Lady Gaga calls Madonna comparisons 'completely ridiculous' in NME interview


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One of the big gripes about Lady Gaga’s chart-topping single “Born This Way” has been that it sounded just a little too much like Madonna’s 1989 classic “Express Yourself” (there’s also a lot of TLC’s “Waterfalls” in there, but let’s deal with one bite at a time).

But should you run into Gaga on the street—undoubtedly wearing football pads and a small animal on her head—it’s best not to bring up the Material Girl, because she’s clearly a little sensitive about it.

“I don’t think… I swear to you. I am not stupid enough to put out a record and be that moronic,” Gaga told British music magazine NME. “I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded. What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about.”

(Gaga has since apologized for her derisive use of the word “retarded,” stating, “To anyone that was hurt, please know that it was furiously unintentional. An honest mistake requires honesty to make. Whether life’s disabilities left you outcast, bullied or teased, rejoice and love yourself today.”)

Gaga didn’t stop there. “I will look you in your eyes and tell you that I am not dumb enough or moronic enough to think that you are dumb enough or moronic enough not to see that I would have stolen a melody. If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression. It’s the same one that’s been in disco music for the last 50 years.”

She concluded her rant by saying, “There’s a lot of people who want to see me fail. The minute they see something to shoot at, they shoot, and the bigger I become the bigger target I am. Nobody in this room at any point looked around and said ‘Oh my God, it’s ‘Express Yourself’.’ Not once. Listen. I swear to you.”

What do you think, readers? Should everybody move on from the whole Madonna thing, or do you think the Lady doth protest too much?

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  • Jen

    Somebody should’ve told you it sounded alike, that’s the point…maybe you have too many “yes people” around or were just a kid when the song was out…although the way you borrow Madonna’s looks, themes and messaging, I sincerely doubt you were unaware…

    • General Man

      Gaga is right. When you are at the top, almost everyone wants to see you fail. Its human nature. We are build to envy, and at times hate, those who end big.
      Point is, most people do not think Gaga stole from Madonna. Its only the internet hating crowd, which consists of a few thousand. Thats nothing compared to the millions of have “liked” her video on Youtube, and who have made her song stay on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 (or 5) straight weeks. People are not only buying the single, they are also requesting the song on radio.
      So of course there will be those who say Gaga outright stole from Madonna. Gaga has said herself SEVERAL time that she loves Madonna and Madonna is a huge inspiration. Heck, her and Madonna are even friends.
      Again, the voice of the few on the internet who call her blatantly a copy-cat is just that, a few! But millions and million are buying her single, and they do not think she stole from Madonna. Case closed! You can argue if you want, just know you are in the minority.

      • JP

        Then why can I not listen to “Born This Way” without singing “Express Yourself”?

      • CB

        It’s not the internet hating group who think that “Born This Way” is a copy of “Express Yourself”.

        It’s people with ears and normal hearing.

      • Jack

        Very well written General Man, and I agree completely. Oh, and look who shows up commenting your post. A couple internet haters with clever one liners.

      • Nick T

        JP, it’s you because grew up loving that song. Her market of consumers either didn’t care about that song or didn’t hear it until after the release of BTW. Before the song was released, she said it had influences from other inspirational songs of the past. Ariel Pink’s Round and Round has been so well reviewed. But it also has the same beat as a Sade’s “Hang on to your Love.” But critics love that because Ariel Pink isn’t a pop star. People just want to see Gaga fail because she’s successful.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Correct! It’s a lame excuse for anyone to think that if you have many detractors you are that big! LG needs some reality check if she wants to be one of the Greats like Madonna, Michael Jackson or Barbara Streisand. She is not yet even Britney Spears. The way she speaks she is nearing a burn out or a breakdown. Tell tale signs her so-called creativity is losing steam.

      • Sam

        Having a burn out/breakdown is one of the requirements to being a superstar. Duh.

      • stickittotheman

        Just listened to the track. Total copy. But, not surprised – what hasn’t she rehashed? The meat dress – one was hanging in the Canadian national gallery in 1991. Just because your fans are young and ignorant, doesn’t mean you can repeat the past and pretend you invented it all.

