Amy Winehouse falls apart on stage in Belgrade: Watch the video here


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How was your weekend? No matter what you did, it probably went better than Amy Winehouse’s.

The troubled singer, who just wrapped up a stint in rehab, cancelled two upcoming dates on a brief tour after a disastrous performance in Belgrade.

After taking the stage an hour late at a festival in the Serbian capital, Winehouse stumbled around, fought with her microphone, only occasionally sang her own songs and talked a lot about how much she likes some of her band members more than others.

While the crowd at the show seemed to go along with her for a while, they eventually turned on her, sending boos and heckles in her direction. Naturally, much of it was caught on video:

“Amy Winehouse has canceled appearances in Istanbul and Athens for the coming week,” her publicist told EW in a statement. “Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home. She would like to apologize to fans expecting to see her at the shows but feels that this is the right thing to do.”

Like most on-stage meltdowns, Winehouse’s starts off vaguely scandalous but ends up just sort of sad at the end. Her recreational exploits were details that added to her legend and her mystique back when she had a hit album (which, by the way, was all the way back in 2006), but since she hasn’t released any new music since Back to Black, those exploits are now the only thing that brings her fame.

It’s strange to think that she was well enough to even book a tour (though it’s quite possible that because of her lack of recent musical output and her legal and rehab bills, she might need the paycheck). And a bummer to realize that at only 27, she has reached a point in her career where she is mostly famous for being a mess.

We wish her the best for her personal recovery; though there are still remnants of that voice that seduced the world buried beneath the trouble, Winehouse needs to focus on her health first and worry about the stage later.

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  • asher

    I still and will always love “Back to Black.” If she never puts out another song/album, at least we have that fine album, so I agree that she needs to concentrate on getting better right now. Making music may be a part of that therapy, but it seems to be too much for her to perform for audiences right now.

    • NJ fan

      Agree… Everytime I see her name in a headline I’m expecting to read she’s passed away. Her demons are getting the best of her.

      • why tour

        Why is she doing tour right now? She needs to get more help. Reminds me of the movie Country Strong…in the movie, Gwyneth leaves rehab to do tour…bad move.

      • notokayinthevajayjay

        That has got to be one SCARY, SKANKY hole she’s got. You know what I’m saying. I think my eyes would get herpes just by looking at her naked.

      • Fox News

        This just in: Amy Winehouse denies wasting fans’ time and energy on her problems—when they could be supporting a relatively problem-free artist such as Adele. The plus-sized superstar’s camp had no comment on the allegations.

      • perry

        This is the same Amy we have watched for the last 3-4 years. This is nothing new. She has always been awful, and she still is awful. Don’t blame this all on the drugs. The impetigo on her face is kinda new though.

      • Orrya

        Well she has passed away now. So you were completely right on.

      • @1MsPerfect

        U predicted it. :( Sad news. I couldn’t even watch these videos in their entirety. Don’t wanna remember her like this!

    • Trixii


      • Bob Nemesis

        You got your wish

    • Gordon

      Wish she would just OD already. C’mon Amy, pull an Anna Nicole already, your trainwrecks of an act has gone on long enough.

      • tina

        someone needs to take away all the ballpoint pens and crack from that girl

      • jerry

        fu gordon you heartless sob

      • lovelivelife

        Hope you feel like crap. She really did what u wanted . Happy now? Your heartless. Think of her family? And friends?

      • Adam

        she did OD saturday . . . .

      • Pscygirl2157

        Words are very powerful, life and death are in the tongue. I question how statements as these can roll out so easily. My prayer is that whatever you are miserable about, sadly this is the truth about our world and the hearts and minds of people.

      • yul

        She did. She is dead now. How does that make you feel?

      • PennyLee

        And how do you feel now?

    • Amy

      “Lemme tell yoush someting! No…No…lemme tell yoush someting! Wait, I gots the coke snots, lets me wipe my nose SLURP tell you something…”

      • perry

        The MRSA rash on her face speaks volumes

    • Nezar

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  • Danny

    her abuse is soooo boring. long live Adele!!!

