Amy Winehouse: Family believes singer may have died from alcohol withdrawal


Image Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for NARAS

The family of Amy Winehouse believes the star may have died as a result of alcohol withdrawal, according to People. The British singer, whose body was found on Saturday at her home in London, reportedly ignored doctors’ advice to gradually cut down her alcohol intake and, over the last three weeks her life, stopped drinking entirely.

An unnamed friend of the Winehouse family has told British tabloid the Sun the family believes this decision may have ultimately induced a seizure. “Abstinence gave her body such a fright they thought it was eventually the cause of her death,” said the source. People has confirmed that this is the family’s belief.

According to police officials in London, the autopsy performed on the singer Amy Winehouse returned inconclusive results. It could take up to four weeks for the results of further toxicology tests to be known.

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  • Jay

    If this turns out to be true… all those haters talking about “she deserved it” should feel really ashamed of themselves

    • Pie Thrower

      I don’t feel ashamed Jay. She wouldn’t have been in this position at all had she followed the age old adage of “Don’t Do Drugs,” and the obvious effects of alcoholism. This was an idiot who chose her own destiny. Enough with celebrating these abusers. Enough with celebrating their talent (Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Amy Winehouse). Their primary occupation in life is to abuse themselves, carry no regard for fellow people that are and are not a part of their lives and spit life in the face.

      • Ben

        You’re actually putting Lohan and Sheen in the same category as Winehouse?

      • KC

        Wishing EW would get rid of that annoying Comic Con 2011 block.

      • Alex

        @Ben how could you not put her in the same category as them? in terms of lifestyle choices they all belong together.

      • Mike

        Putting Lohan and Sheen in the same category as Winehouse is a stretch, don’t you think? I’m not suggesting we should pity her because of her drug and alcohol abuse, but nobody wakes up one day and makes a conscious, sane decision to gradually kill themselves. None of us will ever know what kind of inner demons she battled. Does she deserve your pity or your sympathy? No she does not. Does she deserve your compassion as one human being to another? Most definitely yes.

      • george

        you must be a perfect human being pie thrower.. a shining example of a miery loving cretin

      • CB

        Pie Thrower, you are a moron.

      • Mary McQuire

        mrman…You are totally disgusting. A heartless individual with no sense of compassion. As a matter of fact you are jealous!!! Jealous of someone who died because they were famous. Is your life really that meaningless?

      • Justin

        Substance abuse is a difficult problem. She was not an evil person, I fail to see what this is she deserved. People have weaknesses, which is not the same as character.

      • JustMe

        Pie thrower – you are in need of some serious counseling. She had a disease, which puts one into denial. She paid for this denial with her life. Whatever you think of her, she was a human life, she was loved by family and friends. She was just ill, that’s all. Get some psyche treatment, get a life, grow up, because if you don’t,this very comment you so boldly put down will one day measure out to you the same message.

      • Tara

        @ pie thrower. It does not matter that she was addict or drink to much its the facts that we show respect for ones that have passed away. alot of people have demons that they can not overcome and when you are not getting help what can you do. We do not know Amy Winehouse personally. She probably was the best sister, daughter that anyone could have she just had a problem that she could best. RIP Amy Winehouse you will be missed.

      • BB

        Pie thrower – Obviously you’ve never had an addiction, so why don’t you stop talking about stuff you don’t understand.

      • VinceP

        I don’t think I’d go so far as to call her an “idiot”. My personal feeling is that addiction to drugs and alcohol are self-inflicted (you can’t be addicted to things you never try), in 99% of cases, but that thought doesn’t prevent me having sympathy for addict. I don’t view Amy Winehouse’s death as much more than a waste, but then I didn’t know her. I was never a fan, much less a friend or family member. It’s their loss that I view as a tragedy.

      • Dicazi

        No one deserves to die from an addiction. Or withdrawal from an addictive substance. Especially a 27 year old.

