Lady Gaga opens up to Howard Stern in exhaustive 90-minute interview, performs acoustic version of 'The Edge of Glory'-Listen here


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After months of skeptics calling for Lady Gaga to brave an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, this morning she did just that.

The 90-minute conversation was by far the most detailed interview she’s ever granted, sharing her thoughts on money, fame, the L.A. lifestyle, and her history of drug use. Of course, Stern was in his usual irreverent form, asking trademark questions about Gaga’s sexual history (which we can’t print here, though you can listen to the entire interview below).

But much of it revealed less prurient details, like the fact that the chorus for “Born This Way” came to her in the shower, and that she often vocalizes melodies that come to her into her BlackBerry; she even proceeded to play some raw, early cell-phone versions incarnations of “Judas” and “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love).”

Stern didn’t hide the fact that he was chagrined it took so long for her to make an appearance on his show—“I felt I was more important than The Gayle King Show”—and that he’d received some threatening Little Monster-penned missives warning him to go easy on Her Ladyship. But by the end he seemed easily won over to the Cult of Gaga and declared her soaring acoustic rendition of “The Edge of Glory” to be “one of the best performances we’ve ever had on the show.”

Listen to the interview after the break and read some highlights we’ve transcribed below:

On her current digs:
“I don’t care about money. My apartment in Brooklyn is smaller than this studio.”

On her choice not to move to LA like many of her pop star peers:
“I don’t like L.A. It’s just not fun. I don’t know why, but I just don’t get  it. You have to drive to get everywhere, and when it rains everybody freaks out. My song “Marry the Night” was about that moment when I saw other people who were big stars and had mansions. I rented a place in L.A. for a bit in Bel-Air with a pool and a view of the mountains and I was like, okay here I go, this is what I’m supposed to do. But I was like, no thanks, it’s been nice in the sun, but I’m going back to New York and marrying the night.”

On her previous struggles with cocaine:
“I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drug that made me feel I had a friend. I did it all alone in my apartment, while I wrote music. And I regret every line I ever did. So to any of the little sweethearts who are listening, don’t touch it. It’s the devil.”

On her occasional use of marijuana:
“I really don’t do it very often. I’m honest about it because I don’t respect artists who lie about what they do recreationally.”

On whether she was upset that other artists like Britney Spears were recording her songs before she made it big herself:
“Hell, no! Fricking Britney Spears sang my record. Are you kidding? I was doing backflips and ordering drinks when I heard she was going to be recording my song.”

On on-again, off-again boyfriend Luc Carl:
“He’s been my closest friend since I was 19. He’s my best friend.”

On her attitude during her short-lived tenure at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts:
“I was kind of an asshole in school, I was the girl in class who, when the middle-aged, white male professor was giving a list of books to read and I would raise my hand and be, why aren’t there any African-American writers, why isn’t there anything here by anyone who’s gay. I was that annoying pain-in-the-ass girl who was trying to answer every question and make the teacher look bad. It made me upset when I felt like there was a biased approach to the way I was educated.”

Her pick for the best song she’s ever written?
“‘Yoü and I.'”

On whether she lip syncs:
“You think I’m going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way.”

What say you, Musix Mixers? Did you catch Gaga on Howard Stern this morning? I continue to be amazed at how guileless she comes across in interviews like this, despite her highly-manufactured persona.

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  • LOL

    GOP fears Gaga.

    • Esox

      Not true. Tim Pawlenty says he’s a fan.

      • KC

        Bababooey! Bababooey! Howard Stern’s penis!

      • Joey

        tim pawlenty is an idiot…he screwed us here in minnasota…..and is out of office thank god and machelle bachman puuuulease

      • Richard Christy

        Butter Face is muh favorite Gaga song.

      • Tom

        a pay-per-view radio talkshow? meh

      • liuo

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      • John

        Joey learn how to spell, you look like a dumb a$$ cutting people down when you look like you haven’t even gotten outta second grade yet, moron

      • John

        another reason NOT to like him.

