Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' sells 1.1 million in first week of release


Welcome to the one million club, Lady Gaga.

As was announced today by album-sales tracker Nielsen SoundScan, the pop act’s latest album Born This Way, released just over a week ago, succeeded in selling a extremely healthy 1.11 million albums during its first full week at retailers. The feat is a rare one, indeed— Born This Way is just the 17th album to reach the one-million-copies benchmark in a week since SoundScan began in 1991.

That number is the highest since rapper 50 Cent’s The Massacre sold 1.14 million copies in March 2005. More recently, Taylor Swift joined the elite one-million club when her latest album, Speak Now, sold 1.05 million records last November. The overall record is still held by ‘NSYNC, whose No Strings Attached sold a massive 2.42 million records during its debut week in 2000.

Early estimates for Born This Way were conservative — below even 500,000 — but the label began ratcheting up its guesstimates as the May 23 release date got closer.

Of course,’s controversial (and intially botched) decision to sell the record for just 99 cents helped goose the numbers; it’s estimated that the online retailer sold upwards of 440,000 of the album at the cheap price.

Online purchases in general helped fuel Lady Gaga’s success: Digital sales totaled 662,000, a robust 60 percent of the album’s first week total—making it the biggest week for a digital album in SoundScan history.

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  • ugh

    Proof that, so far, there are 1.11 million stupid people in America.

    • Jonathan

      No need to be rude and bitter. Have you considered they simply have different tastes than you? I simply wonder what has happened in your life to cause you to be so negative and cynical when it clearly is only hurting you and your outlook on life.

      • Jerkathan

        I wonder how someone can judge someone for judging someone. What is REALLY sad is that there are people out there who think all of these crazy outfits and over-the-top shenanigans are, in some way, unique to Lady Gaga. IMO, it’s healthier to be cynical and aware than it is to be ignorant and happy.

      • PAWS UP’s Mother

        It’s actually got some great singles on it —just none of them have been released yet other than “BTW.” A very mixed bag, but no more so than her other albums. No moments of pop genius like “Telephone” or “Poker Face,” though—this album will go down as Gaga’s “Erotica.” Underrated, but inconsistent.

      • @ ugh

        I’m not Gaga’s number one fan, but I like her music. I think that the first post is just looking to criticize and join the hate bandwagon, and I think it is naive for you to say that people are stupid just by their taste in music. And even if you don’t like Gaga, you shouldn’t be an internet troll and comment on an article about her, because you’re just giving her attention that she wants. Again I enjoy her songs, and I even like things that she spreads like love for others, but any press is good press and you are just helping her out.

      • Jonathan

        @Jerkathon – oh really, you’re defending someone being incredibly rude? I admit I was a bit harsh, but this individual seems to post similar comments about how stupid Gaga and her fans are on nearly every Gaga article. It gets rather frustrating when there are intelligent conversations that could be had.

      • Drayke

        It’s so annoying that there’s always some jerk chiming in that to complain about anyone or anything. If Gaga’s album had flopped, we’d be hearing “I told you she sucked. No wonder she flopped.” Instead, the album is selling incredibly well and the internet trolls are using that to claim that people must all be stupid. F*** off.

      • ccccc


      • tracksone

        What’s that I hear? What is it? Sounds like ticking to me. Looks like Lady G’s 15 minutes of fame has been RENEW’d for the 2398234092 time.

        Carry on.

      • hanslimo0

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        Edge Of Glory back to #4…..britney is done. Born This Way #1 worldwide and it’s going to lead 2011.

      • Queen Madge

        Madonna STILL beat Lady Gaga’s BTW first week UK sales with Confessions on A Dancefloor – sorry monsters.

        Allmusic’s review was spot on when they said, “…it is naturally Madonna who is the cornerstone, giving Gaga the “Express Yourself” melody — which is reworked on no less than three songs on the Deluxe Edition…” Sorry monsters.

        Madonna is STILL absolutely gorgeous – did you see Oprah’s finale? Sorry monsters.

        *sips tea*

      • Johnny

        If Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale was 99 cents, i would buy it in a heartbeat.

      • Queen Gaga

        10 consecutive top 10’s, 5 Grammy’s, and 2 album of the year noms. If some uk debut helps you to ease your tears then fine. I saw #1 and GAGA was beside it. Madonna wasn’t. Oprah loves GAGA and put her in her fold.

      • Monsta 4 Life

        I love Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)…it is the TRUE ORGINAL and still is. BTW went #1, not #2.

      • Timmy

        You guys are so mean!! It’s just music. Better than Mozart though by far.

      • ok…

        Let’s pretend madonna is original….time’s up! The woman has been sued countless times, ripped off all her “iconic” looks from old hollywood actresses….took marilyn monroes most iconic scene from gentleman prefer blondes for example. BTW has songs madonna hasn’t even thought of let alone could sing like GAGA. This masterpiece will be revealed in time and has countless singles. Scheiße will slay. The meat of this album is 110% GAGA!!

      • ADELE

        Well, Adele’s 21 is back at the #1 spot on itunes all over the world. That didn’t take long.


        Man, had to publish those rare marilyn monroe pictures….exposing madonna’s hung up video..LMFAO. :)

      • Queen with No Crown

        Lady Gaga’s Born This Way is projected to sell around 200,000 units in its second week in the United States. Yes, a massive 80% drop!

      • Get a life….


      • The reign…

        ‘NSYNC, No Strings Attached 2,416,000 :)
        ‘NSYNC, Celebrity 1,880,000 :)
        Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 1,760,000
        Backstreet Boys, Black & Blue 1,591,000 :)
        Eminem, The Eminem Show 1,322,000
        Britney Spears, Oops! … I Did It Again: 1,319,000
        The Beatles, 1: 1,259,000
        50 Cent, The Massacre: 1,141,000
        Backstreet Boys, Millennium: 1,134,000 million :)
        Lady Gaga, Born This Way: 1,108,000 :)
        Usher, Confessions: 1,096,000 :)
        Garth Brooks, Double Live: 1,085,000 million
        Whitney Houston, “The Bodyguard': 1,061,000 :)
        Limp Bizkit, Chocolate Starfish.. 1,055,000
        Taylor Swift, Speak Now: 1,047,000
        Norah Jones, Feels Like Home:1,022,000
        Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III,: 1,006,000

      • Matt

        She will remain #1 next week!

      • AX

        The best songs haven’t been released and they are fantastic. I love Edge Of Glory by the way. My favorites are Scheisse and Marry The Night. Rolling Stone 4 Stars and I agree.

