Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way': EW review


With Lady Gaga’s album now officially released, here’s an advance look at our take from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands this Friday.

The gospel of Gaga, as told in Born This Way, goes something like this: Humanity will be damned by its own self-doubt until Gaga the Savior delivers us with the might of her music. On the album’s first two singles, the messianic “Born This Way” and “Judas,” our muffin-bluffin’ Lady of yore is reborn as an earnest dance-party evangelist, retaining the beats but trading in her disco stick for a splinter of the Cross. “In the religion of the insecure, I must be myself/Respect my youth,” the 25-year-old sermonizes on the fanatically inspirational title track.

Luckily for us heathens, most of the 14 songs on Born This Way—Gaga’s rewarding but wildly uneven latest—hold more earthly pleasures, too. The only deity invoked on rollicking cuts like “Hair” and “The Edge of Glory” is Bruce Springsteen, whose E Street sax player, Clarence Clemons, guests on both tracks. And the ’80s worship doesn’t stop there: Nearly every song is tinged with Reagan-era excess, from the evocative Depeche Mode-ian frost of “Heavy Metal Lover” to the misplaced Def Leppard stomp-claps on barroom ballad “Yoü and I.”

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If Gaga doesn’t find a stand-alone hit here on the order of “Bad Romance,” the album’s sprawl still shows off the breadth of her talent. She brings expert songcraft to each cut—tectonic chord changes, soaring choruses, and that sawtooth-edged voice—even when her goth-lite lyrics don’t deserve the effort. For all its fire and brimstone, Born This Way doesn’t herald pop’s second coming. But it’s not a bad way to spend the wait. B+

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  • Crake

    “Born This Way,” as an album, is okay albeit uneven. My favorite song is probably “Heavy Metal Lover”; it has a great beat, as well as hilarious lyrics (for example: “Dirty pony, I can’t wait to hose you down”). “Electric Chapel” and “Bad Kids” are also really good.

    • Ash

      Agreed. I found myself thinking that “Born This Way” really lacked the edge that her first album had. It sounded just like anything else on the radio. What I loved about Lady Gaga’s first ablum is that it was so gritty and rough. Born This Way kind of fell flat. I must say though it worked better as an album than the individual songs worked as singles.

      • Adwina Lambert

        pure pop trash from an over-rated and over-exposed monster!! tee-hee!!

      • Lucy

        too funny, and GaGa said album would be an athem for the times, lol!

      • A+

        Pop heaven and nobody can come close. SheiBe is crazy hot and destined for #1. Marry The Night will be a huge hit worldwide. I like every song. This is my favorite album from her.

      • Mel

        I wasn’t a fan until her HBO special. I love the album and it is so refreshing than this britney/kesha crap on the radio.

      • Marissa

        I just got the cd, and I LOVE it! I think the haters lowered my expectations. I found myself surprised at the number of songs that I really, really like.

      • The Lady

        check out the reviews on iTunes…they are glowing. 4.5/5 average. In fact the slaying GAGA is doing on iTunes right now I have never seen before. All those songs in the top and her Special Edition album #1 in every country. Wow. This is one of my favorite albums EVER!

      • The Gaga Hunter

        2 out of 5*

        Same 2 year- old rubbish ! Remember when she said this album would be the greatest album of the decade? Really? This new album is not showing any big progression whatsoever so far. Do people really let their kids buy this? I know kids will download it but are there actually adults who will spend their hard earned money on this tasteless crappy album. Haven’t we learned any anything about this recession? What a ‘sad, true but waste’ era we live in…. (Sigh)

      • Sheyonce


      • Black Baracudda

        she should sell this album for 99cents. Thats how much Born This Way actually worth!

      • The Edge of Failure

        ‘Born This Way’ isn’t art ; more about commercialism trying desperately to make music addictive, repetitive and it lacks all the warmth, emotion and depth. For lack of a better phrase a garbage

      • Step-mother Monster

        The Lady,

        In fact the slaying GAGA is doing on iTunes right now I have never seen before.

        Your right, of course you haven’t seen it before, iTunes has only existed for several years. So, the records Gaga is breaking…be it on Twitter, YouTube, iTunes…all of these social media’s only became mainstream kinda recently. It’s like when artists didn’t have any huge platform to promote themselves until MTV started. Slaying indeed.

      • Naema Jackson

        Noise + Dry = Lady Gaga Born This Way

      • Not paying for gaga

        Deep down inside I think her fans know this album is a lackluster. Not only she has produced a very weak album of the year but a weak monster who will buy anything from this self-absorbed and forced artist.