  • Mike

    If she doesn’t care about money, why does she charge 100 bucks a pop to see her?

    • Radio Gaga

      You must pay for the privilege of being in her presence. The music is free……

      • Agna

        Really, I guess she has you fooled. I wouldn’t spend a hard earned dollar on her.

      • SAD

        If people are paying that much for tickets, then this country is not hurting. OR they are using my tax dollars for a free ride. I’d bet on the latter.

    • JPX


    • Ethan

      A good show costs money to produce, including all of those who create the sets and production, promote the tour, manage the details on the road, provide a living for the dancers, musicians, and tech help, etc. Sure, she makes money, but she also provides one hell of a show – your ticket price is reflected on the stage with the Gaga shows, absolutely.

      • Jason

        I agree. Gaga gives one heck of a show. People who have not see her show cant judge her.

    • SaraS

      The GA tickets are like $35, and everyone in the front is GA. I don’t think any of her tickets are more than $60 or $70.

      • Woot

        If you buy them regularly. But of course 8 people buy up all 20,000 seats at the low prices and make everyone buy it for 100-200 dollars on ticketstub.

      • LIl Jo

        Then why did SHE say
        “You think I’m going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way.”

      • @Lil Jo

        If you listen to the ACTUAL interview and not what’s quoted here, she says “100 or 40 or 60 or however much” – she didn’t even know exactly.

      • L

        My cousin got me floor seats for my birthday last year. I was literally one person away from the stage. However the tickets were over $200 a piece.

    • pwgu

      if she didn’t charge she wouldn’t be able to put on shows or make music idiot
      she doesn’t care about money because she doesn’t buy big houses to live in; she lives in the same brooklyn apartment that she lived in before she made it big

    • fuggington

      It prolly has something to do with the hundreds (thousands indirectly) of people she has employed running a show who need to make a living.

      Just saying…

    • Garrett

      Who do you think pays for the production costs of her shows, the tooth fairy? Get real.

    • former music industry worker bee

      all major touring productions cost that much no matter what genre of music they are. it has been the norm to pay up to and over $100/ticket for at least 10 years to see a big stadium/arena show. most of that money doesn’t go to the performer. it goes to cover the production cost. performers make a ton of money off of all the merch they sell at the show.

    • JasonM

      Yeah, REALLY dumb comment. Lady GaGa doesn’t care about money, therefore all of her stagehands, sound techs, costume changers [i assume she’s got a few of those], and everyone else she employs should work for nothing…

  • Anna

    I love her!

  • sydney

    I adore her and Howard Stern so this interview was pure gold.

    • J.P.


      • Brian

        @J.P. You’re describing yourself idiot, you live is yawn you f*cking dumb** prick.

    • Jack

      I agree, but I wish Howard would’ve pushed her more on her current boyfriend/relationship. He totally let her change the subject. A big part of his show is getting to the bottom of relationships and sex involved, and a lot of this interview is stuff her fans have already heard many times.

  • Justin

    Her performances of Hair and Edge of Glory gave me chills. I think she totally built a new audience after that interview.

    • pwgu

      totally agree you can see that if she came out with an acoustic piano album then people would realize her talent

      people are just too ignorant and lazy to look past the glamour and the flash but shes one of the few who can back up their game with actual talent

      • Woot

        I would buy an acoustic album of hers in a heartbeat.

      • @Woot

        Completely agree. Listening to those performances gave me goosebumps.. she really sounds the best when she’s free to control the tempo and strips away all the other instruments.

    • GHR

      Once again Howard gets a great interview. He is the best interviewer, hands down. And I totally agree, her singing gave me goosebumps and won me over. It’s refreshing to hear someone with true talent who is so interesting.

  • Bob Melon

    Another awesome interview by Howard. It’s why I pay to hear his show. Money well spent.

    • e4ia

      It was hands-down the best interview I have ever heard her give to someone. She really opened up to him and seemed very much in her element.

  • P.Q.

    Wish they’d both go away.