      • Royalty

        OFFICIAL: Born This Way SOLD over 2 Million worldwide in one week. :)

    • rerun

      For $.99, it’s a deal.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        It wasn’t even worth 99 cents. Just awful.

      • ian

        .99 to download at amazon, and free with phone purchases for a week, and they ALL count as albums ‘sold’. what a joke. just so she could attempt to break sales records and fail.

      • Benjamin

        The albums given away together with the phone purchases were not counted as albums sold. Please get your facts right before criticizing..

      • AcaseofGeo

        Well Ian, that $.99 is not Lady Gaga’s doing, it is AMAZON devaluing music. AAnd thats not the worst of it: How many people STOLE it by illegally downloading it from somewhere? That’s the sad joke.

      • Jon

        Ian: Best Buy’s copies that were given away free with the phone sold were NOT counted by Billboard as they require there to be some cost directly involved on the item.

        Amazon is by far the best digital music store and this was there way of getting people introduced who are still relying on the terribleness that is iTMS.

        I am confident they didn’t eat all of the cost though — this was clearly done by both camps to get her the top selling digital release of all time.

      • Brie

        Exactly. I bought it because it only cost a dollar. I still haven’t listened to it.

      • Lady Gaga “Britney”

        Britney! Britney-ha ha! Britney! Britney-ha ha! Britney! Britney-ha ha! Britney! Beat Gaga!

        My label said my album wouldn’t beat Brit-nay!
        They made a deal with amazon-a a!
        They sold my album for 99 cents-a a!
        Even after that my monsters betrayed may!

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Hah! – Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!
        I brought Taylor down, brought Taylor down down
        (repeat Hahs!)
        But i’m a queen with no crown, queen with no crown!

        I’m just delusional
        my monsters are still too
        but i still got beat by Britney, baby

    • aeufjb

      wow did u really look up this article so that you could make fun of gaga and her fans
      if ur not a fan get out of here

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Wow you sound smart!

    • little monster

      You’re disgusting.

    • LOL

      QUEEN GAGA!! :)

      • Shania Twine


    • Lori

      Amazing album…awesome sales.

      • ian

        notice they don’t say how many of them were full albums sold for .00 cents or given away free with phone purchases all week. all of those count as sales. they wanted to make sure it was a high number after it got slammed by every critic who heard it, lol. The music industry is a mockery of its former self.

      • ccccc

        ian = idiot

      • Woot

        Uhm Ian, you are aware that billboard didn’t count the albums given away for free at best buy right?

      • notdesperatelikegaga

        Amazon cheated big time. Without that basic album give away, she wouldn’t have sold 1 million+.
        Taylor Swift sold 1 million+ without a ridiculous sale. gaga is a JOKE

      • jmo

        Do you people actually do any research before writing??? BestBuy phone promo does not contribute to the overall sales. As far as Amazon goes. They were on their on. The album wholesale is $7 as a digital download. Amazon ate the difference to promote the online “Cloud” storage. Gaga & her camp had nothing to do with the promo.

      • Max

        Lets set the record straight real fast.

        Amazon did the promotion, not Lady GaGa’s team. They sold the album for .99 cents in an attempt to get people to their website and a chance to promote their new cloud service. It worked.

        For every .99 album sold, Amazon paid Lady GaGa’s label (Interscope) the full album price.

        Also, any free albums dont count towards sales (albums sold for less then $4 from the ORIGINAL source cant be counted towards sales — again, Amazon was paying the full price to the original retailer)

        Finally, even if 400k of those sales were 99 cents, at least 200k of those would have been full purchases without the promo, still giving her a safe margin of 800k+ sales.

        PS: The beloved Taylor also had a huge promo and sold her album for $4. Get it straight kiddos.

      • @max

        Thank you. So Gaga haters claim to hate her because she doesn’t make quality music, and then go on to defend Taylor Swift? The trolls are failing.

      • Ian

        Not sure where people get their info, but the free giveaways DO count as sales for Soundscan. Billboard has nothing to do with that part of it. If Soundscan counts them, then they count.

    • 1.11 million vs. 5 trolls

      we won bitc@…lol

      • Ms. W

        No you didn’t. If it weren’t for the 99 cent Mc value deal, Lady Caca would only sell 600k. Taylor Swift did it by selling her album at full price.

      • yeah we did

        worldwide too on your troll a$$…

      • Emma

        660k is nothing to sneeze at either.

      • MissVampireDiaries

        Speak Now was $3.99 the whole week Ms.

      • @ Ms. W

        That’s absurd to think that none of the people who bought the album from Amazon would’ve bought it without the deal. There’s probably a good chunk of fans in that number who simply wanted the best deal.

      • ian

        and a few hundred thousand phone sales. that number is huge. the phones were hugely discounted and you got the album (and it counted as a sale) even if you didn’t want the thing and never redeemed it. I bought a new phone because of the price and never bothered redeeming the album because her music is worse than nails on a chalkboard with the Osmonds playing in the background. One report I read said there were half a million .99 downloads for the album and 200,000 from phones sold, lol. Yet her people and label made sure the headlines read 1.1 million “albums sold”. Now they hope it being number one can convince a bunch of sheep to buy it full price. I hate my own industry.

      • ian

        also with the amount of cash they dropped on marketing it, it has a long way to go before they make any money on it.

      • ruletheworld

        Speak Now was $3.99 for THREE days.

      • windrider2

        Ms. you’re a bit math impaired. 700K w/o the Amazon loss leader sale. And if amazon cd sales and the 20,000 storefronts carrying the cd were counted, she should have hit 1M WITHOUT the 99c sale. Only those retailers who report their sales to Soundscan (requires special equipment to do it) are included in the sales counts. Please try to keep up.

      • @ ian

        Albums that were given with phones were not counted.

    • Mike

      Seriously do you need to be rude? Even if you don’t like the album, you could say something like “Oh I’m not a fan, but I gave it a listen and I just didn’t like it.” Insulting those of us like her and enjoy her music doesn’t make you look intelligent, it makes you look like a bitter old queen longing for the days of Olivia Newton John and Abba.

      • Derrrrrr

        Only old queens can remember Olivia Newton John and Abba.

    • Daryl

      Haters are always hating. Love Gaga and I’m not stupid. Mean people, however, are dumb asses.

      • Derrrrrr

        You’re not stupid? The quality of your post would suggest otherwise. Anyone who has ever stated, “Haters are always hating,” probably never made it to and/or past college.

