Lady Gaga to release fourth single, 'Hair,' a week before Born This Way's release: Still anxious for the full album?


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Usually, when an artist is gearing up for the release of their album they’ll give us two singles—one months before it drops, and one just shy of release to spur excitement. Obviously, Lady Gaga‘s far from usual. And the roll-out for her forthcoming Born This Way, due May 23, reflects as much.

After debuting the title track last February around Grammy weekend, followed by second single “Judas” weeks after, and promo single “Edge of Glory” days later, MTV reports that Gaga will let “Hair,” another uplifting cut from Born This Way, loose on May 16.

There are 14 tracks on the standard version of Way. By the time it comes out, we’ll have heard four them. Though it’s not half, that’s a chunk. It seems as if Gaga’s trying to assure us that Way is worth the hype. Sure, “Born This Way” spent more than a month at No. 1 on the Billboard hot 100 chart; but “Judas,” which peaked at No. 10 on the chart, has already receded to No. 20 in its third week.

With the “Judas” video out now and at some 15 million-plus views, there’s a chance it’ll jump back up. But the initial fall must be startling for someone used to the top spot—so here comes more music. Thankfully, as Billboard notes, those who have purchased all of the Born This Way singles can use iTunes’ Complete My Album feature to buy the full-length at a reduced price.

But what does that mean for you, the buyer? Do you see Gaga’s overload of singles as a sign that she is confident of the album overall and the unheard monster jams? Or do you think it’s a strategic move to combat a shaky start? Do you plan on buying the entire album in two weeks? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Elijah

    It’s part of an iTunes countdown. They just did one over the last month for Jennifer Lopez’s new album, and they’ve done it for other stars such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and the Black Eyed Peas in the last year alone. “The Edge of Glory” and “Hair” are NOT full-fledged singles, as her record label has repeatedly stressed. And “Judas” is climbing back up on iTunes, so it will almost definitely go back up on the charts – think of how Britney’s “Till the World Ends” performed initially.

    • Keri

      Thanks for making an educated first comment Elijah!! More should learn to do that.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Educated? What part? Anyway, I am still waiting for Gaga’s collaboration with Marilyn Manson for Mother and Father Monsters’ monster hit!

      • Step-mother Monster

        Oh, get off your high horse!

      • I have a promo copy and it’s: meh

        It’s pretty obvious the album was rushed. Other than “Born This Way” (which is the best song on the album) there’s very little to be really impressed about. None of the songs have anything close to the humor or cleverness of “Poker Face” or “Telephone,” and to be honest—BTW is really the only song that has a memorable melody. It’s Kelly Clarkson’s “My Depressing & Low-Selling December” all over again.

      • @ Keri

        Thanks for making a stupid comment, so we’d have something to compare Elijah’s to! It was really sweet of you!

      • John

        anyone who uses @keri as a screenname is an low life POS. Go read a book you slacker!

      • @John

        Oh, feel free to read to me from your dog-eared copy of “Young Boys I’d Like To Kiss.”

      • Juan Antonio

        Less than 10 days..NONE of her singles in the top 10 on the US Billboard and around the world. That’s telling a lot, you know.

      • facts

        LOL gaga owns NO records. all the real records belongs to madonna ,katy perry, mamarries carey and now adele. gaga owns no records.just youtube viewers ;) who cares for that?
        madonna with her last tour became again (cause she broke her own record) the most sucessfull and viewed tour ever .