    • KC

      Keep listening to boring radio then, chump:

    • Brian

      I wish you’d go away a**hole.

      • Sam

        Brian…your really showing your intelligence here. Every other word is #$%#@. If nothing else, I’m glad any criticism of Gaga royally pi##es you off. I call it my goal in life.

      • P.Q.

        Gaga, I thought was going to be a just a trend, but it appears that she’ll be around till another attention-seeking celebrity takes the stage.

    • Sandi

      @PQ – You wish they both would go away? Why are you reading this article? How did you land on this page? Why take the time to comment? Oh, I guess somebody is holding you hostage. You should do some soul searching; you might find one!

  • Beth

    Her voice sounds strained and her singing days are numbered.

    • Bigmouth

      You either didn’t listen or are lying. She belted it out like few others have on the show.

    • Brian

      @Beth Shut the f*ck up retarded fa**ot troll, you obviously didn’t listen to her amazing performances. her voice is amazing and beautiful. you’re days alive are numbered you f*cking ugly a**, tranny whore.

      • Stevex

        Brian, I’m sure that your beloved Mother Monster would approve of your reasoned response to Beth’s difference of opinion. Especially the word between ‘retarded’ and ‘troll’. Best of luck in 6th grade.

      • Sam

        Wow Brian…just WOW. Your responses here are the very definition of ‘monster’ in little monster. Any criticism of Gaga is met by derision, insults, and juvenile theatrics. Actually, you and Gaga deserve one another. It’s really sad that you live your life following a woman who has morphed into a character 24/7. Who says this isn’t a dumbed down society.

      • L

        Not sure Gaga would totally approve of your use of that other f word and of the insulting use of the word tranny in her name there kid.

      • @Sam and @Brian

        Wow “Sam” – I guess you got tired of referring to yourself as “Step-Mother Monster eh?” LOL!!

        Brian – you give Little Monsters a bad name. Grow up and once you’re out of elementary school… save up for some anger management classes.

      • Fay Gitt

        I bet anything you’re single and live at your moms house.

    • pwgu

      it wasn’t strained it was the growl that she sometimes uses to add a more dimension to her acoustic performances

      shes better than most pop singers out now – this interview really made me respect her a little more

  • Ginger

    OMFG. What’s all the hype about?

  • Drew

    This was the most likable she’s been in an interview in a long time. I still dont like her. But its an improvement at least.

    • Brian

      She’s very likable in all her interviews you f*cking brainless retard. you know you like her stop lying to yourself you dumb** fa**ot.

      • True Blue

        I’m sure Gaga would approve of you calling people “retards” and using homophobic slurs against them just because you don’t agree with them. That’s tolerance, isn’t it?

      • jared4ever

        You are no fan of Gaga’s judging by the hateful nasty things you say to people. Shame on you.

      • Sam

        Brian…you seem to need some help from Dr. Phil. I think your one insult short of a breakdown.

    • pwgu

      shes more likeable than katy perry, rihanna, or britney spears

      • tracksone

        Yeah I’d pay to see katy, rihanna, or britney belt out a live performance even half as talented as what Gaga just did on Stern’s show. But when the only thing that seems to matter these days for singers is pre-recordings… what can ya do?

  • Who Craig

    Won’t be getting on the computer til later tonight, did Howard go easy on her? I’m gonna be so mad if he did. When her HBO special came out he ripped on her. I would hope he didn’t bite his tongue

    • True Blue

      He kissed her ass like his life depended on it. The closest he came to being hard on her was when he mentioned how mean her fans can get. What a fake.

      • SaraJeanQueen

        Unfortunately you’re right.

      • GHR

        Disagree. I think he was genuinely won over by her talent and willingness to spend so much time with him. She offered to play a second song and he sounded really pleased to listen to it. He can be tough when he needs to, and it wasn’t needed here.

  • Brian

    Shut the f*ck up retarded haters, stop crying and complaining that you don’t like Lady Gaga. you know you a**holes like her. stop lying to yourselves you f*cking dumb** fa**ots. she’s extremely talented and her music is awesome and catchy for god’s sake, what’s not to like about her???

