Chris Brown's 'Today' performance draws biggest crowd of all Summer Concert Series' concerts: Watch it here

Al Roker tried to take a quick head count, but there were just too many fans out at New York City’s Rockefeller Center this morning for Chris Brown to track.

Roker and fellow Today show anchor Matt Lauer estimated that 18-20,000 folks made their way to the show’s midtown NY stage to see the young star, besting any other performer’s audience attendance for their Summer Concert Series (including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars). Today screamed the news on Twitter, writing “The crowd for Chris Brown concert is now the biggest @todayshow crowd ever!”

The love Brown got was so great that authorities were forced to shut down an additional two blocks to accommodate those who wanted to catch a glimpse of his set, which included “Yeah 3X,” his 2008 smash “Forever,” and his latest single “She Ain’t You.”

Considering the negative press (much of it earned) that Brown’s received in the last two years, some may be surprised that he’s such a draw. Guess that goes to show what real fans and a truly solid album can accomplish. Check out his go at “Forever” after the jump.

Brown was amazed himself, thanking his fans for their support after he left the stage. “I love Team Breezy so much,” he tweeted. “Wish the concert was longer today! Thx you Today show for your everything Love ya!”

Did you watch Chris’ performance this morning? If not, you can catch his set here. Let us know what you think.

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  • jfms777

    But aren’t the “Good Morning America”
    concerts now considered the “hotter stuff”?

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Today Show gets better ratings.

    • PN

      They both have an even number of artists from different genres performing on those summer concert shows. GMA tends to have a lot of country artists in those shows since some of the staff is more into that genre more than others.

  • Todd

    Brutally beat up your girlfriend and call people f*gs on Twitter, and I will be your fan forever. This country is full of apathetic lemmings….

    • LOL

      America loves thugs and criminals.

      • King Makers

        you idiots moaning about America, wait to Breezy hits UK soil and see whats call LOVE.

        Breezy is loved all around the entire world, only under achievers, ugly and lonely morons still talk about another human beings imperfection while hiding theirs in a shameless cover of non-entity; a no body, under achievement and poverty.

        22 yr old kid is making history right left and center and all you can do is MOAN?

        Seems you haven’t had enough, wait for it, this is just still the beginning.

        Those Media outlets falsifying gay rant will be sued, hope you fools have heard.

      • LMFAO

        “Breezy?” What are you, 12? Go mow my lawn, junior.

      • Lordus

        @lmfao THAT’S RIGHT BREEZY….DEAL WITH IT! And stop being so lazy and mow your own lawn! Slob!!

      • MD will never progress cos you’re an enemy of progress…What part of the world are you from mate saying the country that always express their undying love to the almighty God loves thugs and criminals..look if you don’t have anything to sensible to talk about never ever visit any site or comment on anything concerning Chris Breezy..

    • abadstroller

      Chris Brown beats women. Won’t be watching him anymore. No way, no how. I’m outta here….

      • LOL

        Lordus and Tracie love to make excuses for thugs. I hope they never have children.

      • LillyK

        Ok abadstroller and LOL and all you other judgemental, holier-than-thou folks who have never made ANY Mistakes in life.. stay up there with your wings… Real people who know what its like to make a mistake , in private nonetheless, those real people are the ones who have decided to give Chris a break. PS – He obviously is NOT MISSING YOUR SUPPORT.. so choke on his success!! Haha! Even Rihanna has moved on.. so get gone!!

      • MD

        Lol Hater buzz offfffffff…Enemy of progress…

    • Lordus

      You poor delusional hater! Chris and his ex had 1 fight in which she admits to staring. Remember is Rihanna with the long history of violence against others not Chris. I only hate that he didn’t let her take responsibility for her violent behvaior! I find it funny that haters canno count he had 1 fight what women are you ppl referring to? In any event, if you can hold a grudge against a person you don’t know, who did nothing to you, killed no one, raped no one that’s your stupidity. Don’t watch! the Today Show will forever be my #1 morning show form this day forward!

      • LOL

        Embarrassment to women everywhere ^^^^

      • Hiprocksoul

        Wait, are you serious? He beat her senseless. I don’t remember seeing his picture swollen and disfigured. You Chris Brown fans win the award for ignorance. My wife “starts” plenty fights, but I’m not EVER going to punch her for starting it. Good God you and all people that supported are flippin’ idiots!