      • Gaga4573

        Juan Antonio – The Edge of Glory is #3 on iTunes, it debuted at #6 in the UK and #10 in Ireland and will debut at #8 in the US this week, and she has two other songs in the top twenty which is very impressive.
        facts –
        September 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to reach the 4 million mark in digital downloads with two songs.
        September 2009 – “Poker Face” becomes the most downloaded song ever in the UK.
        November 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart to score four number ones from a debut album.
        December 2009 – Lady Gaga becomes the first female artist in British chart history to score three number ones in a single year.
        January 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs to send her first five singles to number one.
        January 2010 – “Bad Romance” sets the record for most weekly plays registered in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart with 10,859 plays in a week.
        March 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to top the 5 million mark in digital downloads with both of her first singles.
        March 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to top one billion views of her videos on the Internet.
        April 2010 – “Bad Romance” becomes the most viewed video on YouTube.
        June 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to reach the 4 million mark in digital downloads with three songs.
        July 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first living person to reach 10 million fans on Facebook.
        July 2010 – Lady Gaga’s The Fame becomes the top-selling album in digital history.
        July 2010 – Lady Gaga performs in front of the biggest crowd of The Today Show history.
        August 2010 – Lady Gaga scores thirteen MTV Video Music Awards nominations, more than any other artist in one year in the history of the show.
        September 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first person to reach 6 million followers on Twitter.
        September 2010 – “Poker Face” becomes the first song in history to spend 100 weeks in the top 100 of Australian singles chart.
        October 2010 – Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in history to reach 1 billion views of her videos on YouTube.
        November 2010 – The Fame tops 4 million in US sales
        February 2011 – eight wax figures around the world
        February 2011- Born This Way is the fastest-selling song in history, selling 1 million copies worldwide in 5 days.
        March 2011 – Born This Way spent six weeks at #1, the most #1 weeks that a song has had that debuted at #1 since elton john did it in 1997.
        March 2011 – first artist to have first eight singles top the two million mark.
        April 2011 – Only solo artist to have two songs top the 6 million mark. “Just Dance” + “Poker Face”
        May 2011-The Monster Ball Tour is the highest-grossing and most-atteneded debut tour EVER with $210,000,000 and 2,500,000 Little Monsters
        What has Katy Perry or Adele done to match that lol?

    • Super Queen

      I plan to buy “Judas” and “The Edge of Glory” from iTunes tonight. “Judas” has really grown on me.

      • Aspirin

        If you were such a fan you would have already bought them. You let Lady Gaga down when she needed you most and now she hates you.

      • Amerie21

        Sorry Caca..Adele ’21’ rules 2011.

        The new album is not shaping up to be the album of the year, is it?

      • Karma

        She is anxious because none of her singles from the new album could be considered as an ‘epic’.

        Time to take a rest and eat your meat dress!

      • Yeah Yeah

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that her new album is a shaky start! Maybe it is not even worth buying at all.

      • SWEETGIRL14

        I WANT MY MONEY BACK! :(

    • LOL

      Born This Way was pretty good. The next 2 singles have been crap. Who knows how the rest of the album will be?

      • Xx

        No artist has 100% of their songs opinion-ly successful to every single person in the world. So …what’s your point with your opinion?

      • Enough of Garbage

        Why is she so forced these days ?! (roll eyes)

      • Just Wait

        History will stamp her as the artist in 21 st century to having only 1 hit wonder album- The Fame.

        (she just doesn’t have it!) :(

      • Dyionis23

        Lady Gaga Born This Way>>>>>>>Ciara Fantasy Ride

    • The Shaved Biebers

      This may sound surprising coming from a gay white male, but I absolutely ADORE Lady GaGa!

    • Santana Lopez

      I was going to say the same thing. Artists do this all the time, I have no idea why this is a news story like it’s unusual. As you said, Jennifer Lopez did it just a couple of weeks ago and Katy Perry actually released five singles before her album was released, which was almost half the album. Lady Gaga did it with The Fame too.

    • Ben

      Or, in other words, if it bombs they can just say that it wasn’t really a single.

      • Bush Jr

        Hair??? Who is copying this time? Boney M ?

    • April

      It’s more than promo tracks. They sent Edge of Glory to radio. She’s nervous because Born This Way didn’t get a good reaction initially. Nobody but her diehard fans really like Judas. Edge of Glory is seeming like another song that only her diehard fans like. The casual fan doesn’t care for it that much. She bit off more than she could chew saying that this would be the album of the decade because the snippets of the other songs haven’t impressed me much.

