Taylor Swift's 'The Story of Us' video sends her to college: Watch it here


Is Taylor Swift ever not shooting a video?

So far, we’ve seen three clips from her third album Speak Now, and it seems like “Mean” just premiered a few hours ago. (Actually, it was three weeks, but still.) Yesterday, she pulled back the curtain on “The Story of Us,” which ditches the socially-conscious approach she took on her last video and gets back to the things she’s known for—pining over dudes in an academic setting.

“The Story of Us” tells the story of a collegiate Swift (you know she’s studying, because she’s wearing a cardigan!) who makes out with a guy in the library stacks and then exchanges awkward glances with him. Check it out after the jump.

In a lot of ways, “The Story of Us” acts as a sequel to “You Belong With Me,” which also casts Swift as a student who looks longingly at a dude in a crowd. It’s also a strangely literal expression of the sentiment behind the song, since it was written after she and an ex-boyfriend spent the 2010 CMT Awards politely ignoring each other (the speculation is that, like “Dear John,” this song is also about John Mayer, though Swift has never confirmed that). And though Swift is supposed to look bookish and disheveled, she can’t help but look adorable and glamorous (a problem she has run into a lot in other videos).

Still, it’s a lovely and clever bit of film for Swift, and it’s definitely a step up from the heavy-handedness of “Mean.” She likes to think of herself as a symbol of young female empowerment, but she’s way better off telling sweet little tales of unrequited love.

What do you think of the clip? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Amy

    I like how her videos are sweet and simple, just like her songs. She doesn’t try to make over-the-top, outrageous, provocative music videos to get attention and create controversy on purpose (cough Lady Gaga cough). I prefer this much more than meaningless crap that we see these days. And it speaks perfectly to her target audience. No wonder she’s a multi-millionaire selling more albums than anyone in the music industry right now. Good for her.

    • Good Morning

      I agree Amy. I have a marketing background and Taylor definately knows her target audience. I also like that her videos have meaning to them.

      • Eric

        Short and simple .You are both what the other is used to and chnage is scary.It would be so easy to slip back into the security of your old life with her but you KNOW it doesnt work.It looks like she has moved on, but by telling you personal things she is keeping you right where she needs you as a fall back.I dont believe she loves you as she was not willing and could not see that you needed her physical contact to feel secure, and she really wasnt bothered about that in the slightest.She is obviously enjoying not having the ties of a proper relationship and is doing pretty much what she likes, with you there just in case.And you dont love the other woman either, or you could not have chosen your wife over her. Dont mess her about, let her do her thing.A marrage can never work with only one person giving and the other taking.Move on, be by yourself and get to know yourself again.Then one day you’ll bump into someone just for you!good luck-x-

    • Taylor’s 9 Country Miles of Bad News

      Nope! Don’t let Tay fool you! She’s a little vindictive viper of a judas. She has no real talent and is a career and relationship risk to any and every man. Her videos are heaps of shiznit (sh$t)and portray what she wants to be. Trust me, the girl was never sweet, not even on the day she was born. She denied messing around with Mayer, calling him her mentor and such and denied fooling around with him, but chased after the grown man like a southern primiscuous dog in heat. She was and still is a silly little girl and when she didn’t get him, she smeared his name around and in his face. The girl has noooooooooooooooooooooooooo talent at all! She can’t sing, or act and it’s good that people are buying her music to hear hear her trash people because they money that she made may keep her wealthy, but it’s blood money as far as I’m concerned. She made her money from screwing people over, ruining lives, when she herself lied and denied everything and any kind of a relationship with JM. She got in various mags and denied being in any type of relationship with him. She gushed at the CMT’s after introducing him as her friend, mentor and role model and when he moved on, she releases a sh-TAY song about him?????? She was spiteful and vengeful and tried to hurt him along with many other ex’s. She’s awful.

      • Get A Life…..Please

        Oh look. Here you are gain.

  • jackie

    amy, so true. her videos reflect her songs, and honestly she has a song for most failed (or not) romantic situations. very relatable. and its refreshing to see someone who is 21 years old and not acting rebellious or provocative in anyway, especially in her music videos

  • Good Morning

    I saw her dress rehearsal this past Friday and she blew me away. She was incredible. This song makes me want to jump up and down and dance. I also loved her videos. She always tells you a story which is why I love Country Music. She may not sound as country but Taylor definately has the basics down. I also loved her preppy look in this video.