      • Jay

        @General Man: I dont think she “stole” anything. I do however, think the songs sound alike. I personally DO believe that it is pure coincidence, and it wouldn’t be the first time a song has sounded like another song. Music has been getting made for thousands and thousands of years, similarities happen. Its just the law of probabilities at work.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        @Jay, given that the two song sounded alike by coincidence,but is it also a coincidence in the similarities in their gay rights activism, Catholic allusions in their music and videos, changing their hair color to peroxide blond, etc etc.?

      • Rachel

        I’m a big Lady Gaga fan and wish her nothing but the best, but when I first heard this song, before I’d heard anything about it, my first thought was was that she had intentionally sampled Express Yourself.

      • Ian

        The first half dozen times I saw or heard Lady Gaga, I assumed she was herself doing a parody of Madonna. Even her name sounds like a Madonna parody. It was only a matter of time until she started doing songs that sound just like Madonna.

      • Delon

        I was there when Sade’s Hang on to Your Love came out. I know and love the song. I also love Round & Round and i listened to it many times. I’ve never ever thought of Sade’s song while listening to Ariel Pink’s. If i hadn’t read your post i would’ve never thought about it in a million years.When it’s done like that there’s absolutely no problem. But in LG’s case similarity in the two songs are way too close for any comfort.

      • Rio

        I don’t know about your town, but BTW only got airplay in Feb in Denver. I rarely hear it on the radio at all anymore. Certainly not the “anthem of a generation.” The fact that it sounds similar to Express Yourself (intentional or not) just means it’s not classically unique and won’t be remembered as such.

      • Brett

        It’s too bad George Harrison’s no longer with us. Lady Gaga could benefit from an hour or so with George and the story of “My Sweet He’s So Fine.”

      • Kris

        I like the song and in no way hate her, but anyone with ears can hear that it’s incredibly similar to “Express Yourself” that doesn’t mean she stole it from Madonna, but it very well could have been inspired by her.

      • C

        I like the song.. and found myself accidentally singing lyrics to express yourself a couple of times, but I just don’t care, I like it anyway.

      • Bob

        They are nothing alike. Madonna just wants attention or whatever. She hasn’t had a hit in ages.

      • Darolo

        They’re requesting the song on radio because a handful of Gaga sites on Twitter keep posting the telephone numbers!!! So her fans do as they’re told!

      • Beyonceforever

        The “email” from Madonna that Lady Xerox sttd she recvd..yeah that never happened according to Madonna Manager/ People bought the single because for one, it never leaked and two :people like myself bought it out of curiosity. It’s not epic in no way..her new single is dropping in sales and dropping FAST, why because it’s noise

      • Mel

        I like the song…but she did more than just use a chord progression as she claims. I don’t care for her but the song is catchy. I just say if you are going to “write” a song that sounds so much like someone else’s don’t treat us like idiots and pretend you didn’t see the similarities.

      • Kimberly

        I love her beautiful body and smile and was amazing

      • Tiffany

        There is a HUGE difference between chord progressions and melody lines. The American public can not tell the difference, and that is why Gaga gets hate thrown at her.

      • UKMix

        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!

      • metal

        i guess gaga and vanilla ice have something in common. he was picked on too. funny, i dont remember people wanting madonna “to fail” when she was at the top or accusing her of copycat behavior. huh.

      • Her secret is out again

        Gaga is at it again!
        Judas second single ripped off the beat of Loli Lux’s “Wannabe”, and the chorus of “Rockefeller Street” by Getter Jaani.

    • Caryn

      I agree that maybe nobody had the nerve to tell her it sounded like Express Yourself. I am a big Lady Gaga fan and I believe that she didn’t intentionally copy the song but rather the subconscious influence was a little too strong.

      • Chris

        @Caryn: I think this might be similar to the George Harrison problems of “My Sweet Lord” and “He’s So Fine.” For those who don’t know about it, Geroge’s first post-Beatles hit was a song called “My Sweet Lord” which, though he had been developing it for years, had a chord progression that was unambiguously the same as the Chiffons “He’s So Fine.” In that, as with Gaga, the songs are very different, but there is a VERY strong link with the backing music behind the lyrics. Also, neither case was intentional.

        When you write music, it is very hard to be absolutely certain that riffs you play aren’t ones that you have heard before. Still, Born this Way is different enough that I doubt she has to worry about being sued.

      • Bluto

        They’re more similar than different, dude. Whether or not she intended to lift characteristics from “EY,” she did. Period. And the sad thing is that “BTW” is not that great of a song compared to some of LG’s past work.

