Demi Lovato releases first post-rehab single 'Skyscraper,' opens up about her struggles: 'I just was lying to everyone.'


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Demi Lovato released her new single, “Skyscraper,” on On Air with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, and if the ballad’s current No. 1 placement on iTunes is any indication, fans are glad to have her back.

“Skyscraper” marks a return for the Disney star, who has had an especially tumultuous year, checking into a rehab center after revealing her battle with an eating disorder and quitting her hit Disney Channel show, Sonny with a Chance.

Now, Lovato is ready to get back to the music, and she’s not shying away from addressing her inner demons. “Skyscraper” is all about wrestling with life’s struggles and standing tall in the face of adversity. Check it out after the jump:


The tune is pretty inspiring, and Lovato’s raspy, crying-out vocal sounds gorgeous—I was surprised by my own emotional response to it. Still, impressed as I was with her voice, I was even more impressed with the starlet’s candid chat with Seacrest.

As the host dished out some seriously tough questions, Lovato owned up to her issues, without any attempts to sugarcoat or redirect the conversation. When Ryan asked, “Do you have scars on your wrists?” she replied, “I do,” without missing a beat.

Lovato also spoke openly about her eating disorder: “It got to a point where I just was lying to everyone that was around me … It was the elephant in the room … It was affecting every aspect of my life. I was being cranky, I was irritable, I was not pleasant, really, to work with. I became like a little brat on set, and I just had so much growing up to do … I think it just all boiled up, and I ended up doing things that I regret to this day.”

Of her three-month stint in rehab, Lovato recalled, “I just remember sometimes sitting there and being like, ‘I had so much just, like, six months ago, and here I am in a treatment center. What has my life become? How did I let it get to this point?'”

Pretty intense stuff for an 18-year-old, but good on Ms. Lovato for addressing her struggles publicly and expressing her desire to help others who may be dealing with similar issues. Watch the full interview below:

What say you Music-Mixers? Do you think “Skyscraper” will continue to tower above other singles on the chart? Were you impressed with Lovato’s honest interview?

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  • A

    Wow this was actually good, I’m surprised. Who knew one of these Disney robots actually had pipes?!

    • Elizabeth

      “Disney Robots”… oooo, clever!

      Maybe the fact that everyone hates on these kids is part of the problem.

    • Ellen

      I have no Beiber fever, don’t watch the Disney channel, and don’t even know what Miley Cyrus has done in the last year. But I will buy everything Demi Lovato puts out. The girl can SANG.

  • Sue

    Absolutely love the song!

  • wildflower

    I am now awaiting a wonderful So You Think You Can Dance number to this song!

    • Natalie

      I totally agree! What a beautiful song…it would fit perfectly on SYTYCD. Nigel, make this happen ASAP!

  • JenH

    So proud of her. She really seems in a good place, and I love the new song. She’s about the only Disney kid who can really sing besides Christina A.

    • TJ

      Christina would have a good voice if she would just stop attending the vocal olympics. There is no need to throw your voice all over the place.

      • Kat

        Christina DOES have an outstanding voice even with all the vocal acrobatics. Also I realize they got their starts on the MMC but i dont consider Britney, Christina, or Justin “Disney stars” because their record deals came years after they cut ties with Disney.

  • TRT

    Impressed vocally as well, I have to admit..

  • Blonde South

    I actually really like her voice, its kind of got a cool, different tone to it. It’s also pretty awesome that’s she’s willing to be so honest about all of the stuff she went through.

  • Lucee

    good song!

  • melissa

    Love this song! Good for her.

  • chocolateislove

    I’m always impressed with Demi Lovato’s vocals even though I don’t like her so much. I do feel sorry for her for what she went through though.

  • Mickey1669

    I Love her!!

  • Junie

    If I’m going to be honest, I’ve found some of her previous music to be catchy and listen-able, but this song really tops them all. I think it is the first song Disney produced in a while that can, well, sell copies outside of the Disney demographic.

  • Jaime

    The song is actually very good so is her voice. I heard about this song through Kelly Clarkson. She mentioned it on her facebook or twitter recently.

  • jets

    Demi has real musical talent. Before Disney picked her up, she had written and recorded some really deep, cool songs. She plays piano and guitar and has a voice. She def. deserves a music career more than Selena Gomez, who’s only really pop star qualifications are she’s a pretty face on a Disney show. All that said, I think “Skyscrapper” isn’t all that great, and her “victimhood” shouldn’t garner as much sympathy as she’s getting, since she’s only a victim of herself, mostly. …I think Grayson Chance is a better song writer and deserves a lil more attention.

    • suz

      her “victimhood” shouldn’t garner as much sympathy as she’s getting, since she’s only a victim of herself, mostly.

      What a horribly insensitive comment. People suffering from mental illness and related issues are perfectly “deserving” of sympathy and support. They did not CHOOSE to become “victims of themselves” as you so callously put it. Telling a mentally ill person they ought to just pull themselves together and be healthy is akin to telling someone in cardiac arrest to just relax and take a deep breath.

      • jets

        It’s unknown how much “mental issues” she has. Sometimes bad decisions are a result of simply making poor decisions, rather than scapegoating all our choices on biology and environment. She didn’t have to go party, get caught, then slap a dancer, or do (allegedly, but likely) drugs, or date Miley Cyrus’s scuzzy older brother, or act like a diva on set, by her own admission. And real metnal illness can’t be cured by a few months in rehab. I still think she’s garnering too much false sympathy from her fans. I do like her and think she’s talented tho.