      • MattNY

        Madonna Like A Prayer album is 10x time better than this lame album!

      • The Lady

        This album is phenomenal. Deep down the haters know they lose everytime they open their crusty mouths! Deep down you know Madonna is boring!

      • The Lady

        I feel so sorry for madonna fans. You gotta go back to the 80’s to get a consistent record. Most of her albums are just plain weak!

      • @not paying

        you are ALWAYS wrong…lol.

      • JOE Z

        i agree born this way is too 90’s pop.sorry but does sound like a madonna song.i love her club mixes.the new songs are lackluster.lady gaga is fantastic,just not on this cd.

      • Kyle

        it’s amazing man….everyone who is buying it loves it. Maybe some of you don’t understand dance music. It is a tough genre to please fans of other genres. This is hot.

      • First Albums

        “…rewarding but wildly uneven” = a B+? Uh, sure. I guess we know who’s been making all the “GAGA is Queen” posts.

      • Rich

        This is the “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” of music. Huge hype, shattered records, massive first-week sales… but a big ol’ letdown in the end. A ton of people are gonna buy this album based on all the goodwill from The Fame Monster, but it won’t have the same staying power…

      • Kate

        Anyone saying “letdown” hasn’t heard the record or cares enough to. No user reviews on any site indicate that nor do top branded critical reviews. I didn’t buy The Fame and I bought Born This Way. I think it’s a better album. But I love most of her music. Stop wasting your time and ours trying to convince yourself you are valid.

      • Rich

        It feels too much like a rehash. “Bad Romance” was a definite step forward from the original album… Nothing here has that same effect.

      • meh

        Mel, if your only choices are Britney/Kesha v. Lady GaGa, then i am so sad for you. Gaga fans complain when anyone doesn’t like her stuff by saying it’s so much better than other crap. But the thing is, people that don’t like her music probably aren’t listening to the other crap. There’s tons of music from today and yesteryear to choose from. But if you are of the mindset that everything good must be on Top 40 Radio, then you are going to be missing out on all the REAL artists. Gaga has had a couple of ok songs, but i think she’s overrated and overexposed. And I enjoy her better playing acoustic than all the dance club friendly beats that i was bored with the first time i heard them 5-10 years ago.

      • Kate

        GAGA is amazing…end of discussion. I don’t even put the effort to comment about any other artists these days. Funny how GAGA gets the most…oh, cause she’s the only one worth having any opinion of.

      • The Edge of Garbage

        There is nothing original about this copy cat degraded act called Shady Ga-ga. Hiding behind her makeup like Alice Coooper or Ozzy Osborne ..No shock value here that has not been seen before; as this clearly looks to me as across of Marilyn Manson & Madonna.No art or originality here just print quality..The repetitive cycle called “a fad” that repeats itself every 20 -30 years or so..Parents be an example; educate your children and teach them to save their money, instead of spending hard earned cash by idolizing after every koo-koo that comes down the pike as they wind up filthy rich.. we allow mindless diversions in our homes and don’t mind selling out our kids and our grandkids with debt/slavery by not getting involved with the pressing matters of the day such as the (economy) .Just my 2cents worth but I earned it and am saving it! So lady gaga. If you really want to get reborn.I think you have to die first and frankly I would care less as have no substance or value in your act just in your bank account for which me & mine will not be contributing !

      • Grandfather of 4

        Thank you for the review.

        B+ is the max..

      • Ms. Gaga

        Gaga has very solid reviews and amazing buyer reviews. Much better than many albums esp. from Rolling Stone and Slant magazines reviews. Look back at the material girls reviews and they are all over the place with exception of one album. So stop being so critical and go to wikipedia and learn something about how right and wrong critics and simply dumb pessimists can be about many artists music.

      • Tom

        Soleyant green is people!

        Oh nevermind.

      • Well…

        To all those obsessed with trashing Gaga… Obviously yes, there are a lot of people that come to EVERY Gaga post to poke fun at the people that love her, that use “flop this way,” that get a certain type of joy by basking in negativity and being anti. That’s not so much an anti-fan… it’s more an absolute loser. We don’t care if you don’t like Gaga. We don’t care if it upset you that she’s been the most talked about artist to come around in some time, we don’t care if it shakes you to your core that the woman just topped Oprah on the Forbes list. WE DON”T CARE. The problem is… you do. You and your ilk are literally obsessed with negativity. You can think WHATEVER you want to think about Lady Gaga… but the futility of wasting your time to let everyone know time after time isn’t really a critical mind at work… it’s a sad sad little person with nothing to champion in their lives. I’m sorry that Lady Gaga bothers you so much. I’m sorry that your dislike of her makes you feel superior to the point where you need to spout “tripe” at someone who is taking their moment and running with it. I am truly sorry. But Lady Gaga doesn’t care. Her little monsters don’t care. And the world officially doesn’t care for your negative, do nothing, no good existence. Try to have a good life from here on out… because we’ll be getting down to “Schiesse” over here.