    • Truth Hurts

      Lady Gaga’s antics and tricks are getting old and stale. Her music can’t stand on its own without unnecessary hype and overblown marketing. She stalks Madonna’s entire career, then lies about obvious plagiarism. Edge Of Glory plagiarizes Cher’s Song for The Lonely. All 3 lead singles/promo do nothing to prove that she’s here to stay! Monster’s Ball HBO special was boring half of the night because she was performing album filler from The Fame. She looks exhausted and tired everytime I see her perform, like she has too much on her plate. Judas is a weak knockoff of Bad Romance and the video is disappointing because her choreographer thinks she’s something special behind the camera! RedOne made her career what it is, she’s no different from the other pop tarts who have super producers. In fact, RedOne moved to Sweden when he was getting serious about producing, and introduced Rami to Max Martin! She grew up wealthy and privileged, now she thinks she’s some voice for the outsiders! MEH!

      • The REAL truth!

        Stop using Queen GAGA to make madonna seem relevant. There was more than one Queen in world history and in music history there is more than one! GAGA is a QUEEN! Madonna needs some heat because it’s over from where I sit. Her youtube video hits are laughable in comparison to GAGA’s billions. It’s like madonna fans live in some alternate world like it’s 1989 again. Get over it, even Katy Perry is bigger than madonna right now. GAGA’s biggest singles sold more than madonna’s biggest singles. GAGA is only 25 with mega status already, madonna was 25 when she first started. GAGA is young and in charge and you haters just can’t seem to accept it! GAGA’s HBO show made ya’ll haters look stupid and you guys know it!

      • The REAL truth!

        Madonna needs to figure out which religion she is devoted to and what young man she is ready to date. This article isn’t about madone-a. Again, using GAGA to make madonna seem relevant socially.

        Gaga has the best producers in the game. Fernando Garibay, DJ White Shadow and Red One. Give her 25 years like madonna has had you idiots!

      • Justin

        Edge Of Glory sounds NOTHING like Song For The Lonely! Edge is better!! You deaf idiots! And you guys make even madonna cringe! Why don’t you think madonna has said nothing like you guys say? Because madonna knows she wasn’t the first bit#h with tits, a vagina, blonde hair dye, toned legs, toned abs, stockings, dresses, fashion, leather boots, shades, etc…lol. You guys make it seem like madonna came before EVE…lol. Did she take the bite out of the apple too?

      • Justin

        Song For The Lonley peaked at number 85 on Hot 100 and got neutral reviews.

        “Song for the Lonely received neutral reviews from critics including one, whom critic Beth Massa claims that, “there are brief moments where the track riffs on U2’s euphoric “Beautiful Day”

        Gaga haters should really get a damn life! Edge Of Glory is really good. My lord!

      • Truth Hurts

        Why do you think “we” have to mention Madonna? Gaga does it for “us” in all her actions. You must not have heard that Laurieann Gibson just recently ADMITTED that Gaga rips off Madonna’s visual aesthetics:

        LA Times: A lot of her visual aesthetics have been compared to Madonna. As her creative director what are your thoughts on that?

        Laurieann Gibson: Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I did it on purpose, and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can. And that’s what I represent, that’s what Gags represents. That’s what this movement represents.

        Clear enough for you? Laurieann Gibson and Gaga are both full of crap!

      • The Real Truth

        so what’s Madonna’s excuse? For ripping off 90% of popular hollywood. Go get a life! GAGA has so many looks that are her very own but inspired by fashion I’m sure like Madonna WAS.

      • Fire Laurieann Gibson!

        Madonna is QUEEN. That is all.

