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Considering her penchant for changing the game faster than you can say “meat dress,” one has to assume that Lady Gaga will be completely reinventing her stage show when she heads back out on the road to promote her upcoming album Born This Way.
Just in case, though, anybody wantimg to relive the magic of Gaga’s Monster Ball tour can tune into HBO on May 7.
Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden was recorded at the venerable arena in her hometown, and not only captures the spectacle of the tour—with its army of dancers, massive stockpile of pyro and at least one giant anglerfish—but also some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments, like this teary backstage breakdown, below:
Not to belabor the point, but the preview, with its black and white film and the mid-styling confessional, borrows an awful lot from Truth or Dare, the groundbreaking documentary that captured Madonna on her 1990 Blond Ambition tour.
It’s not going to get Gaga away from those pesky comparisons, but if her HBO outing is anywhere near as good as Truth or Dare (which holds up remarkably well, even after 20 years; seriously, Netflix it), then Monster Ball may very well be essential viewing.

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  • ziggy


    • Amber

      Concert footage in black and white is HARDLY “copying”. There are so many, many musicians and bands that have done that before, not just Madonna.

      • Tiffany

        Right, and it isn’t like Gaga made this film. HBO produced it, it is their project.

      • Biggest Fraud Gaga

        She copies Madonna- Truth or Dare!

        How lame & unoriginal!

      • What a Garbage

        ..and the Oscar goes to…..?

      • The Truth

        ….a stunt and a rip off [of] Madonna, Kylie, Britney, Grace Jones idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances !

      • Boring!

        Jeeze.. for crying out loud, CaCa! It is just a pop concert not a high art! :)


      • Taka

        Excuse me but didn’t black and white concert footage exist BEFORE Madonna was even born???? Oh yeah, it did because we didn’t use to have color tv. People get a life. Just because GAGA breathes in it does not mean she is copy cating anyone and to mention Britney who has no talent other than copying people or else paying talented people and copying their choreography is just stupid.

      • Stop Copying You Moron

        Honestly, I hate Lady Gaga !

    • Domino

      you are so right so man other concerts did their footage in black and white also. smfh people are always comparing like stop it gosh

      • Your Time is Up

        Good grief.. stop appeasing her pretension. She is a manufactured pop artist who can sell anything with the help of her own marketing people. Suck big time…Judas or Born This Way sucks. And it’s not even original it’s just a recycle of Bad Romance. Is it catchy? Not really. It’s really not that worth because Bad Romance and Poker Face were catchy.

        How many times is she going to release the same hype and pretend it’s new?

      • Just saying

        Gaga, please.. make music from your heart not your bank account!

      • Ouch

        Gaga- a tiresome copycat! :(

      • Fed Up With Mess



      • Sven

        bad acting deserves razzies awards

      • Hip Hop Fanatic

        Simple…I have already BOYCOTTED her!

      • UKMix

        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!
        Join us.. MAY- LADY GAGA BOYCOTT MONTH !!!

      • Garbage Much Noise Much


      • Gaga is the rubbish

        This song sucks. Its a flop and we all know it. The lyrics are elementary!

    • Lady Copycat

      Tears of a clown who tries to gain sympathy because Judas flops !


      • R I P


        Even Rihanna is more original than her. Just hype no substance!

      • Brainstorming Department

        *Gaga does celebrity crying strategy for the sympathy ratings*

      • Fernando82

        Her music is getting insipid and horrible..year by year. Time to take a break!

      • Sven

        no sympathy from me for sure.

      • Beyonce Forever

        one word- FUGLY!

      • move on

        Judas is a done-deal. Time for 3rd single!

      • Mean Girl

        this preview makes me wanna poke her face even harder.

      • Anya

        Doesn’t she remember how hard she worked to get into this industry?? And now she’s on top and she’s whining about it? Oh it’s so hard to have to take criticism… well she needs to get over it, because she’s putting herself out there and not everyone is going to like her and not everything she does is golden.

    • Gaga the Hype

      SHE IS A FLAKE !!!

      • Gina

        overrated walking clown!

      • Playboi

        When she is going to copy ‘Sex’ book?

    • Judas Flops

      Keep crying Gaga, someday you’ll produce something intelligent.

    • LOL

      Why did he cry ?! 8)

      • JoKem

        Self-proclaimed musician with a name sounds like CaCa.

        Who wants to take YOU seriously? I dont!

    • mimi me

      I wonder if she fakes her orgasm, too? LOL

      • Delon


      • Lady In Drag

        too funny about her orgasm! LOL

  • Tammy

    Madonna comparisons have grown stale. Lady Gaga should not far either – Madonna did it before she was born.

    • Lisa


  • Lola

    Lady CaCa does Madonna again.

    • Queen Madge

      I wonder if she’ll mention her inspiration – Whitney Houston???

