Jay-Z says wife Beyonce is 'the second coming' of Michael Jackson: Yes, he knows it's blasphemy


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His comments should probably be taken with a grain of salt, considering he’s the lady’s husband, but Jay-Z recently bestowed Beyoncé with a heavy compliment.

During an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz, Jay compared his wife’s work ethic to that of late pop icon Michael Jackson. Then he took it a step further, saying she’s the closest thing we’ve got to MJ now.

“What I’ve learned from her is the same thing I learned from Mike,” Jay said after being asked what Beyoncé’s taught him.  “And I know it’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator. But I think she’s like the second coming. The hard work and the dedication that she puts into her shows… It just makes you want to work harder at your craft. She’s like a machine.”

Before you just go on and dismiss Jay completely, know that he’s more than just a loving husband; he is of course a major artist himself, one who even collaborated Jackson years ago.

And Bey has had some massive hits; she’s accomplished plenty and received numerous awards. In 2010 she took home six Grammy awards, including Song of the Year for “Single Ladies”, breaking the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in a single year. But Jackson still holds the record (tied with Santana) for most wins in a night with eight in 1984 for Thriller.

Who’s to say what the future holds? Beyoncé’s certainly on her way to legendary status. And that’s likely the only point Jay was trying to make. But let’s not take it too far and say B’s moonwalking in Jackson’s penny loafers. No, not yet.

What do you think of Jay’s comments? Can you think of anyone who’s closer to reaching Jackson-like heights? Let us know.

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  • A

    Although she may not be quite on the same level as MJ, and even though I’m not a huge fan of hers, I think I would have to agree that she may be the closest thing right now to MJ when going by her work ethic.

    • Dana

      Seeing as Beyonce is an ethical person and doesn’t have inappropriate relationships with children, I’d say she is clearly on a level above MJ.

      • fancypants

        there is no truth to your comment so take your gross assumptions elsewhere.

      • PLEASE.

        Bravo, Dana.

      • HoneyB

        I’d say there IS truth the comment. However “innocent” MJ considered it, an adult should not be sleeping in the same bed with someone’s kid.

      • Kate

        HB, you don’t know what went on in MJ’s bedroom so as fancy stated, “take your gross assumptions elsewhere.”

      • SaraJeanQueen

        Get off this board, Dana. You’re ridiculous. He was acquitted for a reason; accept it.

      • Alice

        He may have been acquitted of molestation. But the fact is he repeatedly shared a bed with young boys who weren’t his sons or brotthers, and that was inappropriate no matter how you slice it. Except of course if you’re an MJ fan with your head in the sand.

      • @Alice

        MJ did not share a bed with kids who were not his own. He made it explicitly clear in that interview w/ Bashir that he let the kids sleep on the bed while he slept on the floor but of course people like you will use your twisted imagination to skew the facts as you please. The parents of those 2 kids went after MJ for money, plain and simple. They were greedy and ruthless and were willing to use their kids for their selfish ends. The father of one of the boys committed suicide shortly after MJ died, which can be construed as evidence of his overwhelming guilt.

      • QED

        To @Alice: As a person who knows very little about the Michael Jackson allegations, I think I’m coming at it from a relatively unbiased point of view when I say that if you believe the statements made by every man accused of child molestation regarding his guilt/innocence, you’re liable to be hoodwinked. Maybe you have better reasons for believing he’s innocent, but you haven’t exactly made much of a case for him here. Also, how are the motives of the other parents relevant? Would they make child molestation more palatable for you? And connecting the suicide to guilt seems like a pretty flimsy assumption to me. I don’t know whether Michael Jackson was guilty or not, but since you obviously think he’s innocent, I suggest you do a better job backing it up if you’re gonna talk about it. Same with SaraJeanQueen and fancypants

      • @QED

        Since you don’t even know what you’re talking about and have no clue about the allegations or the entire ordeal your comment is just a waste of time. You’ve said a whole lot of nothing. Do some research on the cases before you start running your mouth.

      • DiDi

        @alice,Dana and Mocwe7
        A liitle quote for you – ‘The misinformed always have the strongest opinions’

      • QED

        You’re right, @QED, it’s a waste of time to demand factually supported argument. Also, your post is redundant, nothing after your first sentence added anything. I’m sorry, I don’t know irrelevant details regarding you, I shouldn’t say anything at all.

      • @QED

        Keep spewing more nothingness.

  • justme

    Does anybody love JayZ and Bey as much as they seem to love themselves??? Beyonce is nowhere near Michael Jackson’s iconic status. Why are they always go on and on (and Kanye) too about their “amazigness”, are they trying to convince themselves, insecure much?!

    • Neka G

      What do they have to be insecure abt? Their fans and their success shows that they are on top of the game

      • Mocwe7

        So Beyonce is gonna start molesting little boys giving them ample supplies of Jesus Juice?

    • Kathryn Rose

      Agreed Just. Beyonce is no where near the same level as MJ.

