Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' album leaks in full: To listen or not to listen?


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It’s almost anti-climactic, really.

After months of intense pre-release buildup and more hype than Donald Trump threatening a presidential bid, Lady Gaga’s hotly anticipated album Born This Way has leaked.

It was set to drop Monday, but when the singer previewed the entire album for UK subscribers of the British newspaper Metro, even she must have known that it was going to go viral faster than Ebola. Get our first impression after the break:

We’ve listened to the album (full review coming soon) and our first impression? It’s an inconsistent blend of icy techno-pop and greeting-card empowerment that’s more a triumph of production than songwriting.

Giorgio Moroder should be credited as “Producer in Spirit,” especially on synthy, electro-glockenspiel-laden tracks like “Marry the Night,” even if it seems to be more the Moroder of “Flashdance…What a Feeling!” than “Cat People (Putting Out the Fire).”

Whether Born This Way‘s moments of genuine ambition (“Government Hooker,” “You and I,” “Judas”) will resonate with the Gaga faithful as strongly as ’80s throwbacks like “Hair” or “The Edge of Glory,” which just scored her her second-highest Billboard Hot 100 debut ever, remains to be seen—and with a career now pitched somewhere between true innovation and shameless pandering, could decisively determine her future direction.

But the real question for Little Monsters now becomes, do you listen to the album now, or wait until its officially sanctioned Monday release?

With seemingly half the album already receiving airplay, maybe it’s a moot point, but do you intend to honor Gaga’s (and her label’s) original release schedule, or legality be damned, give it a premature listen anyway?

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  • Brenda Barrett

    Love Gaga, and love “You and I.” I’m disappointed that it sounds like the rest of the record isn’t as good as previous efforts.

    • First Critical Reactions are Way Negative

      Shame, I was looking forward to this. And when I say “Critic” i mean real music critics (Sputnikmusic, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Onion AV) not EW’s lolworthy reviews…


        What a shocker. They brought in the captain of the b(_)TT Pirates (Christian BlOWvay) to write about that trannnie, Lady Gaga.

      • Adwina Lambert

        pure pop trash!!! tee-hee!!

      • Lady Gaga’s mother

        Hmmm… As someone who has posted a lot of sh*t comments about the singles that have been released (and all of them DO suck except “BTW”), the rest of the album is actually not too bad. With my 25-second ADHD listening skills, here’s my take:

        Best Song: Government Hooker
        Second Best: Scheise
        Third Best: Bad Kids
        Fourth Best: Heavy Metal Lover (will be more interesting with a remix, but not bad)

        All of those are fun, rockin’, highly danceable songs, without sounding like each other. “Americano” is a retread of “Alejandro” and is nothing new. “Hair” needs to be remixed as well—since it has some potential.

        Other than “Born This Way” there’s nothing else on the album worth putting on your iPod.

      • Lady Gaga’s mother

        Oh, and “Marry The Night” is back into “Gaga repeats herself 20 million times and calls it lyrics” mode. Don’t like it.

      • Lady Gaga’s mother

        “It’s an inconsistent blend of icy techno-pop and greeting-card empowerment that’s more a triumph of production than songwriting.”

        That’s actually pretty much right on the nose, CB.

      • Well…

        I personally am finding the album to be quite amazing. It’s lived up to the hype for me, and has surprised me in its vast mix of many styles, that the singles don’t nearly paint the picture for the whole album, and that it’s as weird as it is “pop.” For me, it sounds like the techno/electro album Tori Amos never made. Really quite amazing. I’m loving “Heavy Metal Lover,” “Bloody Mary,” “Scheisse,” and “Government Hooker.” It’s quite the journey, very well paced (though I am not digging the longer 17-track versions as much) and her most definitive statement yet. She really knocked it out of the park and think her fans are really going to flip for it. Some of these choruses are just so delicious it’s hard to take. What a great record.

      • Peter

        Suck This Way !!! :(

      • Lady Gaga’s mother

        You and I have similar tastes—obviously. These songs are a little more artsy and polished and multilayered, without being so shouty and manic like the released singles. It’s almost as if the album has an identity crisis. The songs that are good are quite good, and the songs that suck sound like they came from a different artist. However, there is no “Bad Romance” moment like someone said earlier.

      • Live Well

        2 out of 5*….strictly for fans.

      • The Truth

        Pretty weak album !!!

        This album is the continuation /leftover from The Fame!

