Eminem adds Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to his diss list


Image Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Eminem has spent roughly 65 percent of his legendary career making fun of famous people. It could even be said that you’re not truly a pop-culture icon until Slim Shady takes you down a notch—though that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll stay famous, as Chris Kirkpatrick can attest.

So it should come as no surprise that Mr. Mathers has taken aim at Lady Gaga on one of the tracks for his forthcoming album Hell: The Sequel (a tag-team effort with Royce 5’9″ under the name Bad Meets Evil).

On the song “A Kiss,” Em spits the line “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She’s already a male lady/ Wouldn’t f— her with her d—/ The verdict’s in.” Check out the song here:

Of course, like his long-stale jokes about Christopher Reeve, Em is a little bit behind the times; nobody has accused Gaga of being a dude in almost a year.

As you can hear, Eminem also has some choice words reserved for pop’s boy-diva Justin Bieber, rapping, “Him don’t give a damn about Bieber, do him?/ Evil just seems to be seeping through him.”

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Em jumped on the Canadian superstar, though we were hoping for something a little more scathing, a la the infamous Moby beatdown.

So here’s a question: What celebrities should Eminem be taking on? There could be a whole TV show surrounding it, like a reverse version of H8R. But we turn it to you first, EW commenters.

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  • Of course

    Go Eminem!

    Lady Gaga sucks….and he is telling the truth.

    • Urban Mystery

      Lady Gaga’s code :-

      Little monster = Her little penis
      Monster ball = Her testicle

      • Fernando92

        I find her ugly because I’m a guy but I’m not gay. I wouldn’t sleep with her. Urghwwwwwerk!

      • My Name Here

        says the guy hiding in his moms basement on a laptop.

      • Pro-Christian

        If I were a guy, I’d bone her and I’d give her 99cents…

        Ha ha ha !

      • The Edge of Tranny

        ..with the face like that, I am sure she would give her soul for FREE!

      • Miracle Mirror

        Let’s be honest. The only female star as ugly as Lady Gaga is Whoopi Goldberg. She is not alone!

      • Budge Over Monsters

        I am gay and I would love to make love to Eminem..so badly. Good news of the week!

      • Idle

        Wow, going after Gaga and Bieber is so December 2009. Way to keep it current Eminem.

      • Ter

        As if Gaga and Bieber give a ratsass.

      • Tom

        This is nothing in comparison to the great work they did a decade ago.

      • bree

        At least Tyler the Creator makes me laugh

      • Taylo

        u disgust me

      • Big_Black_Crow

        wow really? youre all really pathetic, she is one of the most famous artists in the world and yet you think dising her will bring her down? do you think her little monsters(fans) wont talk about this and discuss this? i wont be surprised if he isnt sued by both bieber and gaga. deuces

      • hanslimo0

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      • hanslimo0

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      • Pretty Sure Gaga IS a Dude…yuck !!!!!!!!!!

        maybe because 99 cents was a correct price for the album and now that its the same price as everyone elses people decided to spend their hard earned money on someone with talent.

      • Godney Spears

        Hopefully she put her meat costume in the freezer so she won’t starve.

    • Aunt Jemima

      She is the purest garbage America has ever produced.

      Eventually she’s going to walk into a her own room and realize a necklace made of hot dogs isn’t enough to put her in the same status as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and Barbra Streisand.

      R I P

      • Gaga4573

        Eminem is the defintion of white trash so stfu

      • The Music Guru

        “When Lady Gaga isn’t ripping off Madonna, she is trying to recycle other artists’ work. “Edge of Glory,” with lyrics that sound like they were written by a loser of a 1st grade poetry contest, sounds strangely similar to Cher’s “Song for the Lonely” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You. Lady Gaga can wear meat dresses, Madonna outfits, lobster hats, and penis shoes all she likes. However, it won’t cover up for the fact that Born This Way is dead on arrival”

      • My Name Here

        Yes, Because Eninem and his music make us look great to the world!