      • ccccc

        derrrr = dumb a$$

      • Shania Twine

        Oh Daryl, are these the only words “Little Monsters” know: “hater”, “gtfo,” and “hatin'”?

      • Woot

        Shania, you say the same thing every time. We get it! Stay in school, Gaga sucks… now let me be more successful than you in life and listen to Lady Gaga please?

      • Celimene

        I don’t know, Shania Twine. I have a Ph.D and I’m a little monster. My vocabulary is probably a little bigger than yours and I think Gaga’s a genius. She blends pop and performance art in a fantastic and innovative way – plus her music is hook-y as hell. I’m a little monster for life.

    • Woot

      Yes most music critic agree with you… OH WAIT they don’t.

    • Leanna

      OK I’m a Lady Gaga fan from the very first time I heard Love Game a year before it was officially released, but I am majorly disappointed with Born This Way (whole album). None of the songs on the album have the originality of her first 7 hits and none of songs on this new album can even compare to Bad Romance. That’s her best song todate and nothing in her catalog is even comparable. I was hoping for so much, but feel let down. There aren’t 1.1 million stupid people in America, but I’m willing to bet a whole lot of that bunch is sorely disappointed with Born This Way and probably even feel 99cents was too much to pay. Still love all her early stuff, but this was definitely not up to par.

      • Val Harris

        I love the new album – Born This Way is fabulous and I love You and I and The Edge of Glory. She’s amazingly talented, and I love her new album. Just listen to it a few times, and it will hook you, too.

      • Melissa

        I LOVE Government Hooker, Judsas, Marry the Night, Scheisse, and Hair.

    • Jay

      Way to generalize, and be pompous at the same time. Gaga is popular, so people automatically attack her, but she’s actually one of the most creative/deserving music artists out there. She writes almost everything she does and actually tries with it, unlike Ke$ha, Katy Perry etc. who create a mockery of real music, whether intentional or not.

      • ian

        yeah, if pretending you’re Madonna is creative…..even her name is a Madonna wannabe.

      • True Blue

        @ Ian:

        Gaga’s name is derived from the Queen song “Radio Gaga”. I assumed that everyone knew that by now, but apparently not.

      • A2

        I’m sick of her fans thinking gaga is the only singer who writes her music. Ke$ha and Katy perry don’t just do nothing. Beside they are alot more original when compared to lady gaga.

      • Woot

        Ke$ha original? She is trying to be “that drunk girl at a party.” Hardly original… though I love Tik Tok.

      • tracksone

        Lmao, katy perry is a black haired version of Britany Spears. Both of their music is nothing but constant features and bubbly pop teen songs.

        Ke$ha is a trashy drunk teen girl. (along with every other teen girl in america) omg…how original.

        Both have their music wrote and produced for them by their record labels. All they do is sing. Thats where their talent begins and ends.

      • Anya

        Both Ke$ha and Katy Perry have actually written or co-written all of the songs they have released.

      • Melissa

        A2, how can you POSSIBLY say that Katy Perry and Kesha are more creative than Gaga? Their music is all produced and co-written by DR. LUKE. He had over 90 songs in the top 10 last year alone! They have the most generic sound because they use the most generic man to write their songs. It is like when Timberland got too dated…all of Dr. Luke’s music sounds the same, not matter what “artist” he is working with.

      • Esox

        You. Leave. Katy. Perry. Out. Of. This.

    • timt1011

      and what country r u from ugh? this women has taken her desires to the utmost level she can,,u know the old saying ,,,,,,,”dont hate me because i am beautiful”??? dont be a hater because she is freaking awesome and you are left behind..luv my gaga

      • ScorpionDiva

        For the love of GOD, I wish people would stop using the term “women” incorrectly!!! It should be, “this woman” or “these women” NOT “this women” or “these woman”. GEEZ!!!!

    • Adwina Lambert

      pure pop trash! tee-hee!

      • Monster For Life

        Adwina: What current pop “non-trash” would you say is better? You seem to have NO problem bashing Gaga… so who DO you think is worthy of your adulation? I think a lot of Gaga fans would love to know who you champion in the pop world. tee-hee!

    • starry night

      I’m 20 years old and I have to deal with a generation of stupid Americans who think it’s “cool” to bash someone over the Internet.

      • Shania Twine

        Says the delusional GAG fan who likes Van Gogh. You are mistaking “bashing” for “realization.” These “stupid” Americans are now realizing how fake your idol is. SHE IS A CHEATER and a COPYCAT! You are only 20 years old. PLEASE STAY IN COLLEGE (if you are enrolled.) Toodles B!

      • windrider2

        Shania, I’m 65 and have more personal experience in the music business than you’ll ever have. And I finished college too. Calling Gaga a cheater is, in fact, slander and you COULD be sued and you would lose since you are intentionally lying about the amazon sale. As for ‘copycat’, you clearly don’t understand all the parts that make a complete song. You also clearly don’t understand the definition of style, which cannot be copyrighted by definition. If Gaga’s such a copycat, why has no one sued her? A lot of people have sued Madonna for copyright violations. And won, either by decision or because she settled out of court. So let’s talk who’s the copycat.

      • Tiffany

        She might only be 20, but cleary she has more maturing than “shania twain” who has to resort to immature name calling like “Gag”. That is 10 year old behavior.

      • Monster For Life

        @Tiffany – Well said!!!

    • B

      Judgmental idiot. I hate people who come on these reply posts to talk s#$% about something they have no interest in. Don’t you have some grown kids to harass or are they out god knows where.

    • Jethro

      GO GA!!! :)

    • KRG

      Stupid? No, you are the one that appears stupid by making a moronic comment. Lady Gaga is very talented.

    • ryan

      Well ugh since you have the same comment for everything on EW. This movie sucks, this book, sucks, this tv show sucks, this CD sucks. Nothing that is entertaining to people is any good, it has to be some sort of arthouse product.

    • Step-mother Monster

      oh ugh

    • Flop This Way

      Amah! Amazo-na! Amah! Amazo-na! Amah! Amazo-na! Amah! and Gaga!
      Flop This Way has a 3 1/2 star rating on Amazon!


        born this way is 4.5/5 itunes with over 25,000 reviews!

        confessions 3.5 rolling stone….born this way 4 stars…LOL

    • Marilyn

      I agree. Many stupid people with no idea of what quality music is. Or maybe 1.1 million queers bought the album.