      • Brian Wallace

        You know, maybe Pie Thrower is sick and tired of people using “addiction” as a crutch. This mentality that those who can’t handle drugs or booze are some infantile children and nothing is their fault. Hey, I’d love to drink all day and be an idiot. I can’t. I have a job. I have responsibilities. I want something out of life. Those of you ripping on “Pie Thrower” need to wake up and GROW UP. There are those of us out there who don’t use “Addiction” and “Weakness” as a crutch and an excuse for why our lives didn’t turn out how we planned.


      • Pie Thrower

        To all the haters aiming at me. You are fools. I know about inner demons. I wasn’t born yesterday. But this was a woman who refused the help being brought to her. This was a woman who expressly (in her own written music) said “No, no, no” to any kind of rehabilitative efforts and as a result her selfish ignorance left a carnage of grief for her loving family to deal with. She has no talent that should be recognized. She should only be used as a poster child for the end result of substance abuse. Use the actions of ignorance she carried out while she was alive and her death as prime examples of what drugs and alcohol do to a person.

        Stop pitying drug addict morons who have no reprehension for who they hurt. As one poster noted pity the families of people fighting for our freedoms and giving their lives to make sure that we can continue on.

        Amy Winehouse deserves no tears. She only deserves to be a text subject to the dangers of drugs and alcohol. She was a fool while she was alive and now she is simply a dead fool.

      • Pie Thrower

        @Brian Wallace: Thank you for echoing my sentiments. Addiction is not a crutch to live by, and to call it a disease is simply misleading.

        We are constantly preached in schools, through media, etc not to do drugs. How many more times do we have to say it? Make a choice in life and prepare to live by it or simply die by it.

        Amy Winehouse, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan. These people made their choices. Stupid choices and one of them has already proven that theory.

      • Pie Thrower’s Judge

        Pie Thrower..right now I bet I can describe you. Overweight slob. I can tell by your comments. You probably sit around all day watching TV, eating non-stop, criticizing all types of people becuase you have no love or fullfillment in your life. You will never amout to anything and that offends me. How can you be a fat overwight slob with no aspirations? I bet you die alone…you deserve it!

        Real post: It doesn’t matter what she died from. She was a human being. Even if you have no sypathy for her have some for her family and friends that are still here and now missing a huge part of their lives. I never was a fan of Amy Winehouse but it’s tragic when anyone that age passes on. Pray for her family and friends.

      • Dgently

        You know, Pie Thrower, by some standards Churchill would have been considered an alcohol, and FDR was at least a heavy drinker. Hitler, however, was a tee-totaler.

      • Lin

        This is a very sad world to live in with so many judgmental people in it. Apparently none of you have EV3R made any bad choices. You don’t know this woman! Most of you have never listened to all of her music. You don’t know what was going on in her mind, heart, and soul. There are so many troubled people in this world–not just drug addicts, but anorexics, hoarders, alcoholics, those who are mentally ill and resist taking their medications. Just because we don’t understand why they can’t just “quit” doesn’t make them unworthy of human decency.

      • Pie Throwers Old Friend

        @Pie Thrower. Ur a Douch!!!! your a lonely Looser. you will continue to be a looser… and thats it. ur Probobly an “Old Dirty White Guy” That Beats of the computer Porn maybe even worse??? you dont get laid, you have to pay for it. something really weired about you.. people must be aware and be careful if they know you 4REAL!!!!!

      • etm

        Ugh, me too, KC!! Thank God it’s finally gone.

      • True Blue

        @ Pie Thrower:

        So now that it may turn out that she died trying to kick her addiction as opposed to relapsing, you’re going to now condemn her for ever having had the addiction in the first place? Really? Well if the adage “just say no” was really so effective, substance abuse would not exist at all by now. So I think that’s a big clue that “just say no” doesn’t cure the problem. You’re really quite a b*tch. Judgmental types like you usually end up putting yourselves in a position to be judged as harshly as you judge others, so again, I highly advise you to mount off that high horse of yours.

      • Brian Wallace

        George, CB, Mary McQuire, JustMe, Tara, BB, VinceP, Dicazi, Lin, PieThrowersOldFriend, TrueBlue….