      • hahahahaha

        Queen Gaga will debut number 1 in the UK, new reports indicate she is outselling the top 10 combined. Also her debut album The Fame will re-appear in the UK top 10. They said maybe even top 5. Queen ishhh peasants. :)

      • Monster For Life

        Thank you “Well…” for cutting through ALL the BS flying around on this site. That is exactly what needed to be posted!!!

      • Danny34NY

        This isn’t music. This isn’t art.

        It doesn’t express anything original in any capacity by any stretch of the imagination. It’s like a big mac for music. It’s cheap, formulaic, bad for your health and shoved down the throats of the general public because its marketable to morons & impressionable children with the IQ below than 70.

      • Robbie

        To think, the world once believed Britney Spears was the heir(ess) apparent to Madonna.

        Then along came Stefani Germanotta, an Italian-American misfit with daddy issues and dreams of stardom. Since then she is well-known as Madonna copycat.


      • SteverB

        @Danny34NY: go ahead, Danny, love it, embrace it — it won’t make you gay.

    • Matt

      I totally agree with the critics review; this morning I too thought that there’s no hit single a la “Bad Romance”, but the album as a whole is still an interesting progression. It’ll be a great CD for a party, or to cheer yourself up.

      • Adwina Lambert

        pure pop trash!! tee-hee!!

      • gazmo

        No Hit single? “Born This Way” was #1 on billboard for 6 weeks. 3 weeks at top on iTunes…Is still in top 20 on iTunes? Thats not a hit?

      • Rio

        Not a hit the likes of “Bad Romance” which is what the reviewer said.

      • retired housewife


      • Step-mother Monster

        If you need this CD to cheer yourself up, you must be a sad state to begin with.

      • Reality Chic

        Born This Way the single was a hit thanks again to the one and only ‘Queen of Pop’ named Madonna!

        Madonna can live without Gaga but Gaga cant live without Madonna.

        End of story!

      • theKFBs

        This is a response to people commenting that “Born This Way” is not a hit like “Bad Romance” was: get your facts right before you say this because…while “Bad Romance” may have had more staying power, it did not achieve No. 1 on the Hot 100; it stalled at No. 2. “Born This Way” debuted and stayed at No. 1 (on the Hot 100) for six weeks! Which is the bigger hit? You tell me.

      • First Albums

        “Born This Way” debuted and stayed at No. 1 (on the Hot 100) for six weeks! Which is the bigger hit? You tell me.” Okay, I’ll tell you. “Bad Romance” has sold 9.7 million copies—which is more copies than “Born This Way.” Therefore it’s the bigger hit of the two. Satisfied?

      • LucasK

        IDK everyone is quoting numbers and stats; Bad Romance put GaGa on the map, it catapulted her into the stratosphere.

      • Mrs.Boeing

        StepMother, why don’t you just ask Matt out already?

      • Step Mother Monster

        Only if you join us Mrs. Boeing. You know if Momma is kinky than you all should be.

      • theKFBs

        Ummm, to First Albums: No, I’m not satisfied with your curt reply. Nobody was talking sales figures. So, unless you haven’t the ability to count, a No.1 single trumps a No. 2 single. See, it works like this: 1, 2, 3…etcetera.

      • Drew

        Although Born This Way was number 1 for 6 weeks, it has fallen off faster than Bad Romance did, which stayed in the top 10 for 14 weeks compared to 9 weeks for Born This Way. I would consider Bad Romance a bigger hit and that song continues to define Lady Gaga for a lot of people

      • Sam

        I think “Bad Romance” catapulted her to ultrastardom, but “Poker Face” announced her arrival and that she was a force to be reckoned with.

      • @ theKFBs

        Try selling that logic to an record company head or a movie producer, and you’ll get laughed out of his office. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” never hit #1. but it’s considered a hugely successful movie because it made what? Lots of money. And as far as “Born This Way” goes—the album is being given away for .99 a copy at Amazon, the single “Judas” has nosedived to #41 in its 6th week, and now “Edge of Glory” falls from #3 to #19. Why, that may set a record all right, but it’s not exactly the kind that Lady Gaga is looking for.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Gimme a break. I bought it from Amazon for 99 cents and it wasn’t even worth that. Any Madonna album is 100X better.