      • Monster For Life

        No Marilyn. In case you haven’t been outside of your house in a while because you were afraid of “catching” homosexuality yourself, not every Gaga fan is queer. By your logic, I could say that every Gaga-hater was a homophobe. Ironic how you get to postulate on who the stupid people are in this equation.

      • J9

        Wow – that is about all I can muster for this comment… this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what Gaga and her Little Monsters fight against. STOP THE HATE!

      • wakeforce

        @Marilyn- I’m sorry your ex left you for a big, strong black man! Shouldn’t you leave your double-wide? Isn’t their some dead soldier’s funeral you should be out picketing with your hate signs?

    • mark

      more like mentally ill

    • Pat

      Proof that when you put add an album to another service like Amazon did that it’ll sell. Especially when you get the service and the album for less than a dollar.

    • jpratm

      yes AMERICA has idiots

    • LOL

      Queen with a crown!

    • Milla Carey

      Who cares, the album sucks anyways!

  • Joe

    Amazing. Hope she continues to outsell the lessors. New Queen of Pop.

    • SaraS

      One more album, and then I’ll give her the new queen of pop title.
      So far I don’t hear any singles on the album worthy of Just Dance, Poker Face or Paparazzi. :(

      • Lori

        she already is but whatever helps you sleep at night…lol.

      • SaraS

        @Lori: lol.. I do not need a good Gaga album to sleep at night. Unlike some of the “monsters”, who evidently would be lost without madre monster.

      • Woot

        Schiesse, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, You and I and Americano all have potential to awesome singles. All way better than Alejandro.

      • Leanna

        Sorry but nothing on BTW even can begin to compare to the genius of Bad Romance.

      • whip

        she doesnt need an unoriginal name like that.shes the popmonster and sry she doesnt make bad generic pop music anymore.

      • Jay

        Her new stuff is a lot better than the first album…actually has meaning behind it rather than “let’s dance” etc. haha

      • J9

        disagree – “Edge of Glory” is a worthy sucessory to those pop hits. Also a big fan of ScheiBe

    • Samuel

      If all of the “lessors” basically cheated the system and sold their albums for 99 cents, she be just yet another washed up popstar, as she should be. Her fifteen minutes of fame was over fifteen minutes ago.

      • Anthony

        15 minutes? with over 7 number 1 hits, 2 grammys, and a sophmore album selling over 1 million in its first week of release and really only being mainstream for 3 years? I find that to be quite impressive, and the complete opposite of a 15 minutes of fame scenario. Dont post things if you lack the knowledge to back them up

      • James

        Ok let me make it clear that I am a big Lady Gaga fan but…she DOES NOT have 7 number 1 hits so stop saying that. She has THREE songs that have topped the Billboard Hot 100..1) Just Dance 2) Poker Face, 3) Born This Way.

      • Meg

        Lady Gaga has not had 7 # 1 hits. Don’t get it twisted. She’s had 7 songs that have reached # 1 on the Mediabase CHR Pop radio charts. However, the only official publication that tabulates sales PLUS radio is Billboard, and that’s the only one that the industry recognizes as “# 1s”. And in the Hot 100, Gaga has only had three # 1s, Just Dance, Poker Face and Born This Way. Even Katy Perry has had more # hits on Billboard, which again, charts BOTH RADIOPLAY AND SINGLES’ SALES. Perry has reached # 1 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 five times: “I Kissed a Girl”, “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, and “E.T”.

      • Jo

        Thanks, James and Meg. I love GAGA, but I am not a stan, and everyone who knows anything about the industry knows that Billboard is the only one that counts when talking about having # 1 hits (The Billboard Hot 100)

        The solo female acts with the most # 1 hits are Mariah Carey with seventeen, and Madonna with twelve.

      • Emma

        But Billboard is sometimes a bit silly. Bad Romance, arguably her biggest hit (and undisputedly her biggest seller overall) never reached #1 on Billboard.

      • Leanna

        There are some sane people on EW. I can’t get over the travesty of Bad Romance never reaching the summit of Billboard’s HOT 100, while Born This Way stayed there for several weeks. Something’s really seriously wrong with all this.

      • Leanna

        Jo – actually Mariah Carey has 18 #1s on Billboard’s HOT 100. Touch My Body was her 18th.

      • awww…meg forgot

        that GAGA has already more #1’s worldwide than madonna had at this point in her career…has outsold madonna’s biggest singles. Nobody could say 60 million singles…bow down!

      • James

        @ Emma and Leanna: I loved Bad Romance but Billboard uses a specific system of measurement, and is the highest regarded system. Bad Romance hit #2…not a bad number to hit. It must have not done as well in some aspect, either sales or radio?

      • Leanna

        James, unfortunately Bad Romance went up against Kesha’s Tik Tok and it was always behind in download sales and that’s why Bad Romance never reached the summit. Like I said, it’s a travesty that Bad Romance never got to #1 and Born This Way spent several weeks there. *shakes head in disgust*

      • Anonymous

        While Bad Romance is my favorite song by her, Poker Face and Just Dance outsold it in the US and worldwide Poker Face has outsold it. So it is not her highest selling single either (which is too bad).

    • chris

      titles are not shuffled. Madonna is the queen of pop period. I love Gaga but she hasnt been around for 20 years so sorry your add comment doesnt wash.

      • Jo

        “GAGA has already more #1′s worldwide than madonna had at this point in her career…has outsold madonna’s biggest singles. Nobody could say 60 million singles…bow down!”

        And you forget that Gaga has sold more singles because in this day and age, people can pick and choose and they don’t have to buy an entire album.That’s why, for all of GAGA’s success, she can’t touch Madonna’s albums sales totals Now, when a single LG album sells 24 million copies (like True Blue did) or 22 million (like Like A Virgin did)or even 17 million (like Like A Prayer did) or 20 million (like COnfessions on a Dance Floor did) we’ll talk. In fact, you forget to say that LG had her first true flop (JUDAS) after only 7 hit singles, and in spite of it being the follow-up to her smash BORN THIS WAY, while Madonna’s first true flop (Oh, Father) happened after eighteen top ten hits. Bow down. And again, when LG sells 300 million records, we can talk. Bow down to the one and only queen of pop, Madonna.