        Jeez… What a bunch of clueless victims you all are. How’s it working out for you, huh? You have all shown how uneducated and naive you all are with your “She was SPECIAL! LEAVE HER ALONE! It wasn’t HER FAULT! Show her some SYMPATHY!” talk. What’s it like in your world? You just sit and watch the world go by and spend all your time looking for someone to blame, don’t you? And then when someone questions you, you lash out and accuse others of being “fat” or “judgemental” or an “overweight slob” or on a “high horse” or best of all…a “lOOser” (Educating yourself and speaking correctly! What a CONCEPT!)

        Good luck, folks. As you can see, in the last few years in terms of jobs and the economy, those people who can cut through the BS and media deification of stupid, weak losers are the ones who are getting ahead. We’re the ones who have jobs. We’re the ones who are “winning” (Sorry, Charlie Crackhead.) If you pathetically defend people who are the weakest society has to offer, you’ll be left behind. Forever. In some ways, you already have.


      • p;sb1962

        pie thrower is a bad person and will burn in Hell for they so dederve

      • B

        I only have one thing I have to say…WTF is with the nick name Pie Thrower??? What does that name represent???

    • mrman

      Ashamed? Why? She was an out-of-control substance abuser who repeatedly avoided treatment, even though she did do some stints in rehab. She took success, good fortune, and talent, and flushed it all away. Most people would be lucky to have 1% of the good luck she had, and what did she do with it?

      No. She killed herself with drugs and alcohol. If she actually died from alcohol withdrawal, that’s of no consequence. It was the years of abuse that really killed her.

      • Dgently

        You, of course, being her personal physician.

      • Holly

        The most creative, most influential people of all-time have usually been subject to a great deal of internal conflict. Those that throw stones may know nothing of this, because they simply lack the wherewithall to fully fathom it. When the individual can see farther than, feel more than, and create in a way that most would find impossible it creates a great deal of internal discord. Yes, this brilliance, this creative genius certainly has a downfall. It is very hard for people such as this to keep away from some form of indulgence (or numbing agent), as being that intense all the time is quite wearing. It’s easy to cast judgement, but unless you are that person, you cannot understand the demons, the overwhelming reality of genius that can put a person in that position.

      • D

        Interesting the way words frame things. The term of art is “dependence”.

      • Walter

        And she still did it to herself because if this is true she was too stupid to listen to her doctors. Freaking moron. Survival of the fittest. Thankfully she didn’t procreate (did she?).

    • Mike

      Let’s get this straight. Amy Crackhouse was a blood shot drug addict. Scraped off the street and poured into a high quality producers studio.

      Her music was PRODUCED. Nothing more. She has no significant track record. Other than falling down drunk on stage. She was a walking tragedy. Whose only purpoase was to line music producers pockets.

      This woman does not belong in the company of Jimi,Janice,Kurt, Stevie Ray. Her body of work just doesn’t measure up.Dying at 27 doesn’t qualify her. It was likely crackhouse had already acheived her 15 mins of fame.

      • Mary McQuire

        You people are sick.

      • Jon

        When you get cancer from existing, I hope someone looks at you and says “You deserved it!”

      • RK

        Amy Crackhouse? I prefer Amy WineHo.

      • Casey

        Every piece of music is produced for your information.

      • Cee

        You’re an idiot. And all music is produced. She re-opened the door for some of the great women musicians we have around today. Unfortunately, she had some demons. But all have demons. Lucky for me, mine don’t involve chasing an 8-ball of cocaine with a bottle of gin/vodka/whatever. Addiction is a disease. Look it up.

      • Lisap

        Mike is an idiot who is confusing a personal opinion about a certain artist with that artist’s contribution to the industry. He also seems to be incredibly confused about how much Amy Winehouse contributed to writing her own music and how music is made in general.