      • Brett

        @Chris: John Lennon had it right about Harrison; there was nothing “subconscious” about Harrison’s theft of the earlier song.

      • Period

        Madonna V 2.0 !

      • Media Manipulations

        Hype can take Gaga so far..some time soon people need to understand if Gaga has genuine talent and walk the walk ..not just talk the talk!

        Can someone make this trash go away?!

      • Go Away Gracefully

        Never liked her..never will.
        Just hype no substance!

      • xoxo

        ..and the Oscar goes to…?

      • Grow Some Brains



    • xx100

      Not only does her 1st single sound like Express Yourself but with her 2nd single Judas now she’s doing Madonna’s Like A Prayer video and trying to irk the Catholics off.

      • Queen Madge

        @xx100 exactly, and there is only one Queen. Someone gave her a copy of the over 15 million selling classic Like A Prayer album and she had an eargasm. It was the best thing she had ever heard. Notice how Like A Prayer and Express Yourself are the first two tracks on the masterpiece that is Like A Prayer. Judas is utter trash. Born This Way is complete rubbish. Both flop singles sound like mechanical noise. Her album cover is a total hack job. No need to mention the Born This Way video. Like A Prayer Part 2 video coming as soon as her team can finish editing it. Then they will tweet that they just made Thriller lol

      • Brett

        Only one Queen? What does Freddie Mercury’s band have to do with this?

      • G

        The video hasn’t even come OUT yet?!
        Way to jump the gun there…

      • Insipid Music

        Gaga sucks and her second single Period!

        (isn’t that hard to understand)

      • You Are The Joke

        Self-proclaimed musician with the name sounds like CaCa ???

        Who wants to take YOU seriously?

      • Oh Please

        Lady Gaga is the ‘completely ridiculous’!

    • Bill

      The song is three chords! It’s simply a repeating cycle of F#-E-B-F#. Rinse, repeat. If Madonna wants to claim credit for that, well, good luck.

      • Ben

        Then why don’t you name other songs that sound like Express Yourself? I can’t think of any offhand.

      • KC

        Staple Singers “Respect Yourself”. Wait, that came before “Express Yourself.”

      • Im Done

        Queen of Tiresome Copycat!!!!

      • Tiffany

        THANK YOU BILL!!!!
        You make me believe that not all Americans are completely ignorant. There is a HUGE difference between chord progression and melody line!

    • Ken

      IT’S THE SAME DAMN SONG. Only a stupid person or a moron or a retard wouldn’t realize it.

      • Woot

        I consider myself intelligent and I honestly don’t think they sound that similar. Like Gaga said, it’s really just the chord progression.

      • Barry

        How can you not think they sound alike? And it’s not ‘just’ the chord progression, it is the actual melody. The two songs are almost identical.

      • Tori

        How about if I don’t even know Madonna’s song? Am I a moron, then?

      • Woot

        They are NOT almost identical. Yeah there are parts here and there that I might say, “hey that sounds a bit familiar.” but really they are different enough that it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Honestly, why do people care so much. Lady Gaga made a song with a decent club beat and a nice message. Perhaps her lyrics lack subtlety, but really does it matter?

      • Lady BlahBlah

        If u like Madonna……then raise your hands..! If u like Gaga.. then raise your standards..!

      • whatever

        Lady Gaga sucks

        Work of art and talented? Oh My Lord God. Please stop appeasing her pretension.

        JUDAS or Poker Face a pop song, not high art. Suck big time…Judas sucks, too. And it’s not even original. It’s just a recycle of Bad Romance, which was just a recycle of Poker Face to begin with. Is it catchy? Sure. It’s really catchy — because Bad Romance and Poker Face were catchy, too.

        How many times is she going to release the same song and pretend it’s new?

    • MultiPass

      Listen to “Respect Yourself” by the staple singers if you want to hear who MADONNA ripped off first. Literally lifted half the song’s hooks from that oldie. which is why Madonna has not said a word. however, I would say Gaga shouldn’t cop too much of an attitude on this account. However unintentionally, she did an easily identifiable sound-alike song. A good one, a real banger. And, in my opinion a better song than Express Yourself. But… still a bit too similar to go unnoticed. Obviously.

      • Brett

        Yes, but Madonna tweaked “Express Yourself” just enough that it wasn’t a slavish repeat of the Staples Singers’ classic. Gaga simply substituted new lyrics.

