Lady Gaga releases new single 'The Edge of Glory': Listen here

Lady Gaga just released her third single off Born This Way, “The Edge of Glory,” co-written by Gaga, Fernando Garibay, and DJ White Shadow.

Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band lends his virtuosic saxophone skills to the power ballad, which Gaga claims she was inspired to write after the death of her grandfather in September.

“The song is about your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before you leave earth,” she said in a fan-generated interview with Google earlier this year. Does it capture last-minute-on-earth rapture? Listen to it yourself after the break:

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  • Chris P.

    That saxophone solo, that was awesome. This is miles ahead of Born This Way and Judas…just amazing.

    • Ha ha ha

      3rd single already?

      Why Gaga, cause Judas flops so bad? LOL

      • David

        Hardy har har. It’s a promo single goofy.

      • Buying Adele


        So far we’ve gotten a recycled Madonna single (born this way) and then a Bad Romance clone (Judas).

        Starting to think she just does not have it.

      • Not Tone Deaf

        Try to be Celine Dion? LOL

        This song is more to Celine Dion or MLWSWY by Kelly Clarkson.

        Again?.. her originality is laughable! :)


      • WTF

        Her forthcoming album Suck This Way is not shaping up to her record company standard to be the greatest album of the decade, is it ?!

      • Nick T

        This song was to hook the older audience. Thats why its so 90s power ballad. Judas was for younger fans. 20 and under. And they loved it.

      • Tim

        I think this is a masterpiece. Why are you guys always hating on Lady Gaga?

      • lady la vida loca


      • Pete

        @Tim – As long as people like yourself mindlessly throw around the word “masterpiece”, the rest of us have to hate on Lady Gaga to balance it out and to keep us all grounded in reality.

      • Robby

        @ Pete. Why do you feel the need to be so rude? What place to YOU have to define “masterpiece”? If anyone is mindless it’s you. Have fun picking fights on the internet, you loser.

      • Flip

        This song is awful!

      • sweetgirl14

        I want my money back !!!!

      • Queen Madge

        First single rips off Madonna, and now this rips off Cher? Listen to Cher’s For The Lonely. Lady Gaga is absolute rubbish.

      • Yanni

        Okay—let’s go ahead and get the sycophantic garbage out of the way:

        Tam-Tam says: “it’s like a light from God shining directly into my aural cavity!”

        Gaga4Ever says: “it’s as if Gaga dug up the graves of Lord Byron and Emily Dickinson and made cake batter from their ground-up bones and then frosted the cake with frosting made from the tears of an angel instead of vanilla!”

        Yanni says: “it’s even crappier and less creative than ‘Judas.'”

        Why do I get the impression that she wrote this album on wet bevnaps at a bar in between dart games in about 30 minutes?

        “Shut it down?” “A shimmering saxophone beat?” Are you people deaf?

        Please. Go back and listen to the genius that was “Poker Face” and “Telephone” and even “Paparazzi” and tell me this song is any good.

        That is, once you come back from the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge. (Was that enough times? Did I miscount?)

      • stella

        So who is Lady CA CA ripping off this time?

      • Bawrr

        And Gaga’s piano ballad “You and I” is a rip off of 4 Non Blonde’s “What’s Going On?”

      • greg

        The best song ever! You guys must be deaf or something!

      • Aspirin

        How to write a chorus like Lady Gaga:

        Lesson 1: Born This Way
        “Baby I was born this way, Baby I was born this way, Baby I was born this way.” repeat 6x

        Lesson 2: Judas
        “Judas! Juda-as Judas! Juda-as
        Judas! Juda-as Judas!”

        Lesson 3: Edge of Glory
        “I’m on the edge
        the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge”

        Yeah—she’s a genius.

      • GN

        I really liked her first album, liked most of the Fame Monster…. but so far, I have not liked any of the three tracks from Born This Way. I find them very repetitive, and just ripoffs of her older songs and she is trying too hard to be controversial with the themes.

      • Danny

        This comment board is reminding me more and more of ultra-conservative sites. Juvenile name calling: check. Over the top hate: check. Zero tolerance for any opinions that differ: check.

      • Gerald

        @Bawrr Yes! That’s exactly the song she copied parts of the melody from for “You and I”.

      • Bluto

        “This song was to hook the older audience. Thats why its so 90s power ballad. Judas was for younger fans. 20 and under. And they loved it.”

        They did? Oh, they just didn’t buy it. And honey, “Ordinary World” is a 90s power-ballad. (said in the voice of Roger from “Family Guy.”)