    • LS

      o gosh go get a life

    • sinia

      I luv yuh chris brown an for da haterz out der forget yuh rihanna is past dis an if u dnt lyk him deal wit it cuz hes an awwsome talented artist


      This man is very very very talented please give credit when credit is due. VA all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe T.

    Pretty disheartening. Sorry…just can’t support someone who thinks violence is how you deal with women or anyone else for that matter. But women love their bad boys and men look up to them. Sad.

    • Elle

      IDK. I don’t like what he did, but his music, looks, dancing gives me life. People will just have to deal that Chris is a popular artist.

      • Hiprocksoul

        Or, not deal and move on. Support the thousand other artists that are far more talented and get no radio play. Like Othello, J.R., and Shonlock. You ever heard of them.. of course not, they haven’t had a second of radio play but are considered some of the best out there. You keep your popular artist and pop culture. I’ll keep my true art and truth. If his looks, music, and dancing gives you life then you are a sad, sad existence. Please look past whatever is pop for the day. Maybe even reject your myspace/ipod/facebook/email for a day.. just be yourself, and try looking into artists that aren’t shoved down your throat like Chris Brown. You might enjoy what you find.

    • to joe t.

      so you don’t listen to rhianna either right?

      • Lordus

        Thank you Rihanna is very violent! Also HATERS don’t listen to EMINEM who beat wife Kim or Ozzy Osbourne who beat Sharon, or Tommy Lee who beat Pam Anderson or Vince Neil (lead singer of Motley crew) who was just arrested for beating his gf in Vegas. Also don’t watch movies by Sean Penn who beat Madonna & Robin Wright-Penn, Charlie Sheen for shoting Kelly Preston & beating wives Denie Richards & Brook Muller. I could list other adult men who you fools & this fake fixed media say nothing about! Yes, 2 yrs ago CB & wack job RiRi had 1 fight! That is far from abuse against women IDIOTS!

      • LOL

        Lordus, did you give your boyfriend a BJ with a fat lip after he punched you?

  • pattycupcake

    what amazes me about high-energy entertainers and their crews is that they can perform to perfection so early in the morning. heck, i can barely get coordinated enough to make the coffee without breaking the cups and saucers.

    • Shaquanda

      Oh don’t you get me started now, girl !! I wouldn’t even f*ck Chris Brown at 7am with Rihanna’s d*ck !!

  • laura

    TeamBreezy baby ignorant can eat their heart out coz this young man was born to be an entertainer & he’s doing well so proud of him..LEGEND IN THE MAKING

    • Inscrutable

      Team Put-Duct-Tape-Over-Chris Brown’s mouth-and-make-sure-the-generic-meaningless-substanceless-and-generic-“music”-doesn’t-come-out-ever-again, baby.

      This man was born to distract the populace into ignoring more deserving unsigned artists who aren’t devoted to selling out. So ashamed my country adores such undeserving “breezy” wind bags. A LEGEND OF FAIL IN THE MAKING; MORE THOUGHTLESS NOISE FOR THE STUPID.

      • MD

        You’re ever going to remain poor for life since you’re not happy with a young talent man like breezy..grow up and do something meaningful with yours..HATER.

    • Hiprocksoul

      “coz” there are plenty of ignorant fools to entertain.


    Wow I am so smooth, I can beat someone up and get away with it, sling racist comments at the drop of a hat, have numerous and destructive outbursts and still dupe peoples in to coming to see me I am totally going to continue to be me !!!

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

  • MissVampireDiaries

    Nice solid performance. Can’t wait for his concert. I hear he’s releasing his tour dates tomorrow.

  • Ian

    If Rihanna were white he wouldn’t be able to get on cable let alone the Today show.

    And no, it isn’t one of those “he made a mistake” things, he did something horrible and then basically demanded everyone ignore it and move on after a year.

    • nothing to do with race

      he didn’t demand anything of anyone. people can make their own decisions.
      and if americans stopped supporting actors/singers/athletes who had indiscretions, broke the law, and did unsavory things, then there would be no more entertainment industry.
      why is kobe bryant still a hero? ben roethelsberger? michael vick? who knows, but i’d rather support chris brown than rapists, alleged rapists, and dog murderers.