      • Jon

        EWW..I used to love love love Madonna…but her songs are so flat and boring now, I can’t see myself every liking Madonna again after Gaga :(

      • Michael

        That’s funny. I’ve never listened to a Madonna album that I thought was worth more than 99 cents. At least Gaga can sing well live.

      • Monster For Life

        GimME a break Amanda! For the exception of one or two tracks on each, “Erotica, Bedtime Stories,” and “Hard Candy” were all very boring albums. Hate Gaga if you choose to, but don’t EVER say that ANY Madonna album is 100X better. LMAO!!!

      • ML

        Madonna has a proven career, Gaga is not there yet. Madonna was doing what Gaga is doing now a decade ago with more meaningful messages. Let’s not compare the rookie to the Queen yet…

      • ph33

        Not that I am a fan of either, but I like how Monster for Life completely skips over the first ten years of Madonna’s catalog in making her comparison. Oh, revisionist history.

      • Lady Gaag

        I have my songwriters just try to copy Madonna’s songs as closely as is possible without infringing on copyrights. I really “Expressed Myself” on “Born This Way” (wink, wink). Dear fans, please don’t embarrass yourself by claiming I am original, My entire schtick is stolen from those who came before me, I have never once broken new ground and never will. Please, keep buying my music!!!

      • Step-mother Monster


        Madonna is the first person to admit she doesn’t have a strong voice. Liking someones voice is very subjective. I couldn’t care less about those perfect voice being foisted on us by American Idol. You can have Mariah, Celine, Christina, etc. Gaga happens to have a voice that you love to hear, I love to hear Madonna. I find more character in Madonna’s voice while Gaga’s voice always sounds the same. I guess smoking and doing drugs can do that to a voice. Lets see Gaga after 27 years in the biz. At least Madonna didn’t morph herself into a character 24/7.

      • D’s Advocate

        @ph33- But Monster for Life’s comment took issue with the idea that ANY of Madonna’s albums were 100 times better. Monster named three of Madonna’s albums that she would argue aren’t 100 times better than “Born This Way”. Yes, they aren’t from the first ten years of her career, but it seems less like an issue of revisionist history on Monster’s part and more like one of reading comprehension on yours.

      • Monster For Life

        Thank you D’s Advocate!!! I was about to explain that very fact but you did it for me. Madonna’s first decade produced hit after hit album. But to claim the word “ALL” was where I took issue.

      • Step-mother Monster

        Monster for life,

        Correct me if I’m wrong and I know you will since all you little monsters are know-it-alls, you used the word ‘boring’. Ray of Light was boring? Die Another Day? I swear if Gaga hiccupped in a song and put it to a dance beat you all would salivate endlessly. Boring??? I guess having your fave be a woman who has morphed into a CHARACTER 24/7, steals bits & pieces of another artist’s music and proclaims it revolutionary, and now eats paper…of course Madonna would be boring. Now, please go back to Mommy, she’s calling you all to dinner.

      • America’s Biggest Looser

        Thanks, Gaga you make me appreciate Madonna even more with your lackluster and hype album.

      • Sweet Girl Alabama


      • Next

        Born This Way>>>Rated R>>> Fantasy Ride

      • Paws Up

        Amanda, crawl in a hole and go to sleep because obviously you’ve been living underground if you think this album sucks, I’d like to see you do what shes done and get away with it. Its pointless trying to do this you’ll just hide behind your monitors as always..

      • Monster For Life

        Step-mother Monster – you calling me a know-it-all?!?! That’s rich! Please read my post again. I mentioned 3 albums, none of which were the ones you referred to. If you’re going to waste your time like an insecure school yard bully picking fights with everyone who doesn’t share your opinions please move on. I’m embarrassed for you. I praised Ray of Light in another post here but did you see or acknowledge that? NO! I don’t understand (nor do I need to) what your angle is when you come and post on an artist you obviously hate and pick fights with every Gaga fan. What a sad life you must lead. Even though I suspect you are very old, I still feel the need to say GROW UP!!

      • Checked

        Madonna does it better. At least from her heart not for Billboard Hot 100

      • SteverB

        @Step-mother Monster: “At least Madonna didn’t morph herself into a character 24/7.” That’s the funniest thing I’ve read since the 80s!! It’s ALL Madonna did, EVER! Who are you talking about? Certainly not Madonna.

