Britney Spears invites Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha to a 'Till The World Ends' remix party


Britney Spears is suddenly a player in the remix game, first dropping in on Rihanna’s “S&M” (which instantly sent that song back to the top of the Billboard Hot 100) and now hosting both Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj on a reworked version of “Till The World Ends.”

Spears premiered the song at her own site and tweeted the single’s cover art. You can listen to their three-way take here.

While Ke$ha’s contribution is generally ignorable—besides the fact that she, know, c0-wrote the track in the first place—Minaj’s cartoonish rap at the top doesn’t jibe very well with the rest of the song’s razor-sharp cool. It’s as though Minaj is rapping on a different song that you have to get through in order to get to the real song.

Of course, any version of “Till The World Ends” is going to work with the “whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs” in there, and this will certainly give Spears and Minaj an excuse to be onstage together when the two go on tour this summer.

But like most remixes, we’ll stick we the original, thank you very much. Readers, do you disagree?

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  • Mephysto

    The “no longer relevant” tour continues

    • Kristin

      wow way to be a hater brit brit is amazing and your a waste of life

      • Mephysto

        “brit brit”? Oh grow up.. Or develop a brain already.. And better taste in music

      • Jojo

        She should develop some grammar skills.. What a tweep

      • Tiffany

        Seems weird that Minaj raps about fried chicken…that is what Lainey calls Britney, “Chicken Fried”. Terrible remix, but the original was pretty tepid anyway.

      • Sam

        Minaj nailed it. She made a boring song entertaining, at least for the first part.

      • Classy!

        This song was never boring. It was always hot. But this remix is scorching like a thousand suns. Awesome!

      • Barney

        you guys are so judgemental.. it’s just a song.. get a life

      • brett

        No longer relevant? Britney’s album debuted at number one, and Nicki Minaj is everywhere you look. Add in Kesha and I’d say this is nothing but relevant.

      • UKMix

        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!

      • Jeff Baker

        Britney Spears is about as creative as a mollusk.

    • Joe

      I think the fact that you took the time to click on an article about her and comment on it shows she’s relevant.

      • Mindy

        @ Joe RIGHT!! They ahev been saying that she was done since 2007 this girl is here to stay she has that “IT” factor and there is NO denying it

      • Destro

        By IT factor, do you mean mentally unstable? Because that’s what that talentless c%nt has going for now

      • Annette

        You know what I did click on the link and I do think this song is amazing! Just because some people don’t like this music its okay because their are other people who do.

      • Barney

        I love this music.. you guys are wack. nicki makes it that much more entertaining

    • Colindib

      Hater keep hating but she one the other hand already has 2 number one singles! ;)

    • Fog cue

      I’m sure you were considered “no longer relevant” when pushed out of your wh0re mother’s kooch!

  • Michael

    I love the remix! Nicki’s rap is hysterical and Ke$ha does her thing =)

    • Barney

      kesha inserted this all the way up.. five fingers.. this is great

  • jobobpeters

    Hmmmm, hard to decide who is the most overrated out of those three! They are all turible!

    • Cindy

      your overrated, Britney on the other hand is an ICON

    • Zakry

      They are all selling records and lots of them. Just because YOU don’t like them, they are overrated? Entitled brat.

  • Jason

    oh..i love it!

    • Cindy


      • Classy!

        Where?!? I didn’t see this particular remix yet:(

      • Barney

        I got this on itunes with Friday by rebecca black.. on repeat.. nonstop

  • A2

    Wonder if this remix will help the song on the charts?

    • Barney

      charts schmarts.. as long as it makes money

  • Rudy Hernandez

    you know i wasnt a fan of it at first but hearing it a few times im kinda gettin into it. i think nickis verse didnt go too much with the beat but i love these 2 girls and ke$ha isnt so bad herself.

    • Nancy

      I agree but this remix I can see being #1

    • Jack

      Yep, it Good, Kesha brought a lot of energy to the song, I think it was hers originally. Anyway, that’s what brought the song to life. Nicki was misplace and really didn’t go with the song. other then that, remix is better then the original. Which is rare.

      • Barney

        it’s rare that these guys have GFs

    • Anya

      Yeah it took me a couple of listens to like the remix, but Nicki did a really good job, and I always thought that this sounded like a Ke$ha song anyway so it was awesome hearing her in there.

  • xx100

    Rihanna’s S&M was already at #2 when the remix came out with Britney so I don’t think Britney had alot to do with shooting it to #1. That same remix is now at #69 on itunes while the original with just Rihanna is at #12 so I think people like the original better. I don’t like this remix either of Britney’s song. I like her original better.

    • Classy!

      Well last weekend of 263k in sales the remix sold 193k, so yeah…I think Brit had a little to do with it hitting no1.