      • She Has Lost It

        Only 1 songs I really like.. the rest is just a pure crap!

      • Well…

        @Lady GaGa’s Mother: Well I was one to say that while the released singles didn’t give me the “Bad Romance” feeling upon first listen, I am finding some on ‘Born This Way.’ “Government Hooker,” “Scheisse,” and specifically “Heavy Metal Lover” blew me away on first listen and me say, “ah… THIS is what I was waiting for.” I do find them on par with “Bad Romance” in quality… the only thing is that they are stranger, and lyrically more obtuse than “Bad Romance.” So I suppose many won’t agree with me… they are less relatable. But as far as songs that get me going… they are there. But unlike you, I am not finding any terrible songs at all. It’s still early, so many of those that don’t grab me initially may turn into favorites. (As “Paparazzi” did.) To each his own… but for me, this feels like her first real “album” and not just a collection of singles. I’m just very happy that the album is filled with amazing moments that the singles thus far never hinted at.

      • Sad

        ***Mediocre & lack of substance***

      • Rona B

        When Lady Gaga isn’t ripping off Madonna, she is trying to recycle other artists’ work. “Edge of Glory,” with lyrics that sound like they were written by a loser of a 1st grade poetry contest, sounds strangely similar to Cher’s “Song for the Lonely” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You. Lady Gaga can wear meat dresses, Madonna outfits, lobster hats, and penis shoes all she likes. However, it won’t cover up for the fact that Born This Way is dead on arrival…

        Souce: The Examiner

      • Now What

        Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She’s nothing but a role model for women with no self-esteem, lack of originality and she believes everything she does is for “art”.

        Everyone knows she’s a new Madonna copycat. There’s so many trends in this world, and she’ll just be the flavor of the year. That’s why she is milking her fans like there is no tomorrow with this album, videos, singles after singles and performances.

      • Malone

        Please Rolling Stone is TRASH! They use to be a competent media source that critically analyzed music and movies based on merit now it based on politics! This review will be just a good as Rolling Stones trust that!…LOL

      • Hahaha s

        Gaga’s new so bad.

    • Elian

      LOL So much for “the greatest album ever”

      • Stephen V

        I agree, and I’m a Gaga fan. Best album of the decade? No, not even close. Try Adele’s.

      • Xx

        Adele’s ’21’ was good, but other than a couple of songs I couldn’t find myself listening to it more than once.

      • Erika

        Mediocre..i agree. Just hype..

      • Beyonce Time

        Have any of you got taste? :(

      • Kitaro

        Lady Gaga came to a fork in the road with this album. She’d built up this image as a some kind of uber-artiste, but her musical output has always been a bit pedestrian, a fact almost everyone agrees to, including her biggest fans.

        With this album, she could have proved herself a credible musician, or she could continue to do the same old thing. She’s not only chosen the latter path, she has also lost her ability to construct a decent pop song. Its all gone up her nose. The album is too over-the-top. It’s her ‘Be Here Now’.

        Pop music is full of stories just like hers. Unfortunate.

      • Malone

        I know right…LOL! Her PR Team did this on purpose so when it doesn’t sell a “gazillion” copies they can say it was because it leaked! I am not fooled by this. Britney and Breezy’s CDs leaked 2 weeks in advance. This was leaked 3 days before its release date? This CD was not received well by many who heard it so they pulled this stunt! Whatever Gaga!!

    • Nick T

      Government Hooker was voted as a fan favorite and consumers won’t look at it the same way critics do. They’ll love it because it does sound better than pretty much any other pop album right now.

      • UK Pop

        i swear if you all gave great UK pop like Marina & The Diamonds + Ellie Goulding a shot, you’d forget all about “any other pop album right now”

      • SXiPPY

        I agree with UK Pop, as I myself think that UK artists are offering up far better music than this trite hodgepodge album. I like Lady Gaga, I do, hell I even already pre-ordered this album from Target back in January before the fallout of their exclusive deal (and now I don’t know where that leaves me, the consumer?), but she really tries too hard and to think this album so high as to be declared “album of the decade”, you’re setting yourself up for both failure and further alienation. This sounds like 90’s house music mixed with a few 80’s synths here and there, it isn’t exactly treading new ground.

      • Stephanie

        Agree so much about Marina and Ellie. The Family Jewels and (Bright) Lights are better than anything Gaga has released in the past year, with about 1/100th of the hype.