      • shewbie

        I agree with Monster For Life about Madonna’s Hard Candy and Bedtime Stories but Erotica????? Really? Try listening to it with headphones. And I am being serious. That masterpiece of an album was over-shadowed by the media attention Madonna was getting at the time. (Very similar to the over-exposure Gaga is receiving now.) Even critics, like Rolling Stone, have gone back an changed their opinion on the album. As for Gaga’s newest. I like it. It’s pretty good as a concept album and I think that was her main point. I wouldn’t say her singles are genius but they do make a statement to at least dance your ass off.

      • BUT BUT BUT…

        Christ, you people act like three year-olds. Lady Gaga is a performance artist who happens to be a successful singer as well. Just like Madonna, sometimes she puts out good material (Poker Face) and sometimes she doesn’t (Judas). There’s nothing more annoying than a sycophant who has an orgasm over every burp and fart this woman emits. It won’t kill you to admit that there are better songs than what’s on “Born This Way,” and Lady Gaga won’t get her feelings hurt. Why, I’d be willing to bet that SHE WON’T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU’RE HAVING SUCH REBELLIOUS THOUGHTS.

    • Nick T

      I took it as half 80s in the future anthems and half filthy, unapologetically catchy dance beats. If you listen with great speakers at least, the intense production really comes through. And man can she deliver some killer hooks!

      • Nicki

        I agree! It is part positive antehms, part dirty beats, all interesting!

      • meh

        To each his own. Haven’t heard the whole album. Only the tracks that have been released on websites or that she’s performed. I find it boring. Others like it. I’m not going to call someone a hater or an idiot for having different likes or dislikes. But I will call someone an idiot who thinks that anyone who doesn’t worship at the alter of gaga is a hater and “i’d like to see you do what she does” as if that’s a logical argument. I’m not a professional pop star nor is anyone posting here, i’d wager. We all are allowed our opinions and to voice them. It’s just rather annoying when people post uneducated, illogical ones that just spew hatred (which i’m pretty sure Mother Monster says she isn’t about). Hating anyone who doesn’t like Gaga is another form of bullying. Think about that.

    • Geww Berg

      Pic looks scary. Looks goo too.

      • Yulanda

        thats why she is a cry baby..self-indulgence pop look-at-me kind of thing with insipid music.

    • Christine

      My favorites are “Marry the Night”, “Gov’t Hooker”, “Schedisse”, and “Bloody Mary”. So many great songs!

      • shewbie

        You pretty much nailed the best tracks on the album.

    • D+

      Insipid and not album of the decade. Just hype!

    • Mikey

      Gaga is NOT breaking new ground nor is she doing anything that would influence anyone or anything other than runway clothing designers. She’s a good fashion show – that’s it.

      • meh

        She’s a great fashion show. But there’s a reason why she couldnt get the industry interested in her before all the crazy outfits. I don’t find much depth in her writing or music. But, frankly, that’s not what the kids ask for nowadays. Everything is cyclical. And just like insubstantial hair metal and its like was a hit in the 80s, now we have all kinds of empty pop kings and queens or hip hop, where it’s more about having a good dance beat than anything else. to each his own, but as a lover of good music, it makes me sad that so many people don’t understand the difference. there’s room for all, but don’t elevate dance music to someplace it doesnt deserve to be.

    • YeHaww

      Taylor Swift’s album sold 1.1million in its first week with higher price than $0.99 :)

      • Gaga The Flake Hype

        hmmmmmnnnnn !

    • Tired of BS

      America has always had a fascination with Freaks & carnavial barkers

    • Spider

      How soon can we expect the review for Duran Duran’s 2 month old new album, “ALL YOU NEED IS NOW”?

    • Damion

      I have to disagree…the album is absolutely astonishing, even if it is slightly over-produced. And funny how I don’t think any of the tracks you listed are the strongest ones. The standout track is, no doubt, “Edge of Glory,” but “Government Hooker,” “Americano,” “Scheiße,” “Fashion of His Love”, “The Queen” and especially “Bloody Mary” are all absolutely extraordinary tracks.

    • Here’s the thing

      IN the end, it isnt about Gaga copying Madonna or her fans thinking she’s Jesus. It’s about solid pop music and sadly she did not deliver on BTW. Bad Romance will be the Lady Gaga song that shows up on Best of 2000’s cds in 10 years not Judas. She needs time off to grow up and expand her lyrical vocab. A flop might help her actually with maturity and growth. A little humility and some cutting edge production could elevate her to the next level but she is sin’t there yet regardless of what the sales say.