      • Mama Carey

        Born This Way – mediocre at its best! However, thats typical Yank and music industry there, you could sell even ‘garbage’ like this with the help of marketing, Billboard Hot 100 and a little bit of PR strategy. Next time, when her record company complaining about how low her next album sales due to illegal downloading bla bla bla, I would say’ you deserve it’ and please don’t blame the listeners for polluting the airwaves.

      • The Truth

        Lady Gaga——–> Lady Pathetic Copycat!

      • Tom

        It’s a shame. I remember when I could put this guy on endless repeat.

      • daveoski

        Not a Lady GaGa fan, but calling her the purest garbage America has ever produced is pretty idiotic. She writes her own music and actually sings it live. Can’t say that about the majority of pop stars out there. Yes she’s weird and ugly and you may hate her music, but it is her music and herself.

      • Go Away Please Gaga

        just because Gaga sings live and writes her music, doesn’t mean she is creating an art. Her music is mediocre, mundane and generic even worse than Britney. At least Britney is more original..

      • Choco boco

        I remember Eminem bashing Moby because he was 36 years old. Now what is Eminem? Pushing 40? He should just retire and go into something else. Maybe acting or something. He’s just making people tired of him when he keeps making half ass music. It’s time to move on.

      • Daniel

        It is amazing how people can say all this negative things about other people. Its a reflection how they are feeling inside. you people should get a life. no wonder the world is soo F#!%* up. what u put out is what u get back in return sooo sad.

      • mookee

        Necklace of hot dogs is hilarious, and I agree completely. Actualyl I agree with the consensus here. Lady Gaga’s a crap artist and she’s fake as a person, and dishonest to the public. That’s why people don’t like her. But she’s not ugly; she’s something of average and her music is below avg. It’s mostly plagiarized anyhow, and her videos seem to be stolen from Michael Jackson every time. On Eminem, he’s got genuine rapping and creative talent, but this song sucks and everything after the second album has been lame. But, the first two albums were excellent, and a testament to his legitimacy.

      • Nettie

        At least she has some type of artistic talent. That is the point of art, some people are going to like it and some people are not. What happened to respecting other people in this country? We don’t all have to be the same. Like her or not, she has talent. At least she can sing unlike the Ke$ha’s of today.

      • karen

        To say that Lady Gaga’s music sounds like other artists and is therefore not original is a ridiculous comment. Like it or not, every pop song sounds like every other pop song. Few songs truly have an original sound. The vast, vast majority of pop music sounds extraordinarily similar to everything else out there.

      • trev

        Too bad the music isn’t better for people to talk about that instead. Oh well.

    • seattleguy

      It seems like ugly chicks are the ones who try Super hard to be cool, such as Gaga.

      • Not A Dum Dum Monster

        Her new album ‘Born This Way’ isn’t art ; more about commercialism trying desperately to make music addictive, repetitive and it lacks all the warmth, emotion and depth. For lack of a better phrase a garbage- just like her fashion!

      • Chris

        This here made me lose A LOT of respect for Eminem. I don’t give a flying flip about Justin Bieber, but Lady GaGa didn’t do anything to Eminem; she has better things to do than to diss other artists. She has so many fans and people who love her, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her. She is comfortable enough to be herself, so let her be herself. Now, using petty insults against her is pathetic, and the only person getting ridiculed is the aggressor calling her those things. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eminem’s career suddenly dropped down the toilet because he honestly should have retired long ago, and obviously, people have turned against him for putting down the #1 artist in the world. Eminem is obviously jealous because he can only wish to be as successful as Lady GaGa.

    • Marilyn

      Lady Gaga’s album just crashed! After selling over a million last week, she only sold 169,387 this week. That is a HUGE plunge of 85%. That may be an all time record drop.

      • abc ya

        Still #1

      • Ex-Monster

        This is what happens when talentless musician take the stage. They need shock value in order to make up for how terrible they are musically.

        Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She’s nothing but a role model for women with no self-esteem, lack of originality and she believes everything she does is for “art”.

        Everyone knows she’s a new Madonna copycat. There’s so many trends in this world, and she’ll just be the flavor of the year. That’s why she is milking her fans like there is no tomorrow with this album, videos, singles after singles and performances.