      • Jason

        Everyone keeps saying how Gaga copied Madonna when in fact, Madonna copied several artists herself. There were actually several lawsuits filed against the former queen (yes, I said former queen) but no one really talks about that. So lay off. Her music is amazing and inspirational.

      • Juda Judas Flop-ah!

        Lady Flopga hasn’t even had a first week #1 album! She sold 27,000 copies her first week with The Fame! She just passed 4 million sales after how many years in the U.S.? She’s Queen of nobody but herself and her delusional monsters – and that’s about it!

      • Amanda

        Agree 100%!!

        BTW, Madonna,Michael Jackson and Beyonce all reached a billion Youtube views before any Gaga….that is a joke!

      • Mariah4Ever

        ****Lady GagGaga is a tiresome copycat with no substance***

    • Amanda

      LOL!It is a real single,she is talking about a video! So,you are wrong,but then most Little monsters are wrong. Gaga’s album is derivative crap,and Judas failing is why this third song has been rushed out…Interscope is worried about her sales and she has competition in the form of Katy Perry,Rihanna and Beyonce. Beyonce particularly. Her label dropped her single early cause of a leak but her promo seems awesome and her sales should be great for her second single and her album. Gaga and Interscope are NOT showing much confidence in HER project.

      • Juda Judas Flop-ah!

        @Amanda I agree!



      • Kylie fans

        Gaga would be a good 2nd- hand car sales girl !!!

  • Joshua

    deluxe album is already preordered

    • Nick T

      Same here.



    • J

      More like Queen Copycat and the public knows it now. That’s why nothing is really sticking from this album. Not exactly the greatest album of the next 10 years if it’s sooooooo derivative.

      If she would just stop ripping off Madonna….even the picture above shows her again stealing Madonna’s look from “Confessions”…

      • Me

        Seriously, she does look just like Confessions era Madonna, minus the hideous shoulder pad pointy things. It’s almost the exact same coat, nevermind the fact the it is the exact same color, the exact same colored leotard, the only difference is Madonna’s sunglasses that she wore were not purple. How her little monsters can be so brainwashed by her utter lack of creativity is frightening.

      • Super Queen

        A single that is certified platinum twice and Number One for six weeks goes beyond “sticking” sweetheart.

      • Kevin

        Born This Way is like 5 million sold!!! Go away old Madonna fans! I think you guys are afraid of something called..NEW! GAGA has 25 years before she is around Madonna’s age now. You guys seem scared of some real competition cause last time I checked Madonna wasn’t setting the charts off like in the her day. We aren’t talking clothes…Madonna ripped off princess diana and dozens of hollywood actresses that came before her. You know GAGA has so many signature looks that madonna never even thought of so go fuc$ yourself really!

      • JC

        Type in “madonna the thief” in google. Click that first article. Bring tissues because your material girl ripped off so many actresses it isn’t even funny!

      • Me

        @Kevin-Like, oh my god, no way! For you to even say Madonna is in anyway concerned with competition with Gaga shows just how absurd you are. Get back to me in 25 years and then we can talk.
        “We aren’t talking clothes”…only to say “Gaga has so many signature looks that Madonna hasn’t even thought of”…do you mean the outfit in the pic above which is a direct rip from Madonna? Or the cone boobs? Or the Alejandro look she stole from the Vogue video? Apparently you also didn’t read the story in the LA Times where Gaga’s creative director (Stephanie doesn’t come up with these looks on her own) where she admits to ripping Madonna off and doing so on purpose. Google it, sweety, though I’m sure you’ll carry on in the zombie like fashion that Stephanie is the end all be all. Next!
        Furthermore, it’s not NEW if you’ve seen it or heard it all before. Madonna hasn’t released an album in three years, hence her absence from the charts.
        Madonna has been chewing up and spitting out her competition for almost 30 years because she always had the goods to back it up…great pop music.
        I WAS a fan of Gaga until her ego got so big by listening to you wankers think she is the second coming of Christ. And the ego would be more tolerable if she could back it up with good music but her last three singles are absolute messes.