      • Classy!

        Sorry, it sold 293k. The remix DID sell 193k though. Brit deserves her cred.

      • Barney

        cool.. I can afford that nice house I was looking for now.. good job

    • Phil

      The funny part is the dude who wrote this article and wrote ‘sends the song BACK to the top of the Billboard Hot 100’…DO YOUR RESEARCH, the song never went to #1 before the Rhi-Mix dropped. It was stalled at #2 behind Gaga’s “Born This Way” all those weeks. If you wanna write for a major publication CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST cause people will call you out.

      • Zakry

        He didn’t say it was a number one song, but even a number two can be considered at the “top” of the chart.

      • stiffy

        No, NOT true S&M stalled behind Katy Perry’s ET single with Kanye West. Perry was #1 for 3 weeks while the Rhianna version only was #2 for those 3 weeks. ET will go back to #1, count on it!

    • Kate

      How appropriate that song is #69, giggity

  • Johnny

    The original song is fantastic, and the remix part of the song here are great….they just don’t fit together. The opening section with Nicki is an awesome addition, I just wish they left the whole stripped down like it is at the beginning.

    Not bad overall though. I’m sure it’ll sound great without Kesha on tour.

    • Caleb

      I dissagree they do work together talent wise and the whole theme is Femme Fatale and to have these beautiful strong women together in one amazing song very very FEMME FATALES!

      • Classy!


      • Barney

        more money.. more money.. more money.

  • Beyonceforever


  • Colindib

    I really like this remix , its works for me and it will definitly be a chart topper already has people requesting on radio this morning :)


    just want to hear britney spears sing LIVE FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE. I dont support artists who dont actually sing.

    • Gregorrysince91

      She doesnt need to she has done it, all she needs to worry about is putting out a Great Album (check) and looking hot (check)

      • inscrutable

        She is incapable of putting out a “great album” and also incapable of looking like anything more than an average US citizen. You’ll find more beauty and glamour in a JC Penney catalog. A pack of rabid howling dogs possesses more singing talent than she does or the other loser “singers” on this re-mix. The only acceptable re-mix would be to mix out all of the vocals and the cheesy synths until there is no audible sound. Now that would be a great re-mix. If you thought the song wasn’t mediocre enough, now there’s another couple of mediocre hacks joining in. Americans will buy anything, especially if its mostly composed of plastic, an illusion, and devoid of any lasting value. No wonder people eat this garbage up; kinda makes sense when you think about all the make-up that humans swallow. If you can constantly take in that which is not food, it is not a long step to consider the ease of taking in what is not really music.

      • Jer

        it seems like Inscrutable really needs to get a life. I never understood why people waste their times on things they don’t enjoy and just brutally hate on it. Obviously other people enjoy it. Quit being miserable and look for things you like, not things you already know you dislike.

  • Valetino

    I just heard it on the radio, I am digging it!

  • Mindy

    I really like the whole theme Britney has going on. Femme Fatale then has this killer women on her album just shows there is NO STOPPING her!!! Go Brit Brit

  • Tiffany

    I love it Go Miss Spears!

    • Barney

      I thought it was mrs spears? she was married right?

      • Me

        WAS being the key word here. But she was not married to Kevin “Spears”. Nor is it a requirement to be called “Mrs.” or change her last name. Even if she had, she’s now divorced and can use Miss or Ms. or just Britney.

  • for real

    it’s wild how there can be three people on a remix and not one of them has any noticeable vocal talent.

    • daniel

      You know whats even more wild that the song is STIL GREAT! haha

      • for real

        i guess if it’s the only song you’ve ever heard that might be right. but “great” is definitely a stretch. nothing that sounds like a speak n spell song could ever be worthy of that description. too lazy.

      • Classy!

        I agree! Chrustina,Gaga and Beyonce have good voices, but their songs are WHACK!

      • Classy!

        I meant Christina.

      • foreverbyeonce

        @Classy! Hey I love Beyonce and Xtina :( lady xerox well I used to miss FM days..she is one trying way too hard and two trying to be Madonna

      • Classy!

        Ok, I concede I like all of them as well. I’m weak at the Lady Xerox comment though, haha. It’s just that
        people put Brit down so darn much, but her music is kinda, totally superior right now. I say it’s fine to scrutinize her mistakes, but she deserves her credit when she does a good job.

      • foreverbeyonce

        @classy I LOVE Brit Brit and to be honest she has had a target for o 16 years now because she is the femme fatale that she is. If she wasn’t she wouldnt be compared to. I first love Beyonce, but I Love Britney just the same. She has consistantly put out music that she enjoys and her fans like myself enjoy , key word consistant.

      • Barney

        beyounce has some great songs..

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