'Glee': Hear the new original song, 'Light Up the World,' featured in the season finale

The cast of Glee will be be performing original music on the season two finale, which features the New Directions kids heading to New York for Nationals. Today, Ryan Seacrest debuted “Light Up the World,” a song featured on the May 24th finale. The song sounds much like the group’s previous original number, “Loser Like Me,” which they performed at Regionals—think bouncy, pop fluff. Listen to “Light Up the World” below…

For more on Glee‘s NYC season finale, check back later this week on EW.com and pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday.

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  • ToddC

    Hello Glee-

    T-Pain called. He wants his auto-tune back…

    • reallly?

      hello Todd,

      If you don’t like the song then don’t comment on it.

      • whatevs

        If you don’t like someone’s comment, then don’t comment on it.

      • Leithen

        If no one criticizes anything, how is there to be any improvement?

      • A

        Why shouldn’t he comment if he doesn’t like the song?
        It’s an opinion that’s relevant to the article. Deal.

      • musician

        Seriously, Leithen is right. Todd listened to the song and gave his feedback. That is perfectly appropriate. The only wrong kind of comment here would be spam or something completely off topic. Negative criticism is completely valid. This isn’t a case of “if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” This is entertainment put out for the public to enjoy, and a lot of people don’t seem to be enjoying it. Thus you see the importance of feedback, so that the people behind this will know better next time. For many of us, because this is a show about naturally gifted singers it becomes really irritating to hear them auto-tuned as if they were common Ke$has. They don’t need it. Glee writers ought to know that if they don’t want to drive away the large part of their audience that respects real choral singing and musical theater and hates the corporate iTunes music-selling machine Glee has become…they might want to ease up on the over-produced songs.

      • Bluto

        Seriously—why don’t you guys just change the name of EW.com to GleeW.com and be done with it?

      • kate

        Really whatevs? You just told him not to do exactly what you did.

    • BRETT

      Every artist, including the ones who claim not to, use computer programs to enhance their voices. It’s been happening for YEARS. Seriously, these type of comments are so old. Come up with something more original, please.

      • Terpsichore

        But when it’s this noticeable, it becomes really annoying. The entire song just sounds so canned. For me, that reduces any emotional impact or sense of fun about this song.

      • Ace

        Speaking as a recording artist (albeit a spectacularly unfamous one), this isn’t true. There’s a large population of artists who refuse to use voice correction.

    • RK

      Two dudes win Prom King and Queen.

    • Tommy Marx

      I have to agree with ToddC – it was hard to figure out who is singing, it was so autotuned. Loser Like Me was much much better!

    • Michael

      They used to do a semi-decent job of making it even semi-believable that this could possibly be sung live. This sounds like it’s sung by a chorus of robots. This show’s gradual decline from the pilot continues.

  • e4ia

    Not quite as catchy as “Loser Like Me”. They should have saved that one to win Nationals if that is what the purpose of this song is.

    • chattypatra

      My thoughts exactly. There is nothing special about the lyrics or the music for that matter. The song sounds like a generic dance tune you’d hear at a club. It doesn’t seem like Nationals material to me. Oh, well. Now I think they are going to lose.

      • PJ

        Yeah…it’s not real, it’s a TV show.

  • Jed

    Are Brittany and Artie doing the lead vocals? Love it!!

  • marilyn

    does anyone know who is singing the lead on this song?

    • Laura

      I’m pretty sure it’s Lea even if it is pretty much unrecognizable.

      • Corina

        Lea has a little part at the end otherwise it starts out with Naya, Kevin, Heather, Cory then Lea.
        I like it actually,people should be glad that Santana, Brittany and Artie are getting featured at National. Yes people like to comment on the autotune this and that but see them live they can perform.

      • Ace

        That’s the sad thing, Corina. All of these people CAN SING. This much auto-tune is utterly unnecessary, and it detracts from what might otherwise be a more enjoyable performance.