      • Truth Hurts

        Type in Lady Gaga rips off Pocketful Of Sunshine and you’ll see where she stole the chorus melody for So Happy I Could Die!

      • Elian

        “cause last time I checked Madonna wasn’t setting the charts off like in the her day.”

        Dude, are you serious? I like Gaga, but this comment needs to be addressed. In Madonna’s heyday, she was ay, way, way more successful than Gaga. Singles and albums sales. First of all, Madonna had a grand total of 36 top ten singles. That’s MORE than Elvis, more than the Beatles, in fact, she is the act with the most top ten singles in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. Out of those, seven reached # 1, versus Gaga’s 3 # 1s on the Hot 100, and Madonna’s sold in excess of 300 million albums and singles combined, not to mention that just 2 years ago she became the solo act with the biggest grossing tour of all time. Gaga still has a LOT of catching up to do.

      • @ Ellan & Kevin, but especially sweet, deluded Kevin

        @ Ellan: Madonna has had TWELVE #1 singles and FIVE #2s. If you use the UK chart search engine for Madonna Top 5s, you’ll get an error message because there’s too many. She’s also had FORTY #1 Dance songs (including SIXTEEN IN A ROW). She’s also had SEVEN #1 albums including FOUR that sold more than TWENTY MILLION COPIES EACH. It’s really great that Lady Gaga has had success as an artist—but she’s just getting started. And next year when someone else is just getting started and has a hit song—you’ll be shi**ing your panties for her as well, I would imagine.

      • Madonna Is QUEEN

        In 2008-09, “Madonna performed to over 3.5 million fans in 32 countries, grossing a total of US$408 million, making it also the fourth highest grossing tour of all time, only behind U2’s U2 360° Tour, AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour and The Rolling Stones’s A Bigger Bang Tour. It still remains the highest grossing tour by a solo artist.” Sounds like “her day” is now, dude. And whatever the revenue off 5 million singles is—I bet it ain’t close to $400 million dollars.

      • GAGA is a Queen

        Nobody is even talking about tour grossing but ok. Monster’s Ball was a critical and commercial sold out affair. Baby Gaga is a force to be reckoned with on her first headlining gig. Up there with the best of the best already! She had a bigger grossing tour than outstanding artists like Michael or Prince. But all you want to talk about is Madonna? One day, Madonna might even be surpassed in that to. What will you say then? I do know Lady Gaga had a bigger tour than Madonna’s Confessions tour.

        Every official US single released by Gaga has went top 10 in the USA..look it up. Sounds like the new Queen is on a roll. Gaga vs. Time…lol. Both of her albums have been nominated for Album Of The Year. She has already won 5 Grammy’s. Time is all that’s holding her back buddy. Enough time and she is going to murder these “records” and create new ones. Listing all the records she has already set is petty. You know what’s up!

      • Madonna Is QUEEN

        We don’t have to talk about tour grosses, since Madonna wipes the floor with pretty much any other artist when inflation is taken into account. By the third album point in her career, Madonna had released two albums that had sold over twenty million copies each. Lady Gaga, while she’s doing well—hasn’t come close to that. Album sales (and tour grosses) are the true hallmark of a successful artist. And yes, it’s true that Lady Gaga may indeed surpass Madonna’s chart achievements. She does appear to be “on a roll.” It’s just that we have to wait another TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS to find out. Acting as though Lady Gaga is some musical goddess is what’s “petty” here. You might as well be comparing Justin Beiber to the Beatles. I know exactly what’s up.

    • C

      Royal Queen GAGA does have so many looks that are her very own. And just like Madonna she gets inspiration from classic designers and famous people. But GAGA is more talented as a songwriter, singer, and performer! I have never been as excited for madonna than I am for GAGA. I am an adult born in the 80’s!