      • Well…

        While “The Family Jewels” was one of my favorite records of last year… I’m still holding out to see what she does next. I thought the Ellie Goulding record was nice but a little dull. There were tracks I liked but thought it was a so-so record. I personally think “Born This Way” blows her record away… and given more money, I think Marina could do the same. (Though she is doing great with the budget she has.) But neither are a good counter-point to Gaga because Gaga aims for a much larger audience and wants to do over the top. I love love love Marina, but can’t agree with the statement that she is better than Gaga. I think Gaga has better songwriting chops that we’ve seen. Jury is still out on Marina and we’ll see with album two. Gaga’s progression, not to mention what she’s achieved in such a short amount of time with three albums is nothing short of astonishing.

      • Retired Housewife

        Born This Way..lackluster at its best!

    • May 23rd

      Just listen to the record with an open mind. Get the hate out of your life because she is simply better than today’s pop tarts.

      • Dave

        She certainly has the potential to be better than today’s pop tarts, but sadly this album is not indicative of that. It’s not even as good as Britney’s Femme Fatale, and I’m not even a big Britney fan.

      • Wait…

        Femme Fatale is so mediocre. Are you serious? I have Femme and I regret the purchase honestly. Scheiße alone is better than Femme.

      • xx100

        I don’t see a big difference between this and Britney’s and Kesha’s and Rihanna’s and Katy’s. All the same club/techno/digital dance sound. Thank God for Adele.

      • Tank Girl

        Being “better than today’s pop tarts” isn’t really anything to brag about.

      • PJ

        She IS one of today’s pop tarts.

      • Nana23

        Gaga is the pop tart and also garbage!

        *close chapter*

      • Marissa

        “I don’t see a big difference between this and Britney’s and Kesha’s and Rihanna’s and Katy’s”

        Britney, Katy, and Ke$ha are ALL produced by Dr. Luke! They all sound the same because the SAME PERSON is making them! I give kudos to Gaga for taking a risk and doing something that sounds nothing like the crap that monopolizes the rest of radio.

      • Andrew

        They all make pop music and aim for the same audience. End of story. Femme Fatale on the whole is miles beyond BTW because, as a pop album, it is consistent, the production is slick and — most notably — there is no pretense behind it and what it is. The thing with Gaga (particularly since she deemed this the “album of the decade”) is that she is all flash and no substance, especially for how much she tries to assert herself as some musical/lyrical innovator. Many of these songs are lazily crafted with lyrics that try so hard to be anthemic, but just come across as forced or indulgent. Had she kept the hype down or maybe described the album as a concept album (which I feel it may work better as if looked at this way), I probably would have had a better experience listening to it. However, she didn’t, she touted this as the pop album to top, and by those standards, it is a huge disappointment.

      • asher

        @Andrew – Dude, are you really going to say Gaga is all flash and no substance right after you just praised Britney Spears and “Femme Fatale?” Give me a break, man, you just come off as one of those mindless Britney fans who will say anything to tout their “Pop Princess,” even if they totally contradict themselves in the process. I have not heard Gaga’s album yet, but I guarantee you I would rather hear someone actually play and sing with grit, over a bunch of overprocessed vocals and productions trying to mask the lack of talent on display.

      • cripsy

        I just bought Femme Fatale and am loving it, How I Roll and Criminal are great, only heard a few songs from BTW, and I only kinda like BTW>

    • Mike

      Why do people only seem to comment on Lady Gaga articles? They are almost 4 and 5 times more commented than other artists. I know why….she is the only one worth talking about. I love the album and all the reviews I’ve read are great so far. Smear campaign by EW trolls won’t change my mind.

      • Sam

        Ok. I’m about to start trolling…but “she is the only one worth talking about” is a dumb argument. Using that criteria, Two and a Half Men really is the best show ever, Fast Five was #1 at the box office because it’s the best movie ever and Trump would be the best Presidential candidate because he was getting the most buzz. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying the other answer could be that people are sheep looking for easy shepherds.

      • haha

        I will say it for you Sam. Mike, your wrong. EW does nothing but kiss Gaga’s butt 98% of the time. It is comical how defensive you guys get when she is called to task for being overhyped because “little monsters” can’t deal with being called out as nothing but sheep.

      • Mike

        No, I’m right and you two are just trolls of the week. Funny how you are even on here because you obviously have nothing better to do or listen to.

      • haha

        aaahhhh, my first troll. I would like to thank the academy, and of course Lady Gaga, without whom, I would have never received this honor.

