Rebecca Black to release new single, 'My Moment,' on July 18


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What’s that? No, it’s not Armageddon.

It’s just the rumbling from the internets that Rebecca Black—she whose most favorite day of the week is Friday— will drop a new single on July 18 (that’s a Monday, if you’re counting), according to MTV.

The song will be titled “My Moment,” and you don’t have to venture too far to guess what it’ll be about. That’s right, because she’s clearly been around long enough now to be self-referential, the single will tell “the story of her sudden rise to fame,” according to a statement. “It’s a fairy tale story, but it happened in real life.”

The video, though, is probably what everyone is wondering about, given that her first clip was so darn memorable. Will the video for “My Moment” be as intriguing? Sadly, unlikely; early reports imply that it will include images from her real life, like her attending red-carpet events and receiving an award at her junior high school.

But wait! There’s more: Black is also set to drop a five-track EP in August. Few details have trickled out about what that release will include. But we did get this little teaser from her earlier this year: “I really like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez; all just the fun upbeat stuff, teenager songs,” she told MTV. “My dream duet would be Justin Bieber. Even just doing something with Taylor Swift, or any of my favorite artists would be so cool.” So, basically, pop music?

Readers, are you prepared for the fun fun fun fun of a new Rebecca Black single? Will you listen or—gasp!—purchase it? Sound off below.

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  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I’m honestly not sure if my ears will be able to survive this time…

    • maggie

      honestly, she could be the next britney spears.. She looks like her too.

    • LInda

      Well, chances are your ears will be very happy. Reports are that this time she is not totally autotuned. I heard her voice on GMA she she sang the Star Spangled Banner and she does have a great voice. Don’t know why they autotuned her in the first place!

      • LInda

        Sorry meant to reply to newrwen aldarion and not to you, I agree with you that she could be the next Britney Spears,

    • Todd

      I wish more people in our society had the integrity this girl has! She is doing what she likes to do and she is going all out no matter what everyone thinks. Good for her. Can’t wait to hear her new song!

  • Yuk

    So from now on, July 18 will be called “black Monday”, or autotune Monday, whicheveris more appropo

    • LInda

      I think it will be called REDEMPTION MONDAY! There is no way that Tears for Fears would be producing her is she wasn’t good!

  • Blake

    I still am bitter towards her foe having Friday pulled off YouTube, I’m guessing these songs will just increase my hatred for her by being simply mediocre instead of the trap wreck that is friday

  • Dude

    In excited! She has a decent voice, I would it if this song was killer & changed everyone’s opinion about her. I understand the hatred for Friday (which, mind you, I liked!)…but why hate on her? Im interested in the music, can’t wait!

    • Blake

      Why hate her? Good question, well she seems to be a spoiled brat who made her parents pay a few thousands dollars so she could feel like a superstar. Also the song is awful, and her voice is grating.

      • Dude

        She doesn’t come off as a spoiled brat…sure she’s rich and her parents had money to spend (it’s they’re fault they’re richer than some), but she comes off as really nice (spoiled maybe, but not a brat…hell she donated a lot of her earnings to Japan relief!! Good for her). Hating her for her voice is a shallow reason.

      • why…

        if you don’t like a singer’s voice, then what are you supposed to look for in a singer? how hot they are?

        the main part of being a good singer is having a voice that people like to listen to…

      • Dee

        she’s a good person. She donated the proceed from “Friday” to Japan and to her school. she’s not afraid of being tongue-in-cheek, as seen in the Katy Perry video and on Funny-or-Die. I’m rooting for her!

    • Daniel

      I think so too. She isn’t by any stretch the best singer in the world, but I like Friday. It’s a(IMO really well mixed) song about having good clean fun.

    • Babe

      I am with you. I think she’s adorable and I think it’s awesome that she is releasing something new! I wish they would put Friday back up. It is like an anthem at our weekly Friday meeting at our office!

  • Jay B

    That song is gonna suck more d*ck than Michele Bachmann’s husband at a prayer retreat

    • Marcus Bachmann

      Oh, be nice!

    • Logan

      U one of the ones that didn’t get cured?

      • amy


    • amy

      shut up u havent even heard the song yet i dont like rebecca black singing but im interted to listen to her song cuz it might be good so stop hating n get a life and get off ur lazy butt n stop posting rude commets

  • GeneralXero

    We we so excited!!

  • Jay Leno

    So, you hear this? You hear about this? Rebecca Black is coming out with a new song. You hear about this, Kevin? She’s going to call it, “Saturday.” (Polite applause heard)

    • Cat


    • Lola

      true dat

  • m1

    *crosses fingers*

  • PedroBilt the Scottish Love Machine

    World! Prepare for sheer ear ecstacy

  • why…

    great….now she’s releasing this PoS
    on my birthday…

    • amy

      why who cares

  • alexxx

    I hope she sounds effin beast so everyone who was so mean can eat their words.. seriously people -.-

  • Blarls Smarkley

    Isn’t the reason she’s famous because she sang horribly on a terrible song with a horrible video? She should give Daniel Tosh all of her profits.

  • True Blue

    OK, this is a joke gone too far now.

  • Regina George

    If she wants to duplicate Friday’s success, she’s going to have to make the song absolutely horrible.

  • ugh

    Rebecca, you are horrible. You are evil. Everyone hates you. Please, just go away. Far, far away.

    • Vicki

      I think you should kill yourself. You are the one sitting behind the computer screen being a hater. At least she’s outhere generating lots of jobs!

    • amy

      how do u know she is evil n horrble n ur jus jelous cuz she is the one who is famous n ur not

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