Katy Perry racks up fifth Pop No. 1 from 'Teenage Dream,' is poised to match record set by Michael Jackson


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Is anybody having more fun this summer than Katy Perry?

Between Smurfing around with NPHadopting Justin Bieber, and mopping the floor with the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna to nab nine MTV Video Music Awards nominations, we can’t imagine she’s got much down time. But Perry has somehow found a spare moment on her busy schedule to become the reigning Queen of Pop — officially.

It’s a victory for women who wear baked goods as couture: Perry’s infectious single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” climbed up this week from No. 2 to claim the No. 1 berth today on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, making it the fifth single from her platinum-selling second album Teenage Dream to reach the top spot in the pop chart.

Additionally, Perry’s single is poised to take over the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100, which would make her the first female artist to ever post five Hot 100 number-ones from the same album, and only the second artist of either gender to do so after Michael Jackson had five chart-toppers off of his 1987 release Bad.

Michael Jackson’s achievement has remained unchallenged until the arrival of Perry’s party-crashing “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” After briefly stalling at the No. 4 position in mid-June, the single is set to eclipse LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” at the top of the Hot 100.

Perry’s other No. 1 hits from Teenage Dream include the title track, “Firework,” the sunny, Snoop Dogg-infused “California Gurls,” and “E.T.,” Perry’s collaboration with Kanye West.

UPDATE: According to Billboard, which has not yet posted its official Hot 100 update but will shortly today, “As Perry achieves a first with her quintet of No. 1s from one album on Pop Songs, she’s seeking to become just the second artist to earn the honor on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘California,’ the title track, ‘Firework’ and ‘E.T.’ all reigned on the Hot 100, while ‘Friday’ last week lifted 3-2 (with Airplay Gainer honors). Should ‘Friday’ reach the Hot 100 summit, ‘Dream’ would join Michael Jackson’s Bad as the only albums in the Hot 100’s 53-year history to produce five No. 1s apiece.

The article goes on to say that “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is Perry’s “seventh topper on the list overall. She scored two No. 1s from her prior album, One of the Boys: ‘Hot N Cold’ (2008) and ‘Waking Up in Vegas’ (2009). She ties Lady Gaga and P!nk for second-most No. 1s in the chart’s archives, one away from Rihanna’s record eight leaders.”

What do you think, Music Mixers? Is Katy due to experience a little of the “cold” side of “Hot N Cold” someday soon, or will her record-smashing summer continue?

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  • Michael

    “In the last five years, only two full-length albums have logged even four Billboard No. 1 singles (Justin Timberlake’s club-hopping FutureSex/LoveSounds and Lady Gaga’s monster hit The Fame).”

    Not on the Billboard Hot 100 re: Justin and Gaga.

    • Jethro

      Who cares, what she achieved is great and I play ET over and over again in my car!

      • Sasha

        Timerlake has no music written nor plans on writing anything anytime soon. You guys have nothing to look forward to when it comes to full album length goodness.

  • Rob

    You need to correct this piece – neither the Justin Timberlake album or the Lady GaGa album scored 4 number 1 songs on the Hot 100. Justin’s had 3, GaGa’s had 2. They may have logged four number 1’s a piece on the Pop 100, but the Hot 100 is a different animal.

    • Sasha

      The last time I checked Lady Gaga has more views on her youtube videos than any of those other guys.

      • okay

        okay, and charlie bit my finger has more views than all of them combined. what is your point?

      • @okay


      • DDubSolider

        Charlie bit my finger!

        Anyway,yes Katy will continue to rack up the hits. Very talented

  • Eric

    If you’re going to make a joke about “racks” in the title of your article can you at least post a picture that shows off the real rack? LOL

    • Rush


      • Sasha

        She needs to do playboy.

      • Eric

        Agreed. Hef needs to throw a couple of million at her and make it happen.

  • Lloyd

    Janet Jackson had four number #1s from Rhythm Nation. The Bad record was set in 1988…23 years ago. Gaga only had 2 from The Fame. Not very well researched.

  • KC

    No wonder the music industry is in such decline.

    • Sasha

      Well ET and All The Things She Said by TaTU sound almost the same. check it out

      • Who cares???

        Why must everyone compare current songs to older ones? With all the varying artists and songs decade after decade it’s bound to happen. It’s all pop music… just friggin’ enjoy it or switch the station!