    • perry

      Amy is gross. Cheap tattoos, fake boobs, can’t sing, can’t write, can’t dance without falling down, can’t stop doing drugs, and there are a thousand better entertainers in existence on the planet.

      • Dawn Elkins

        This is the first time I ever saw her… is she a male or female?

      • Laurie

        Does it matter? I guess that was suppose to be part of the mystic. Anyway, someone again is dead. The public cries for more and more, they do,and do, and drugs, etc. takes contol. It is sad. We love their music, some different for each talent taste, but we pressure so much out of them. Maybe not so much Amy W., I think everyone knew she needed a break even her. Really all people in Hollywood, like…. entertainers. It is so hard to please so many. Just try to imagine on your small scope of life how hard it is to please your family and friends. Look what the public expects…..

      • Aaron

        “Can’t sing”? She could sing better drunk than all of them sober. “Can’t stop doing drugs”? She did stop. It’s alcohol that killed her not drugs. In Belgrade she was not on drugs nor on alcohol. She was on antidepressants and antianxiety pills. Her problem was not drugs or alkohol. Her problem was severe psychoneurosis which she drowned in drugs and alcohol when she should be treated for psychoneurosis. Were all the doctors blind or what? If she had been in MY country Silesia, she would have been treated for the REAL problem: psychoneurosis.

  • chip

    What a shame!! Her back in black cd was amazing. She is so talented,and so messed up. Something is very wrong in her life;I hope she fixes her life and uses her god given talent to find and bring joy to herself and her fans. Best of luck Amy-I’m pulling for you!!!

    • anne

      Sorry to disagree, Chip–I hope she recovers too but as far as ‘god-given talent’–she never had any. She was a curiosity–not a talent. Sometimes being outrageous is an attempt to distract from the lack of talent i.e.Gaga, any Kardashian, etc.

      • Emma

        Seriously Anne? That’s a load of hooey. Gaga is also talented in her own way. Amy Winehouse’s songs and voice are singular and captivating.

      • Tom Sawyer

        @Emma-Um no. Not any better than an average vegas lounge singer. Winehouse, and lady Gaga are a joke, a carbon copy of madonna, marketed to those too young to remember that maddonna did all those things first. NO originality, just same old same old, mass marketed, cookie cutter BS. Shame too, as there are FAR more talented vocalists out there that will never get the chance, because the industry is filled with druggie, reality tv type diva wannabes like this. I work in entertainment, and have seen better talent at Binyons on a weeknight. Seriously, think of the greats, then listen to some gaga or wino. Literally shameful. Billy holiday did it a billion times better, 60-70 years ago. Heck, at least when Madonna did it, it was original. Bottom line if you think thats good music, you havent heard good music yet. If you think thats original music, you haven’t been listening very long either.

      • anne

        Sorry, Emma–your taste is somewhat skewed–“singular and captivating” does not describe either of these freaks.

      • True Blue

        @Tom Sawyer:

        Oh please. I like Madonna, but I find that people are giving her waaaay too much credit as of late. So you’re arguing that neither Gaga nor Amy have any talent but Madonna does, solely on account that she was original? I think you’ll find a few Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper, and Marilyn Monroe fans among others who will HIGHLY disagree with you on her “originality”. Also, music taste is quite subjective. You can’t force someone to share your opinion of what is “good music” or “real talent”, which can’t ever be objectively proven like a scientific fact.

        @ Anne:

        And who made you the sole arbiter of talent and good music? Please. I don’t think either you or Tom Sawyer are more equipped to judge talent than anyone else is. Get off your high horses.

      • perry

        Amy wasn’t that talented. A trained monkey on stage. That’s all.

      • Zoo_Too

        I love the irony that the people who think they are so clever with their ‘Gaga has no talent’ comments are really only exposing themselves as being completely ignorant.