      • keepitreal

        It’s called information. People like you are being played by Demi’s camp (her mom worked real hard and long to get Demi where she was). With so much at stake what were they supposed to say: Oh yeah she does drink a lot and got first taste of drugs but pls forgive her. That is why there is silly: “staying strong”, “love is louder”, “recovery” soup of buzzwords that have nothing to do with reality

      • suz

        Um…she has scars on her wrists from a suicide attempt. Seems pretty freakin’ obvious she has some mental health issues going on.

      • keepitreal

        Oh geez suz! I gave up on you people. Because of knuckleheads like you ppl like Demi will continue selling her “music” instead of admitting real reason for her snap ( don’t drink a lot, don;t try drugs etc.) The problem with ppl like her and family that they came form nothing , pounded against glass ceiling to get into Disney machinery but cannot handle it and a result is : fake rehabs, cover ups etc. In the end it’s all about money. If you truly stressed and have mental issues just leave entertainment altogether and get a normal lifestyle

      • christine

        Are you kidding me? The whole reason why she let the world know about her problems was to help people out there who might be struggling with what she struggled with! Damn, she completely reveals all her darkest secrets to the world to help that one person out there and all you haters can do is insult her!

      • keepitreal

        Dear Cristine. Thx god for naive a gullible young people like yourself. Behind every young person who is in public eye and makes a living off that there are many adults with a lot at stake. I am sure you are sincerely believe “rehab story” but you will learn in time not to take things at their face value.

      • Amy

        You people need a reality check. I can’t believe someone would have a negative thing to say about a person who worked her tail off to get better, and put herself out there to prove that people with disorders like hers can be overcome. I am proof of those issues. I have never identified with a star before in my life. Get your heads out of the clouds and realize that there is some truth to people in the lime light sometimes!

  • allie

    i love demi she is my idol i love the song she is so talented and breave i respet hershe is my rolemodel rock on demi !!!!!!!!

  • keepitreal

    would have loved to know the real reason why she went to “rehab” (if you can call it rehab) and same goes for her mom (although i suspect she needed more than demi). The reason I don’t buy politically correct (PR spinned by her handlers) rehab story is that slapping someone in the face have nothing to do with eating disorder but a lot of with unstable mental state (rumors drugs, drinking). I suspect her mom ended up going to rehab as creation of her lifetime efforts crumble (we all know she is a classic stage mom dragging her child from early years to every audition in sight). Sorry for sour comment but reality is someone screwed up (overzealous gold digging parents, demi or all of them) then realized golden goose is about to sail away (Disney marketing/promotional machine) and panicked into “REHAB FOR EATING DISORDER” story. To me she looks as chunky as ever LOL

    • Maria

      Eating disorder status of someone has very little do with their (imagined or real) chunkiness.

      • keepitreal

        If someone has eating disorder they don’t go around slapping people int eh face. Get real and get informed. I am stunned how naive people are.

    • Jonathan

      She has bipolar disorder dumbass

      • wellwisher

        Yep she has this and that. You are called dumbass when you have no ability to anaylize events and motives in life. Sorry the facts still are: partying, drinking, drugs etc. led to blowup. Bypolar, cutting, eating disorder is for masses to keep enetrprise afloat

    • anonymous

      what is wrong with you people?! who are you to say what has happened to Demi? And the nerve you have, to say that she is a drug addict, a party go-er, and a liar, to her YOUNG fans?! it’s you that has the real problem, if you, an adult as you said before, feels that they have to prove that you’re right to children? and how do you think Ms. Lovato feels when she reads all this? you people are grown bullies. “to me she looks as chunky as ever. LOL” who in their right mind says this stuff and finds it humorous?! as i said before, YOU have the real problem here. does it make you feel better to put others down? you people are sick.

      • emily

        anonymous you are so right.

    • Amy

      ummm, for your first SENTENCE, her reasons for entering rehab, actually recovery is what she corrected the media through her camp, is because she had an eating disorder, depression from years of being bullied that she kept suppressing (have you ever tried to keep the pressure in a pressure cooker? It has to release some time, and it ends up coming out in many different ways with people, because there are many different personalities. Secondly, “money machine” is totally wrong. She was totally overloaded with her show, her album, her movie, and her tour that year. I was impressed that she took it on. I am proud of her for admitting to it. A lot of stars would just go through the motions and end right back in the same position. I don’t think that is what will happen with her. These terrible comments like yours are the example of the bullying that she endured. Chunky? Too bad for you that you don’t realize a person with an eating disorder has been recovering. I think she looks healthier than she ever has. I hope you find peace in yourself, because you seem like a very troubled individual.

    • Apple

      i have been looking through keepitreals constant coment and i just have to say what on earth makes you think you have the right to say all of those things abouts demi lovato the girl has a bipolar disorder i no people with a bipolar disorder and let me tell you it can get pretty serious im not saying that im a demi fan because i am completly indeferint about her she didnt help me through my 4 year struggle with bulimia i did that on my own but she has help so many girls across the world who feel lost and fat and i dont care if she faked rehab because of her one of my friends had the power to stop cutting herself so even if its just a lie its a lie that has saved many beautiful girls lives

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