  • Mike

    She looks ridiculously good.

  • KC

    I guarantee you that she could not finish a book even if it were filled with pictures.

    • christin

      Taylor isn’t stupid. Get off her back. She video is extremely impressive and she gone far with her talent. btw When she was 12 she wrote a 350 page story almost about to be published

      • Auth

        Hey THANKS A LOT!!! I have to play this song on our farewell in hocosl and didn’t find any guy to play the guitar for me. So I decided to play and sing, and i was long time searching for a video where I could learn the chords and slapping thing , and your version and way of teaching is the best. I wish I would have a guitar teacher like you! Please keep putting on more videos! Maybe some more songs from the Beatles. Thanks!

    • laurie

      good to know you know her so personally. what’s she like?

  • alex

    this is not really oen of my favorite songs on the album.. would rather see Haunted or Long Live as singles..

  • Love It!!

    She needs to do all of her videos with the director from this video. She looked amazing and her acting in it was superb. I also loved all of her band members roles in the video.

  • yournightmare

    Such a breath of fresh air this girl is. She looks incredible and video is super cute!

  • ruletheworld

    Love it. Taylor looks beautiful
    And the guy is cute.

  • B

    I hated the “Mean” video but this is back to the Taylor I like to see. Mean was disjointed and overly kitschy but Story of Us goes back to whats great about Taylor videos, just telling a story through song/video

    • Tired.

      B., I disagree with you. She’s so kiddie and won’t grow up. She nearly ruined the lives of her ex’s by trying to smear their lives in the tabloids. She is childish and cannot handle the truth. She tried to catch a tiger by his tail and could hold on. Any man with sense should run from her. She’ll never change, but will continue to smear her ex’s names and make covert hints, and write songs about them.

      • Get A Life…..Please

        And Again

    • lizzy ilove caleb:)

      why did you hate mean taylor swift showed some people a life thing okay i love caleb lizzy he is hot and MEAN’CALEB NIEHAUS his brother is kyle and cole cole is in 6th grade and kyle is in 8th bye

  • Kel

    Agree! The Mean video would have been so much better if she had come up with 1 storyline that she starred in. It felt way too disjointed and like she was trying too hard to generalize the song when people can do that on their own. I would have liked a Mean video that followed the vaudeville theme


    dont ever change. we love you,

  • Tired.

    TTaylor writing songs about her ex’s is getting old. She’s like poison. Will her ex’s ever get tired of her rubbing excess amounts of sh-t in their faces with her songs? She needs to let go and just find another man, if it’s not too late. Any man should run away from her because if it doesn’t go her way, she’s write or make another video about them. I think that she almost ruined a lot of careers with her songs on this past album. Grow up already Tay!

    • Get A Life…..Please

      Here you are again.

  • Too Late

    My sympathy goes out to them men she wrote the songs about and how it affected their lives personally. Taylor Swift caused so many people to be hurt and her entire move was that of a judas and hypocrite. I remember at the 2010 CMT awards all grinning and cheesing about how John Mayer was her role model, mentor and friend. She didn’t get her way and expected him to committ to her because she’s never heard the word ‘NO’! Next thing you know, she releases sh-tty songs making him and other ex’s look like monsters or bad girls when she chased after them and was always in pursuit of Mayer at awards, putting herself in his face? She did a song called ‘Half of My Heart’ and she was too naive to get it. There was a message in that song and she was too naive to understand the emotions of a grown man. I’m sure that she caused a lot of sh-t in many ex’s lives. I really felt badly for John Mayer too because he caught hell the most and she came out of this pristine, when she had lied to tabloids and denied anything and everything about ever being or dating him and she makes a song about it? Come on?!?!?!?

    • Get A Life…..Please

      How many of these reviews are you going to write? If you didn’t want people to know you wrote all four reviews try using different vocab. Also, if you don’t like Taylor Swift why watch it?

    • laurie

      oh shut up! do you really need to go on about how you don’t like her SO many times? we get it, you hate her! guess what- NOBODY CARES. i feel sorry for you; you obviously have no life, so you go around posting stupid comments over and over.

  • elena

    Adorable Harvard library bookshelf dancing? Love it. But here’s my one critique: just like Mean, T Swift’s idea of college (and high school in Mean) is a little predictable-cheesy. Wearing glasses doesn’t make you look bookish. Also, not everyone is hanging in the library to study. Love her hilarious fantasy ideas of school…

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