      • Ryan

        Originality? The production is similar. The lyrics, harmonies, melodies, beat, progression, etc. are all entirely different to other songs.

      • underfor5

        @Queen Madge is right – the chorus is very similar to Cher’s “Song for the Lonely.” I think Gaga’s talented but the endless hype is growing wearisome. Saying Born This Way would be the best album of the decade hasn’t helped.

      • Sarah C

        This song has a bit of Robyn in it, especially from her last album. Not a bad place to find inspiration.

      • greg

        Robyn’s collaborations were awesome. That last cd not so much.

      • justin

        I don’t like this song at all. It doesn’t sound like Gaga. Ugh.

      • ROYAL GAGA by Justin

        The ROYAL QUEEN GAGA has gotten rave reviews of her awesome promo single Edge Of Glory with over 10,000 5 star iTunes reviews and already #2 iTunes. Damn, baby young GAGA just shows you will never know what to expect from her royalty. :)

      • GAGA JACKSON…lol

        #1 12 iTunes in 12 countries now…”I’m on the edge of glory”…Monster’s Rule….rose pedals for the ROYAL QUEEN GAGA. “Hair” next week. May 23rd…Monsters take over again!

      • Michael

        Well, it’s better than “Judas.” I am a Gaga fan, for sure, but man… “Judas” is just an all-around bad song. But this song makes me once again excited for the rest of the album!

      • Yanni

        @ROYAL GAGA by Justin: 10K 5-star reviews do not a hit song make. Check back with us when the song falls out of the Top 20 in 4 weeks.

      • Cher

        You ripped off my song, beyotch. I just heard it on the YouTube.

      • I Like It babe

        LOL gaga owns NO records. all the real records belongs to madonna ,katy perry, mamarries carey and now adele. gaga owns no records.just youtube viewers ;) who cares for that?
        madonna with her last tour became again (cause she broke her own record) the most sucessfull and viewed tour ever .

    • Johnny

      I love it!! Some of you trailer park dwellers must not have The queen shut it down! This is awesome and 80’s!!! And Born This Way went number one in 20 countries. I’m not talking iTunes…lol. You haters bore us Monsters. :)

      • Juju

        something tells us this GagGag album is going to get re-titled ….”Suck This Way”!

      • i hate the 90s

        madonna did it better

      • Bluto

        “The song is about your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before you leave earth.”

        Ummm, sure. I guess that the last moment on earth means you repeat something 40-50 times.

      • greg

        who the hell is madonna?

      • Flip

        Not sure I like it.

      • Kevin

        Hell yeah Johnny…Monsters rule the world! :)

      • Xx

        Lady Gaga’s left ass-cheek has more talent than Buckdonna.

    • Shi$ney Spears

      Broke down, no dancing, no singing, redneck shi$ney robot spears can go get a bigger pooch by Kfed!

      • Not Loving This Era

        WTF with Gaga these days? One day she wants to be a punk she decide to be a Mickey Mouse club member. Make up your mind!!!

      • Adwina Lambert

        over-rated and over-exposed tranny must retire!! tee-hee!!

    • LOL

      America is turning against crap.

      • Eddie Sanchez

        free the world from the biggest Copycat in the music industry today!

      • Lady Rat Face

        I agree Eddie! Lady Rat Face is the biggest, cheesiest, ugliest copycat artist in the music industry. Look at her rat face single cover for Cheese Of Glory!

      • greg

        you guys are soooo mean

      • 53 y.o. Material Hag

        Adele ripped off Cee-lo’s Crazy but ya’ll buy her fat a$$…lol

      • Kevin

        Yeah, we (america) stopped buying madonna long time ago.

    • Melly

      Seriously this is a beautiful track. Whoever thought to pair a sax with synth is a genius.

      • Kevin

        You have ears! Finally, someone with ears on here. This track is beautiful. The instrumentation is very good. I like the melody and love the pre-chorus.

    • Yukky

      Please please please make her/him go far far away. The DJ and media love for her is making me want to just quit it all.

      • Kevin

        You can’t handle her reign. She is very talented and only a blind fool would think otherwise. But you don’t have to listen or buy her music. I’m going to be Dancing In The Dark and Just Dancing enough for us both!

    • tom

      i love gagas music….i have not listened yet to the above single….i totally thought born this way was fun and catchy and not a rip off off madonna….that said….judas…”the video” is a direct rip off of “like a prayer” by yes madonna….I am not a very religious person….but you can clearly see she is trying to copy! Sorry GAGA…your first album rocked and the music was fantastic….but to call this the best of the new century….try again! Still….I will buy it!