      • Lisa

        I am so tired of hearing this argument. Express Yourself sounds nothing like Respect Yourself in terms of arrangement, melody or chord progression. All they share is a similar sounding title, period.

    • tarc

      Why would they when they don’t? And BTW, there is a highly scientific way to analyze music to determine commonalities; it’s been done, and they don’t really have much in common at all. Haters simply like to make crap up.

      • Darolo

        And you have that evidence?????

      • ziad

        Do you have evidence that have the same characteristics, evidence man?
        Subjective things like your ear don’t count.

      • Englighten Us


        Madonna can live without Gaga but Gaga can’t live without Madonna!

    • Lady Chart Manipulation

      Lady Gaga is pure garbage just like her music, art and fashion.

      Sad era for the music industry. The biggest copycat of the 21st century.

    • Never Liked Her

      If there were a God in Lady Gaga’s studio she would be a street performance artist in San Francisco or a Madonna impersonator at a third-rate bar in Las Vegas. :(

    • Aunt Jemima

      She takes herself wayyyy too seriously. In the USA, you can sell almost everything with the help of marketing team and PR.

    • Kiki

      Judas copies the chorus of “Rockefeller Street” by Getter Jaani

  • david wesley cooper

    Madonna, herself was a wannabee, look at debbie harry, kim wilde, annie lennox, and kate bush. Madonna took so much from these other great artistes.

    • Deb Harry? Get serious.

      Deb Harry was her own worst enemy. She catered to a sound and genre that was doomed from the get go. She tanked her career. Madonna & Annie Lennox are two totally different incredible artists that had totally different career paths. Both are unique and incredible and not comparible to one another. They are both stellar.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Correct. And Lady Gaga is not as stellar as Madonna and Annie who seem to be more original than ripoff Lady Gaga.

      • DT

        Debbie Harry did not tank her career. She along with the other members of Blondie are STILL going strong releasing records & still touring to huge crowds. On fact she is one few very talented female to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame….her career never tanked. In fact many female artists look up to her for inspiration. Hell I bet even Gaga does. Debbie Harry has paved & continues to pave the way for many female artists.

      • True Blue

        Uh, what sound and genre did she cater to that was “doomed from the get-go”?

      • Darolo

        You saud it all – thumbs up!

    • True Blue

      What the hell do Madonna and Kate Bush have in common? Absolutely NOTHING! You’re clearly just parroting what other people have said, without giving thought that most of it doesn’t carry any credibility!

      • tarc

        Yeah, Kate Bush is about as original as you can get – she’s known for her *experimental* music. Duh.

      • Dax

        As a Kate Bush fan, I’m offended that anyone would compare Madonna to Kate Bush. Madonna wishes she had an ounce of the talent and creativity Kate has.

  • John K

    Uh, yeah, they sound amazingly similar. Don’t know why she tries to overly defend that.

    • steph

      I hear more Waterfalls than Express Yourself. LOL. But yeah, she makes a point. That chord progression is VERY common in music. Was there this big of an uproar a couple of years ago when Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce pretty much released the same song? (Already Gone and Halo, respectively)

      • asher

        @steph – The thing about the Already Gone vs. Halo debate though was that the actual artist (Kelly Clarkson) called it out. I had respect for her for doing that, and the song still did quite well on the charts.

      • Ru

        No, but that was in part because Kelly Clarkson deliberately waited to release Already Gone until much later than was previously planned after Halo. One person was involved with writing both those songs, which is why they sound so similar. In that case, though, you had the artist acknowledge the obvious – that this happens in music. The issue isn’t that Express Yourself and Born This Way are similar – the issue is that Lady Gaga refuses to acknowledge the fact that they are similar.

  • jordan

    What an ego.

  • psychoanalyzer

    Yeah, she gets a lot of criticism, but she’s the biggest artist on the scene right now. It comes with the territory. I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s just how it is. I feel bad for her, but to be perfectly honest, she’s following Madonna’s playbook a little too closely and people have noticed. Others have been influenced by Madonna, like Pink, Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Kylie, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry, but none of them play it to the chest and resemble Madonna as closely as Gaga does. And it’s not just the blonde hair or the Catholicism or the Italian heritage. I wish her the best but the comparisons aren’t completely farfetched, no matter what she says.