    • Danielia

      I like to wear my juicy sweatpants with the juicy on the butt and dance around the room.. I don’t really notice anything different about the music.

      • Adwina Lambert

        pure pop trash!!! tee-hee!

      • Matt

        Adwina!! Where you been hiding gurl?

    • Color Me Impressed

      Gagas decent, but when will people open their eyes to see the genuinely talented musical artists that are all around! Listen to The Replacements-Let It Be, Pixies-Surfer Rosa, The Beatles-Rubber Soul, Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Fever To Tell, Animal Collective-Merriwether Post Pavillion, Regina Spektor-Begin To Hope, The Who-Who’s Next, Patti Smith-Horses, Radiohead-In Rainbows, Jeff Buckley-Grace, Sonic Youth-Sister, PJ Harvey-Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, Titus Andronicus-The Monitor, The Kickback-Great Self Love EP, or Bob Dylan-Blonde On Blonde, and tell me that Born This Way is a better album than any of those; I dare you! I just heard Bon Iver’s new single, “Calgary”. It is the most stunningly beautiful piece of music I have heard so far this year, and yet I doubt it is going to receive any radio play. Most of the best music is not being played on the radio; the sooner you come to realize that, the sooner you can start discovering all the great music that is out there waiting for you.

      • jackgroce2

        Music snob, table for one…Music snob, your table is ready…

      • Rich

        Since when did liking good music make you a “snob”???

      • Aaron

        Why don’t you just let POP MUSIC FANS enjoy their POP MUSIC. Irregardless of whether you think it’s crap, Gaga has a ton of fans who dig what she does. I won’t demand you like Gaga and you in turn can go listen to your rolling stone’s ‘albums you SIMPLY must hear before you die dahhhhling’ etc. SO sick of music snobs telling me the music I listen to is crap. So what??? Should I listen to the music YOU like even though I won’t enjoy it? Seriously – why are you even on a Lady Gaga article in the first place?

      • Sam

        @Aaron – just say ‘regardless’. Irregardless is redundant and considered grammatically incorrect by most sources.

      • Brian Wallace

        Come on, Color Me Impressed. You’re OLD.

        Leave Lady Gaga to the kids. Coming onto a Lady Gaga thread and
        prosthelytizing about The Mats? Really? REALLY? Don’t you have anything better to do?


      • wakeforce

        All the artists you stated are white. You can’t think of any black artists worth mentioning? I guess that tells everybody where your music taste lies.

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Brian Wallace: Actually, I’m 22. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Wakeforce: Marvin Gaye-What’s Going On, The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland, Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Sam Cooke’s greatest hits are all also exceptional albums worth checking out. Happy?

      • Lady Gaga’s mother

        Yes, actually it’s quite a beautiful song.

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Aaron: Your incessant pop music, like Gaga, Katy Perry and the like, gets shoved down my throat all the d*mn time! Yet theres so much great music out there that people won’t even give a chance, just because its not played on the radio! Thats all I’m trying to say.

      • Color’s bossman

        “Your incessant pop music, like Gaga, Katy Perry and the like, gets shoved down my throat all the d*mn time!”

        Well honey, don’t get on your knees with your mouth wide open then. And just because you like a particular artist doesn’t mean that everyone else has to as well. Art is subjective—some people will like it and some won’t. Respect their opinions.

      • Color Me Impressed

        All I’m doing here is trying to get people to be more open-minded! Whats so f*cking wrong with that?

    • Child please…

      I have come to the conclusion that GAGA has made everyone else in music these days simply BORING! She is the TRUTH! This album is HOT!

    • Rona

      When Lady Gaga isn’t ripping off Madonna, she is trying to recycle other artists’ work. “Edge of Glory,” with lyrics that sound like they were written by a loser of a 1st grade poetry contest, sounds strangely similar to Cher’s “Song for the Lonely” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You. Lady Gaga can wear meat dresses, Madonna outfits, lobster hats, and penis shoes all she likes. However, it won’t cover up for the fact that Born This Way is dead on arrival

    • tom

      however it is ALL better then beyonces new song!

    • dangelo

      i love your song

  • LOL

    Fans of crap are fired up!

    • Woot

      Seriously shut up. I doubt you’ve listened to the entire album. Sure not every song Lady Gaga makes is great, but that doesn’t make it crap either. Sorry not everyone wants to constantly listen to Motzart.

      • Ames

        If a song isn’t good, then by definition, it’s bad.

