Beyonce's a little peeved her new album leaked, but happy fans like it


Image Credit: Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/Getty Images

On Tuesday Beyoncé‘s new album, 4, leaked to the Internet exactly three weeks before its June 28 release date. But the R&B diva seems to be taking it all in fierce stride.

Rather than sweeping the issue under the rug, she used her Facebook page to address it. Read her statement here:

“My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans. When I record music I always think about my fans singing every note and dancing to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate that everyone has been so anxious to hear my new songs.”

That’s pretty cool of her, expressing that she’s a little ticked about the leak—but also being thankful that fans are geeked to hear her new material.

Have you heard 4 yet? Plan on buying the finished version when it officially hits stores in a few weeks? Let us know. We’ve been bumping it in the EW offices all week, so look for our review here soon.

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  • Reeve

    Her finest work. Can’t wait to buy the deluxe version!!

    • Matt

      You’re definitely right, it is her finest work… and I’m glad people are appreciating it. It’s understated (well, as understated as Beyonce can get) and got a relaxed, R&B vibe. Yes, we all want some good party music, but it’s refreshing not to see the electro-pop crap on here.

      • Lady Gaga

        Beyonce’s first three singles from this album flopped, and she will not even come close to selling 1 million on its first week. All hail Mother Monster!!!!

      • Miss Talk

        Beyoncé is not CLEARLY looking for that platinum debut or those #1s. There was a time she was everywhere but she’s not going there anymore, at least not this time around. She has 7 albuums out, she knows how promotion works. If she hasn’t done any talk show, it means only one thing: she didn’t want to.
        Everybody who thinks otherwise should listen to “I was here”. She gave everything she got and now she will do exactly what SHE wants to.
        I love her new album and I’ll buy it, ‘4’ is so refreshing among all the garbage pop out there.

      • Justin

        A quick history lesson. Gaga (aka Insterscope) purchased 400,000 of their own record. That is simplest way I can explain her selling 1 million the first week. SHE BOUGHT HER OWN DARN RECORD AND SOLD IT WITH A 99% percent discount! That is playing fairly.

      • cripsy

        Miss Talk- Beyonce was on American Idol for the Finale and Oprah for the finale, she is clearly promoting it. Run the World actually starting climbing the Itunes chart after those performances.

      • Gaga4573

        Holy crap. I love Gaga, but this article isnt about Gaga, its about BEYONCE. and beyonce isnt gonna sell 1.1 million albums in the first week, but shes still a superstar. stop talking about gaga. this has NOTHING to do with her.

    • True Blue

      It is indeed her finest work. I didn’t expect it to be THIS good. Oh my God, I’m so proud of her. It’s definitely one of my favorite albums of this year, right behind Adele’s 21. I think I love it even more than Born This Way.

      • Terry

        Well, of course her fans are gonna like it. But if “Run The World” (the first official single, which flopped) and “Best Thing I Never Had” are any indication, this is in fact Beyonce’s worst offering. She needs to find a single that is good, solid radio material, or she won’t get any hits this era.

      • Matt

        See Terry, they are not any indication – if you had bothered to listen to the album. If anything, Run the World is completely out of place on the album. Haters gonna haaaaate!

      • Megan

        If someone had told me a year ago that a new single from Jennifer Lopez would reach # 3 and spend 14 weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 and become a global smash (# 1 in 22 countries) while the first [new]single from Beyonce would flop (Run The World, which peaked at # 29, and this week tumbles to # 55, after just seven weeks on the chart), I would have laughed to their face and said “As if!”. But this is exactly what’s happened. However, it’s deserved, because in spite of J-lo’s non-existant voice,”On the Floor” is a fantastic pop song, while “Run the World” is a melody-free mess of bleats, drums, and claps.

      • True Blue

        @ Terry:

        So what you’re saying is is that this album isn’t good because it may not be commercially appealing? By your logic, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is a great album, right?

      • @Matt

        Why would a person who’s making a thoughtful assessment, without resorting to any insults, be immediately called “hater”? Isn’t that kind of knee-jerk reaction typical of extreme fanatics?

      • Tony Percy

        Among current pop stars, Beyonce has no competition when it comes to stage presence, performing skills,and vocal prowess, but I never fail to be disappointed by her lack of solid songs. She’s never had any other single even close to the brilliance that was “Crazy in Love”. Say what you want about Perry’s flimsy voice (and trust me, I will agree with you on that), but so far, her singles from Teenage Dream have been flawless, pure pop perfection. And please, spare me the “Haterz Gon’ Hate!” tripe; I adore Bey, I just want her material to be akin to her formidable skills.

      • True Blue

        @ Tony Percy:

        I actually like Katy, but honestly, I was really disappointed in TD. Apart from three of the singles she’s released, I haven’t been impressed by any of her offerings from this album. It’s so generic-sounding to me. “4” on the other hand, actually takes risks and eschews following trends. Really, listen to the album and allow it to grow on you. You’re right that Beyoncé has been inconsistent in her music, but this record remedies that problem. She finally does all the things she was supposed to do in her music. I’m actually glad that this album isn’t designed to appeal to the masses, because not caring about that is the only way you can artistically give your all.

  • Phil

    I was disappointed there was hardly any dance music! The first single and talks of dance music inspiration were too misleading!

    • Adwina Lambert

      Beyonsh*t is sooo over-rated and over-exposed!! tee-hee!!

