OutKast's Big Boi busted for drugs in Miami


Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, half of the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo OutKast, was arrested Sunday in Florida on suspicion of drug possession, according to the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.

The substances he’s accused of having: Viagra, ecstasy pills and powder, and drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $16,000. Circumstances of the arrest weren’t immediately available.

Relations between Big Boi and OutKast partner “Andre 3000″ Benjamin had been strained over the years, even before their 2003 Speakerboxxx/The Love Below joint solo albums became a massive hit and won them three Grammys, including Album of the Year. (The pair has won six total.) However just this week, rapper Killer Mike, a frequent collaborator with OutKast, told CNN that Big Boi and Andre 3000 were back working together.

Of course, it’s too soon to know whether this arrest will seriously interrupt those plans, or merely be a minor distraction.

Most recently, Big Boi has been touring with Cee Lo Green. He also made a stop at this year’s Glastonbury Music Festival in June (see him perform “Shutterbug” there), and last year dropped his long awaited solo project Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, which earned an A- review from EW critic Simon Vozick-Levinson.

Big Boi’s representatives did not return calls for comment.

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  • Katiee

    *Screaming’* (( Free Big Boi ! ))

    • kobi

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  • Dan

    He should learn from Zhang Ziyi

  • HD

    Unless the “powder” is something illegal, nothing else in his possession is.

    • Nick T

      Viagra is a perscription drug. and its illegal to have paraphernalia with actual illegal drugs. They’ll take it away trust me.

    • Vince fro NYC

      I’m pretty sure ecstasy is illegal..

    • crispy

      He was arrested with a powdered form of ecstasy, MDMA. It is very much illegal, although it shouldn’t be.

  • Shakespeare

    This is why I hate the media. This guy put out one of the best hip-hop albums in awhile a year back, EW and all the other magazines gave it good reviews, but didn’t sport it like they do a Eminem album! Now he get ‘s busted with drugs and it’s a headline on your website, shame on you and every other magazine or news outlet doing the same!

    • Kendis

      SHAKESPEARE: EW reported Eminen drug addiction with prescription drugs. Big Boi did something illegal and they are reporting it.

      • psyche

        Kendis I think you missed the point… Big boi’s last album was really new and different and well reviewed by a lot of music/entertainment magazines and they couldnt be bothered to write about it, but drug charges = headline #1. Point is that EW is turning into a trash rag instead of an entertainment magazine.

  • ol gurl

    man ain’t you a rapper why you got to sell and get in trouble dumb ass do something positive with the money help a poor family ass hole stupid punk

    • Rob J.

      You compose a statement like that, and have the nerve to call somebody else stupid?? Really?! Oh, the irony…

  • Helena

    what a shocker

  • Buddy

    I was on the cruise with them and they do positive with there money the paid for needed kids to go on the cruise

  • Ugly Jenny

    why is that anyone who gets busted for drugs gets arrested in miami?

  • creepycrawler

    The powdered illegal substance is a form of ecstasy known as MDMA aka Molly. Contrary to what most young adults believe, this drug is extremely addictive. Stay clear and stay clean

    • crispy

      The addictive effects of MDMA are in dispute because the drug was made illegal before much study could be done it. Users of MDMA do NOT experience cravings or other physical signs of dependence nor find it difficult to stop taking it. That said, MDMA can be extremely habitual.

  • Bob

    Who is OutKast’s Big Boi???

    • Charlie

      He’s probably asking himself that very question.

  • tgh

    It’s disappointing that Big Boi got caught with so much drugs, but not a surprise. It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone in the entertainment industry was caught with drugs… Big Boi’s music deserves to be a headline. If Kanye had not made his masterpiece last year, Big Boi would have had the best rap album of the year. The guy is a monster, and other than ‘Hey Yeah’, Big Boi’s solo stuff is clearly better than Andre 3000’s… Let’s just get them working together and give me another ‘B.O.B.’

  • Latilleon

    E-Dub, is there any proof that Big Boi and Dre have a “strained” relationship? Not making an album doesn’t mean that they have a strained relationship. Andre 3000 hasn’t released anything except a dookie load of guest appearances and was on some Big Boi songs including what would have been the best song on great CD Son of Chico Dusty if not for the evil politics of Jive Records. I have never seen anything on EW previously to say anything about this so-called strained relationship and it is unfair to characterize it as such. Fans of the group know that Big Boi and Dre were like brothers and around the time of the ATLiens album Dre evolved into a different person and did not run with Big Boi like they had in the past. That was 15 years ago. Yet kast still created three of the greatest albums in the history of music (Aquemini, Stankonia, and S/TLB) despite not being all in each other’s grill.