  • Ro

    Ashley = idiot.

    • Justin

      Best comment.

      • Will


  • MC

    I think you’re getting confused with the Hot 100 and Pop Songs charts. Last Friday Night has not reached number 1 on the Hot 100 yet, so she hasn’t broken Michael Jackson’s record. The song has reached number 1 on the Pop Songs chart, which means that she did break Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake’s record of four from an album on that chart.

  • Brian Wallace

    If you actually READ the article and used your reading comprehension skills (I know, it’s tough. Readings and thinkings is HARD!),
    you’ll see that Ashley Fetters NEVER mentions the overall Hot 100 chart. She SPECIFICALLY says Hot 100 POP chart. When she says “No. 1″ and “top spot”, THAT’S what she’s referring to. Those who only read what they want to and pick apart the writing on Entertainment Weekly writers (Guess what? Ashley Fetters gets PAID to write for a major magazine. Guess what? YOU DON’T!)
    those are the ones who “= idiot.”

    Brian Wallace

    • Michael

      No, there is no Hot 100 Pop chart. There is a Billboard Pop Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Plus, the record that Michael Jackson has is for the Hot 100 chart, which Katy Perry will have tied on NEXT week’s Billboard chart, which is published officially tomorrow.

      • Brian Wallace

        Jeez. And how many positions are on the “Billboard Pop Chart”, huh? 10? 35? Hmmmmm….maybe….100?!?!? Ok, for the anal retentive out there, there is a Billboard chart and it is offically called the “Hot 100″ chart. Then there is a “Pop Chart” which also ranks 100 songs but those songs aren’t necessarily Hot. Or Cold. They’re Hot and then Cold….


      • Michael

        They’re two different charts, Brian! You’re wrong, suck it up.

      • Daw Johnson

        Brian Wallace, you geek (and moron).
        “HOT 100″ has a very specific connotation in the music industry and refers to a very specific chart. That is not the chart on which Katy Perry’s song hit #1 (at least as of right now), and therefore, the milestone is a bit less extraordinary than the EW story is saying.
        Having 5 Hot 100 number ones is MUCH more significant than having 5 Pop number ones.
        Not that this record is not impressive, of course.

      • Brian Wallace

        Listen. I’M not the geek and the moron. I know there are two charts. Ashley (you know, the PAID writer of this article, not the loser sitting in front of his/her keyboard) knows there are two charts, too. She’s only saying that Katy is the first artist since Michael Jackson to have 5 No. 1’s on ANY singles chard. Katy has five on the Pop Chart. Wacko Jacko had five on the Hot 100 chart. And by Friday, Katy will, too.


      • Julie

        The charts are almost entirely rigged and fake. It’s only entertainment PR. You guys are splitting hairs about the most false premise imaginable.

    • meme

      But if she’s referring to breaking MJ’s record, that record exists on the hot 100 not the POP chart. the POP chart didnt even exist in the 80’s, so Katy Perry has yet to match MJ’s record. although signs looks like she may do so by next week at which time they can just repost this article

    • @Brian

      Dude, go to Billboard.com and read the real story and you will see what poor researching this is. Ashley has obviously consolidated two different charts. KP cant tie MJ for a record he never had on a chart that did not exist when Bad was released.

    • F*cker

      Hey, f*cker. Even if Katy Perry did tie with MJ it still wouldn’t be the same thing. Did Katy Perry write her own hits? BIG FATASS NO!! So get over yourself. I’m sure her songs(if you can call them that)won’t be remembered in ten years. And your the wacko if you think this well last.

      • Blonde South

        Hey now! Katy Perry did in fact write on every song on the album. She’s no Micheal Jackson, that’s true, but give her a little credit.

      • mark

        Check out how many writers are on a Katy Perry track. It’s usually 4, although several tracks have 6 writers. Michael Jackson wrote all the tracks by himself on Bad, with the exception of 2 tracks which were written by other people. I doubt Perry does much. Maybe they let her name the songs? No credit, Perry.

      • fancypants

        Mark is right. How much “writing” does Katy do if she needs to “write” a song with 3 to 5 other writers?! MJ wrote most of his hit songs by himself; he is the ONLY writer credited. Most people are aware that Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the well known hit-makers, are the 2 who basically write most of Katy Perry’s songs.