      • Hule

        …and by definition, if a song isn’t “great,” it can still be better than average, or very good, or mind-blowingly awesome, etc.

      • Woot

        Alright I just listened to the entire album, and it’s great. My three least favorite songs are “Hair” “Judas” and “Born This Way” which would explain why I had some doubts about the album. Honestly, I think it’s weirder and strangely sexier than her previous efforts. So I can say, no I am not a fan of crap. I am a fan of this pop/dance album.

      • Stephen V

        Wow… at least know how to spell MOZART if you’re going to use his name.

      • Woot

        Yeah I misspelled Mozart. I’m only human.

    • Holla

      are you the same LOL that talked bad about Edge Of Glory, now #3 in the country? Go to hell haters.

      • LOL

        You love crap.

      • Step-mother Monster

        Hmm…someone who is criticizing haters wants them to ‘go to hell’. Sorry, I’m not a hater. I just can’t stand the fact that no one really questions this woman’s background. The woman is a character 24/7…you don’t consider that strange? You don’t think no one would comment on that? or, her outfits…which garnered her the massive attention in the first place. I heard the Monster Ball clips on Howard and the EGO of this woman is HUGE! She really needs to get over herself. She grew up rich and was bored so she took drugs. She panders relentlessly to the gays who thankfully don’t all lap it up. She is branded a revolutionary when she ‘creates’ her music but is the result of the same guy (RedOne) she uses over & over again…not to mention stealing everything from the Madonna playbook and amping it up X10. She calls BTW the Album of the decade and you don’t think people will respond to that? She calls herself a superstar…thinks an outfit she wore the first is already ‘iconic’, overshadows her own sisters graduation…and you expect no one to comment. The Edge of Glory doing well doesn’t surprise since you monsters salivate over anything this woman puts to a dance beat. You all deserve one another.

      • haha

        Holla, Katy Perry has 5 number one singles. Kesha has 3 or 4. The charts mean nothing anymore.

      • I wont buy

        since when Billboard’s position is the yardstick for quality ? :(

  • Ames

    Heard it: gets a 4 out of 10

    • Ames

      let me clarify- the few good songs are really good- great even. However, the bad songs are pretty bad. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Pick a song, any song, and it will either be Great, or Pretty Bad. There are no “OK” or “decent” songs on the album. Just a few great, and then some pretty bad. I’ll buy the songs I like, but I didn’t enjoy the rest enough to go out and buy the album when it is released.

    • Child Please

      heard’s a 9.5/10 easy. 4 out of 10 is for whoever you are liking these days besides GAGA..LMAO.

      • Jason

        Clearly, you haven’t heard it. MOST of her extremely Loyal fans are agreeing that it’s a so-so album, yet you’re ready to put it in the Hall of Fame – obviously, when this many people disagree with you, you’re wrong. I bet you like Beyonce’s new “song”.

      • Child please…

        All her fans are loving it! I don’t know where you get your information from idiot!

      • Justin

        I agree with Child Please…and jason is wrong!

    • Ace

      1 out of 10

  • Carrie

    Pretty stupid to preview it and not think such a highly anticipated album would leak. She should have just waited to release her album when it was meant to be released.

    • AK

      And miss that free publicity? Lady Gaga would never.

  • Sean

    The album is fantastic

    • vin


    • Holla

      The album is dance heaven! Nobody’s production and vocals come close.

      • Alice

        Robyn’s Body Talk is about 10 times more creative and interesting than anything Gagme every produced. And she’s got vocal chops just as good or better.

      • Stephanie

        Body Talk is ten times the album BTW is, and much closer to being the “album of the decade” as well (maybe, maybe not. But it is one of the best pop albums I’ve ever heard, along with Robyn’s s/t).

      • cindy

        did you just say vocals??? lol

  • Andrew

    I’ve listened to the album several times, and agree with parts of your take.

    The album is very layered, it took a few times for me to understand BTW’s direction – unlike Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale, a great pop albu, which was packaged for radio and cookie-cutter fan satisfaction. But then again, Britney and her management know what her fan’s what, and never fail to deliver that signature sound. With Gaga, she’s a newer artist, admittedly still finding her identity as a pop star.

    I’m not sure I’m giving GaGa more credit than she deserves, I think the album is genre-pushing, the production impeccable. I was concerned at first, but now feel confident about the LP holistically.