    • Jack

      Troll. Boring.

    • Stevex

      Well, idiots such as yourself are drawn to her like flies to feces. So that’s a minus.

      Keep homophobia alive, Brian!

    • Lauren

      @ don’t love her as much as I do you freaking retard. How dare you say anything about her? HOW DARE YOU! She is the second coming, the greatest person to EVER LIVE. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to comment, freaking retard! Her feces are gold! Yes! Didn’t you get the memo? SO GO AWAY! She is A GOD and makes more money than you and you just need to know that others appreciate her MORE than you ever will! AMEN TO OUR NEW GOD!

    • ttete

      I actually see mostly positive comments towards her on for this article.

    • Who Craig

      *sips tea while reading your comment*

    • LIl Jo

      Brian, she horrible, the worst singer I’ve ever heard. Can’t perform on the stage either. It’s not even her singing. She’s using the same guys Millie Vinillie used when they lip sync all those years ago.

      Get over it!!!!

      • Bran

        Hey Lll Jo, why don’t you just keep obsessing over how much you hate her. Obsessed… Hate… when those two things go together there is a psychological problem/word for it, you should go look it up an get some help.

  • True Blue

    Funny how he’s kissing her ass in this interview when he’s been known to bash her on his show. Rude questions about her sex life aside, this was a great interview. I really love hearing her speak about her background. And not to be nit-picky, but the only thing I can’t help but point out the part where she says that Elton John is her only friend in this industry. I do remember she once said not long ago that Beyoncé is one of the few real friends she has in showbiz. I don’t know if she just simply forgot this, but if I could only count on one hand all the friends I had in a setting where I don’t usually make friends, I wouldn’t fail to mention all of them when prompted to do so.

    • pwgu

      well she is friends with beyonce and ellen degeneres
      but she doesn’t like the hollywood scene because she doesn’t fit in

    • Baba Booey Can’t Throw

      He hasn’t really “bashed” her. He has said that he likes her music and thinks she’s talented. He has mocked her pretentiousness, but who wouldn’t? He also was mad that she was booked twice and canceled, but Gaga made it sound like she wasn’t even aware of that (which is probable.) On the whole, though, he recognizes her talent he just mocked the way she presents herself. Now that he’s met her and perhaps “understands” her better, it could have altered his opinion of her attire. I’m sure he’ll still make fun of her though for being pretentious and for her odd appearances.

    • Lynna

      He always said he liked her music and her performances. He made fun of her pretentiousness on the HBO Monster Ball, the boo-hooing, they’re trying to destroy the Kingdom of Gaga in the black and white docudrama (ala Madonna). It was embarrassing and fake. And he made fun of all of her nonstop talking (preaching) in the concert. Things a lot of people agree with.

  • jared4ever

    Can’t believe people still refer to him as “King of all media”. He’s a radio show host. That’s about it. He hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

    • Chris

      You’re kidding, right?

    • Marissa

      He’s the “King of all media” because he’s arguably the most famous radio personality in history, he wrote two New York Times best selling books, starred in a hit movie based on his life, was on the soundtrack for said movie which topped the Billboard 200 chart, and executive produced a television sitcom that ran for three seasons. I’m sure there’s more, those were just the things that came to mind immediately.

      • jared4ever

        What has he done lately?

    • JasonM

      Oh, so because he did most of those things in the 90s, he should be stripped of his moniker.

      And while we’re at it, let’s stop calling Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swat” because he doesn’t hit home runs any more… And Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One?” Please! He hasn’t scored an NHL goal in a decade! You suck, Wayne…

      You live in a twisted reality.

  • Brian

    @True Blue F*ck you retarded fa**ot.

    • Woot

      Oh not this again.

    • LOL

      Brian has a vagina.

    • Sam

      Brian…your mother’s a #$#$@ who only birthed you following a #$#@# romp with your #$@#$. I hope your small #$@#$# gets you far in life…if not laughed at. Hee..hee.

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