Steven Tyler's '(It) Feels So Good' -- a bigger comeback than J.Lo? Hear his new single here


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American Idol hasn’t produced a true hitmaker in a few seasons (David Cook was arguably the last “star” the show made), but it has certainly been a great launch pad for the judges’ careers.

Kara DioGuardi found more new work as a songwriter and TV star, Jennifer Lopez resurrected her career with some hot singles (“On the Floor”; “I’m Into You”), and now Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has delivered his first solo single “(It) Feels So Good.” Hear it after the jump:

It’s been a remarkably long time since Tyler last lent his pipes to new music—the last Aerosmith album came out in 2004, and that was a collection of blues covers; for the last original Toxic Twins tracks, you have to go back to 2001’s Just Push Play.

Tyler’s voice hasn’t lost any of the magic that made him a star in the first place, and the song’s easy-going groove has the same kind of casual strut as the more pop-oriented stuff his band produced at the turn of the century (think “Jaded”).

The video for “(It) Feels So Good” will premiere on American Idol this week, and Tyler is set to perform the song on the show’s finale.

So who has had the better Idol-related comeback? Is it Lopez or Tyler? Choose your side in the comments below.

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  • angeljake

    2005 he did ‘Just Feel Better’ on Santanas album “All That I Am.”

    • Color Me Impressed

      Aside from the ho-hum lyrics, this song is actually pretty good.

  • angeljake

    First! lol

  • can’t wait for summer

    Steven has the better comeback than JLO. This song sounds like a great summer song.

    • Glenn

      Completely, totally, absolutely unmemorable. And that artwork for it is amateur-horrible.

      • fireflyfan

        what the hell is that symbol? is he trying to be like prince or something?

    • Crystal

      Its really catchy and easy to dance to – love it. Great summer tune :)

  • fullyCOOKed

    No contest, Tyler of course. Women of all ages, myself included love this guy. I’m proud to be almost the same age as him, and we both still Rock.

  • Chica

    I love both Steven and JLo..both new songs are great!

    BUT..David Cook was AIs “last star” .. um helllllooo I think you’re forgetting one of the biggest stars to come off of that show: Adam Lambert! :)

    • donlizard

      Adam Lambert?
      He’s an industry joke, and everyone has already gotten bored and forgotten him. Next ….

      • Jo

        Yeah, don’t think so. Adam’s here to stay. Get use to it. I think Cook was a star right off of idol but now he’s pretty much forgotten. I’m tired of Tyler and Jlo using idol to further their careers. At least they could do some judging to make it not look so bad.

      • scc

        industry joke who got a grammy nom? cool.

      • scc

        and I never hear about David Cook anywhere but idol blogs now.

      • Leigh Ann

        ssc … obviously you aren’t a fan then.

    • Tracy

      The over promoted and hyped Lambert’s CD didn’t even go platinum. Yes he had a hit single so did Kris Allen. That is what they meant. Why Lambert fans feel the need to be mean and rude all the time is beyond me and doesn’t help him.

      • Jetta

        Adam sold over 1.4 mil albums worldwid. Not Kris. Adam has a gold and platinum single in the US, Kris only a platinum. Adam had a sold out headling tour worldwide. A Grammy nominaiton. Award wins and gold and platinum albums and singles internationally. Kris is not in that league with his 1 platinum single. Sorry for you.

      • alison

        What are you talking about? The only folks I see being rude here are you and donlizard. You are using words like ‘industry joke’ and ‘over promoted and hyped’ all the adam fans have done is correctly say that Adam was the last star idol found.

        Also, Adam had TWO hit singles in the US, a 70 date US headlining tour and substantial international success. He was no more ‘over-promoted’ than kris was, they just had different paths. Adam got Oprah & the AMAs Kris got Ford Commercials, support gigs with established artists and a lot of radio play even for songs that nobody was actually buying.

        Adam is the same distance from platinum as Kris is from gold.

        None of that is to put kris down, he is doing just fine, but don’t pretend they have the same level of commercial success or that Adam has had something that poor kris hasn’t.

    • rascalete

      I do love Steve Tyler on the show he really makes AI fun to watch.
      No i am pretty sure American Idol hasn’t produced a true hitmaker in a few seasons (David Cook was arguably the last “star” the show made), That is a true statement. Adam Lambert is a blink in the radar.that is all.

  • Shirley

    Steven is really a cool guy

  • Linda

    Oh Kyle, apparently you have been living under a rock and not been paying attention to Grammy Nominated Artist Adam Lambert, who is undeniably one of the biggest stars to come out of Idol. That being said, Steven over JLo, because Rock is always preferable to pop for me.

  • pete

    Actually David Archuleta has had more success than Cook and he’s also a far more talented musician/singer/younger. We’ll probably hear more from him in the future. Cook’s brand of music is just so very stale, even when he was on idol.

    • whut?

      Oh good Gawd, are you serious? Archuleta had 1 hit single, and Cook has had 2 platinums and 1 gold. Not to mention the fact that Cook sold almost 1/2 a million more albums with 1 album than Archie has sold with three albums combined in the same time-frame (cook sold 1.4 million US with his debut album – I think Archie is at 750,000).