        Also, anyone who feels the need to say she deserved what she got obviously does not fully understand how addiction works. Was she responsible for the situation she was in? Most definitely. Did she deserve such a sad existence? I don’t believe anyone would. She suffered from the disease of addiction as well as very likely having problems with depression, also a disease.

      • Amanda

        Harsh but likely a FAIR assessment of Amy’s actual talent. She benefitted hugely from Lauryn Hill cancelling on a killer band,the band that recorded all that music that Amy did what she did to it. She could not sing IMO but got those Grammys cause a lot of voters were in Rehab themselves that time. That was a mistake,it helped her to keep on drugging…if she had failed financially,she may have had a successful rehab,so all the awards and money helped her keep up the abusive behavior. A tragedy,cause even without talent,she was still a human being and had worth therefore. And she threw herself away on the drugs. Hope she serves as a negative example of how to live and that at least one young person stops drugging cause of her death. RIP.

    • me

      She didn’t deserve it, obviously, but this “she died of withdrawal” stuff is wishful thinking. She was seen the night before at a local pub purchasing heroin. She most likely died of respiratory failure.

      • truth

        Amy Winehouse dies and media goes crazy, yet: Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary Fisher 24, Brandon King 23 Christopher Goeke 23, and Sheldon Tate 27….are all Marines that gave their lives this week for us. There is no media for them…not even a mention of their names.

      • Tarawa

        Thanks for mentioning the Marines. Yours is a sane voice in this crazy celebrity worshiping country of ours.

      • tina

        Your point is valid, “truth,” but while the media at large is very guilty of this, you wouldn’t expect that kind of coverage at Entertainment Weekly.

    • Ken

      Yeah, that’s the ticket, she died from NOT drinking! The drunken phone calls to Blake were a ruse, so that people wouldn’t know she stopped cold turkey. BRILLIANT, Amy! Way to circle the wagons, friends and family who did nothing to help her before now!

      • Charlotte

        I tend to agree with this sentiment. I absolutely feel a great deal of sympathy for her death, but this story, it just seems like someone is trying to justify their own actions instead of looking at the situation truthfully.

    • DH

      Exactly. She abused alcohol and died as a result of it. It’s caused natural selection and improving our species’ gene pool.

      • just saying

        man, if natural selection were as simple as that, there are SOOOO many people that would not exist. I’m not talking about addicts, i’m talking about idiots. You know, people doing stupid stunts for “fame” on YouTube for example. just saying…

      • Walter

        Like Ryan Dunn? Oh wait.

    • Ash

      Now see the difference between Amy and Charlie/Lindsay is that Amy actually has talent. And at least she doesn’t have a DUI and at least she didn’t steal things. At least she didn’t have rage-full drunken outbursts in front of the press. She was just a sad woman who numbed her pain with alcohol and drugs, she’s not a bad human being. The fact that so many people don’t have any respect for the dead is just extremely depressing

      • Walter

        I’d say Charlie and Lindsay probably have more acclaimed performances than Winehouse did. She has what, two albums? Both of those actors have multiple roles that were widely praised. Both have had terrible ones too but to say Winehouse had more talent isn’t really that easy to back up IMO.

      • Ap

        @Walter…Sheen hasn’t been “widely praised” since the 80s in Platoon and Wall Street and you’ve got be kidding with Lohan.

    • Trixii

      How totally ridiculous that her body was so used to being amped up on drugs and alcohol that when she finally did try to stop sober up, it may have been what killed her. smh

  • Truth

    If anyone points at this and says “Look, she didn’t die from taking excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol! You’re all asses for thinking that!”, you’re missing the forest for the trees. They are saying that her body was in such bad shape from years of drug and alcohol abuse that it couldn’t function without them. That is still a death attributed to substance abuse.

    It’s a sad death, but not unexpected.

    • daniel

      But if she died because she stopped drinking, shouldn’t we give her a little support for trying to get her life back together? Doesn’t this show that there was a good person inside her trying to fight her problems? Don’t you have any mercy in you?