    • True Blue

      Totally agree. She’s right that the bigger you are, the more people want to see you knocked down in the most humiliating way. But the criticisms about her being too derivative of Madonna aren’t exactly far off. She was always somewhat reminiscent of Madonna, but not enough to be justifiably accused of ripping her off. That is, until she dropped Born This Way. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional, the song is still poorly done and too derivative of Express Yourself.

      • Bluto

        I don’t want to see her knocked down a peg or two at all. I think she’s a great entertainer, but jees—she’s not infallible and she should simply shrug her shoulders, say “that wasn’t my intention to riff on someone else’s work” and move on.

      • Anya

        I agree. I really doubt she did it on purpose, but that doesn’t change the fact that it sounds like Express Yourself. Born This Way was a hit, and it got a lot of people talking because people either loved it or hated it, so it worked for her. She needs to just stop worrying about it and move on.

  • jess

    completely agree with her, the first time i heard the song it sounded nothing like ‘Express Yourself’ i went online and listened to a comparison between the two, and the only similarities i heard was the chord progression, and even that was slightly different, on gaga’s ‘born this way’ it sounds so much faster than on ‘Express Yourself’…btw i love how she answered her questions, direct and straight to the point, you rarely see that type of honesty these days from a pop artist.

    • Monster For Life

      I completely agree with you Jess! And thanks for pointing that important tid bit about how she answered the questions. Direct and straight to the point is a rarity these days. Just one more reason I’m a fan of her. I will say though that I (as someone else here touched on) am afraid that she may have too many “yes” people surrounding her. I hope she has at least a small handful of trustworthy types in her entourage who will shoot straight with her and keep things objective. She really needs that as she climbs to these heights. But anyway, great post Jess!

      • CB

        The melodies of the verses to both songs are nearly identical.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        For those who listened to Express Yourself and really loved it, the first time they heard Born This Way, they could tell the similarity at once! It’s like you really know someone, and when you see his twin, you can really tell the similarities. I can really say Born This Way is a ripoff and please LG, accept it, intentional or not.

    • Nicolas

      It’s appropriate time to make a few plans for the logner term and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this submit and if I could I want to recommend you few attention-grabbing things or tips. Perhaps you can write subsequent articles regarding this article. I wish to read more things about it!

  • Kate

    The fact is, she is a very talented woman on her own. I just wish she would stop w/all the gimmicks though because she doesn’t need them. And yes, the song sounds VERY similar to Express Yourself and someone should have mentioned that to her.

    • Ash

      I wish she would get back to making music and not political statements. I’m down with gay rights but the fact that she feels like she is speaking for every gay person in America makes me dislike her very much. Her first album was fantastic but what I’ve heard of the new one, she’s really bought into her own hype.

      • BMilla

        So let me get this straight, you would prefer her to make songs that mean little instead of talk about real issues going on in the world in her music? You are sort of backwards of most people. Most people think that music today isn’t real because they only speak of the artificial things in life. Gaga is addressing real issues and having her song mean something. No matter what she does, people will always be there to try to bring her down. Sad really.

    • SaraJeanQueen

      I agree with everything you said. Get rid of the over-the-top gimmicks (the ones from the 1st album/tour were just outrageous enough without being laughable), and the song is definitely Express Yourself – but it’s more than the chord progression. It’s because both of her new singles sound like they’re from the 80s!!!

  • Sarah

    Madonna has obviously done incredibly well for herself, but I don’t see how anyone can deny that Lady Gaga is way more talented. Gaga writes her own music, plays instruments, dances, puts on phenomenal shows, and can sing circles around Madonna.

    • Libby

      Lol! The most hilarious comment. Sure, Gaga is better (dripping with sarcasm), at best they are the same, except Madoona has been doing this 20 years longer

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Very funny indeed. Madonna was the first to lead the gay rights, the first to feature Catholic images in her songs and videos, the first to really capitalize on sexuality in her productions and music, the first to be a real maverick and revolutionary in her works. All these Lady Gaga are copying to her advantage and now. disadvantage. There are so many out there who can sing better tnan Madonna and Lady Gaga, it’s not a question of who sings better. It’s a question of originality. In the end, you wll be judged by your authenticity as an artist, and as what is happening now, Lady Gaga’s face as a cheap copycat is rearing its ugly head!