      • shane_c

        That was the truth though. She promised herself when she was young that if she ever won a Grammy she would thank Whitney.

    • JackieB

      If she is doing Madonna, she’s doing it a lot better — she’s actually singing live (and it sounds great btw, I was there) and plays piano. Madonna did none of that.

      • Mike

        Madonna sings live and plays guitar. What was your point again?

      • True Blue

        Being more technically talented =/= overall better artist.

      • Andres

        You can barely count 3 guitar chords and Madonna’s processed vocals and backtracks as a “live spectacle”

      • jessiej

        Sorry but Gaga’s Monster Ball is way more entertaining than anything Madonna could conjure up live.

      • Rihanna4Ever

        Oh puhleeze, Gaga the clown took tumbles so many time in her shows! She is an amateur performer!

      • Grow Some Brains

        Hype and lies! Gaga’s status is just a tiny little achievement of Madonna’s Like A Virgin era !

      • reality chick

        she is a clown who pretends to be a musician. she belongs to Cirque de Vegas!

    • Queen of Pop the original

      prefer Madonna 100x better

    • Pink Cougar

      Madonna said……”(YAWN), did I do this a few years ago!”

  • L

    And then she calls the Madonna comparisons “completely ridiculous”. It’s obvious she is copying her Madgesty.

    • bran

      Her Madgesty would have to actually compose, produce & write all of her material (she didn’t) before she could be copied by someone that DOES compose, produce, & writes all her own stuff.

      • Danielle

        Bran..I think it’s fair to say that Madonna was (and is) as involved in what she releases as GaGa. Do some research. Ack.

    • Aunt Jemima

      Lady Gaga- the biggest copycat artist of the 21st Century!

      • new stan

        Now I begin to like Madonna!

  • Tiffany

    Where is the proof reader of this articles…Ugh!

  • Jason


  • Madge/Gaga Fan

    The only things Madonna and Gaga have in common is that they both got started in NYC and both are American of Italian descent. STFU haters!

  • sam

    I saw the concert live and I will be watching again on HBO. I enjoy Gaga a lot more than I ever enjoyed Madonna.

    • Delon

      You must be insane.

      • Gaga is the rubbish

        I want my money back !!!!!

  • maince

    hi lady gaga my name is germaine bernard you are my qeen you are great you very good @ what you do dont ever thank you are a loser you are lady gaga the great

  • peaches

    I love this movie. Like the part where she gets banned in Canada or when Warren Beatty visits her backstage or when she hangs out in bed with her dancers.

  • Julius

    Next she’ll be remaking Body of Evidence.

  • maince

    i love madonna i love lady gaga to they are bouth great

  • shane_c

    So now Madonna invented black and white? Give me a break.

    • Angelgeevega

      Exactly! This comparing is getting stupid, not just for Gaga but for some other artists too.

    • Not Color Blind

      She copies the concept..!

  • jeff

    Um Truth or Dare anyone? I guess she can trick all of the 12 year olds who have not seen a lot of Madonna’s earlier work but there’s plenty of us who are just losing respect from someone we thought at the beginning of her career she might be an original. Madonna did it first and did it better. Go back to being who you were at the beginning. This is getting embarrassing.

    • Ignacio Martin

      mm im actually 16 years old. and i didnt even really know madonna’s work. till lady gaga came around. so you better thank gaga because in one way or another she is introducing us, the new generation to madonna.

      • KC

        trust me i have been going back and looking at madonna’s earlier work too because of it and also realizing Madonna’s true brilliance. Just think Gaga should own up to it more. These concert promos are just too much, such a blatant rip off.

      • True Blue

        I personally know plenty of teens (myself included) who knew well enough about Madonna before Gaga ever came along. I grew up always hearing about her, and I wasn’t really raised on her. Radio stations to this day still play Madonna’s old stuff often enough for her to not be forgotten about. So don’t give GaGa THAT much credit, not everyone in your age group is only aware of artists that are of this generation. Not to mention that pop stars before Gaga (Britney, Christina) frequently cited Madonna as an inspiration, so to make it seem as if Gaga brought attention to her existence for the first time is beyond ridiculous.

    • alejandro ruinedmylife

      I was 12 less than 3 weeks ago jeff………and i still was able to immediatly recognize madonnas name plastered everywhere about gagme. Not all of the 12 uyear olds are completly ignorant
      . Dont feel bad. Im still learning how stup!d my generation is.

  • KC

    BREAKING NEWS: LADY GAGA IS NOW STUDYING KABBALAH. I feel like that headline is around the corner. This is getting ridiculous GADONNA. Wish she was the orginal i thought she might be when she first came out and sorry everyone the first two singles off this new cd are horrible. She should of taken a break after Bad Romance because that song was fantastic.

    • Grow Some Brains

      Can someone make this white trash go away?!

      • Irishguy28

        Italian trash..sucas! LOL

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