      • WTF1966

        Have all you morons completely forgot that just a couple weeks ago she was so hammered out of her mind that she couldn’t sing her own songs?!? “…support for trying to get her life together…” WTF? Are you all really that stupid?

      • Ken

        Why “should” we give her “a little support” now? SHE’S DEAD. She doesn’t need our support now.

  • Mary-Helen

    I had a friend who was a very heavy drug user for years & then quit only for his body to go into shock & he passed. Of course, he was diabetic. Ms Winehouse had a history of drug abuse & eating disorders, so chances are her body couldn’t handle the shock of withdrawals.

  • Michael

    I have always been under the impression that her family is in extreme denial. I mean, dying from alcohol withdrawal…that’s not actually a thing, is it?

    • Michael

      Or maybe it is from reading other comments!

      • Q

        Sure is.

      • jean

        Sadly, it is a very real thing. It almost killed my uncle, a lifelong heavy alcoholic. When he suddenly quit after 30+ years of hard core drinking, his system literally starting to shut down organ by organ. It was a miracle that he survived but it was because his wife got him help immediately. It took the docs a month to stabilize him. It’s so sad to think that this 27 year old was in worse shape than he was. Escapism is a very powerful thing.

      • Jessica

        I’ve heard that alcohol withdrawal is just as or even more dangerous than heroin withdrawal. The only reason alcohol seems less dangerous than illicit drugs is because it is legal.

      • Al

        It’s called delirium tremens, and is quite common among long-term alcoholics.

      • RK

        That’s a good beer, Al.

    • Keith

      Yes, Michael, that is indeed “a thing.”

    • Dave

      She DID sing “My daddy thinks I’m fine . . .”

      • abadstroller

        If you listen to the song in the right context, “her daddy” isn’t her father–he’s her enabling boyfriend. Cut Mitch Winehouse some slack: He’s a grieving father who has suffered massively watching his daughter dying in public.

      • Heath

        Her dad moved in with her and tried to make her go to rehab, so he wasn’t the enabler she was singing about.

      • Walter

        If he’d have done a good job raising her to begin with she wouldn’t have become an addict.

      • Ap

        @Walter…you’re an idiot. I have four other adult siblings. Four of us are fine…one of my siblings is an addict. You do realize that there are elements outside of family that can cause someone to spiral out of control?

    • Fe4dUp

      Yes, it most certianly is.That is why doctors recommend medical detox

    • Michael

      But does that mean that she must not have quit cold turkey a few weeks ago like her father said? Wouldn’t the effects have happened sooner?

      • Mellissa

        Yes, it would’ve happened sooner. I asked a medical professonial about this. It is called delirium tremens, and doctors do recommend medical detox (meaning the doctors give them something like Valium to help with the detoxing, also, the patient is monitored in a medical facility, should something go wrong). However, delirium tremens usuall happens within 36-48 hours, not 3-4 weeks.

    • abadstroller

      It’s a “real thing”: Detox has to be done under medical supervision, or else the body goes in shock (the medical term). Think about when you suddenly stop your dependence/addiction of choice (nicotine, caffeine, medication, alcohol, processed carbs): You don’t feel “normal” and have to wean yourself from it so you don’t get jittery…and that’s on a small scale. An addict would deal with withdrawal on a much larger scale. For an addict as badly off as AW, going “cold turkey” would be like falling off a cliff.

      • D

        It is like the substance becomes part of their body by that point. They don’t call it “dependence” for nothing.

    • Mr. Roboto

      Michael- Alcohol is the only drug in which you can die from withdrawl alone.
      First of all this isnt knews. i’m tired of hearing that celebrities died from this or that. its one thing if they didnt cause their death but after years of substance abuse this shouldnt be news.
      Everyone from Winehouse to Farley to Hendrix to Randy Rhoades (coked out when he and pilot crashed plane doing a fly by over the tour bus). This doesnt belong on the front page of the paper nor on the home page of an internet news source. No one here knew her personally so what are you mourning for? Not trying to make a stretch but do you honestly care when a crackhead dies, or when there is a gang shooting? No because your first thought is “well shouldnt have done that”. Case and point for those of you who actually said awww or oh no, please, lie down in front of oncoming traffic so we can post and reply when your time comes…. or would we?