      • Hiprocksoul

        So you put dogs above humans? You don’t have to support Brown over any of those.. Why not “not support” all injustice? Really, you’d rather support Christ Brown over rapists and “alleged rapists” If they’re “alleged” you still consider them rapist by you comment. Or better yet, you are saying that Brown beating a woman is pointless in your eyes.. Like being an alleged rapist. Move along… Why not “not” support the entertainment industry at all.. You act like it is a must.

        so according to you: Entertainment Industry > Life > Kobe Bryant > Ben Roethelsberger > Michael Vick.

      • shell517nj

        @hiprocksoul, the point of what “nothing to do with race” is, we all have human flaws. nobody is perfect not me or you. time to move on.

  • mjsmoke

    shouldn’t people only comment on his performing and such? nobody ever says anything about older rock stars who have snorted and smoked their days away during the seventies and eighties. so what, the kid made some poor decisions. everybody has a right to make a living. don’t be mad because some of you are stuck in small town america m aking a regular paycheck. he’s young, he’s good looking and talented. period. he’s gonna sell his records to the young kids who think he’s good. personally i don’t care about cheesy ‘pop’ music but i do think the kid has a buttload of talent and he’s good at what he does. Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey, Steven Tyler..all heavy junkies at one point or another and look at their awards and accolades now even thogh they made crappy desicions at one time. Don’t even get me started on the other domestic violence stars still making tons of money and have plenty of fans. Ease up people.

    • melody

      This concert was the best I have ever been to. Chris Brown did his thing. We were all different race and ages and genders. Chris is loved for his love for his fans and thats why we love him more than any other artist. People made errors in their lives and forgiveness is our. So please get over his drama and move on to something else in your pathetic lives.

      • LOL

        Melody is an apologist. Wonder if she’ll do the same thing when her boyfriend beats the crap out of her?

    • liveyourlife

      I agree with mjsmoke

  • alexis-Malena

    I woke this moring & watched it! He did an AMAZING job! he broke laday Gaga’s record, by having the biggest crowd they have ever had! Also Chris desevres a second chance to do what he loves. Haters are Haters. so stay a HATERS He still getting PAPER!

    • Biggie

      Someone will “Tupac” his a$$ one day. Live by the sword…

      • Tracie

        Wow….you’re a sick person. You have NO idea how he lives. You know NOTHING about him. You’re disgusting really.

      • Candace

        HATE IT OR LOVE IT THE UNDERDOG’S ON TOP! *50 cent voice*

      • MD

        You’re dropping a very dangerous threat here don’t forget they’ve got your email just in case..HATER!!!..

  • Tracie

    It’s really funny to me that the naysayers STILL take the time to make stupid comments about ONE night more than two years ago. EVERYONE has moved on including him and Rihanna. Get over it. The concert this morning was BOSS! I know you hate it but too bad LOL!

    • Biggie

      Tracie types pretty well with black eyes. Is your man in jail yet?

  • belle

    will people get off chris browns nuts, that performance that i saw was the best performance i have ever seen besides michael jackson’s!! chris brown is really coming back!!

  • Lordus

    Anyway, @EW stop trying to through shade. No matter what you say, Chris Brown’s fans are solid, strong, and not easily swayed by a biased, fixed, fake, lying media! Say whatever you like we still love and support him. As a teen he had 1 fight so have many other teens! When will this very media say something against Eminem, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, Alec Badwin and the many othet A-List stars you coddle everyday although they have beaten wives and girlfriends?

    • liveyourlife

      PREACH!! @ Lordus

    • LOL

      Lordus likes to be slapped around.

  • charmane

    Loved his performance. Love Breezy. Love Chris Brown. Love the Today Show. Love Matt Lauer, etc. etc. You people who can’t seem to move on should go chase Casey Anthony ( a real criminal) Oh and stop beating your wives and molesting your children. Go Breezy!.

  • shell517nj

    reminds me of that other famous person who continued to break records. dwts 19 million viewers and 20,000 plus attendees for the Today show. No surprise that chris is such a draw for huge crowd. he can dance and sing. He’s a great performer. Go Breezy! #teambreezy

    • Ann

      Imagine his upcoming tour this fall. Record breaking I tell you!

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