      • Dax

        The first to future Catholic images in her songs? Obviously you never heard of Patti Smith. All those other “firsts” can be disputed as well.

      • Hey Jude

        The Beatles used a lot of Catholic imagery in their work, “Let It Be” being a perfect example. I like Madonna as much as the next person, but let’s not act like she invented the wheel.

      • Woot

        Ah Marlan Rivera, so according to you whoever does something first is the best and deserves all the credit. Sure we remember Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone, but we don’t still use the phone he invented.

    • Ian


    • Bill

      Madonna also writes her own songs, plays instruments, dances and puts on phenomenal shows. Gaga does have a stronger voice, but Madonna’s best songs run circles around Gaga’s.

      • fancypants

        Madonna plays the guitar at an elementary level. She does not play instrumentS.

      • asher

        Well said!

      • Don

        Also, as a Madonna fan, you can totally tell the songs she writes vs. “co-writes.” When they’re Madge’s lyrics they are pretty trite, simplistic and don’t have a very wide range of vocabulary. Try the “I Love New York” song, it’s 100% M’s writing.

      • asher

        That was @Bill.

    • Thats a Joke!

      Madonna has been said repeatedly she is amazing in the studio as a ‘producer’ by all. She also started off as a drummer back in the early days, now plays guitar on stage…and lyrically, Madonna has some pretty powerful material that never seen a commercial single drop…they are there for her fans. She truely is a visionary artist. Unique. A real ‘Star’…the last of her kind.

    • Danielle

      Sarah…you really should get your facts straight. If you had left out the part about GaGa writing her own songs, I might agree with what you wrote. But, girlfriend, M writes her own songs as well. Take a look at her back catalog liner notes. She has produced or co-produced and written/co-written just about every song on every album she has put out. I think it’s fair to say that M has been as involved in her music just as much as GaGa is involved in hers. We should all just stop comparing the two and move on. GaGa has at least 20 years of making music before she can, in my opinion, take the Queen throne away from Madonna. And GaGa puts on phenomenal shows??? Maybe…but…honey, M has toured MANY more times than GaGa, so, I’m not even sure it’s fair to GaGa to compare her to Madonna in this area. Madonna wins hands down!

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Danielle I agree with you 100%. A real artist is also known by how they take criticisms. It is a test whether they have the psychological stamina and artistic longevity for greatness. Madonna had been graceful to most criticisms and is a survivor as a superstar, and is not a drug-dependent legend, in fact she is a healthy strong woman with a normal family life, a real Queen of Pop tested by time. Lady Gaga, if you judge her by her bodily-modified looks, appears psychologically unstable, ready for a meltdown, and I am sorry, she looks like to be high on drugs!

      • Miguel

        @ Danielle, also agree with you 100%. ANY ONE who thinks that Madonna is NOT a real artist has NOT seen her live from Blonde Ambition to her latest Sticky & Sweat. I do believe Madonna has a great voice live NOT the best voice but hearing her live is VERY different than on a cd and Madonna has said numerous of times she knows she doesn’t have the best voice out there. Lady Gaga can put on a great show but Madonna is about twice her age and can still whip her hair back & forth. Madonna is a force to be reckoned with.

    • Sean

      I agree…. Madonna CANNOT sing. That’s a FACT. And that’s enough, I won’t even go into instrument and performing skills

      • Justin

        People who say this make me laugh every time. If she can’t sing how on earth is the most successful female recording artist in history, with more top 10 hits than ANYONE in music history?
        How did she win a Golden Globe for Evita? (you know, the opera, where she had to like, SING)
        Madonna may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I agree that Gaga has a better voice, but Madonna can indeed sing and has a really beautiful tone to her voice.
        She’s also hailed as one of the greatest live performers of all time.
        So your FACT is indeed FICTION.

      • whatevs

        Justin, I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just imply that industry success is based on a good voice. Have you ever heard the woman sing live? It’s painful.

      • Justin

        whatevs, Whatever. I have actually seen her live and not all of her performances sound exactly like the cd but the woman is dancing, jumping and working the stage. I’m saying it’s beyond silly and ridiculous that someone has achieved as much as Madonna has in the musical world over the past nearly 30 years and NOT be able to sing. End of.