      • Mr. Roboto


      • Beth

        Benzo withdrawal can also kill you

      • just saying

        actually, i DO care when i hear about anyone dying. Because i am a compassionate person who has empathy. However, I realize that not everyone is empathetic or even sympathetic to other human beings. In fact some people are downright callous and uncaring of anyone except for themselves and their immediate loved ones. It must make life real easy to be extremely selfish and myopic. But I’d rather be miserable and be a caring person than be happy being an obtuse ahole.

      • Blues

        The fact that she was famous, and whatever the rest of you non-talented (and jealous) people may say, a very good artist, means that her tragic death can shine a light on the struggles of drug and alcohol abuse once again….and hopefully will spur others to finally reach out for help and much needed rehab. Those slamming her as an addict who “got what she deserved” are obviously people that have never experienced any sort of addiction…and kudos to you, I’m sure your lives are pretty close to absolute perfection. Nice to know you have no faults, or make decisions in the heat of the moment which can effect the rest of your lives. And your sympathy for another human being’s death is also a nice touch; hopefully you’ll be lucky enough after your own passing to be missed in the exact same way that you currently choose to judge others.

      • True Blue

        @ Blues:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • tina

        Why are people so stupid? If you want to complain about media coverage of entertainers, maybe don’t come to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and expect anything else!

    • Not Moby

      I work in the field and alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to detox from–far more dangerous than detox from heroin. Pop culture plays up the heroin thing, but you actually can’t die from a pure heroin detox–though you’ll probably feel like you want to. You really need to be medically monitored if you’re detoxing from alcohol though.

    • Sharon

      Alcohol withdrawal is more dangerous then heroin withdrawal. So yes, you can die from suddenly stopping alcohol. This is fact not opinion so you can double check if you’d like. The tox screens will tell but, if no drugs were in her system then the family could very well be right.

    • Don

      I work in substance abuse counseling, and while it is possible its not nearly as likely as cocaine and heroine which are physically addicting. Alcohol would be mental, so its unlikely that this is the case, especially if she was off 3 weeks. Also, rumor is she was still using heroin up to her death, so I believe this is probably very wishful thinking, but we’ll know soon enough.

      • Paige

        Don, surprising that you claim to work in addiction counseling. Cocaine is not a physically addictive drug. The human body never comes to rely on cocaine; that addiction is purely psychological. Alcohol on the other hand is profoundly physically addicting. No one has ever or will ever die suddenly because they have deprived their body of cocaine, however, if you drink enough for long enough your body will not be able to function without alcohol. Death results from seizures and alcoholic ketoacidosis, a condition similar to a diabetic who does not take his/her insulin. Perhaps you should find a new line of work or go back to school to improve your knowledge of your field. People who are addicted to dangerous drugs like alcohol are not being well-served by such a misinformed “counselor”.

      • Don

        Yes, except cocaine addiction recover can lead to cardiovascular and brain damage. Alcoholic ketoacidosis, btw, can occur by someone who is still drinking alochol, so it actually isn’t related to withdrawal in the first place. Rather it relates to binge drinking or high levels of alcohol in the system, so you are off base there. Also seizure deaths can occur with cocaine quite easily, just for the record.

      • Blues

        If you honestly believe that alcohol addiction is strictly a “Mental” issue, I have to challenge even your basic understanding of alcohol and the human body, to say nothing of your claim to be an “Addiction Counselor”. Alcohol absolutely has a HUGE physical component to it, not only during use but especially sudden withdrawal. Are you a Scientologist?

      • Tarawa

        Cocaine blocks the re-uptake receptors for serotonin. Serotonin is an endogenous substance (naturally occurring) in the human body. Cocaine just enables people to remain high on serotonin longer than normal.