    “Heavy Metal Lover” has grown on me in a HUGE way. “Americano” has the potential to be a massive late summer/fall single, Scheibe will have Europe clubgoers in a tizzy, while “Bad Kids” also resonated and impressed. I’m not sure if this album is a commercial, radio-ready effort in the American pop sense. I could see it doing better (long-term) abroad than in the States.

    Her big fans will, for the most part, love this collection of music. I don’t see her engaging a new fan base, at least not in America. But then again, it wasn’t designed to do that in the first place. It will be interesting to see a) how this album sells and b) how it does on the radio.

    • Nick T

      I agree completely. She’s even said she’s not trying to make new fans with the album. She wants to give a gift to ones she already has.

    • Anya

      I agree. I was worried about the album after the singles she chose to release, but it was much better then I was expecting. Why she didn’t choose to release Marry The Night as a first or second single is beyond me. That song is fantastic. And I totally agree on Heavy Metal Lover, that’s another great one. To me about half the album ranges from good to really great, while the other half is pretty bad. She took some risks and pushed some boundaries and in some cases it really worked and in some cases it didn’t, but I have to respect her for taking those risks in the first place.

      • Woot

        I too am confused at her choices for singles. “Born this Way” grew on me and it was almost required to be her first single… but why “Judas” as her 2nd? She had 12 other songs that were way better. She probably thought it sounded more “commercial” and the provocative subject would cause controversy.

  • Ben Queensley

    I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.

    • Tom

      You should comment that again. It really opens up alot of discussion EVERY. FREAKIN’. TIME.

      • Elian

        LMAO!!! Poor Trekkies. Nobody cares.

  • commentor

    Had high hopes. The Fame was a BRILLIANT pop record. The Fame Monster was nearly as good. Me thinks this was a rushed effort, and the production emphasizes how many sound effects you can cram into the song.

  • Mason

    I can’t believe how she’s gone from being sexually attractive and voluptuous when she first became famous in 2008/2009 to being so skinny and ugly while looking wasted and like she’s rotting.

    • bran

      Is this above post serious? All of 2008/9 Gaga was called a tranny, ugly, & so on for her looks. Go look at her new Judas video, its a mass opinion she has never looked more sexy.

  • Regina

    Well this is one disappointed Little Monster. I mean there’s nothing terrible about, say, ‘Hair’ for instance but it’s nothing exceptional either. It’s just there. That’s how all of the tracks so far have been to me.

    • Dave

      I agree. I’m very disappointed. I haven’t really liked any of the singles so far, and the album as a whole is sub-par. I guess I’ll just have to pop The Fame Monster back in.

  • J

    I really like the album. With “Born This Way” and “Judas,” I was extremely worried that the album would be a flop, especially given the excessive hype. But the rest of the album is so much better than those two tracks, and the sound is very refreshing compared to what’s been playing on Top 40 radio these days.

  • vin

    I’m not a fan of hers but after lsitening to the album I actually really really liked it. Ever song is really good with the exception of “Edge of Glory” which I think is not as good as the others. “Judas” is really addictive but I think “Marry the Night” and “You and I” are def my favs. “Born this way” (the song) is good but I think got too played out and all I can think of when I hear it is the egg lol. Ohter than that I am now a fan.

  • G

    Most of the album is a rip off of someone else’s already released songs from the past.

    1) Born This Way = Express Yourself
    2) Judas = Wannabe by Loli Lux
    3) Government Hooker = Orgy cover of Blue Monday
    4) Electric Chapel = Instrumental of Kylie Minogue Can’t Get You Outta My Head
    5) Edge Of Glory = Song for the Lonely by Cher
    7) Fashion Of His Love = I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

    Where’s the originality she claims? Some people are impress so easily.

    • Nick T

      Lol at your Electric Chapel take. At one point I listened to Outta My Head everyday at max volume while belting every lyric. They sound nothing alike.

    • Child Please

      Get a life….GAGA is queen!

    • Woot

      I’m sorry but am I the only one who doesn’t think Express Yourself and Born this Way sound similar? The tempo, tone, and message are completely different.

      • commentor

        go to youtube and listen to the mash up – might make you rethink that statement.

      • J

        I completely agree! They sound nothing alike. That claim was just made by a news company who wanted to create a some sort of scandal around a song that was pegged to be huge and held up to the expectation.

      • Ben

        They have the same chord sequence and melody. How can you possibly say they sound nothing alike?