    • Phil

      I’m just playing Devil’s advocate here…but what exactly makes Jive Records evil in your eyes? Cause they stopped Big Boi from releasing a song with Andre 3000 last year? Ummm, for a multi-platinum group to release one hit single in which they both were both featured (“Roses”) and one disastrous movie and soundtrack (Idlewild) wouldn’t you be upset about allowing a new song featuring the duo to become profitable for another record company (Def Jam)? But sure, as a fan I am disgruntled but they signed a contract when they were young, and in need of cash…but now cause they’re ‘famous rappers’ they gonna make their fans speculate about “a strained relationship” for nearly a decade?? Like I said, I’m not arguing with you, I don’t think record companies are without blame leaving projects in limbo, like Sir Luscious Left Foot which was why Big Boi signed a solo deal with Def Jam in the first place. Everyone forgets OutKast were signed through the now defunct LaFace Records & Arista NOT Jive, so everyone they worked with for those 3 amazing albums you named are now gone. I mean do you really think Andre 3000 is such a fan of Ke$ha’s to do a remix of “Sleazy” ? No, its cause they were like yo…you havent given us a record in years, get on one of our artists’ tracks! Maybe they’re cool & just doing their own thing, and yeah maybe most fans will forgive & forget if they release a great new album….but the clock has been ticking for years. I’m just interested to see if they try & move to the new Epic Records where L.A. Reid is the CEo (and coincidentially under the Sony/BMG umbrella) since he was also the CEO of Def Jam that signed Big Boi’s solo deal and one of the original believers of the duo back at LaFace.

      • Latilleon

        Idlewild wasn’t disastrous as a movie; it made its money back. It was an often delayed TV movie (oh wait, it’s not TV, it’s HBO) that wasn’t supported to go to theaters. It made $13 million in theaters and another $4 million on video before going to the intended airing on HBO on a $10-15 million budget. The biggest problem with Idlewild the movie is it came out two years too late. If the movie had been released in 2004 when it should have been, it probably would have double the revenue. As far as the album, Idlewild is the worst OutKast album. But that’s like saying Vanilla is the worst ice cream… It’s still Ice Cream. Idlewild as an album is good. Sales were not up to snuff with other OutKast albums (except many Southern… and ATLiens) but instead of it being about the quality, it’s as you mentioned about the marketing team. Without LA Reid and supporting people, Usher wasn’t as big with Here I Stand as he was under LA. The fact one of OutKast’s worst songs ever (The Mighty O) was made the lead single when Hollywood Divorce is one of their best songs and much better song with Prohibition theme PJ and the Rooster were not shows incompetent label management. Maybe OutKast’s time had just passed because LA Reid was in charge indirectly of Def Jam and Sir Luscious had horrible chart performance despite the album being as good if not better than Speakerboxxx. Andre 3000 picks an ecletic mix of songs to be on, so it was probably his choice to be on a Ke$ha remix. The guy turns up in odd places. I don’t think it’s about money because the one instance I could see a real riff between Big and Dre is over Dre’s choice not to tour in support of S/TLB. Dre cost Big and himself millions. As far as calling Jive evil, it was hyperbole of course, but Sir Luscious could have been released by Jive in 2008 and they didn’t think it was marketable (which of course sales ended up being horrible) and they wanted Big Boi to be more marketable by being more like Lil Wayne and less like Big Boi. But the fact the the album was great matters less than the Big Boi name obviously doesn’t pull weight. Who can fault Jive for not wanting that risk. But when Jive decided not to assume the business risk of supporting Big Boi the solo artist, why block the use of Andre 3000 on a Big Boi solo song when the song isn’t marketed as OutKast? it couldn’t be due to sour grapes for the time OutKast as delayed releasing another album! if that was the case, why not support a Big Boi solo album and promote it as OutKast presents Big Boi? “Lookin’ for Ya” got into the hands of Outkast fans, but the mass audience that probably would have gotten behind the song and made the public clamor for another Kast album. Did Jive try to work out a deal to get some ownership of the song, or did they just stop it to punish Big Boi for his public comments? Do you think Jive would be supportive of a solo Andre 3000 album. As far as I’m concerned, Lil Wayne and Kanye are benefiting from the road that Dre created and didn’t exploit. I think I’m going to frown and listen to Bubble Pop Electric now.

      • Phil

        Thank you for speaking intelligently ! The only thing I disagree with is you speculating on what I said about the Ke$ha remix…I definitely believe that the rcord company pressed him to jump on that because they needed a selling point for her Remix cd.
        I do think Jive plans on pushing a Dre 3000 solo disc, as he’s said in the interviews he’s given that the idea was for him to release a solo disc before the next joint OutKast album. I dunno if thats what’s gonna happen, cause honestly what has been predictable with Kast these last few years? But yes, you are correct in that Dre did cost Big & himself millions by choosing not to tour to focus on being an actor. As far as I can imagine, if your friend is keeping you from making easy money to provide for your family, then yeah maybe there could be a rift…but there could also be the idea that Andre didn’t wanna go through a grueling touring schedule or maybe just doesn’t like life on the road. In my own opinion, I just thought that after Idlewild failed to launch the group into the foray of films, that they’d have gotten back on their grind….but here we are half a decade later (and in the hip-hop world…it might as well be a millenium).

  • Pharme413

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  • Angel

    That is nobody business to put on south fl local news, no comment on any of the drug charges cuz the system jacked up point blank it ain’t like he ridin round hurtin people just to do it. MYB media, leave that man alone… S/O to Big Boy.

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