    • Mary-Helen

      Not the “withdrawals” but the physical toll the coming down phase takes on your body can. Remember, this woman battled addiction & bulimia for years. Her organs were so damaged, that the physical toll withdrawal takes likely caused a heart attack or something.

      • D

        You could tell she was in terrible shape by just looking at her.

    • camelsback

      Yes, it is a “thing”. I had three grande mal seizures and almost died on the operating table when I quit…then I spent three days in a coma and was given 24 hours to live upon awakening. That was 2005…been sober ever since. But I was very, very lucky.

    • joe

      My ex-wife damaged her body in so many ways but especially with alcohol, she tried to quit many times and had several seizures which further damaged her. I don’t believe she wanted to drink, she just could not stop, she was helpless.

      Recovery is for people who want it, not for people who need it.

  • JCK

    Haven’t read up on any medical facts, but if this is true and did happen, that is truly sad. How horrible to give up your vice and try to get better, only to have it kill you in the short-term.

    • Liz

      That’s why you shouldn’t start having vices to begin with. They only 1. take you to rehab, or 2. kill you, or 3. you quit them and they end up killing you eventually anyway (short life span, withdrawal, etc etc).

      • Don

        Lets keep in mind that this is what her family thinks, and as we all know typically ones family always denies the hard truth. There is no medical backing for this idea, and I would be very surprised if that is the case weeks from now.

  • crispy

    They are awfully concerned about boosting her reputation posthumously. If only they’d put this much effort into helping her out when she was alive.

    • Fe4dUp

      How in the world would you have any idea how much they tried to help her?You don’t,so keep your ignorant replies to yourself!What her family is doing is what most families do at a time like this,whatever helps them get through it.Until you have been there don’t throw stones.See how you handle it when it happens to someone you love and it will.

      • crispy

        Take a down a notch, Mary. Idol worship is just as pathetic as alcoholism.

      • hopelovehateinc

        Dear Captain Obvious, the writer is posting their opinion because it’s a public posting board. If you want to control the content wrote a blog.

      • Don

        I hate this belief that we should always feel sorry for the parents. There are things they could’ve done early on to stop this (as odds are the drugs started pre-18), but probably spent it in denial. Over 90% of drug addictions start with the family, although that is still no excuse.

    • Mary McQuire


    • abadstroller

      Crispy: Is it hard going through doorways with that big knothead of yours? Geez, learn something and grow up.

      • crispy


  • Roger C.

    Wow, um, this article needed a bit of proofreading.

    Oh, as for alcohol withdrawal, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing. I smell cover-up.

    • jane

      I was just going to comment on the proofreading. EW c’mon now, we know you’re better than that.

      • Keeley

        They used to be, but now they don’t seem to think that it is important to proof-read for typos, grammatical errors, or factual gaffes.

    • Mike

      If a person is so addicted and they are unable to function without it, then a complete cold-turkey approach to quitting can indeed kill you. Doctors often give the same advice to pregnant women who smoke … quitting gradually is actually healthier for them and their unborn child so that the body doesn’t go into shock from not getting what it’s used to.

    • Fe4dUp

      You need to do some checking before making stupid remarks.There certianly is such a thing as alcohol withdrawal,that is why people have to go through medical detox.Your body can go into shock as it can do with sudden withdrawal from any drug.Why do you think her doctor told her to cut back gradually?Just common sense.

      • Beth

        Im here to tell you a person can die from alcohol withdraw. M y ex husband was a alcoholic. One week he had caught a cold so he thought he could just quit untill he felt better. When we went to the store to get food he siezed up and fell like a tree by the time we got to the hospital he was not responding to anything and died 10min later . Not drinking put his body into a serious shock and his heart just stoped. I will never forget that day as long as I live. Till this day I can still see him falling over like a tree.

      • D

        @Beth- a body hitting the floor makes a terrible sound. Tragic story.

    • jim

      it amazes me that people dont know anything about the disease of addiction.withdrawl from alcohol will kill you.