      • LSquared

        To Anne & those who claim Amy has no talent…Have you ever listened to or do you own either of her albums? They are both award winning releases, both here in the US and in Europe. If you have only heard “Rehab” and are voicing your opinion based on one song, you are not an authority. Clearly, you do not know her recorded material. You are judging her based on what you know through the media. I cannot even take your comments seriously when clearly you have no idea what you are writing about. You may not care for her style of music but to say she has no vocal or songwriting talent is ridiculous. She is famous for a reason and unlike many of today’s popstars, she is not selling her music based on her looks. (How many people would actually care for Beyonce if she was homely?) Like Adele, Amy makes music for ears, not eyes. Speaking of Adele, why do people write stuff that suggests there is only room for one singer of that style? Adele is great but has nothing to do with Amy’s ability to perform well. I love both of their music. And…if you think Adele lives some puritanical sober life, think again. She is also a big fan of the drink, has also had some bizarre behavior because of it and will have similar problems if she fails to get it together at a young age. My final rant in this comment is directed to all those who wish further distress and even death for Amy. What is wrong with you people? I can think of many artists with addiction issues and of those, there are many that I see as talented but not my type of music. I would never wish harm on them. Why would anyone do that? The anonymity of the internet really brings out the losers with their thoughtless comments. Grow up people. Wishing death on a celebrity is a big clue to lack of IQ or perhaps significant immaturity. You don’t have to like Amy nor do you have to write anything supportive but if your comment is a negative one, at least be eloquent in expressing it. Wishing death is a waste of time to read.

  • tina

    Really tragic. Sometimes it is easy to get jaded about entertainment industry burnouts, but Amy Winehouse is both so young and so genuinely talented that her degeneration remains painful to watch. I wish she would get better, but it is so hard to have hope at this point.

    • LSquared

      Well put.

      • Eve

        LSquared. I completely agree with you. PPl are sooo ignorant of her songwriting talent. They’re in complete and utter darkness. Her First CD “Frank” was a step back in time. (see it Youtube “You Send Me Flyin'” and “Take The Box” NO ONE comes close to the talent that WAS Amy Winehouse. Be enlighten. I think GOD decided to take away her turmoil. She Has finally found Peace. Amy flies in Paradise. We will never know the songs that were waiting to be written.

  • pattycupcake

    if you’re so concerned about her, why make this news?

  • Jethro

    Will we ever hear about her doing something right? The continuous reporting of her faults due to drugs and other illegal intoxicants is getting way to boring. When she is ready to help herself, then the media needs to give us some glitter of hope.

    Dr. Drew, isn’t celebrity rehab available to her?

  • PJ

    Why doesn’t she just slash her wrists and be done with it?

  • Bob G

    Her 15 minutes are over and done with. I’ve written her off.

  • Skye Hill

    What a waste of a human being. Go away for good.

  • Chucklehead

    What’s so sad is that people actually spend their hard earned cash on this loser.

    • jerry

      screw you chucklehead and skye hill
      its easy to kick somebody when their down isnt it ……your the freakin losers

      • tina

        she needs drug treatment

  • jt

    It’s inexcusable to be given such talent just to throw it away with booze and drugs. (And I’m talking to you too, Whitney H.)

  • Mike

    Well, the audience is good. They at least know the words.

  • DFSF

    That is one strung-out junkie.

  • hayley

    Naya Rivera should take over for her.

    • Somebody

      YESSSS!!! And she knows just how to rock her songs anyway.
      BTW, EW- both videos have been taken down.

  • Cindy

    SO TALENTED and so addicted, it’s a shame. Maybe a worldwide prayer for her? Say one the minute you read this post and let’s get Amy WELL!!!

    • worldwide prayer

      Great idea. Just did right now.

      • Jack

        Amy is so thoughtful. I relaly like where you put your new egg print. Someday I hope I find a good egg. Once mom came to visit me in Az and she gave me a hardboiled egg that was no longer good. It was horrible. That reminds me of my love life. So, someday I hope I find my good egg, becasue the bad ones are relaly bad. Gosh, that was random. Buffy

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