    • Color Me Impressed

      EW, please stop drooling all over Gaga. She’s decent, but when will people open their eyes to see the genuinely talented musical artists that are all around! Listen to The Replacements-Let It Be, Pixies-Surfer Rosa, The Beatles-Rubber Soul, Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Fever To Tell, Animal Collective-Merriwether Post Pavillion, Regina Spektor-Begin To Hope, The Who-Who’s Next, Patti Smith-Horses, Radiohead-In Rainbows, Jeff Buckley-Grace, Sonic Youth-Sister, PJ Harvey-Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, Titus Andronicus-The Monitor, The Kickback-Great Self Love EP, or Bob Dylan-Blonde On Blonde, and tell me that Born This Way is a better album than any of those; I dare you! I just heard Bon Iver’s new single, “Calgary”. It is the most stunningly beautiful piece of music I have heard so far this year, and yet I doubt it is going to receive any radio play. Most of the best music is not being played on the radio; the sooner you come to realize that, the sooner you can start discovering all the great music that is out there waiting for you.

      • Kermit the Slug

        Dear Color:

        Since you dared me: BORN THIS WAY is a better album than any of those you mention. I’m not sure who appointed you the universal arbiter of determining quality music.

        Also, making comparisons between current artists and artists who had their heyday generations ago (meaning 35 years or more) is inherently problematic. I don’t think you’d compare The Beatles, Cole Porter, and Mozart – so why are you comparing Gaga’s latest to so many albums from twenty to forty years ago?

  • Agustin

    She claimed “best album of the decade”. Judas was disappointing and Born This Way had the “Express Yourself” ripped off controversy. Is the music as interesting as her outfits?

    • Darrell

      Yes it actually is!!

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      No, it’s not, sadly. I think becoming a mainstream smash has dulled her edge a bit with all of the preachy preachy up with monsters bunk.

      • Eric

        Agreed, it seems a bit dull. Perfect description. Good effort, but she’s gone off the rails a bit.

      • Roger

        So true. It’s so self-indulgent. I appreciate how often she speaks on how fortunate she is, but it would be nice if she explicitly stated “I am a rich white girl from the upper west side and have been given a lot and therefore have expectations.”

      • Christine

        I find it more interesting when someone “goes off the rails”. How can that possibly be considered losing one’s “edge”. To lose her edge would require her to stay on that track and follow all the other pop tarts and work with Dr. Luke (who had something like 90 songs on the charts in 1 year). If Gaga had lost her edge, she would make a cd like Katy Perry, Kesha, Britney…all sounding a like because they RELY on one producer.

    • Tonic

      Even more, actually. Gaga is rare as a popstar because she has the chops, the moves, the look AND the music. I didn’t have many expectations for the album, but am loving it.

    • Zzzzz

      pathetic album from the biggest pathetic copycat USA has ever produced.

      • JOE Z


      • GAGALOVER14


    • Mr F

      Everyone knows she’s a new Madonna copycat. There’s so many trends in this world, and she’ll just be the flavor of the year. That’s why she is milking her fans like there is no tomorrow with this album, videos, singles after singles and performances.

      • Husband Material

        Lady Gaga is a talentless wonder-(I saw her obviously lip synching on the Leno show) who relies on “shock value” for publicity.

        I would rather listen to Adele.

      • samantha

        It’s not that Gaga’s a copycat, it’s just that there’s basically no shock value to what Gaga does because Madonna did it before her. Judas didn’t shock me because we had the “Like a Prayer” video before and it was much better. Both ladies are fantastic in their own way-do we have to pit them against each other?

    • Damion

      The album is absolutely extraordinary. “Born This Way” is not a rip-off…like hundreds of others songs, it shares similar architecture to Madonna’s track…thousands of songs sound similar, but Gaga got flack because she is such a monumental force. Sorry, but Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” sounds all too similar to a Moby track, but no one talks about that. Gaga’s album is absolutely brilliant.

  • Justin

    You know, honestly, I love EW, and I’m not one of those weirdos that hang around here only to criticize. But you couldn’t come up with something a bit longer? I know quantity does not equal quantity. But seriously. This is the shortest review I’ve read of Born This Way. I’m not saying I disagree. In fact, I actually do agree with this review. But I’m not even a professional writer and I wrote a longer review than this on my website. Put some more personal touches in there. Talk about the music a bit more. This is weak.

    • Kate

      Uh, Justin, read this again,”With Lady Gaga’s album now officially released, here’s an advance look at our take from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands this Friday.” DUH – they want you to buy the magazine and are not gonna give you the whole article!

      • Justin

        I guess I need to clarify. What I’m saying is, I highly doubt there will be any more about the actual CD in the full review. As the start of this is likely the mid way point of the full review. The review is just weak compared to other reviews I’ve read. That’s all.