    • Just Someone

      Some of you guys must be incredibly naive to not know about alcohol withdrawal and that it can kill you!!!

    • Don

      It exists, but it is extremely rare and unlikely to actually kill you. In theory withdrawl from anything could kill.

      • Blues

        “Extremely Rare”? I strongly challenge you basic knowledge of alcoholism and the human body, much less your claim of being an “Addiction Counselor”. If your level of understanding is this poor, I really wonder the type of advice you are currently giving addicts. Did you actually go through any kind of training?

  • Brian

    Gee…I thought the mob had already concluded that it was a drug overdose and that she got what was coming, deserves no sympathy, and shouldn’t have any nice things said about her.
    Hmmm, maybe the mob should at least wait until the facts come out in these cases.

    • The Mob

      No. We only make snap judgements.

    • Don

      Yes… too bad we still have no facts, so this mob isn’t wrong yet. There is a lot of belief here based on what the family has said without any evidence.

      • Brian

        You’re right, but I didn’t state what happened either way. I’m just making a comment about mob mentality when it comes to passing judgement without any facts. They could be correct or incorrect, doesn’t make it sensible.

  • Q

    This is very plausible. My father was an alcoholic and on one of his many hospital visits, I remember one of the doctors told me that coming off of alcohol is more dangerous/difficult then coming off heroin. There’s a reason for medical detox. How tragic.

    • LOL

      “…difficult than…”

      • Q

        Thanks, ass. I appreciate you correcting my grammar in a post of mine about an extremely difficult subject for me – my late father.

      • LOL

        Maybe he died to escape your lame a$$?

      • Dk

        @Q: just ignore LOL, who is clearly an ass-y troll. Shame about your father.

      • @LOL

        You’re insensitive and you suck!

      • LOL

        Eat me.

      • Loch Ness

        This message board isn’t a therapy session.

    • Q

      To add, I’m not saying that this was the reason for her death. And yes, I believe her family was in heavy denial – very common for families of addicts. However, to anyone saying that dying of alcohol withdrawal isn’t possible, you are incorrect. Like I said above, medical detox is there for a reason.

  • Nathan

    No way this is true, pure denial on her family’s part.

    • LOL

      Thanks Dr. Phil.

    • Geoff

      Although it may not be true, it is actually possible.

  • daisyj

    According to the NIH, alcohol withdrawal is a real thing, and it can be life-threatening. (Tried to post a link but the spam filters won’t let it through.)

    That said, it’s hardly the most common way for a hard-core addict to die young. I’d say it’s even money that the family is engaged either in some image rehab (hers or their own) or just plain-old denial.

  • Chis

    If you recall when her song Rehab was so big in 2008, her father was highly publicized making pleas to the public not to buy her album as it was contributing to her deadly drug addiction.

  • dome


  • Seriously?

    Really? She didn’t drink enough to survive? When will you people stop making excuses?

    • Mike

      Wow you really can’t read can you? No one is making excuses for her habits and behaviors. No one has said she was justified in destroying her mind, body, and health. Sudden cold-turkey withdrawals for heavy addicts can be deadly. When a person reaches that level of consumption the body cannot often cannot function if that substance just goes absent. That is why in many cases medical professionals recommend a gradual decrease … just like in people who are serious smokers. Stepping down gradually increases an addict’s chance of success.

    • D

      Mike-different things work for different people. My father was a heavy smoker and the way he quit was cold turkey. Sometimes if you try to decrease, it is very easy to start increasing it again, and then you are back where you were before. Of course cold turkey is unpleasant, and in the case of at least alcohol potentially dangerous.

      • A

        There’s always outliers. That doesn’t change the fact that statistically doing as he says and stepping down gradually increases an addict’s chances of success.

  • Gretchen Weiners

    An “unnamed friend” told The Sun?? The Sun?? That means this story is made up.

    • crispy

      They probably hacked her doctor’s cellphone.

      • Squishmar

        Hah! You’re probably right.

    • C Men

      I wonder if the person who found her dead body had sex with it before they called it in.

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