      • Santana Lopez

        Yeah usually I can tell whose singing what parts but I can’t tell whose doing what in this song. Sometimes I hear Lea Michele. She’s the only one I recognized. I know that her part at the end was very poorly (and unnecessarily) autotuned.

  • Katie

    Glee needs to give up on the original song concept, they are so mediocre. Focus on different arrangements which is what worked so well in Season 1.

    • kate middleton

      TOTALLY AGREE – no one wants to hear your crappy original songs, Glee. Stick to covers and change up the arrangements or do mashups if you want to bring originality.

  • Muireann

    It’s Santana, Brittany, Artie, Rachel and Finn.

  • Jesse

    Sounds like Santana first, then Artie, then Brittany.

  • Flyer

    Sometimes comments are made about the use of autotune on the Glee songs and I can’t really hear the difference, so it seems like that’s just an easy way to criticize “Glee.” But the autotune on this song is just blatantly HORRIFIC. I feel like my nervous system has just been bludgeoned by an overdose of electronic 80s music. The song itself might have been okay (though definitely not as good as “Loser Like Me”), but the Glee producers just RUINED it with the massive use of autotune. These actors CAN actually sing – why not take enough time recording them to permit their vocals to be used “as is”? If there’s not enough time to record vocal tracks that are naturally good, that’s a sure sign that the Glee episodes are trying to pack in too much music.

    • Dee Dee

      @Flyer- U R right on. These actors can actually sing. This is a poor use of their talent.
      Loser like me was a good tune. This one definitely missed the mark. Thank Goodness for Darren Criss’s spin on “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance”. that will be the only song i will order on Itunes. the rest of the volume ready for presale is not something I want on my IPOD or blackberry

  • Laurie

    The only voices that I could clearly recognize were Artie and Rachel’s. The autotune is horrible. Get it Right was good and I enjoyed Loser Like Me, but this is horrible.

  • Sofia

    Ummm…Dear Glee producers, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale & Lea Michele CAN sing. The excessive use of auto-tune ruined this song.

  • Susan

    Reminds me of a Katy Perry song.
    I am sure it will be good on the show.

  • Marie

    This is the song that’s going to win them the Nationals? Sounds worse than that other original song.

  • Rebekah

    I can detect the Autotune on this song, but I actually don’t think it’s as overused as it is one some of thei other songs (or as much as contemporary artists use on the radio). This song sounds great, and I think it will be great on the show tonight. Sorry, I just wanted to add a little positivity to the thread. ;-)

    • Rebekah

      Oops. I typed too fast. I meant:

      I don’t think it’s as overused as it is ON some of THEIR other songs.

  • Scott

    It sucks as bad as most of the stuff this crappy show puts out. Who really cares? I keep waiting for this show to live up to it’s excellent pilot–it never does!

    • kate middleton

      I agree – the pilot was the peak, and it’s been downhill from there IMO. Season 2 has not been good. I blame Ryan Murphy.

    • Woot

      Hey I thought the Prom episode was great! Felt like first half of season 1 again. I also thought “The Substitute,” & “Silly Love Songs” were great too! The other 17…yeah I guess I agree with you for the most part then.

  • Mich

    It’s a decent enough SONG, but what SHOW CHOIR competition is ever going to sound like this? This is what’s wrong with Glee now. They’re going bigger and bolder, but losing the integrity of the show and what it was in the beginning. I think they need to take the show down a notch (including guests, song selection, the number of songs per episode) and tell the story of these characters that we love. I am a huge fan of Glee and I’m not giving up on it yet, but I hope it’s more believable in season 3.

    • Films23

      I have to agree with you!

    • kate middleton

      You’re totally right, Mitch. They’re trying to be extra-buzzy with the guest stars, tons of songs topping iTunes. The show has lots its heart, IMO. The thing that was good about it early on was that at least the singing was semi-realistic.

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