      • Wendy

        How can you say that the Judas video is a “rip off” of Like a Prayer?!?!?!?! In Madonna’s video, she has stigmata on her hands, she witnesses a rape, and turns in the true criminals. Jesus was black. There were no motorcyles. There was a church choir. NONE of that appears in Judas.

        Do you think before you write? At all????

      • Monster For Life

        Thank you, Wendy!! I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering what the hell Tom was watching because it sure wasn’t the Judas video.

    • tom

      i love gagas music….i have not listened yet to the above single….i totally thought born this way was fun and catchy and not a rip off off madonna….that said….judas…”the video” is a direct rip off of “like a prayer” by yes madonna….I am not a very religious person….but you can clearly see she is trying to copy! Sorry GAGA…your first album rocked and the music was fantastic….but to call this the best of the new century….try again! Still….I will buy it!

    • tom

      ok i have to say this is much better than judas….i hear what some people are saying a similiarities…..but come on….i was thinking dirty dancing watermelon ….and yes some kelly….but how can we not realize in this day in age a guitar only has so many strings…or the drums

    • Jay

      Adele’s fat a$$ ripped off cee-lo’s Crazy. Roling In The Shi$…lol. Her boring CD has nothing to do with Queen GAGA!

      • wakeforce

        While I’m a fan of her first album and I like Born This Way, Bad Romance I hated. This song and Judas are HIGHLY disappointing.
        Jay, your music credentials must be in the f*cking toilet to talk about the top-selling album in the country right now. Adele is what grown-ups listen to write now. You must be either a pimply teenager or a drugged-out club queen to prefer Gaga right now. Either way, there might be hope for you- One day!

    • Kevin

      This is amazing and a promo single. GAGA will release another promo next week so haters stay up at iTunes is doing this to countdown her album. I can’t wait. She has enough worthy single’s on her album to do this. Marry The Night intro sound epic! GAGA IS QUEEN!

    • Forverbeyonce

      Sounds JUST like Cher-For the Lonely/// Lady Xerox DID IT AGAIN, Why is she releasing her 3rd single SO SOON?! ok ok “PROMO SINGLE-haha” Is it because he last one TANKED?

      • FLOP-ONCE

        Beyonce is the one TANKING, Judas debuted top 10 in the world and in the usa, everything doesn’t have to go #1. BUT BEYONCE FLOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heidi

      This song is my favorite Gaga song ever. She finally shows off her actual singing voice and its strong and has a lovely tone, even up in the higher register.
      I also thought she did a great job of it in the AI finale.

  • Woot

    Agreed. This song is a vast improvement over Born this Way and Judas. Gaga finally showed some of her creativeness again. I am officially excited for her new album.

    • Sam

      Same here. I was bummin after hearing the first two.

      • LMFAO

        Dont worry, Little Monsters! Celebrity Apprentice and Rehab are waiting for Gaga.

      • greg

        if she was latino you guys wouldn’t be hating on her so much

    • Katy Perrylicious

      This is another crap by Lady Gaga.
      I just can’t believe, WTH? She is living with hypes and gimmicks.
      Why put so much efforts to promote such of this crap??


      • Katy Scary

        Katy Perry is married to the ugliest Mofo in the world! Their kids will look like you haters…busted and disgusted!

      • greg

        stop hating on albinos

    • Celimene

      Vast improvement over Judas. Born This Way has grown on me, but this is absolutely a keeper. The saxophone break really works well – it shimmers with the beat behind it. We have a winner!

    • Aunt Jemima

      lukewarm..just like ‘Jud-ass’! :(

      • Maiah Curry

        and it stinks too!

        *close coffin*

    • Lady Xerox

      …like this matters!

      : -/

    • Bye Bye Gurl

      ****The Edge Of Flop Glory*****

      • Maiah Curry

        Lady Gaga>>>>>Paula Abdul :(

    • Edge of Copycat v.2.0

      The chorus sounds remarkably similar to Cher’s “Song For The Lonely” with a bit of Chris Brown’s “With You” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” thrown in. Just saying.

      • Ignacio Martin

        ok dude, thats just stupid, so if none of the songs you mentioned sound alike, how can on song sound like all of those songs? i think that bigger gaga the hate towards her is bigger too.

      • marissa

        I was thinking the same thing, Ignacio Martin! None of those songs sound a like. How can she be ripping them off, but sounding like completely different songs at the same time?

        Sometimes when you have to stretch THAT FAR to knock someone, it means it isn’t worth it.