      • Shania Twine

        Yes! Thank you Chris!
        POP ROYALTY:
        King of Pop: Michael Jackson
        Queen of Pop: Madonna
        Clown of Pop: Lady Gag a

      • Jess

        @ Jo

        You must be stupid to compare the first 3 years of Madonna’s career to Lady GaGa’s career. It’s a cheap way to make an argument especially considering that when they both first started out, they were COMPLETELY different times in music history. When Madonna started, she didn’t have the internet to help her out, MTV wasn’t around, and there were no digital sales. Madonna had to work harder than GaGa, who has her success now from the help of digital media and the advantages of technology. Plus Madonna is still killing it with her career. She’s coming out with a new album next year :) She is the Queen of pop and will always stay the Queen of pop! She is the 5th highest selling artist in the world! And she isn’t going anywhere.

    • ReallY?

      When LG (Who I like, by the way)has record sales totals of 300 units, 37 top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 (more than any other act, including Elvis and The Beatles), the biggest-grossing tour by a solo act (male OR female) ever, plus two other tours in the top ten, 12 #, is the highest ranked solo female in Rolling Stone’s greatest entertainers of all time (at # 8) and is inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on her first year of eligibility, then we can consider her giving her the crown. In the meantime, Madonna will continue being the only Queen of Pop.

    • Shania Twine

      haha “lessors”? She is the COPYCAT QUEEN of CHEATING!

      • Woot

        You’re accusing someone of being a copycat yet you post under the name “Shania Twine.” Interesting….

  • Jonathan

    I love Gaga, but this album was a bit disappointing. It certainly should not have sold more than Taylor’s, as that was a far more cohesive album with nary a dud on it. I’m sure ‘Born This Way’ will grow on me, but right now I can’t help but be a bit disheartened.

    • Semi-Monster

      Taylor Swift isn’t great either. She just speaks to a lot of teenagers out there.
      And 50 Cent? I mean come on… looks like big sales don’t = great artist. (Although I for one would LOVE to see another NSync album…)

      • MissVampireDiaries

        50 cent’s album was better than all of them.

      • ccccc

        50 cent and eminem SUCK…

      • N’STINK

        N’Sync SUCKS

    • aeufjb

      please taylor swift is the most overrated artist out there
      1) her voice is weak and unimpressive- watch her AMA performance
      2) her material is all the same and all she sings about are boys and relationships
      3) her overly sweet and innocent persona is really irritating considering she changes boyfriends like she changes clothes

      • James

        Im actually a fan of Taylor…and her latest album was amazing and got good reviews, that is why it sold so much! Lets face it, if Gaga didn’t have her cd on Amazon for 99c she would NOT have reached the sales taylor reached (and Taylor did not have that deal)

      • Jonathan

        Overrated, really? It’s nice that you weren’t totally rude, but I disagree. I thought the AMA performance was great, and her songs are written for her age. Their impeccable for someone that’s just 21, and she’s not trying to act older than she is. No, she’s not the most technically skilled singer, but neither is Madonna, and yet no one is questioning her talent. It’s about overall artistry, not just vocals. And honestly, we don’t know her life. There’s a lot of rumors, but she talked about three guys on her last album, and those spanned four years. She young, and just trying to find her way. It seems John Mayer took advantage of that.

      • deedeedragons

        She’s an Ice queen.

      • True Blue

        @ Jonathan:

        No one questions Madonna’s talent? You must live somewhere really secluded and not go on the internet often.

      • Jonathan

        @deedeedragons – Gaga or Taylor? Because both of them seem like incredibly kind women to me. Both of them seem to have a lot of love for their fans, and enjoy the company of similarly kind women (Beyonce, Selena Gomez respectively).

      • Jonathan

        @True Blue – I know they did very often back when she was a rising star, but it seems now that the general majority at least acknowledges her talent as an artist. Obviously there are detractors, but that can be said for any artist.

      • Monster For Life

        @Jonathan & @True Blue – I’m being totally sincere when I ask this question. Am I in the minority when I say that Madonna was as polarizing as Gaga seems to be now before Gaga stepped on the scene? I feel as though there was a lot of this same kind of love/hate for Madonna only until Gaga came in the picture. Now nearly everybody acknowledges Madonna’s efforts (mainly as a weapon with which to knock on Gaga). I could be wrong but that’s the vibe I’m picking up lately. I love both artists and find it annoying that everyone incessantly needs to choose only one.

      • Jonathan

        @Monster for Life – no, that’s absolutely true. That’s why it’s frustrating when there’s such negativity surrounding Gaga, because no one that hates seems to be able to stand on any legitimate facts that make Gaga a bad artist. In 20 years, we will all look back on Gaga and the majority will view her as a great, groundbreaking artist. Whether or not she outshines Madonna is yet to be seen, but I personally am more of a Gaga fan than Madonna.

    • Michael

      I COMPLETELY agree, Jonathan. Swift’s album is quality start to finish, where as Gaga’s latest has some songs I like (“Fashion of His Love”) but overall, it’s not great. Which is too bad, I guess my expectations were too high. There’s just no “Paparazi” or the like.

      • Michael


      • Jonathan

        Thank you, Michael! I do enjoy ‘Fashion of His Love’, but the second I heard ‘Paparrazzi’ I fell in love. There’s not a song here like that, and that’s disheartening.

      • whip

        sry gaga doesnt make bad generic music like the rest of them anymore

      • Jonathan

        @whip – no one is hating, there’s no reason to get mad. I’m just disappointed in the album. Taylor expanded her sound into more pop rock territory with increasingly mature yet age appropriate lyrics, and I enjoy that more than Gaga’s album, which feels too heavy at times and just isn’t as fun to listen to as her last two releases.

      • Monster For Life

        @Jonathan – Your opinion is interesting. I think it makes me realize the wide fan base Gaga has. I love her but also like edgier sounds typically. I’m (so far) not a Taylor Swift fan as she’s just a bit too “sweet” for me. I’m noticing that since BTW went to edgier, darker territory I find it to be my favorite Gaga album to date. But I can see why it would disappoint others who enjoyed more of her less-heavy hitting (pound over your head, more like it… LOL!) tracks. On a separate note, I like that throughout this comment thread you are one of a small handful here (the others know who they are too) that actually prefer to be rational and enjoy positive debate and critiquing. Those kind of posts are what make this board worth digging past all the hateful banter that’s flying around.