  • Deme


    • Adwina Lambert

      Beyonsh*t is sooo over-rated and over-exposed!! tee-hee!!!

  • Cara

    If she’s pi$$ed about her album being leaked, imagine how she’ll feel about you calling her “Beyonc” on the home page!

    • Matt

      Actually, it only appears that way because the HTML on the home page doesn’t duplicate the acute accent on the “e” at the end of her name. So, maybe she’d actually be happy EW is spelling it with the correct French spelling!

  • Brooke

    Her Very Best Yet!!
    Cant wait to buy it!!!
    Best R&B, Best Pop, Best Soul!!

  • Tim

    I am one of the BIGGEST Beyonce’ fans and I will be the first in line to buy my copy. This is her best work to date and its something people didnt expect from her and that just shows what an artist she is. I love u B!!

  • Price

    Beyonce Rules!
    Best Album Ever, hands down.
    If it is not number ONE, then there’s no music…..

  • Justin

    I can understand her being frustrated at the leak esp considering how currently her two singles that have been released so far haven’t caught on like her old stuff. She has my respect however no matter how well the album performs since she decided to NOT SELL OUT with electro pop. So many wanted her to hop on that bandwagon but Queen Bey said F that! I love that about this new record.

  • vero

    ive only heard “who run the world girls” i did not like that song. it was a nice beat tho. i also didn’t like the video. n i heard “the best thing i never ha” i liked that song alot n hopefully she’ll make a nice video for this one. another thing i don’t like is the album cover. why is this girl bleaching her skin for???? thats an insult to us as her fans im sure most of us are black. so for her to be bleaching her skin is saying she is ashamed of her race and that includes me as a black girl and any other black person tht is a fan of hers and has made her rich. so i wonte be buying her new album. i dispise traitorrr

    • Emma

      I’m pretty sure it’s just the lighting. calm down.

    • Joanna

      Beyonce’s skin gets lighter and lighter every album cover,and her hair straighter and straighter. I thought that was Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of “4” (Same thing with Shakira) Why do these gorgeous women of color feel the need to become white women? Ugh

      • Jonny

        Except that Shakira is white. Hispanic, yes, but also white. People seem to not realize that Hispanic/Latino is not a race. It’s an ethnicity. There are white, black and mixed hispanics. Just because she’s from Columbia doesn’t mean she’s not white. Shakira is actually pretty fair-skinned.

      • Wallo

        C – O -L-O-M-B-I-A

        That’s “COLOMBIA”. In both Spanish and English spelled the same way C O L O M B I A.

    • John

      Why does people always got to play the race card. The girl is light skin, what u want her to make her skin if. The cover is beautiful and the album sounds flawless. #4, 6/28/11

      • Lady Gaga

        Alicia Keys is lighter than Beyonce, and nobody accuses her of that. Rihanna is almost as light-skinned but she’s never accused of that either. The thing is that Beyonce is evidently looking whiter and whiter on every cover…it’s ludicrous.

      • True Blue

        @ Lady Gaga:

        Alicia and Rihanna also appear lighter or darker than usual in certain photographs/settings. Same with Beyoncé. She’s naturally light-skinned (Google “Beyonce childhood photos” and then come back and tell me that she’s been bleaching her skin since birth), her skin tone will vary with the lighting of a certain setting, it will vary with the weather (yes, it’s actually true), and it will vary with the makeup she wears. As a light-skinned black person myself, I will attest to this, my skin tone have varied over the years as well. I’m sick and tired of people tossing out baseless accusations without doing their research first.

      • True Blue

        * has varied over the years.

  • Rich

    The whole thing was a PR stunt.They are worried about the reaction to the first three singles all having little success…i really like Beyonce and have not heard the whole album yet…but of the three i have heard nothing has really grabbed me

  • TruthTeller


    It’s 1 thing not to like the album cover,but it`s another to spewing crazy lies.Beyonce has always been a Light Skinned African American(evident from childhood pics).She clearly takes after her mother,Tina Knowles(Whose of a mixed racial background).If you were a true fan,you would know this. In terms of the album, this is Beyonce finest work to date. From her incredible vocals to the stellar music production and amazing lyrics.Beyonce definitely delivered the goods with this album. I will certainly be picking up a few copies for myself and friends.

  • Will

    She has released two singles. RTW was a moderate hit worldwide it just underperformed here by a wide margin.

    1+1 was a buzz single.

    And her 2nd official single is Best Thing I Never Had, which is smashing on radio but not doing well on iTunes because the only thing supporting it IS radio.

  • TruthTeller


    It’s 1 thing not to like the album cover,but it`s another thing to spewing crazy lies.Beyonce has always been a Light Skinned African American(evident from childhood pics).She clearly takes after her mother,Tina Knowles(Whose of a mixed racial background).If you were a true fan,you would know this. In terms of the album, this is Beyonce finest work to date. From her incredible vocals to the stellar music production and amazing lyrics.Beyonce definitely delivered the goods with this album. I will certainly be picking up a few copies for myself and friends.

  • Brenda

    It’s $13.11 on an Amazon pre-order, but they’ve been offering albums day of release for as little as $0.99 (what I paid for Gaga). Moral: do not pre-order, it’s not worth the money.

  • TruthTeller

    I find it incredibly stupid,that anybody would look at that album cover and say she’s looking like a white woman.Since when have did white folks have yellow undertones?!? It`s always the ignorant and insecure people that would say something that foolish.

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