  • Kai

    From the label’s perspective, they can release ‘singles’ that are not meant for official releases later on, which means they will bank on them. Plus, this move is not new, as Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez did the same, albeit with not the same success. Whoever called Judas a ‘flop’ beware, it’s quickly climbing on the radio. The Edge of Glory is already number one in various countries, and the buzz for the album is budding even more.

    • Keri

      Judas will be performed on Idol soon. This album has so many songs esp. on the Special Edition plus remixes. Edge Of Glory huge response just made Gaga cry on twitter. It’s iTunes reviews, youtube hits, sales, critic reviews are very positive.

      • Step-mother Monster

        This is why Gaga is overdone. The reaction to the new single made her cry. Oy Vey!

      • AQS

        She wrote the song following the death of her grandfather. That’s the “edge of glory” she’s singing about – the last beautiful moment before death. She’s allowed to cry, dammit.

    • Step-mother Monster

      Budding???? If only you devoted more to schoolwork than you do to Gaga, I’d feel more proud of our educational system.

      • Super Queen

        “I hope your all ready for her eventual burnout.” Honey, it’s “you’re”.

  • MB

    Desperate move from an artist who is now realising that she oversold herself.

    • Justin

      you go back under that rock…GAGA still loves you…lol.

      • Step-mother Monster

        How could he go under the rock when Gaga probably wearing it…duh!

    • Michael

      Desperate statement from a person who has been waiting two years for her to fail. Keep waiting.

      • Michael

        My comment was for MB, not you Justin.

      • Monster For Life

        Well said, Michael!

    • cripsy

      Dont jump down my throat but I am sick of her, She let sucess go to her head.

    • mark

      If she realized she oversold herself, why would she release more singles…wouldn’t that continue to oversell herself? Do you mean overexpose or oversell like she built up the anticipation too high?
      Either way, if she realized she did this, then wouldn’t she hold back on releasing new singles?

  • Justin

    Can’t wait for May 23rd…Monsters, the singles you have already bought can be contributed to a “Complete the Album” feature on iTunes at a discounted price for the whole album May 23rd! Special Edition for me! GAGA!!!

    • Step-mother Monster

      I love how your all critical of criticisms but you all call each other monsters. You all need to get a life!

      • Well…

        Get a life? I’ve seen you comment negatively not just on every Gaga post EW has put up, but just about every positive COMMENT that someone writes on these posts. So if a life is to be gotten it’s yours.

        It’s gotten quite old but you’re not alone. I’d like to ask you… what DO YOU LIKE? Don’t you see the inherent futility of jumping at every post just to be negative? I’m not asking you to like Lady Gaga… I don’t care. But what DO you champion?

        Yes, the marketing for “Born This Way” has been aggressive, and yes EW does post a LOT about Gaga… but they are obviously responding to their audience. As each article stretches to 10 pages or more of comments, it seems pretty clear there is an audience for it. They do it for Twilight and Glee because THEY ARE POPULAR. I’m not a fan so I don’t read them. It’s that easy.

        Blind and unwavering devotion may be annoying, but systematic compulsive negativity and hatred is counter-productive and unneeded.

      • Well…

        And in the time it took me to write that you’ve left no less than a dozen negative comments on this thread alone.

        Honey, you need to get out more.

      • Super Queen

        When you hit puberty you may start criticizing others.

      • Justin

        Monsters is a term of endearment in GAGA’s world you idiot. Have you seen the Monster’s Ball? Don’t own HBO? lol :)

      • SWEETGIRL14

        Monsters Ball= King Kong Madonna & Kylie copycat Tour !

  • CylonRyder


  • Amanda

    Something about the Judas video reminds me of African Child from Get Him to the Greek. Its the feeling of self importance and pretentiousness that radiates from it. And I used to be a fan.

    • lefty

      hahaha this.

    • Kent

      Judas is a hilariously bad video.

      • Corey

        Judas= an epic flop !!!

  • Super Queen

    BRAVA Lady Gaga!

