult audience, therefore her lyrics and attire are perfectly appropriate. It’s not fair to imply that she needs to tone down her sexuality for a crowd she’s not even playing to potentially at the expense of the satisfaction and expectations of her core audience. I don’t want my Rihanna watered down. I want her the way she is; raw, in living color and LOUD!

      • Coreysince1991


    • Leigh

      Because clearly having your kids hear a song about an adult woman who likes sex is worst thing that can happen. Ridiculous.

      At any rate, loving the song. Brit’s a nice addition.

      • Classy!

        Thank u!

    • T2

      Well, thank you everyone for your helpful responses.
      To clarify, the song was playing on a top 40 radio station. A CLEAR CHANNEL-owned station. And of COURSE I changed the station, immediately. I also called them the next day to ask if they were aware of the lyrics. And Mike – of course kids hear ‘worse’ on ‘the playground’. I’m not talking about four letter words – I’m expressing my disgust that a “pop star” (definitely not a ‘world wide icon’ – how funny) would be gleefully crowing about loving the smell of sex in the air. That is simply not anything that anyone needs to hear!
      Thank you Katja and Krystal for your thoughtful responses.

    • DjKilljoy

      “You know, there’s nothing quite like driving along with a ‘Top 40′ station on the radio, and having your teen daughters singing along to this utter trash, “sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it”.
      It’s disgusting that lyrics like this would be on the air.”

      Maybe its disqusting that a parent doesn’t realize what would be appropriate for a

      • @ ‘djkilljoy’

        Can you READ? That’s already been covered.

  • caroline

    britney sounds like she has a cold! I say leave this song to Rihanna, Rihanna only.

    • amber

      niether one can sing without the help of thechnology altering there voices. Whenever either of these two come on an awards show and sing I shut it off. No talent.

    • carly

      Britney always sounds like she has a cold now. It’s cause she smokes too much and has no voice anymore. This remix sounds pretty much exactly like the original only now with Britney’s voice part of it. Should of just left it alone. It really lets you know that compared to Britney, Rihanna sounds like a powerhouse vocalist.

      • HoneyB

        Britney used to have a decent lower range. Occasionally, you can hear it on her album. It’s when they have her singing a higher range that her voice gets hideous.

      • Sharlin

        I completely agree Carly.

      • Cat


    • thisisme

      Britney sounds like Gretchen from Recess!

      • SPENCER


  • izalco

    First impression: I never thought Rihanna had the best voice, but compared to Britney’s range in this remix, RiRi’s voice is awesome. Love ya Britney but stick to solos.

    • AliB

      Wow thats exactly what i thought when I listened to it this morning…it was so odd.

    • HoneyB

      Rihanna is essentially the black Britney with better stylists and management. I could not tell them apart. Both have reedy, thin, nasal voices and have excellent production to cover their lack of ability.

      • Wild Slave

        yeah, I totally agree with u!

    • Bea

      Britney Spears seems to have lost any trace of talent (which was very little in the singing department and very much in the dancing/entertaining dept.) ever since she had her meltdown. She comes off as a complete and total puppet – she used to have fire, charisma and a desire to be performing – you could see it in all her live performances (I’m not talking about her singing at all here, but her dancing and energy). Now she just seems sad to me, like a broken woman going through the motions to churn out the money for all those who suckle off her fame. All her music sounds the same now and it’s not very good at all… this song is better with just Rihanna, who at least still imbibes her songs with personality and fiery determination to be the best.

  • bma

    Doesn’t do much for me. It would need to be a true remix (i.e. new beats) for me to want to hear it again.

  • j ry

    i like it! these two should consider doing a tour together. lots of star power and instead of a opening act they could create a show that features both of them throughout the concert. …the S&M tour, NOT featuring enrique.

    • Keith

      Ooh, that’s a good idea…it could be called the “B & Ri Tour” or “R & B Tour”

  • Krystal

    oh great now we have to hear this rediculous song even more than we already do. She is developing quite the reputation for herself as a whore with the things she is saying in her songs, this one in particular. She is a dirty girl and has no problem telling America that. Nice role model she is for young girls….talking about S&M and how she likes to recieve pictures of men’s penis’s in Rolling Stone. She is a disgusting excuse for a young woman.