      • Carl

        It’s only Tuesday…

      • bree

        While you guys are complaining about this stuff, I’m listening to Tyler the Creator.

      • Jose


      • Ashley

        What is it with you and posting the same thing over and over on every gaga article? Is your life that miserable? Yes, this album may not be that great but she’s far from talentless.

      • Cat


      • j0eschm0e

        thats because she ran out of f a g s to download it.

      • Monster For Life

        @j0eschm0e – I knew a homophobe would have to jump in here somewhere. So typical. Say that kind of crap to a f a g ‘s face and see what happens to you. It’s so easy to hide behind a computer like a little sissy and hate away. Sadly pathetic.

    • Now Thats Fuhnie

      Lady Gaga= The King of 99cents Album ?

      • Dirty Diana

        That’s what her album is actually worth! Agree..

      • bree

        Nothing good to say about this track though huh?

    • Tonic

      It’s interesting how much passion Gaga inspires – love or hate, she riles both sides up in a fervor.

      • You’ll See

        She is struggling to hit a double- platinum status in the USA. Just watch her fading away slowly.

        Her new album doesn’t have legs. Nor she has original talent. Pure hype and record company’s puppet!

      • True Blue

        @ You’ll See:

        Damn honey, why are you so mad? Did she steal your man (or woman) or something?

      • CoDD

        I always find it funny when some moron cries about someone’s plummeting record sales when they themselves have never done anything that amounts to anything themselves.

      • Monster For Life

        @CoDD – THANK YOU!!! It’s funny when obvious points go unnoticed until someone with some intelligence sees right through all the ignorance getting thrown around here.

    • wakeforce

      Easy targets! Surprised he can’t come up with something more “original”. (HA!)

    • tom

      I think pitchfork gave this a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    • Terry

      Wow, how rebellious, edgy and groundbreaking..calling LG a man and dissing Bieber. Eminem is so avant-garde and at the forefront of culture.

    • japer

      Eminem who???? please I could careless who he makes fun of but come on Eminem make some actual hits then someone might care what the hell you say. he’s a Whitney Huston!

      • Clarke

        You could careless? That’s pretty dangerous.

    • tarc

      Oh, Em… struggling to be relevant. Sad.

      • Naema Russle


        He has sold more than 86.5 million albums worldwide to date…sad for you.. isn’t it?

      • Vince from NYC

        Yea, he just had the best selling album of teh year last year and won a few Grammys. You have no idea what your talking about.

    • Apeman

      your idol is starting to look a little old, reduced to making car commercials has an effect on him I guess.

    • Gaga is nothing

      Eminem is the greatest rapper that ever lived, selling nearly 90 million records worldwide, whilst collecting 13 Grammy Awards along the way.

      Who is Gaga? Zzzzzz

      • mary

        yeah… who’s is Lady gaga…???? Go Eminem… bushh her…

      • whitney

        Why is everyone so hateful. If you don’t like what you hear, shut it off. Why fill your day with outrageous comments! Its your loss of time wasted. Feel sorry for some people.

      • name

        we’d like to shut it off but it’s all the radio stations play. the same 5 songs every hour of every day. that’s what’s wrong with america.

    • Forverbeyonce


    • wisdomVSknowledge

      You idiots are all under 10 and should be in school.

    • Stuart

      What’s truly sad is that she simply copies Madonna’s public embrace of gays (and everything else from Madonna), because both she has no originality and wants to exploit them. And many of those gays sadly follow here like she’s a god. Please wise up people.

      • karen

        It’s pretty sad that an artist can’t write music about acceptance of the gay community without being accused of pandering and exploitation of that group. Say what you want about whether or not her music sounds like Madonna’s, but her acceptance of gays is because of who she is and what she believes in – NOT because she is copying someone. As far as why she is so popular with the gay community…well, that’s a more complex issue than it seems, but it’s not because of pandering.


      does he think he is considered good looking?….ugly calling someone ugly is laughable. 40 with botox….pee wee herman looks better than this ugly ass motherfuc$er. Kiss GAGA’s #1 ass.

    • Tom Mc

      Eminem sucks, too. Perhaps he should insult himself.