      • Jonathan

        @Monster for Life – thank you very much! I enjoy comment boards when people use their intellect and discuss things, but the majority seems to either be saying ‘Gaga sucks!’ or ‘Gaga is awesome!’. It’d be nice to really discuss the pros and cons of the album or whether it deserves the success (in an intelligent way). That said, I do enjoy this album; the only songs that are needing to grow on me are Bad Kids, Electric Chapel, and The Queen, but those are already working their way into my favor :)

      • Michael

        Yeah, “Electric Chapel” is really not working for me. Nor is “Government Hooker.” I mean, it’s just like too much of the repetitive sound, and not much substance. “The Queen” can be fun, if one is in the mood. Bit I think I’ll stick with my original claim, that I really like “Fashion of His Love”; that’s the best track on the album, for me. I feel like in general though, she got a little away from herself, like she was going for this “new 80s reborn” kind of theme and it got away from her, and throughout the process, she lost her unique “Gaganess.” I mean, it’s fine to show one’s inspirations, hers are clearly a lot of 80s stars, Pat Benetar, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Heart, various hair metal, etc. But what was great about songs like “Paparazzi” (which I personally think is her best), “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face,” “Dance In the Dark,” “Monster,” (both of which should have been singles), and others is that they were also sort of derivative of other artists but they also had an element that was solely Gaga’s. She’s even gone so far as go have outdone herself (not in a good way), for instance, I feel that “Americano” is a lesser version of “Alejandro,” a far superior song. “Fasion of Hos Love,” (as much as I like it) has the exact same riffs and melody line as “Born This Way,” and speaking of the titular track, I feel she has gone way too far in trying to write “THE” definitive song of acceptance, yet all the same, I do appreciate it, and it’s fun to rock sometimes. In short, as I said before, basically: I’m disappointed. But that certainly doesn’t mean I no longer like or will listen to her, I just don’t think my iPod’s play count will string up the numbers on these new tunes the way that “Paparazzi” remains to this day in my Top 25 Played list. (We’ll see, maybe “Fashion of His Love” will make it there; it’s a great song for working out).

      • Monster For Life

        @Jonathan & @Michael – I’m finding it very interesting which songs are favorites for people while others aren’t. I have my set of favs which are (in this order): Edge of Glory, Heavy Metal Lover, Government Hooker, Electric Chapel, Scheibe, Marry The Night, and Americano. Whereas even though I’m getting used to the rest, oddly enough compared to both of you, I’m finding Fashion of His Love (and also Black Jesus + Amen Fashion) to be the most difficult for me to get into. But I’m listening to them all the way through more and more so it’s just a matter of time before I can play the whole album without bypassing any tracks. I agree with you, Michael, in that the 80’s vibe is all over this album. Since I’m in my mid-thirties this album harkens back to some great music/memories from my childhood and teens. To me it was a much welcomed treat. I do get that it doesn’t sound as “Gaga” as what we’re used to but my guess is that this won’t be the first album where she goes into a particular direction. Even though I hate to compare her to Madonna (because all the hate-mongers have done enough of it in a damaging way) she does though seem like an artist who would feel very comfortable exploring different sounds with albums down the road just as Madonna has done through her massive career. Also like Goldfrapp has done over their various releases over the last decade. My only hope though with future Gaga pieces is that she tries not to shoot herself in the foot by declaring ahead of time that she’s going to move the earth somehow again with her next album. No matter how much I love her, the second she declared this as the album of the decade I cringed. I had a similar reaction to Laurieann Gibson’s remarking how “the Judas video is going to shock the world.” I read that and immediately rolled my eyes even though I truly did like the video when I finally saw it. Modesty and humility go a long way. Anyway, I enjoyed reading both your posts and enjoy the articulation you both use when commenting. Cheers!

      • Jonathan

        @Michael and @Monster for Life – I agree with everything both of you said. I actually like Black Jesus + Amen Fashion more than Fashion of His Love, but both are good. The ones that immediately caught my attention were all of the iTunes promo releases, which remain my favorites. It was disappointing when the album dropped because I was actually thinking it might be a contender for album of the decade. That being said, the initial disappointment has worn off and I’m liking it. It’s a great pop record, but not necessarily a great Gaga record. I like Marry the Night, though I think it goes on a bit too long. Government Hooker, Scheisse, Bloody Mary, Highway Unicorn, and Heavy Metal Lover are all very good in my opinion, though none of them have that distinct Gaga sound that The Fame Monster had. I think maybe that The Fame Monster was so amazing, that the sound of that album became Gaga’s distinct sound when she never really planned on keeping the specific style for her next album or maybe any album after it. That’s sad to think, but I suppose it’s all part of the artistry. Sorry to get crazy deep here, I wasn’t really planning on it!
        P.S. @Michael – I agree 1000% about Monster and Dance in the Dark. The Fame Monster could’ve had a good 6 hit singles if Gaga and her team had wanted to put in the time.

    • Leanna

      Lady Gaga wouldn’t have sold “more” than Taylor Swift if she had not had the benefit of 2 days @ 99cents on Amazon totally 460k 99cents downloads. I am willing to bet the total will drop to less than 300k next week unless they drop another day or two at the 99cents level.

      • Jonathan

        I’m thinking so too. I wish the best for Gaga, but Taylor’s album went strong so several months, and is still selling fairly well for an album released so long ago. I think everyone bought Gaga’s album the first week, and now the numbers will plummet since there’s not going to be an incredibly strong word of mouth effect here, unless I’m mistaken.

      • Leanna

        I am willing to bet my TOTAL NET WORTH that Lady Gaga will no way surpass Taylor’s total sales for SPEAK NOW when all is said and done. Taylor has sold 3.7 million of SPEAK NOW in the past 7 months. I highly suspect she won’t even reach 3 million in sales when the final tally is counted. Album of the decade? Not even. She could have said that about the Fame Monster and there would’ve been some credibility there, but for BTW … uh no.

      • Jonathan

        I absolutely agree with everything you said. The Fame Monster was phenomenal, which makes this look even more lukewarm. I can only hope that you are right; it may cause Gaga to realize that there’s no messing around, and she will deliver another The Fame Monster.

      • Anya

        I agree Jonathan. The Fame Monster was fantastic. There wasn’t a weak song on the entire thing. This album just doesn’t measure up to it, and it wasn’t until I went back and listened to The Fame Monster that I realized how mediocre Born This Way is. I guess I just hope something wakes her up and her next album is better because I really liked her.

  • Steven

    Gaga is saving the music industry. Well done.

    • Derrrrrr

      Saving the music industry from original material, perhaps.

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    well if you’re going to sell the album for a mere 99cents on Amazon over several days, you’re going to get INFLATED #s. not rocket science.