    • Karen

      I find it rather funny that people always say “think about the children” when an artist goes out on the edge for their art. Why are young kids listening to this unless their parents are not doing their job? If there are kids looking up to pop stars as role models it is their parents who have allowed that. I never looked up to a singer as a model for how to live my life.

      As for calling someone a “whore” because of a few lyrics in a song, well wow, what a judgmental bunch of tripe that is. Takes a whore to know one I always say.

      • krystal

        it’s not just this song that has disgusting lyrics. It’s all of her songs. They are all about one thing…SEX. Every interview she does is about SEX. Every outfit she performs in makes her look like a hooker. THe girl has no talent what so ever. She is a horrendous live singer which leads me to believe she really can’t sing and it’s all smoke and mirrors. She has no substance in her “art”. It’s all about the same thing. If you don’t want to be looked at as a whore than talk about something other than sex. Dress like a young woman should not like a street walker. And when you take a position in entertainment you are automatically a role model weather you like it or not. Kids look up to you and that comes with responsibility. The things you say and actions you take are being watched at all times. I just think some things should be kept in the bedroom but apparently Rhianna doesn’t think so. Maybe she missed her calling as a porn star. I think that profession would have suited her better.

      • Laura

        I wouldn’t call Rihanna a whore, but you are kidding yourself if you think this is for “art.” It’s cheap sex because sex sells, end of story.

      • Mike

        Sounds like Krystal really needs to get some. And learn some new vocab besides “whore.”

        Karen, ITA. So sick of the “think of the children” types of arguments. Think of you OWN children and raise them right, and it doesn’t matter what some pop star does, because you’ll already have set the example they’ll be following.

      • Bea

        @ Krystal
        if you hate Rihanna so much why do read all her articles and watch all her performances/interviews?
        If you have kids who think of her as a role model NEWSFLASH you should explain to them what sex is really about.

    • Sexisnaturalsexisfun

      Why is sex disgusting? What kind of unhealthy values are you promoting by suggesting sex, esp. consensual S&M, is bad?

    • Bea

      May I ask when Rihanna has ever positioned herself as a role model for young girls? She isn’t from the Disney factory of pop stars, she has always made sexy sounding reggae/dance/pop.
      Why is it that the second a young woman (very rarely guys) becomes famous they are suddenly responsible for showing all preteens how to behave? I thought when people had kids they were responsible for raising them… good lord, stop blaming society and hollywood for your lazy parenting. If you’re too uncomfortable to talk to your children about sex then you’re the one with the problem

  • BS

    This explains the black eye and bite marks.

    • msjacks

      That’s a horrible and disgusting thing to say. I never comment on EW, but the awfulness of your comparison between a woman gleefully singing about rough sex and the fact that she was beaten to within an inch of her life and essentially left for dead in the middle of the night deserves to be called out. That’s terrible.

      • Mike

        Repressed, misogynistic jerks are the worst, aren’t they?

      • MT

        Ask Rihanna if she cares. All she has in mind is her tenth #1.
        FYI, she was never left for dead, she never passed out and she went home the same night. Why are you making up stories, people, geez.
        Btw, this “collaboration” is lazy and wack. A complete fraud even for professional studio witches like them.

      • krystal

        @msjacks…i don’t think she was beaten within an inch of her life. Your pushing it a little too far. And from her song lyrics it sounds like she likes that sort of thing anyway so I guess she should be careful what she puts out there right?

    • Jeff

      Seriously. Kinda lost all compassion for her being beat after this song came out. Kinda Ironic.

  • MI_represent

    Does anyone really believe that Rhiauto-tune and puppet Britney will actually be “collaborating?” I feel sorry for the scores of computer programmers, producers and audio technicians who actually create the music that is made under these two frauds.

    • Smoosh

      This made me chuckle. As I listened to the remix I was thinking that. Auto-tune to the rescue! With a song like S&M, Rhianna pulled it off, but adding Britney? Why? I think that just dilutes the song. Maybe they should change it to M&M if they’re gonna sugar coat it with the pop princess’ syrup-eee sound.

  • baibaiwo

    I freakin love it. I hardly ever hear of a Britney collaboration, so I’m glad she did this with Rihanna, I hope there is a no.1 on the way for Rihanna.

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