      Not to mention the fact that Archie was dropped from his label when his last album and single tanked. Meanwhile RCA is gearing up for a huge launch of Cook’s second album.

      I love Archie too, and he is an extremely nice and talented young man, but come on, your statement is just ridiculous.

      • Realist

        Cook’s debut album sold 1,321,849 copies as of April 24, 2011.

        Source: DavidCookOfficial

      • Mazlina

        wooo beefy little bevaer !!Must have been a wonderfully distressing time with Adam’s arrival these past 3 mths. Probably the most perplexing is the little fellas inability to verbalise his frequent and various discomforts.Wife and i were in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou for X’mas holidays and I just came back from Spore yesterday.Hope you both are on top of things and in good health. John

    • Deb

      Thank you for my laugh of the day. “Archuleta has had more success than David Cook”. LMAO! Thanks for that laugh!

    • Sandy

      Cook’s music was stale, even when he was on Idol? I guess that’s why he won by 12 millions votes. I guess that’s why his music has outsold Archie’s by the hundreds of thousands. Get a grip.

      • Sandy

        Also, Realist stated that Cook’s album sold 1,321,849 copies. That does not count international sales.

      • Leigh Ann

        David Cook fans rule ;)

  • rita

    Adam fans don’t take the bait. We know our guy is a star.

    • MJ

      Rita, yes we do know Adam is a star but more importantly so does the industry and that’s way more important that what those in the Idol bubble think. Plus Adam’s a media magnet. RCA must love the free press he always gets.

      • Jetta

        And Adam is the firt Idol to perform in Russia at that Rock festival the end of June.

  • andrea

    Steven has done it again. Love Love Love the song. Steven we want more!

  • rita

    When I said please don’t take the bait, I also meant that there is no need to post every single one of Adam’s accomplishments to prove a point. To who? The list would be too long.

  • Theresa

    Wow I love reading all the Adam fans lashing out! I think the writer meant the last person who won to have star power was David. Kris is great but he’s a niche artist. Adam is great too but he’s sold about the same amount of records as David and had way more publicity.

    • Lila

      Adam has sold more than David worldwide. And David won Idol so he got tons of publicity. Now popularity is a different thing. Adam has much more of that.

      • Lynn

        Well duh, Cook wasn’t promoted worldwide but he definitely outsold Adam in the US. Yeah, Adam had way more publicity due to his coming out after Idol, starting with the cover of Rolling Stone. He had more publicity than the winner, Kris Allen.

      • Lila

        Lynn, they only promote you internationally if there is a lot of interest in you. Adam had the international interest before Idol ended, David did not.

      • cheeri

        Adam has sold more than Cook worldwide? Really? Do you have some facts to back that up, because that is news to me.

      • Sandy

        Like Cheeri, I want to know where your facts are to back up that Adam has sold more than David. I don’t believe that’s true. Adam has done more internationally than David, but then so has Lee DeWyze as far as I know, and even Michael Johns has done international shows. David broke records for a debut tour – not sure anyone after him as done better than that. I’m not trying to diss Adam. I like Adam. I’m just sick of the fan wars and unsubstantiated comments. Let’s try to keep some truth in these comments.

      • Kat

        Cook has a certified gold or platinum album in the Us and Canada/gold or platinum singles in the Us only. Adam has 7 gold or platinum albums in the Us and internationaly/singles gold and platinum in 14 countries including the US. Should not be so hard to see who in worldwide.

      • Ashley

        KAT, it’s really not that simple since most platinum certifications for foreign countries are usually 5,000 units and up but well below 100,000 — not 1 million as in the US.

  • Vincent

    OMG! That totally SUCKED!!! Did someone cut-off your testicles Steven?? Go back to singing HARD ROCK music PLEASE, not this pop-tart wimpy garbage…..!

    • Dev

      Hey, vincent, shut up you stupid jacka$s. Steven Tyler forever man.

  • Michael

    Between Steven and Jennifer, Steven Tyler has a better shot as long as he plays his cards right, and hopefully he could also rejoin his Aerosmith bandmates soon for something new.

    • Eduardo

      I think the question soluhd be Is Jesus enough?’ That is the question that has crawled into my mind lately. If I were to lose one or all of the idols’ you mentioned above (money,family,health etc) would Jesus be enough for me? Would I run to Him and cling tightly to Him or would I run away and/or blame Him? Do I really count the things of this world rubbage when it is compared to eternity with Jesus in heaven? I know the right answer, but would my heart cry out the same? Not on my power, so I’ll just have to trust in His. Interesting subject.

  • A

    A bigger comeback than J.Lo?
    Her big single only hit 5 on the Hot 100, her album is set to show atrocious sales from last week tomorrow, and your magazine just gave her album a C.

    • Sonin

      DOG spelled isidne out is LOVE! And CAT spelled upside down is BARF. And, and, and WALK spelled sideways is NOW!It’s complicated, and only dogs (me) can understand how to spell things right. Cuz dogs know, me, Owen

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