      • Darolo

        Madonna cannot sing???? Well she did a damn good job of getting through the massive score of Evita for someone who cannot sing. She also won a Golden Globe for her performance so the industry felt she was worthy Andrew Lloyd Webber, surely a musical genius, lauded her performance. M also took on the notoriously difficult lyrics to the songs in Dick Tracy – and won! To say M cannot sing is ridiculous!!! She has a good voice which has developed strongly over tge years as she has found her full register. It is probably at it’s best on ballads which are not the easiest of songs. I agree her voice is not uniqu like a Streisand or a Dion but then Madonna is a complete performer and the ultimate professional. She sings, dances and adds drama and art. Whilst appreciating Streisand,
        Carey, Dion etc I have been left bored by their shows!
        I went to see Gaga ONCE! That was enough! I could not believe the shabbiness of the show. There were huge gaps with the lights downand nothing happening other than a bit if background

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Not to mention that it is doubtful LG will ever achieve what Madge has achieved. LG is on her wayto burn out, and people will get tired of her weirdness and lackluster copycat music.

      • Beyonceforever

        Niether can Lady Xerox.. BEYONCE can sing!, Mariah CAN SING, so can Xtina! They ARE SINGERS

      • Kevin

        @Kevin. First of all, Evita is not an opera. Second of all, the Golden Globes are nothing but a poor man’s Oscar. Pia Zadora won a Golden Globes award.

      • Kevin

        Meant to make that @Justin.

      • Chris

        Madonna is one of the all-time pop singers, period. “Crazy For You,” “Live to Tell,” “Take a Bow” and virtually countless others are heartfelt and real and hold up far better than ‘real’ singers’ records. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and co. only wish their ballads sounded this good. And as great as her ballads are, they are dwarfed by her sublime uptempo tracks, nearly all of them indelible and varied in character and personality. And it’s Madonna’s singing that have made those records as great as they are (along with her penchant for coming up with 1st-rate material).

        That being said, Gaga’s “Born This Way,” aside from its empowerment theme, may resemble “Express Yourself” in spirit but it doesn’t sound anything like it, at least to these ears. It thuds like Donna Summers’ “Hot Stuff” and the lyric is knocked more off of “I Will Survive” than anything. Perhaps it is a sort of hybrid of the three songs but Gaga’s “Born This Way” blows way past them all artistically.

    • True Blue

      Lady GaGa is more technically talented than Madonna in regards to singing and instrumental skills, but that’s honestly about it. She’s definitely not more creative than Madonna. Madonna did grow and evolve as an artist and expanded her music, whereas I’m not seeing any progression on Gaga’s part. If anything, she’s going backwards now. She’s regressing.

    • Darolo

      You need a Madonna research session. You so know nothing about her 29 yrs of work! Start by checking her singles credits! Then watch videos of her concerts. Nuff said.

    • Sean

      Madonna wrote almost all of her hits, plays the guitar and doesn’t change the fact she has written many of the greatest pop songs of all time. Into the Groove, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light and Vogue are untouchable and Poker Face, Born this Way or Bad Romance don’t even come close to them. I like GaGa but Madonna is an original and the star that all others will be judged against.

      • Chris

        I beg to differ. “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face,” “Love Game” and several others crowd Madonna territory in terms of quality. Of all her contemporaries, Gaga is clearly valedictorian of her class in all regards and the most brilliant pop star to emerge since Madonna. This is Madonna’s heir, none of the other carbon copy girls can get the gloves on next to her. We are watching the unfolding career of a major American artist here, there can be no doubt about it.

  • Nemo

    She sound very defensive, as a child who stole a cookie from the cookie jar and is guilty, “I swear to you i didn’t do it, not once.” Almost like a lie.

    • Monster For Life

      I respectfully disagree. IMO it came off as “enough already… I’m sick of this constantly being thrown in my face.” Frankly, if I were her I would’ve responded the same way and may have dropped a couple more F bombs in the process. When you want your work to be appreciated and all anyone looks at is an angle that takes away from what you’ve produced it’s disappointing if not downright frustrating. For anybody who has worked on something they were passionate about… you and I alike.

      • CB

        Actually, she sounds like a defensive, foul-mouthed nutjob.

      • True Blue

        She does sound too defensive. Not out of guilt, but out of frustration for the fact that her song isn’t being as well-received as she would’ve liked it to be. It’s understandable on one hand, but on the other hand it makes her sound like a spoiled brat. She’s hardly the first artist to have their work panned, and she won’t be the last. She needs to be thicker-skinned. Besides, she says she makes music for her fans, so why does she care so much what the critics have to say?