      • D =:o

        You guys sound like music-haters, or idiotic sounding politicians!
        Can’t you discuss music without being jerks to both each other and the artist? It appears you are all trying out for the debate society, instead of enjoying wonderful, “makes me smile whenever I hear it”, music? Not to mention she is a performer, that engages an audience with ease & has fun with them! Of course I feel the same way about Adam Lambert, haven’t had that glam/rock/entertainer with an incredibly strong, talented voice.
        We are the consumers when responding to “posted items of interest ” in the public domain, are interest should not be that of the press… trying to make a name for themselves by bashing artists or those that differ in their opinion. I do believe Katy collaborated on/if not outright wrote songs on the first or second album. I know she can write, as I am under the impression she wrote songs on her first album, the gospel genre collection that was produced under her real name of “Katy Hudson”!! Check that out music lovers!! Life is too short to find fault in one of life’s pure pleasures…music that can change you from bored to happy & wanting to dance til your satisfied!!

        Peace, & be safe if your in “Irene’s” path,

  • dee123

    Meh. It just shows what good writers will do for you.

  • Daw Johnson

    This article is errant, at least in theory.

    According to Billboard, Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” will reach number one on the Billboard *POP* chart this week. They have not confirmed that Last Friday Night will reach the Hot 100 number one spot when tomorrow’s chart comes out.
    That explains why the article references Gaga and Timberlake.

    • Michael

      You beat me to it! But, exactly right.

  • Michael

    I just read the article on Billboard and it says that Katy is the first artist in the Billboard Pop chart’s 19 year history to have five number one singles from the same album. As I mentioned, Michael Jackson’s record is five number one singles on the Hot 100 from the same album, which Billboard hasn’t announced yet if Katy Perry has tied it (she likely has).

  • HoneyB

    Hardly the Queen of Pop, although she’s had tremendous success this year. That name is still reserved for Madonna.

    • the_girl

      It says “REIGNING Queen of Pop” meaning currently making and selling pop music successfully right now.

  • Jesse

    I really love Katy Perry’s music, lyrics, sound, and overall bubblegum sugary sweet pop confectionary goodness. However, this is tempered by the bittersweet fact that she is not a strong live singer — I heard her performances on Saturday Night Live and had to cover my ears. I really hope she goes for some voice lessons bc then she’d really be the full package. It’s odd that the first person to tie Michael Jackson’s record can’t even sing live on-key :(

    • whatevs

      Her range is actually very limited. Even the recorded versions of her songs sound like she’s straining and it hurts to listen to it, especially on Firework.

    • ML

      I’ve seen her live twice, for both tours, and I have no idea where all the negative feedback on her voice comes from. She had an accapella section of her show and the girl can really hit the notes.

      • Will

        She can. I think the problem of that SNL performance is that California Gurls is nearly impossible to sing live. It’s notes go all over the place, and it’s got a weird beat

      • Brian

        agreed. check out her mtv unplugged – proves she can sing. she may not have a huge range, but she can sing.

      • True Blue

        She’s by no means a great singer, but she’s not nearly as bad as everyone makes her out to be, either. It’s just that her biggest hit songs are unfortunately, songs that are beyond her vocal range and when she performs them live, all her flaws as a singer are put on display. Still, compared to some singers who truly cannot sing a lick live at all, she’s not at all bad.

      • Blonde South

        I wasn’t sure she could until I heard her cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel. Her songs are just not good for showing her vocal range live.

  • Mark

    This article is all kinds of wrong!!! LFN has NOT topped the Hot 100 chart. It has topped the “Pop Chart”, but, not the overall Hot 100. That spot still belongs to LMFAO. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is, but, the “overall” Hot 100 is really the Bible of pop charts. LFN will hopefully reach the top spot next week, but, it hasn’t done so yet!!!

  • Janet

    “Katy Perry’s racks up fifth No. 1 single from ‘Teenage Dream,’ matches record set by Michael Jackson.”
    Can the headline please be corrected? Please write Perry instead of Perry’s. There are more and more grammatical errors in EW articles each day. Thank you!

    • Blonde South

      Not only that but if it originally said that, she hasn’t matched that record yet. But they’ve fixed it now so nevermind.

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