    • Miss Talk


    • Kenneth

      but she earned full price for every 99 cent album sold, it was amazons stupid idea, thanks a lot, Im sure it w2ould have done just as well

      • SaraS

        That is true Kenneth, but a LOT of people just bought the album because it was less than a dollar. Myself included. (I might’ve purchased it eventually, but maybe not.)

      • Xx

        Alot of my friends and myself included was going to purchase her album at full cost on release date. Then we saw we could get it from amazon for 99 cents. We chose the 99 cent deal instead of the 11 dollar route.
        I’m sure atleast half if not more of the 99 cent purchases are people in the same boat. So amazon really didn’t inflate numbers all that much, maybe by 100-150k sold if that.

  • Semi-Monster

    I bought it from Amazon for $.99. I would’ve bought it eventually but definitely not the first week; I usually like to see what key tracks people are listening to.
    Some of the songs are really throwaway; others are genius. I do miss a ballad (ala Speechless). I think her voice and melodies are more impressive than some pulsing electronic beat.

  • aeufjb

    in about a few minutes this article will be flooded with haters crying over gaga’s success saying “oooh she cheated and thats why she sold more than a mil copies, my life is going to end”
    its funny really to see all the gaga haters incessantly diminishing her achievements
    but haters shouldn’t stop because they are part of gaga’s power and fame because they account for atleast half of the youtube views and google searches about lady gaga

    • ryan


      • no sh!te

        Preach, then please look up the definition of a run-on sentence.

      • Shania Twine

        Listen to better music…Papa Don’t Preach! Please stay in school and yes, check out what a run-on sentence looks like ;) Toodles B!

    • Leanna

      Not all of us are “haters”, but true Gaga fans that are “disappointed” with the new songs. I would’ve liked for every song to have been the brilliance of Bad Romance, but sorry they’re simply not up to par. Sorry.

      • Futurama

        That’s like your 3rd mention of Bad Romance. Does she have to top a song that isn’t even 2 years old? Why be disappointed? I agree that BR is her best song to date but Edge of Glory is great in its own right.

      • Leanna

        Futurama, as a Gaga fan, when you’re told you’re gonna get the Album of the Decade, you have high expectations and will peg her new songs to her masterpiece BR. I am sorely disappointed because I expected much and got WAY LESS than what I was expecting. To say I was underwhelmed is not even hitting what I feel at this moment. Edge of Glory is nothing spectacular and we all know BTW is a rehash of Express Yourself.

      • Ryan

        At first I wasn’t sure what to think of the album. Did I think it was better than Fame or Fame Monster, hell no…

        Do I think it’s better than those albums after about a week of listening to it, MOST definitely! It is a completely DIFFERENT album as well. Truly some awesome work by GaGa. Totally restored my liking toward her. Once again, I’m a huge fan! Well done!

  • Diego

    Take that, Talentless Swift, the queen is Gaga!

    • Samuel

      Taylor Swift kept her dignity in not cheating SoundScan system. Gaga simply got people to buy it who had 99 cents left and wanted to try it out and most likely will never listen to it again. Taylor, however, has a very established fan base and would never do that to simply boost album sales. Gaga simply has fifteen minutes worth of “monsters”.

      • My Name Here

        I think Taylors CD was for sale for 3.99 on Amazon the 1st week?

      • Woot

        Have you read like any article. GAGA did not sell her album AMAZON did. It isn’t her fault that Amazon felt her album had the proper buzz to promote their own system.

      • @ My Name Here

        That may indeed be the case but Taylor’s album was still three dollars more than Born This Way. According to Billboard, 40 percent of Born This Way’s sales came from that Amazon deal. I bet about 10 to 15 percent of Speak Now’s sales came from the $3.99 deal because the majority of country music fans still buy albums from brick and mortar retailers.

      • 555

        Speak Now sold 40,000 copies in amazon.

    • Jonathan

      How about you don’t throw other artists under the bus? You’re making the monsters (myself included) look bad.

    • Shania Twine

      The QUEEN OF COPYCATS and CHEATERS! Toodles B!

      • Esox

        Give it a restm, LeAnn Twines

      • Monster For Life

        @Esox – LMAO!!!!!!!

    • Monster For Life

      Hey Diego… GAGA IS GREAT!!! But stop knocking other artists. Gaga wouldn’t do that as she doesn’t need to so neither should us monsters.

  • Jonathon

    The problem is all of the people who would never have considered purchasing Gaga’s album at full price, nor, for that matter, would they have even considered purchasing it if it was being offered at Amazon’s normal Daily Deal rate of $3.99. But at 99 cents–which is practically giving the album away–they grudgingly decided to hit the download button because they realized that as long as there was at least one good song on the album, that one good song would single-handedly pay for the whole rest of the album. How many of the 400,000+ people who bought the album for 99 cents on Amazon fit this description (i.e. those who would ONLY buy the album if it was priced at 99 cents, and nothing more) is impossible to know for certain, but it seems logical to assume that it is a sizeable number, and without them, Gaga would not have reached the 1 million sales mark. All of these people who just downloaded it for the heck of it because they were basically getting it for free, artificially inflated Gaga’s sales numbers, and there is no way that you can deny that. That is why Lady Gaga’s 1 million sales in a week milestone is a hollow victory that will be forever tarnished by the 99 cent pricing.

    • aeufjb

      long comment you must really be mad gaga is dominating
      gtfo hater

      • no sh!te

        Short comment. You must really be stupid. Just because this person can write more than 11 words and one acronym does not mean that what they are saying isn’t true.

      • Jonathon

        I’m not a Gaga hater…I just don’t think it’s fair to other artists who are unable to have their album sales artifically inflated because they don’t have a mega-retailer like Amazon who has agreed to buy unlimited copies of their album and then turn around and sell them for 99 cents. And next time please actually respond to the content of the comment instead of just mouthing off immaturely.

      • Woot

        Yeah that really didn’t sound like the comment of a hater. Despite the 99 cent controversy not being Gaga’s fault, it does beg the question, “What would the number have been?”

      • Jonathon

        And thank you “no shi!te!”:)

      • Jonathon

        @Woot: The preliminary estimates are that Lady Gaga sold 1.1. million albums…Of that amount, about 450,000 are estimated to come from the 99 cent Amazon deal. Taking out those 99 cent purchases would put her sales total at 650,000. Of course, some of those 450,000 people would have still purchased the album regardless, but in order for her to reach 1 million, 350,000 of those 450,000 people would have had to been willing to still buy the album at full price…And I highly doubt that would have happened.