      • Step-mother Monster


        Uh, duh…how about YOU re-reading the statement you just copied. With Lady Gaga’s album now officially released, here’s an advance look at our take from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. That IS the whole review. Put that in actual magazine type and there you go. So please get off your high horse or should I say vessel?

      • LucasK

        Hey, StepMother Monster: shut the hell up. You keep on flaming people, yet you’re the one who seems to be plastered to every single one of these GaGa articles, spending your time treating people like garbage. You are a sad piece of sh*t

      • Step Mother Monster

        Lucas K,

        Touched a nerve much? Have you just risen from your coma? I’m certainly not the only one who deems Ms. Gaga a flake and a fraud. She ate David Lettermans notecard for Petes sake! The woman craves attention and she deserves all of it…both positive and critical. You think I’M ‘flaming’ people???? Mother for Life and Matt are all over these Gaga comment boards and I get reprimanded from you Mr. Holier than thou. Oh, that’s right since they are spouting endless superlatives, that’s OK. Gotcha. These are comment boards dumbA$$ and they combine both pro and con. You would think that being a Gaga fan would mean you have thicker skin. Didn’t she preach that in one of her endless sermons????

    • Miguel

      I totally agree with you, Justin. But, from what I’m reading here, it seems like this is just an excerpt of the complete review, which will be available in the magazine. This isn’t the complete review.

    • Mike

      A review any longer than this would just get into recap territory. The vast majority of reviews I read online – music, film, or otherwise – are way too long. EW is very concise and that’s why I read.

      • Justin

        There’s a difference between being concise and misleading your readers into thinking this is all there is to the CD. A “full” review should be more than a little blurb and should discuss, at the very least, a majority of the CD. We’ll see the full review in the magazine, but I highly doubt it’ll be any more substantial than this preview.

      • Kyle

        If you look at past EW music reviews, most are very short like this one. Even in the movie reviews, only 1 gets a lengthy review…the others are significantly shorter. For an album with as much hype as this one, the review does seem short, but in the grand scheme of EW music reviews, it seems right on track. Any other thoughts?

  • Doug

    if you can’t make it on looks or talent, you have to make it on shock value. ga-ga needs to go-go away.

    • robin hood


    • Jay

      CLEVER. Not. She has all three.

    • JOE Z


  • blink

    Totally different from “The Fame”, and Im so glad!! Loing the 80s electro/pop/rock mix in this album. Even if not a fan, you got to give it to her for doing album that might not be as radio friendly as others pop astists at the moment. I love her for that. My early favorites: “Fashion of his love”, “Electric Chapel”, “You and I” and “Sheibe”.

    • blink

      *Loving, not “Loing”

    • Melissa

      I agree! EVERYONE is being produced by Dr. Luke these days. It is so refreshing to hear something that doesn’t sound like everything else. I am such a fan of this cd!

  • pka

    Edge of Glory, Americano, Government Hooker and You & I are amazing. Do we think she will finally release a piano rock ballad as a single? Brown Eyes was fun and Speechless was a fan favorite, but why waste Brian May and Mutt Lange if it isn’t on the radio?

    • Anna

      I think You & I will definitely be released as a single.

      • ST

        I just heard “You & I” on the radio this morning and they said it was her newest single. I really liked the song (probably my fave off her album so far as I haven’t been a fan of “Born this Way” or “Judas”) but it seems like she’s dropping singles so quickly. Is that just me?

      • Woot

        She’s only released 3. “Hair” was only a promotional single, not an actual single. There was about two months between “Born this Way” and “Judas.” I think she’ll give it time before she chooses and releases her 4th single.

      • ST

        @Woot-I thought “Edge of Glory” was also a release? They’ve been playing it in my area like it’s a new single…

      • Woot

        Sorry I thought I implied that. Yes “Edge of Glory” is the 3rd single I was alluding to. Like “Hair” is was meant as a promotional single, but it did so well on itunes that she decided to just make it an actual single.

      • ST

        Okay, I know this might sound argumentative (and I don’t mean for it to) but on my local radio station I heard “You and I” released as Gaga’s newest single so that would be her 4th. I’m not saying their bad releases (though again, wasn’t crazy about Judas or Born this Way) but it just seems as if she’s dropping singles rather quickly.

      • Rated D= donkey

        …from with 80s CD? Cher, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson or Grace Jones?


    • Nick T

      Yup. I expected to not like Americano, but its everything I wanted Alejandro to be. The intro tricks you thinking it’s gonna be that song repeated before diving headfirst into more dark club banging.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I bought it for .99 because why not?

    • kt

      Exactly. lol

      • JOE Z


    • Monster For Life

      Ms. CB… I LOVE your screen name… LMAO!! Ahh, Friends!

