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It has been nearly 10 years since No Doubt dropped their last studio album, Rock Steady; five years since singer Gwen Stefani dropped her last solo album The Sweet Escape; and two years since the group reunited for a big summer tour.

But Job-like No Doubt fans are about to be rewarded: Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal and drummer Adrian Young sat down with Entertainment Weekly in Santa Monica this past weekend to chat about where they’ve been—and where they’re going.

And while we’re keeping the big news a secret for now (you can read the whole interview in this week’s coming issue, which is on newsstands this Friday), Stefani did tell us that the days of her being a solo artist are probably over.

“That was a moment in time,” Stefani said firmly when asked about the future of her solo career. “It went on a little longer than we all thought it would, because it was inspired and you have to go with wherever you’re at in that time in your life … [But] everything works out how it should.”

For the rest of the No Doubt’s revelations—including how life has changed since they now have nine(!) kids onboard between them, and what they think of the current state of the music industry—check out this week’s issue.

And in the meantime, let us know in the comments section below if you’ll miss the solo version of Stefani, and hollaback if you still spell out “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” every time you’re in the produce aisle. (Or maybe that’s just us?)

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  • PN

    I liked her 2004 solo album, but her 2006 album had too much going on with the pop sounds and the songs felt uneven when hearing them as a whole. I think she’s better with No Doubt and I’m excited about their new album that they’re recording at this moment.

    • Tom

      It’s going to be a hit like Moby’s last album. No worries.

  • MultiPass

    They always put out good stuff. Not a bad album among them. Glad to read they’ll be coming back soon!

    • Tom

      Grunge is making a comeback!

      • Tom

        Attack of the 90s zombies.

  • restricted

    Gwen would have been perfect for X Factor or American Idol!

    • Who Craig

      I thought so too. However this would mean she has to devote several months out of the year to those shows, and takes several months out of recording/touring. Yeah it would have been huge promotion but No Doubt’s music would have been affected by it

  • Who Craig

    So it was EW that No Doubt mentioned on Twitter! They said “talked to some journalists. Feels so real now” my excitement is coming back!!! Definitely gonna buy that issue haha

    • Tom

      Boom! Roasted.

      • who craig?


  • tracy bluth

    Yay!!!!! I LOVE No Doubt, though I wasn’t a big fan of Gwen Stefani’s solo career.

  • McProphet

    It always strikes me as odd when these frontmen (or women in this case!) need to “express themselves” as solo artists when essentially they ARE the bands they’re fronting. Gwen Stefani is the main vocalist and really the only member of the band anyone can remember, and if she wanted to take their music in another direction I’m sure she could have convinced her bandmates to follow suit. I love me some No Doubt, but I wasn’t a fan of ANY of her solo stuff. “Hollaback Girl?” REALLY Gwen?!? Of course the worst offender has to be Dave Matthews who felt the need to release a solo album when the BAND IS NAMED AFTER HIM!!! WTF Dave.

    • Jennifer

      Well, to be fair, Gwen’s solo albums have all been very feminine (with a few songs as exceptions). I doubt they really jive with the tone and feel of the other members of No Doubt. I mean, can you imagine them playing something like “Wind it Up”, “Rich Girl”, or her more obscure songs like “Bubble Pop Electric”? Nah. She clearly wanted to explore that genre, which was definitely fun, but I’m so stoked for more No Doubt!

    • who craig?

      the way you wrote this gives the feeling like you think she was tired of No Doubt and wanted to leave. In a way, they all did. that’s they took a hiatus, to do whatever they pleased. Adrian relaxed, Tony went on behind the scenes and helped produced other albums. Tom started ihs Invincible Overlord. and Gwenny Gwen wanted to make a pop album (or two). i dont get why people think it was a crime for her to do that. she didnt do it under the No Doubt name. /endrant

  • larkin

    Just what the world needs. A mediocre band from the late 1990’s/early 2000’s to come out with an album. Exactly who was waiting for this album? The 5 remaining no doubt fans left? I so hope it tanks. I hate Stefani’s voice and her songs are really lame. I would have thought all of Ms. Gwen’s side projects would have kept her busy enough. Perhaps she needs to increase her make-up fund since she goes through about 90000 lbs/year. Oh, and she’s got that idiot husband to support I suppose. Got to keep him in make up too.

    • AK

      Wow, a lot of inexplicable anger in this one.

    • Bobby F

      Sounds like you are a little bit jealous….hmmmmm? She’s a lot better than you are giving her or No Doubt credit for. No go cry in the corner and suck your thumb some more.

    • Tom

      Grunge is making a comeback! They are teaming up with Moby I’ve heard. This should be terrific.

      • febreeze

        no doubt was never grunge. in fact, unless you were mainstream, you would never listen to no doubt. because they suck.

      • Flip

        Febreeze, if they “suck”, why are you reading and commenting about them? Sounds like you’re a secret fan.

      • Tom

        ha ha ha ha

      • bananas

        unless febreeze was only clicking so they could comment that no doubt sucks. Which they do. Which is why I wanted to post. Doesn’t one of them wear a diaper?

      • krispy creme

        do you really think that? do you not know what grunge is or are you joking/stupid. I really hope you don’t think moby is grunge either…..sigh

    • who craig?

      *sigh* i can’t….

  • jt

    I liked her a lot until she came to Columbus, OH and bad mouthed the audience because it wasn’t sold out.

  • saint of E. 69th st.

    have seen No Doubt a few times (last 2005 Music Midtown ATL) and her solo (MSG 2007) and like both…..want buy new album..may download a song or two but will see them live again…Gwen makes me take cold showers more…+

    • saint of E. 69th st.


  • Michael

    I like Gwen Stefani, and I would like to her something new from her.

    • Tom

      We prefer good, but new is fine.

      • Hon

        Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 plaeyrs over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of plaeyrs. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

      • Zuliez

        Posted on I saw a lot of website but I liebeve this one has something special in it. Be good and you will be lonesome. by Mark Twain.

  • Morgan

    You couldn’t have used a picture showing the entire band? Either way, I’m really excited about this album!

  • Flip

    So excited! Sounds like we’re going to get an album release date soon!

  • James

    Gwen do another solo album ur songs r amazin, or do both

    • Diego

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  • Hales

    urm, excuse me, but no. Gwen needs to do another solo album, because both of hers were amazing. sure, she can do a No Doubt album too, but we want another album from her!

  • Flip

    No, we don’t need any more solo Gwen. She needs to focus exclusively on ND.

    • Tonic

      Agreed. I wanted to like her last album but it was written to make 12-year-old girls buy Gwen’s products. Ugh. Do not want.

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