      • Monster For Life

        I’m really annoyed at Amazon for this. Good for Interscope… bad for Gaga. This adds fuel to the haters’ fire and gives them one more reason to knock on her credibility. I hope some of these .99 cent purchasers turn out to be people who weren’t really a fan but have since found a liking for her… otherwise it was a waste for Amazon to screw with her numbers like this. I don’t care what service they were trying to promote.

    • True Blue


      Rihanna’s “Rated R” was on sale for 99¢ on Amazon upon its release, she also did a LOT of promo for the album, but she didn’t end up selling a milli in the first week (actually, I think Rated R ended up only selling 3 mil ww). I clearly remember people ridiculing her and her fans for it, even drawing up GIFs of her CD being included with a McDonald’s meal (mean, but funny). With the amount of promo Gaga devoted to this project, and with the insanely dedicated broad and loyal fanbase Gaga has, she would’ve sold this amount even if the Amazon deal hadn’t existed. And remember, this is JUST the first week sales. When we see how the overall sales of this album will be in the long term, we’ll see how big or little a role Amazon played in this. Oh and another thing, Billboard doesn’t count albums that were sold under 4 dollars. So there.

      • Lala

        Billboard is in fact counting the albums that were sold under the Amazon deal, they are just not counting the albums that were given away @ Best Buy. Gaga would not have sold a million copies it it weren’t for Amazon. Interscope, hits daily double and Billboard were all projecting first-week sales of around 650k. The margin of error for projections is around 3 percent.

      • Brenda

        Billboard is counting the $0.99 cent albums although they were bundled with the Cloud Service on Amazon. Please Gaga and her record label knew about the promotion. I’m sure Amazon and them worked out this plan. She allowed her album to be sold for $0.99 cent.

    • Brandi

      I agree Jonathan. I’m a fan of Gaga, and I bought the album for 99 cents…but I wouldn’t have if it were regular price. I’m sure there are many others who did the same.

    • Cheriyan

      I precisely wetand to appreciate you all over again. I am not sure the things I could possibly have handled without the type of aspects discussed by you relating to such subject. It was before a horrifying setting in my position, however , considering your well-written manner you processed that took me to jump over gladness. I’m happier for the information and in addition hope you really know what a great job that you are putting in educating some other people via your blog. I’m certain you’ve never got to know all of us.

  • Diego

    Flopney Spears can’t sell her albums anymore and she sold more than 1 million MORE THAN A DECADE ago! She should just retire, it’s painful to see her fall.

    • Queen Spears!…Did It Again

      Queen Spears STILL has the crowning achievement of 1.3 million sales in her first week, the most for a female artist EVER. NO GIRL has topped it for MORE THAN A DECADE. Oops!…I Did It Again sold over 20 million albums worldwide!”It’s Britney, b!tch.”

      • Just Me

        oh..back when people actully bought CD’s.

    • Amy

      That’s fine. Femme Fatale is still a more fun album to listen to than Born This Way.

      • bran

        except Born This Way is way more fun to listen to than Femme Fatale

      • u crazy…

        femme floptale

      • Amy

        No, Born This Way is too preachy. Gaga tried way too hard to make “important” songs.
        “Femme Floptale”…wow, did you think of that all by yourself? You’re so clever!

      • Woot

        I couldn’t stand Femme Fatale. You could just tell that Britney had no input. She has become the epitome of “puppet.” Lovely woman, but she should probably give music a rest for a bit.

      • Woot

        I will agree with Amy though, Femme Floptale makes you sound pretty pathetic

      • A2

        Femme fatale wipes the floor with BTW. I wanna go alone tops the entire album.

      • Brenda

        With Femme Fatale, Britney can say she came by her numbers honestly and not selling it for the price off the $1 menu at McDonald’s. Oh, Rihanna didn’t bundles her sales with another service, either. Gaga is a cheater. She steal looks and melodies from Madonna. Copycat.

    • Santana

      Britney’s second album sold over 1 million copies. This is Gaga’s second album. It too sold over 1 million copies. I do not see your point.

      • Maggie

        Still clinging to the year 2000? That is pretty sad…

  • little monster

    This album is amazing and deserves all this success & even more. She worked really hard on this album and this is the result. As for the person who first commented..if you have nothing good or useful to say then you should probably not say it.

    • Monster For Life


  • ed lacy from dayton

    Gaga is magic, the occult. Her music is scary good. Everyone on Planet Ed adores her.

  • aeufjb

    ahhhh smell of sweet victory
    i remember when madonna came out she had so many haters just like gaga
    people said she was a phony and that she copied several artists
    look at her now shes a legend and gaga is on the same track

  • jt

    Very excellent cd, my Ladyship.
    LOVE it!!

  • Zulu

    Like, everyone is just jealous of this beautiful, brilliant and outrageously talented artist. All of her work is brilliant. Madonna, David Bowie, and that Queen band can never compare to her. She is the Goddess of the World. She will do better than any of you, so there. Paws up Forever! Now I am going to cry about my hair…….such a timeless message.

    • Scott

      lol, she is not beautiful :X. But she is business smart, very.

      • Brian

        Lol, You’re obviously blind because Gaga is beautiful you f*cking dumbass fa**ot.

      • Brian

        I’m sorry for saying those things. I’m just an insecure douchebag. In reality, I’m actually totally gay and like to dress up like Lady Gaga on the weekends. I also like to lick turkey dogs dipped in mayo over and over again.

    • Aurora

      Funny thing to say since the guartist from “that band Queen” that you insulted plays on one of her tracks on the album. Not to mention that Gaga loves Queen & Bowie, in fact she was inspired by them. Funny how you insult not only Rock Legends but you insult some Mother Monster’s fav music. You sure you’re listening to her???!!!

      • Loch Ness

        Amen. Brian May is a scientist and a guitarist. Have some respect for one the greats.

      • True Blue

        I’m pretty sure Zulu was being sarcastic.

      • Inscrutable

        Brian May=Overrated and boring. Is still known simply because they keep recycling the same playlists at the Classic Rock stations over and over.

    • Elder

      As of now, both versions, Parental Advisory-Labeled or not, are cnesored. I’m not sure why, and I don’t like the way Interscope went releasing the CD. They were misleading and unfair to those who wanted an uncensored copy. I have heard, though, that they are trying to put out an uncensored copy, with an unknown release date. But, that doesn’t help those who already bought it, now would it?

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