      • DB

        COMPLETELY agree with Edge of Copycat. I noticed it had similarities w/Chris Brown, but good call on the Cher and KC. Whereas she used to be much more original, Gaga has become completely derivative! Looks like she’s taking cues from Cascada on how to construct a pop hit.

      • Santana Lopez

        I really heard the Chris Brown “With You” thing immediately. She couldn’t have thought of a different way to repeat the with you’s in this song?? I forgot that Chris Brown song even exsisted until I heard her singing it towards the end of Edge of Glory here. It’s weird!! But it isn’t fair to compare her to Cascada just yet… after all, Cascada totally ripped HER off with Evacuate the Dancefloor and Pyromania.

    • Woot

      I seriously love all the negative comments about Gaga flopping and failing. It’s exactly like Gaga said in her 60 minutes interview.

      • Monster For Life

        Totally agree with you “Woot!” All these negative haters just can’t stand to see someone be a success. Anybody who climbs the ranks just gets a mass following of bitter haters who want to see her fail. It’s sad. Pathetic actually! You go Gaga! This song is the best track you’ve released yet off of BTW. Can’t wait for the rest of the album.

      • Gene

        Just because someone expresses an opinion other than yours, it does not automatically make them a ‘hater’ (is there a more overused word, by the way?). Gaga, like Oprah, is an egomaniac who cannot handle any criticism, no matter how true it may be.

      • Woot

        No, if someone has a valid reason for not liking “Edge of Glory” that is totally fine. But 90% of the negative comments here are “Lady CaCa, Lady Xerox, Suck This Way.” They are lame, and don’t actually express a valid opinion. They are just people who love to hate Lady Gaga no matter what she does. She could find a vaccine for HIV and these people would say she stole the idea from Louis Pasteur or Jonas Salk.

    • @ Woot

      Creativeness? Do you mean creativity? Anyway, just another derivative mess.

  • Tom

    BTW was solid, and deservedly a hit;Judas was crap, and thus, is flopping hard. This is going to be a hit, it’s a great song.

    • Bisexual Biker

      DON’T LIKE IT!!!! I’m sorry but Gaga WONT be getting my money in this era.

      • She Has Lost It

        Her songs are worth $0.30 per download these days.

    • Ignacio Martin

      eh. Juda is not “flopping” idiot, it may not be her best charting single, but its still charting inside the top 20 soo dont be a hater and check your facts

  • Elian

    How in the hell is this a “ballad”???

    • SaraS

      Haha, agree with you.
      Also Gaga I love you but… PLEASE STOP WITH THE FAKE BONES ON YOUR FACE. So strange and not cool strange.

      • Anna

        Get there at 3p.m. and find out how they will be letting polpee in with GA tickets. When I saw her in San Jose last year . the arena gave us numbered wrist bands and told us to come back at 6 to get in line and at 7 they let us in. Gaga didn’t perform until 930p. There was a lot of waiting. Make sure you go to the bathroom & wear comfortable shoes.

  • Irena Szohr

    I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12 as a singer and her character could have dark connections to the Orion Syndicate (the mafia of the Star Trek universe) who should be the villains of the sequel. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.
    Midway through Star Trek 12, I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a concert of hers on a distant planet like with Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element (1997). When she sings Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or Just Dance, her show could be raided by Syndicate henchmen who have a thunderous phaser fight with Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

    • Woot

      Yeah, it wasn’t funny the first time… so it’s not going to be funny the 800th time you post it.

      • Monster For Life

        LMAO! “Woot”… you just nailed it again.

    • The Truth

      she should end up smoking weeds with Whitney!

      • Santana Lopez

        Pretty sure Whitney has been smoking something a little bit stronger then “weeds”. Besides Gaga already smokes weed.

  • Zee B.

    Love how she mixed in the saxophone with the techno beat. Can’t wait for the album!

    • Jeff

      Katy Perry already mixed the saxophone with the techno beat in “Last Friday Night” so she’s not that original (as usual)

      • Chris P.

        LOL…you think Katy Perry is original. Just because someone used the same instrument as another person doesn’t mean they copied them.

      • Nick

        haha Chris you’re right…Jeff is like “yeah I think someone used the drums before in this rock song I heard…can’t believe they copied” them.

      • Stefan

        And Calvin Harris used a saxophone in his techno song “The Rain.” NO SONG will ever be truly original. I’m sure Gaga listened to TGIF and said to herself that she needed a saxophone in her song to outdo Perry. Come on.

      • Zee B.