      • Dani

        Eminem is better than over half these MCs out here who wanna call themselves musician. Have you heard his latest music? One of the best for sure.

      • Dani

        I mean his latest album.

    • BritneyXtinaJessicaMariahGaga

      Who is the ugly, white devil talking about now? Marshall is mr. botox and pushing 40. That’s why he goes through hell. He puts it on himself by talking crap. He is annoying and 75% his fans are fat, unemployed, white trash.

  • The Other Guy

    Eminem’s doing pretty good so far, me thinks

    • Retired Housewife


      • Your sincerely


      • Tom

        It’s nothing like the stuff from 10 years ago. This is weak sauce.

      • “Hell: The Sequel”

        “Tell Lady Gaga she can quite her job at the post office/She’s still a male lady” over creepy chimes”


      • mary


      • Maryann


        LOL!! Really? Epic?

        You must be very young!

    • masterD

      ***so going to buy Eminem’s new album***

      • My Name Here

        So what.

      • RiRi4Life

        Gaga is gross..i dont like her at all

      • Tom

        Do you losers have anything nice to say about this song? Obviously not.

    • Bob

      Really? Rapping about beating your wife and killing people is cool? OK

      • Puhleeze

        Gaga is an anti-Christians, exploits gay community, chart manipulations, plagiarism..okay too?

      • Jon

        She is none of the above “Puhleeze” but nice try.

      • Jose

        it was cool back then

      • tarc

        @Puhleeze – Since Gaga is a Christian, isn;t viewed by any gay person on record as being exploited, is verifiably not a plagarist, I’d suggest all that hot air needs to blow away.

      • Dude

        To answer your question…….rapping about beating your wife and killing people may not be cool…but it is quite entertaining :>)

      • kong

        but it’s ok for Christians to be anti gay right? LOL. I can’t stand gaga she does indeed suck and I do think she does use the gay community but who give a damn what Christians think on the subject concerning how anti gay they are, and no she hasn’t done anything anti- christian. Meanwhile your God Marshal hates women hates gays uses black people so please neither one is worth it

      • name

        and black people rapping about killing people is better than eminem doing it? come on.

  • vampgirl1991

    this is the only reason he’s soo big, cuz he makes fun of everyone else in the first place, and then when they wanna fire back at him, he gets all defensive like he never started anything.

    grow up already eminem!!!

    • jason bourne

      first of all, he doesn’t get like he never started anything, he finishes them, and this is for the sake of the world. he could end theirs careers right now if he wanted to. so stfu and learn to listen to good music, or keep your mouth shut.

      • Bob

        Are you high?

      • Karate Pants

        I think it was weak. He could have done better.
        By the way, telling people to like him or shut up? Really?

      • GumbyGold

        You really need to listen to Tyler the Creator. That’s where it’s at.

      • Josh

        ok since when did lady gaga and justin get on eminem’s nerve lol. eminem is washed up after he put out those wack albums relapse and recovery just telling the truth even though i hate justin and lady gaga

      • Floridajeff

        @Karate Pants: Look at his “name”, Jason Bourne… he’s so delusional. What a tool. Yeah, “Jason”, I called you a tool. P.S., hey, while you’re at it, Em, why don’t you give a nasty shout out to Star Jones or Karen Carpenter on your next song, you know… since you’re trying to be so timely and cutting edge

      • CoDD

        hahahah…yeah. He got all defensive over a sock puppet at the VMAs…yeah, really tough guy. lol

      • i can write

        dude…who taught you how to write? before you go on and smash others make sure that what you are writing is written correctly. and who made you the god of music..people are entitled to like what they like idiot

    • DGH

      When has he gotten defensive? He usually finish what he starts I don’t remember him getting defensive but I guess vampgirl would know!

      • Just Me

        I guess you don’t know much about the guy you are defending?

      • someguy

        he wouldnt even let weird al spoof his song, who has been around making fun of people decades before mathers, pretty much qualifies the argument

      • tom

        So he can dish it out, but can’t take it?

      • Shady

        You’re a dumbass, he let weird Al spoof “Lose Yourself”, Al’s version is called Couch Potato

    • Hip Hop vs dance music

      Face it, Eminem is more talented than this Lady Xerox GaGa.