  • matt

    Aside from some stupid song titles, i actually quite like the album. Fashion of His Love (Terrible title) sounds a lot like Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

  • Ally

    i’m sorry but i don’t understand the whole “everybody should think Gaga’s great” – anything i’ve heard of this new album is very much euro-cheesy dance music and nothing outstanding. All she seems to do is try to be shocking to gain publicity and most of the stuff she does is the type of stuff Madonna did years ago when it was actually shocking.

  • KC

    I bought the expanded edition with 22 tracks, and while there’s a clunker or two in the bunch, I think the CD is fantastic. It might not herald pop’s second coming, but it most certainly heralds the arrival of summer, and this CD will definitely be the soundtrack of the season.

    • Monster For Life

      Totally agree with you KC. It’s a great album with just a couple of “meh…” songs in my opinion. I hope those will grow on me but the vast majority are great tracks. I love the darker edge she went with compared to The Fame. Way more interesting and makes her stand out from her current peers much further.

  • Rossi

    I can’t believe how Stefani (Lady Gaga) has gone from being sexually attractive and voluptuous when she first became famous in 2008/2009 to being so skinny and ugly while looking wasted and like she’s rotting.

    • Matt

      Amy Winehouse, anyone?

    • Cocaine

      Sniff, sniff, sniff

      • Paws Up

        you would know right?

    • Melissa

      Since you posted this same crass comment on the other Gaga thread, I will repeat my same response:
      As a woman, I am COMPLETELY irritated by your comment. Women weren’t put on this earth to be eye candy. Gaga is a beautiful woman under all of the costumes, but she choses to be creative instead of a slave to the female ideal. It am so bored with seeing pop stars doing the same old “please-think-im-hot” thing. It is not creative, it has been done a billion times over, and it is time for women to break out of the box they have been put in.

      KUDOS to Gaga for shattering the female ideal. That takes a lot of courage.

      • Paws Up

        preach sister!

      • Brooke


    • Reality Chick

      there is always a celebrity rehab readies to hire her ! :(

  • Kat Jennings

    With her futuristic music and style, Lady Gaga should have a cameo in Star Trek 12.

  • JDean

    Can someone please explain to me why an album needs to be “even”?

    • PJ

      Because otherwise the songs contradict themselves.

    • ST

      Plus I think it helps (at least for me) when the songs have a natural flow to them. If you put a CD in and listen to it all the way through there’s a natural order and rhythm to how they blend. Not that they all have to sound a like but some similiarity is helpful. Adele is a good example of this. Her CD is great to put in and listen to all the way through b/c there’s a naturalness to how it fits together. It feels like the songs themselves tell one long story instead of just short bursts of randomness. I’m not comparing Adele to Gaga b/c they’re obviously two different artists but just how their individual albums “fit” together.

      • peaches

        Adele and Lady Gaga are different artists. Adele with “21” has created a cohesive and brilliant album. Gaga with “BTW” has a too many ideas, no editor, no clear vision,and no flow. It’s like listening to tourette’s syndrome set to an Ace of Base record.

      • ST

        @peaches-I believe I said Adele and Gaga were two different artists. I wasn’t comparing them or their CD’s, just pointing out that Adele’s CD 21 has a good natural flow to the songs. I haven’t heard Gaga’s new CD to tell whether it’s sporatic or not. I wasn’t crazy about Judas or Born this Way but Edge of Glory and You & I I’ve liked okay.

      • Monster For Life

        In my opinion, another great comparison to this concept of “cohesiveness” is apparent with another icon… Madonna. It’s the difference between her albums “Ray of Light” vs. “Music” in that “Ray…” had tracks that although were individually their own, as a whole still followed the same overall flow. “Music” had three sonically different stories being incorporated into one album and it came out sounding disconnected even if the individual tracks were good in and of themselves.

      • DR

        @Peaches But why “21” so dry, tho. It’s the inverse of BTW: Adele’s voice doesn’t get lost in the production because the production’s so bland. Gaga gets lost in BTW’s production sometimes (Heavy Metal Lover, Hair).

    • Brian

      the extended edition is provides the much needed connections – totally worth the extra dolla$

  • wysiwyg

    For 99 cents, it was worth every penny.

    • Not paying for gaga

      No, it should be FREE.

      • JOE Z

        LIKE YOU.

      • The Edge of Garbage

        Free from copycat…yeah!

  • Brad

    “Bad Kids” and “Marry The Night” are the two hot dance track on the album imo.

    • Mimia

      pure bubblegu with no hook and substance.

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