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        @ CB, she IS a nutjob.

      • Monster For Life

        @ True Blue – I see your point as well. Spoiled brat is another way it could come off to people. And you are very correct that she seriously needs to develop thicker skin if she intends to be in this business for the long haul.

      • Anya

        I agree with you guys. She needs to get thicker skin. This was the second interview of hers I’ve read in the past 3 days where she came off this defensive, and in both it seems like shes just mad that her new music hasn’t been as well received as she thinks it should be. I love her but I don’t like how she is acting right now.

      • Beyonceforever

        I WANTED THE RED CONVERTIBLE!! NOT THE PINK ON!! lady xerox is not the outcast she “tries” to make herself to be in FACT she was raised with a silver spoon, but she play the outcast $O well $$$he know$ her target, the outca$st and Gay$$$ all them fed into it…pretty sad actually

  • Faris

    When i first heard her song, it did sound similiar to “Express Yourself”. Anyone I talked to, said the same thing. Either her people never listend to Madonna before, or everyone else is dumb. I go with the first one.
    Can’t wait for this dumb “Lady Gaga Phase” to be over. She needs to stop contridict herself. One side she talks about how God gave her inspiriation for her songs and from another side she would provoke him. Lady Gaga is a walking contridiction.

  • Nemo

    She sound very defensive, as a child who stole a cookie from the cookie jar and is guilty, Almost like a lie.

  • DRG

    The second post about this woman here in two hours. Hey EW, why not just change your web site to the Ga Ga fan club?

    • Joe

      Its not only the 2nd post about her in 2 hours, but its 2nd post about this specific interview! I get that she’s popular but there does not need to be a article about her every word, breath, move! I swear her people must pay EW.

      • Monster For Life

        It’s how EW makes $$. The more articles that garner the most posts on their comment boards mean there are that much more people choosing to be on their site. So as much as people hate on Gaga by wasting their time commenting on her, they’re actually helping the decision making of EW to keep the articles on her coming. Comment away my friends!!!

    • Jessica

      this was actually the REAL aristt that was gonna go out, but THIS doesnt sell, so then CAME OUT LADY GAGA, the YES GIRL who you see, now that HAS NOTHING of an aristt WATEVER YOU PEOPLE SAY, SHES NOT AN ARTIST, its only a clown, that get naked and do SHOKING things to get FAMOUS

  • Anne

    The Lady doth protest too much, absolutely. She’s completely full of it. The chorus of the two songs especially are practically note for note the same. That’s why she’s so viciously attacking anyone who points this out – she knows she’s been caught.

    • Wade

      HOW? I don’t get how people think these two choruses sound so similar, they are NOTHING alike to me. Listen to them again. The chorus to “Born This Way” basically consists of a repetition of four runs of the same note, while “Express Yourself features a melody in which almost every note is different from the one before it and only carries short, 2-or-3 syllable runs. They’re really not similar.

      This whole Gaga ripped off “Express Yourself” stuff is some of the biggest bandwagon BS I’ve ever heard. They may be reminiscent of each other stylistically but musically they are nothing alike. “Judas” is more of a rip-off of Lady Gaga than “Born This Way” is of Madonna.

  • Shawn

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    • westside

      Exactly! This song is just like Express Yourself. I said it the first moment I heard it. Unbelievable that she would be unaware of the comparison immeditely. She knows this and denies it a bit too profusely.

      • psyche

        Agreed. Also, Alejandro is just a mash-up of Abba’s Fernando and La Isla Bonita.

        Not to mention that Kylie Minogue and Roisin Murphy were dressing in kooky “high fashion” get-ups well before Gaga. I like her music fine, but anyone who thinks she’s “original” is kidding themselves, and the interviews she’s been giving lately seem to spell that she’s taking herself waaaaaay to seriously.

  • adzack3441

    I can’t hum the melody to Born This Way without getting Express Yourself stuck in my head. If it never ocurred to anybody in the studio while recording then it is her and her people that she should have called “dumb and moronic”.

    • Bill

      Yes, exactly. When I first heard “Born This Way”, I kept breaking into Express Yourself halfway through. Someone must have heard that in the studio and either didn’t mention it or didn’t care. There’s no way they had a studio full of musicians and producers who had never heard Express Yourself.

    • wg


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