  • Irwin

    I can’t wait for 5/23. Dying to hear Marry the Night which I heard lots about. These first song hve gotten better and better as I hear them more. I mean the bar is so high for me, that if they’re not another ‘Bad Romance’ or ‘Just Dance’, it’s not surprising. She’s growing as a musician, trying new things. She’s still Mother Monster! Paws up!!

    • Keri

      Marry The Night is the first on the album joining Just Dance and Bad Romance as an album opener! Gaga has said it was going to be the first single but decided Born This Way would be the curve ball so to speak. On HBO she sings it before she first hit the stage ! :)

      • Irwin

        Thanks so much, Keri. I must have missed it Saturday. Got to go back and listen.

      • Santana Lopez

        Why didn’t she release Marry The Night second then?? I’ve heard samples of that and other songs on the album and some of them sound like they’ll be really great songs, it just seems like she made some really weird choices for singles.

    • Mrs.Malini

      You know guys… Lady Gaga is FUTURE ! Stop comparing her with Madonna! Because Madonna is PAST !
      Her last Albums were like “Everyone ,not only her real fans, should like it and she should become famous”.NOW its like ” I found my real fans and I don’t need to make simple mainstream music like Pokerface or Just Dance- She can do what ever she likes to do CUZ her Fans which are more than ca.4000000 worldwide will love it.

  • Lola

    This is so dumb. As stated previously, other artists have done this too. Look at Katy Perry. I bought all her songs when they were released and then completed the album when it came out. It’s not that hard.

  • Bran

    Not only have we heard ‘Born This Way’, ‘Judas’, ‘Edge of Glory’, but we’ve also heard full versions of ‘You and I’ & ‘Americano’. And we gotten a “taste” of ‘Schiebe’, ‘Government Hooker’, & ‘Marry the Night’ through brief remixes at special events. All can be heard on Youtube. While anyone wants their album to be successful, Lady Gaga is more about the music and the moment to her fans. (Which is has clearly expressed in every event/interview she goes to.)

    • Ben

      Yes, ad nauseum.

  • netter

    This is a tried and true release tactic on iTunes. The Jonas Brothers did this back in 2008.

  • Elizabeth

    So having 4 songs in rotation means you can’t get away from her and less work for radio stations to actually get different artists on the air.


    • Kent

      I know it seems like Gaga is being forced down our throats on purpose by radio.

  • A

    Seriously, does EW just not check its facts anymore? Has it really sunk that low?
    This is a promo single. Plenty of artists do this for upcoming releases, from Katy Perry to Kesha to J Lo to Taylor Swift. Mean was released as a promo single last year and now its an actual single.

    How about you guys stop trying to prove Gaga a flop on every turn with questionable opinions and bs material. I mean that “Backlash” article you had in your magazine a few weeks ago was complete trash. Just really shows how much this magazine has declined in the past couple years.

    • A

      I mean, seriously, EW should retract or change this article. What they’re reporting is completely untrue and just another example of their own push for media backlash against Gaga.

      • Danielle

        Are you for real? While I agree that this article kinda misses the mark (since “Edge Of Glory” is supposedly part of the iTunes “album countdown” and NOT a single), but, to suggest that EW is part of any media backlash against GaGa is laughable. Seriously. This site (and the weekly magazine) has continuous coverage of GaGa. If GaGa trips…it’s on the home page. If GaGa speaks…it’s on the home page. If GaGa’s on the home page. She’s covered 24/7 on this site and there are countless editors/writers at EW who seem to worship GaGa.

      • Santana Lopez

        I seriously think they actually posted this entire thing just to have another article about her. Because this article is just ridiculously pointless. Everyone who has Itunes knows that big named artists do this all the time.

    • Step-mother Monster

      That certainly hasn’t stopped you from taking precious moments of your life to log on said site and comment.

      • Super Queen

        Pot meet kettle.

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