      • SaraS

        They’re both talented.. this seems really immature of Eminem. Too bad he keeps putting out albums beneath him and refuses to tour. At least Lady Gaga can command an audience all over the world.

    • alpal

      I agree. Em is just pissed bc he’s washed up and no one cares about his stupid opinion anymore. Hes going after 2 if the biggest artists bc he is jealous and he wants attention. Get off the teet already geez. He specifically says in Till’ I Collapse, a song from The Eminem Show album…”when Ur run is over just admitt that its at its end”…..slim I have been a hardcore fan Ur 1st 3 albums were amazing after that u gave up. Ur last album was pretty good I was really impressed, but just shut up already u big freaking cry baby.

      • alpal

        Ur run Is over go get u a gaterade hommie.

      • MC

        @alpal, unfortunately his run probably wont be over if the comments from all of his blind followers on this board are any indication. But yeah, I agree, he’s always used the names of the most popular people of the moment to try to prop himself up some more and these idiots just eat it up. “Oh, you’re so cool eminem, i want to be just like you when i grow up!” *sighs*

      • Buddymoore

        I’m just trying to figure out how you could possibly say that Eminem is washed up. I guess the criteria of being washed up is to have the biggest selling album of the last year.

      • tarc

        Em’s last album sucked… that’s how one can say he’s washed up. And his performance at the Grammys blew chunks. Skylar Grey made Dre and Em look like fools.

      • Mychoice

        alpal, I couldn’t agree more well said!! There are too many haters out there, I like Eminem too but it really is getting old with him always insulting other people in his songs. Lady GaGa and Justin are popular for a reason and i am sure it’s not because they DON’T have any talent.

    • Chase

      1st of all im not a fan of Eminem, but I have to say the guy is a lyrical genius. You can’t take that away from him. My only problem is you have two people that I hate even more than him (Gaga and Bieber) and I was hoping that Em would tear them a new a$$***e. UGH!! Both verses were weak and pathetic. Em either go hard or go home!!!

      • m

        If you think eminem is a lyrical genious you need to kill yourself. Royce writes all of his stuff, slacks off and saves the good stuff for himself.

      • trev

        I would too if I was royce

      • name

        eminem and royce wrote dr. dre’s verses on 2001. there’s proof in his biography that he wrote his own stuff.

      • trev


  • Lady Dudga

    Lady Gaga was born as Stefan John Angelino Germanotta


    • OMFG

      with a donkey’s d**k ?

    • abc ya

      And your mom should have flushed.

      • Deal With It

        and little monster reminds me of a word- abortion. Who’s mad?

      • GumbyGold

        He once said Moby was old. I think he is about the same age now.

  • Stephen

    Isn’t Em too old to be calling people names? If Gaga called her next song about him “Popping pills w/ Em’s p**y”. He wouldn’t be happy would he?

    • DGH

      I don’t think he would care actually he might even invite it!

    • abc ya

      He is like 40 and still name calling. Is he ever going to grow up? Dude has problems.

      • Yulanda Adams

        Lady Gaga in her 20s..plagiarized much! Please grow up some brains.

      • tom

        I’m going to go listen to something else. This sucks.

  • SaraS

    I don’t care that he made fun of Gaga or Bieber, but it does seem outdated and stupid to make fun of her for being a guy (which she obviously is not).

    • Aneurysm Face

      It seems outdated to be making fun of blahblah and bieber in the first place considering any thinking person has been doing that for a long time now.

    • reality chick


      • Peeing Myself Over Monsters


        LMFAO !!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I would LOVE to see the people who are calling Gaga ugly. I am sure you’re all drop-dead gorgeous. I mean seriously, I don’t know any truly attractive person who calls other people ugly. You’re all pathetic.

      • @ reality chick

        I hope for your sake you are Miss Universe and are considered the most *physically* attractive human on the planet. But you are probably quite far from that. That would then explain the hollow, wildly grammatically challenged comment you posted. The “reality” (funny that you chose that as part of your screen name) is that you are probably told by others that you are REALLY FUGLY yourself which is sad because then the only outlet you have is to become this sociopath on comment boards. After English class, you may want to go visit your peer counselor for some help.

