Justin Bieber goes Down Under, gets egged by Aussies


Image Credit: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is no stranger to having things thrown at him on stage (remember the infamous water bottle that wasn’t really a water bottle?), but some attendees at a Bieber show in Australia took the projectiles to new levels over the weekend.

While performing Friday night in Sydney, no less than half a dozen eggs flew towards the teen singing sensation. None of the Easter leftovers made contact with him, and he soldiered on with the show like a professional. Check out the video below.

Here’s the thing: That video proves that there are some people in the Sydney area who bought tickets to see Justin Bieber (and paid enough to sit in seats within striking distance of the stage), then smuggled in a package of eggs for the purpose of trying to nail a Canadian kid with a little yolk. Look, we know the current Australian Football League season isn’t all that exciting, but isn’t there something else you can do to fill your time, Australia?

As for Bieber, he was also declared a security risk during a hop from Sydney to Melbourne. Perhaps he should invest in some holograms.

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  • Katie

    So mean, who could do that

    • Kiki

      I would love to throw egg to Lady Gaga- she is the biggest copycat!

      • True Blue

        Really mature of you.

      • Katie

        How is lady gaga a copy cat? She’s one of the most unique person in the world

      • Prince

        Of all people you could throw an egg at you would choose Lady Gaga?
        Are you stupid?
        Or do you just get a kick out of making retarded comments?

      • Stephen

        Have you ever heard of Madonna or seen any of her work? That answers why Man Gag Gag is a copycat.

    • emilee

      I know right

    • Obama

      The world is so flucked up! Now, I’ve dissed the kid a time or two, but have come around to appreciating some of what he represents. This behavior is slightly disturbing.

      • Julian P

        And what exactly does he represent? That any spoiled little brat with no talent can become famous with a youtube account and greedy parents?

  • jp

    Stay classy, Australians.

  • elcamino

    Hard Boiled ones,big deal. He should run chicken wire or mesh across the front from now on.

    • Templar

      Ha ha. I read your post and got a mental picture of the Blues Brothers singing “Rawhide” Thanks.

  • PRBabe

    God, I am not exactly a fan of his music but come on, HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG to deserve that.

  • Destro

    Glass bottles do a better job… Just saying.

    • cj


    • julia

      well i think a GUN would do better on YOUR head instead of glass bottles on justins head!!!!:(

    • julia

      a gun to your head would be better…just saying

    • Linda

      Julia what are you, 30 years old with your bedroom wall plastered with Justin posters? geesh

  • whatevs

    Poor kid. So many people hate him for no reason.

    • yesyousuck

      Oh, there are reasons.

      • kaitlyn

        NO THERRE FLIPPIN ISNT! honestly get a life you dont know him personally so STOP JUDGING! k thanks bye blitchez

  • Dont worry bout it.

    That’s so rude!!! Why would they do this to him. he probably never did anything to them!!! That’s just terrible!! LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!!

  • The Easter Bunny

    It was my idea.

  • ilovejustinbieber

    who would do that? they are just stupid I mean i bet they couldnt give me 1 good reason why they did that?! I love him but i dont see why someone would do that

    • AC

      You’re 12, right?

    • alejandro ruinedmylife

      Ppl wouldcdo that because he is famous for going thru puberty. Seriously people. The situation is voiced out in the song Justins beaver and Revenge of the Beaver by Rucka Rucka Ali. The are.parodys of his Opinon! Just Jokes!

  • Tiffany

    So these geniuses decided to buy tickets for the concert, money that Bieber will profit from, only to egg him. That’s showing him.

    • True Blue

      LMAO, I know, right? Seriously, the Bieber hate is getting REALLY out of hand now. His detractors are rivaling his fans in terms of craziness. I can’t decide which of the two I find more annoying. I’m not a fan of his music (mainly because I’m not his target demographic), but he doesn’t deserve all this abuse. I mean come on people, grow the hell up. You can’t stand his music, fine. Just don’t listen to it and ignore him, but don’t go to extreme measures like this just to assert your dislike for him. It only serves to make you look like a douche.

    • CJ

      He broke in through the roof. The kid who did it was the same age as Bieber. Kid din’t pay to see Bieber. He has also been charged with trespassing.

      • Vet

        If you watch the video you see them drop straight down not on an angle if it came from the crowd. His ex-girlfriend must be a Bieberfan lol. Everyone in the crowd thought it was overhead lights that blew.

  • alina

    hey biebs wats up dear?
    m alina how r u
    i lov u u so so so so so muchhhhhhh
    ummahhhh tak careeeeeeeeee

    • Duh

      Justin Bieber is not going to read this stupid

  • yepyep

    Im not a fan of his music mainly cause my age, but as a father it would break my heart to see my kid work so hard to accomplish what so many dream of and then see people do stupid things like this. People wake up stupidty is a disease that can be cured.

  • MT

    This is a bit frightening. I mean, he’s not safe at his own concert? Some people got their priorities wrong in this world.

  • Zooey

    Why do people throw things at her? What did she do to anyone? I think she sings well and is pretty. Maybe people are just jealous of her.

    • julia

      umm i hope u know that justin is not a girl and that u are not saying he is a girl to be funny cuz u sound stupid

      • AC

        When you use “u”‘s like that, you sound stupid.

    • Haha

      Oooohh so funny. I’m sure he’s laughing right now with his sh*t load of money

  • kau

    People are awful.

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