      • Sam

        @J – Really…they sound NOTHING alike? ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ by The Beatles and ‘Raining Blood’ by Slayer sound nothing a like. ‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day and ‘No Surrender’ by Bone Thugs N’ Harmony sound nothing alike. These two AT LEAST have similarities.

      • Step-mother Monster


        Still trying to defend momma? 98% of the world heard Express Yourself so I don’t know what you’ve been smoking not to hear it. On the first day it premiered, the radio played it every hour on the hour and the DJ said immediately when it ended that it reminded him of EY. Every review of the song mentioned EY. Jay Leno even mentioned it to momma herself when she was on The Tonight Show. I don’t know why your still defending her on this fight. Face it, she’s not the original inventor of music she proclaims to be. I swear, momma farts and you all go into orgasmic thrusts of glee. Well, I guess you can put a dance beat to anything nowadays.

    • flavor

      Dude or whatever you are, i agree with u on, judas and cher but really you deaf on the rest. really kylie and Electric chapel.. puh lese..>

    • Vu

      People are trying too hard to claim her unoriginality.
      Loved when “Born This Way” first came out. First someone said it sounded like “When Love Takes Over” but it didn’t stick and then it was “Express Yourself” and it stuck. I still can’t find “the same” bit.
      But what I can hear is Blue Monday in Government Hooker.
      And on completely different artist, Katy Perry E.T. is sounding so much like tATu “All the Things She Said”.

      • Ray

        Born This Way is a complete rip-off of Express Yourself. To deny it just makes you sound stupid.

      • Vu

        I am stupid then.

      • Kirk

        Judas is a complete ripoff of Wannabe by Loli Lux. Alejandro is a complete ripoff of Ace of Base Don’t Turn Around. Should I go on?

      • Vu

        @Kirk Yes. Please.

      • Anya

        I like her, but there are definitely similarities between Born This Way and Express Yourself. I also agree that part of Government Hooker sounds a little like Blue Monday, but I don’t think that one is as clear as BTW sounding like Express Yourself.

  • Justin

    I agree completely. It’s a good CD, but it’s definitely not great and certainly not the album of the decade. I’ve listened to it through in its entirety twice now, deluxe edition. You and I, Edge of Glory, Hair, Highway Unicorn and Bloody Mary are the standouts for me. It’s very inconsistent. Is she going for electro-pop, or these religious themed deeper message songs?

    • J

      I think it’s very consistent and my list of hot songs are Government Hooker, Marry the Night, Hair, Electric Chapel, Bad Kids, and more.

    • B

      Um…she is taking us to the church of dance. The album is slamming and I have to wonder how many EW people actually like dance music. It isn’t for everyone ya know? LOL :)

  • True Blue

    This album is going to be to her what Sam’s Town was for the The Killers. Brandon Flowers made the HUGE mistake of hyping that record as being “the best album of the past 25 years”, and when he unsurprisingly failed to live up to that expectation, the critics pretty much trashed that record as a result. The same thing is happening with Born This Way, it’s not “the best album of the decade” that Gaga promised, and now that quote is coming back to bite her in the ass.

    • J

      The reviews I’ve seen are favorable. They (whomever you speak of) will look like asses when these songs top the charts. They are that good.

      • Stephen V

        Really? Sadly I think Gaga’s released 4 songs as singles, and Born This Way is the only one that’s stuck. None of them are as great as Just Dance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or even Speechless.
        Gaga needs to go back and simplify a bit.

      • me

        She will top the charts alright; because of the hype and all and she’s Gaga, she’s just hot right now. But it will not change the fact that this is not a good album.

      • Step-mother Monster


        Your right, she’ll top the charts since she’s all radio plays right now. It doesn’t hurt her that she totally uses iTunes, YouTube, and Twitter to further advertise herself. I love how anything negative on momma gets all you children up in arms. Doesn’t momma teach ya not to listen to anything negative. Remember to listen to momma for EVERY life lesson. Forget your parents…it’s momma gaga that knows about life. It’s quite ironic that she’s telling you how to live the truth when she’s manifesting herself as a character 24/7. Dr. Phil would have a field day.

      • Justin

        The fact that two promotional singles were released is because iTunes has been doing that for many big releases just happens GAGA’s promotion landed a #3 Hot 100 debut! LOL

    • Stephanie

      Difference is, Sam’s Town is actually a really good album. Best album of the next 25 years? No, but it’s underrated for sure. BTW isn’t even good…it’s just hit or miss, and most of the time miss.

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