    • DaveinDC

      MNM is irrelevant.

  • Jina

    The “Lady Gaga is a man” jokes are growinh old. Honestly, I thought he moved on from this annoying habit-

  • Kevin

    Eminem’s schtick is so old even the music of Sha Na Na seems more contemporary than his tired act.

    • DGH

      but he doesn’t have to sell his cd’s for 99 cents for people to buy them so I guess gaga schtick is even worse.

      • MC

        Gaga still sold around 670k without the $.99 cent deal, which was initiated by AMAZON! It’s so crazy how many people are so misinformed that they keep spouting off the same misinformation even tho it’s posted for them EVERYWHERE! Eminem is a tool and a deus*he that has always used names of popular people to make himself look better. LAME!

      • abc ya

        Gaga does not either…Amazon did it. So now what?

      • @ DGH

        Did you think that clever comeback up all by yourself? Dolt!

    • Zzz

      100x better than Lady Copycat’s new album called ‘Suck This Way’!

    • Dani

      Eminem raps out about real stuff instead of making money and screwing sluts. That’s what makes his music so great.

  • Beyoncilicious

    He/she is a Madonna hermaphrodite copycat !

    • Stephen

      and Be’Yawn”ce isn’t a copycat? Nothing real on that girl except the shoes she wears..

      • Delon

        Not only that, but also her head is empty. Beyoncé is an airhead.

    • Lady Copycat Much

      What hurts more – period pain or a kick in the balls? Lets ask Lady Gaga!

      • Gaga4573

        Or we could just ask you

      • Ha ha ha

        Gaga’s face is equivalent of a finely cooked marshmallow …with a load of tomato ketchup splurged all over it.

      • abc ya

        You are going up and down here changing your name over and over? How old are you? 12?

      • Peeing Myself Over Monsters

        Gaga fans have no taste! Who is delusional..who is tone-deaf?

        *close coffin*

      • tom

        You really need to get out more often.

  • crispy

    Those lyrics suck. But I hate Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber … I’m so torn!

    • jason bourne

      i wanna see you challenge eminem to a song writing contest, up for it? i didnt think so.

      • crispy

        So you’re the guy he wrote “Stan” about.

      • tom

        That was 15 years ago. I don’t even remember 3 days ago. You must have no life.

      • crispy

        If you can’t remember 3 days ago, you must have no brain.

      • trev

        Listening to this will do that.

  • Ronnel

    Im usually ok with his dissing Lyrics but these arent even clever. If this is any indication of the “writing” his done for his new CD I dont think thhe will have to worry about too many people hearing it.

  • jose

    its funny because this and the one featuring slaughterhouse are probably the 2 worst songs on the ep that they are releasing

  • Live Well Monsters

    God created Justin Bieber with no balls and Lady Gaga with 2 extra balls.

    • Delon

      I like that!

  • jason bourne

    everyone who thinks this album is nothing, or the diss isnt good, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT EMINEM, so get your facts straight before judge.

    • Queen of 99cents Album

      Lady GagGag is a copycat artist on planet pop while still sounding like an early-90s Tampax advert. Period!

    • tom

      I guess I will have to remain safe in the fact that I know nothing, and listen to Tyler the Creator instead.

  • bruno

    ya, it’s no surprise at all that em takes shots at gaga and the biebs. they’re easy targets. easy to make fun of everyone else i guess as long as you’re getting number ones. doesn’t make you any less one note pathetic yourself though.

    • masterD

      Gaga sold her albums 99cents and wrote the lame Judas to become the second biggest selling album this year…so how is lame..who is more pathetic?

      Enlighten us..pliz !?

      • MC

        AMAZON sold her album for $.99, not Lady Gaga! Do some research before you make yourself look like an uninformed tool.

      • who is mad

        Oh please….99cents or 99 dollars nobody impress with her top -selling generic album.

      • Fisherman’s Friend

        Lady Gaga’s new generic album Copycat This Way….most hype album of the decade with the same 2 yo noises and 5th grader lyrics.

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