        Last Friday Night sounds exactly like all other Katy Perry/ Kesha songs. Nothing new. I think people criticize Gaga much more because they expect her to exceed the high standard of creativity she has set for herself. Atleast she makes an effort to bring something fresh to the table. And what i was trying to say is that the way she integrates the saxophone into the rest of the song while still giving the solo it’s own moment within the song is pretty remarkable. And i’m pretty sure she didn’t “copy” Katy Perry (out of every artist out there? seriously?). The songs were produced almost at the same time.

      • Aspirin

        Yeah… KP is about to have her fifth #1 from the same album which will make music history for a female singer. Lady Gaga is about to watch another single go down the drain. The sad thing is that people keep comparing her to Madonna. In some ways she much more talented. But she doesn’t seem to have nearly the patience, the songcraft or the talent around her. Anyone who is a decent producer should have told her that these songs WERE NOT READY. I get the feeling she’s less interested in putting out good music and more under the gun to just put out SOMETHING. Ah well, it’s her career. And for all you Madonna-haters, the third album is what made her a superstar. I get the feeling the same isn’t going to happen for LG.

    • Katy Perrylicious

      ..wont be buying this crap!

      • asher

        Based on your screen name, your personal opinion on music means nothing to me.

      • Nick

        hahaha Asher….

      • Wade

        Ironic coming from someone with “Katy Perry” in their screen name.

      • greg

        it’s called bittorrent you morons.

      • Chris

        Katy Perry…You mean Katy Hudson, the sell out Christian singer who traded Jesus for kissing girls cuz she liked it…please…she is a sad excuse for music industry bots. Learn your facts Perry fans…nothing original about her…Fake!! Go Gaga!

    • Robby

      Your screen name is Katy Perrylicious… and you are calling THIS crap? Hahahahahahaha!!!

      • Monster For Life

        Asher and Robby… spot on… LMAO!!!!!!!

  • Danila

    Isn’t it about time she found a boyfriend? I don’t recall her being photographed with a male companion or any news stories about her love life for a while now. She seems solely focused on her career. It would be good if she put more effort into finding the right guy to settle down, get married and have a baby.

    • maurice

      What in the hell? Ummmm 1950 wants you back.

    • whatevs

      It’s hard to denote sarcasm on a message board; that is what you were being, isn’t it?

    • Boonanza

      I’m pretty sure she has a hidden boyfriend. He’s kinda ugly. Google it.

    • Bisexual Biker

      I thought she is a lesbian truck driver? No? 8)

      • MIa



    • Santana Lopez

      She’s back with that guy that broke up with her because she got a record deal. Not only is he a jerk, he looks like he crawled out of dumpster. She could do better.

  • Samson


    • Samson

      my name is Samson tooooooooooo!

      Edge of Glory is one of her best songs yet. It’s marvelous.

  • Chichi

    I feel as if I just stepped back into the 90s.

    • Hank

      More like the eighties, and not in a good way.

      • greg

        the last time either of you two got laid probably

  • Cherie

    Oh boy…this song is so generic and cheesy with the sax. So far all 3 songs she’s put out are really dissapointing i’m starting to think that this whole album is not going to be so epic.

    • nadine

      I agree Cherie…:( It was okay until the sax…

    • Hank

      The sax sounds very edited in at the last minute.

    • GN

      Agree, Cherie.

    • Amanda

      These songs are so tired! And she ripped off people for every song but this third one….no creativity. I won’t be buying a thing of hers…

  • Joe


    • Joe 2

      You give all Joe’s everywhere a bad name by loving this re-hash. While I did not own her 1st CD, there was a couple of gems on it. I have to say that the songs that have been released so far have not reached the level brought by on her 1st Album. If you want to hear great original music, buy a Noisettes or a Fitz and the Tantrums CD…

  • gio

    Haters, just keep hating. We appreciate your efforts. ;>

    • frank

      So having a different opinion than yours isn’t allowed?

  • Vanessa

    I actually loved Judas, hated BTW. But this sounds better than both.

    • James

      I agree :)

    • Angie

      I REALLY like Judas, and I thought BTW was ok. This song I love as well!

  • Katie

    Sounds like something you’d hear at the end of an 80s movie as the hero wins the game/trophy/girl.

    • pitt

      Oh my gosh–yes, great description!

    • Ray

      I was just thinking that, It sounds like a song you would hear on some movie soundtrack!!!! lol

  • Wont Buy This Crap

    FLOP !!!!

    • LOL

      This should just be called “Generic Song.”

    • Ghost of Pia

      Little did you know that Born This Way was going to be the best single. The two since then have sucked.

      • Vee

        Too much material too soon. Contrary to what she thinks, everything she records/releases is not that great.

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