    • Michael Blade

      Since I also worked with Michael, know where in the same class as MJ, he was on another planet, as soon as Bey starts having “Kids”, all of this talk will stop…!

  • Catherine

    Working hard can’t possibly be the sole factor in comparing two artists… MJ’s songs were considerably better. I mean, I do recognize Beyonce’s talent, but her songs are mostly about girl power. It’s good, but getting old.

    • anonymous

      Too true, she sings about shaking her bootie, performs in her underwear and over-yoddles on every song and screams about “girl” (not women) empowerment and she does this on EVERY ALBUM. NO COMPARISON to Michael’s talent, not even close.

    • Anna

      I agree. I understand that Beyonce works hard like Michael did, but there is no comparison. His songs are just better. And even though she is a good singer and dancer, she does not come close to Michael’s talent. She is nowhere as iconic either.

      • HoneyB

        Not all his songs were good. Some of his treacle ballads are awful. He was a tremendous talent, but he wasn’t perfect as a musician.

    • SaraJeanQueen

      Agree! She works hard sure, but we’ve seen that booty dancing before, heard those singing runs before, blah blah. So much of what she does has been done before.
      She’s great at it, yes, but it’s not original like MJ was. He created his own style.

      • Lorraine

        thanks chica! i found my shade it’s NW35, but i HATE the foundation. no mttear what I do, it looks cakey and like stage makeup on me. i don’t even use a lot either. the studio fix fluid never did this (but it broke me out!). i do like the mineralize satinfinish tho

  • anonymous

    Oh that must be the reason why Beyonce’s latest album is not doing so well and she can’t seem to get a even a top 10 hit from it. She is too busy being the “second coming”. Oh I get it now, makes perfect sense.

  • Chelsea

    Beyonce is a great artist but not half so good as she herself and the people around her seem to think she is. A lot of her songs and videos look and sound the same, nothing innovative there. That said, I do like her music, I just don’t think she’s the be-all-end-all when it comes to female artists today.

    • cara

      Agree, Everything she does is looking and sounding the same now. She has a great set of pipes, too bad she doesn’t try something different like an acoustic album. Nope, back to singing in her underwear about how strong she is *yawn* I’m bored.

      • Anda

        Yes! I completely agree! I feel like every Beyonce song I’ve ever heard is exactly the same. My friends act like it’s some kind of blasphemy to say so but honestly you could play every single song of hers back to back and I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

    • Michael

      I absolutely agree. Beyonce’ has gotten a bit hammy the last few years. She really has gotten a bit annoying though.

      • jillyro

        AGREE, I find everything she sings is the same and with the exception of “Single Ladies” (which is memorable only due to it’s “wedding” ties), everything is forgetable or sounds the same. And her album “4”, been out like 1 month and already 3 singles but none have made it high on the charts. She may work hard, but she is not half as good as she and JZ seem to think she is.

    • Demond

      @Chelsea I agree with everything you just said.Every Beyonce video also has two backup dancers like she has fill- ins for her Destiny’s Child members.MJ would at perform alone in a lot of his videos.Beyonce has lots of background dancers in her videos.

  • nykolus

    work ethic, maybe. but talent… please. happy birthday, madonna!!!

    • HoneyB

      Yes, I’d say MADONNA is the closest we have to Michael, and she has been for over 25 years.

      • Queen B

        Maybe with the many years of fame Madonna has under her belt she can be compared to Michael, I don’t think she has ever achieved the same success as near as him at any point of her career. Beyonce’s work ethic is probably on par with MJ but lately it seems everything she does is saturated with cheesy-ness. Her new song is terrible for a Beyonce song. Anyway.. As far as legendary icon, one word: Britney.

      • Classy!

        Yes, Britney is a legend already. Beyonce wants to be a legend.

      • HoneyB

        In terms of a single album? No, but she’s had a similar number of hits (including 12 number 1’s across three decades) and more overall sales since she’s had more albums. She modeled her career and ethic on his, even hiring the same manager, and she’s had as much of a cultural impact. If he’s the King of Pop, she’s certainly the Queen.

      • NYC88

        Britney is nowhere near MJ, she’s not even on Beyonce’s level. Britney is a manufactured product who doesn’t create her songs, barely dances and can’t sing. Compared to MJ and Beyonce, Britney is a joke. She’s a robot on stage nowadays. In terms of her voice and stage presence, Beyonce GETS BETTER EVERY YEAR, while Britney has regressed so far. She had to have 2 men lift her up to give Pauly D a lap dance which is laughably lazy. BTW, it’s more impressive to have more overall album sales with fewer albums (MJ) than to have fewer overall album sales with more albums (Madonna). You must not understand basic math, “Honey B”.

      • HoneyB

        I understand basic math, NYC88. I am certainly impressed by Thriller’s numbers even if the album is hit and miss. It’s a touchstone of the 80s. Madonna was more active than him in terms of releases and has had great sales as well, if not Thriller numbers (and, really, who has, especially since the 80’s). I wasn’t discounting MJ, just arguing that Madonna has some pretty impressive accomplishments of her own.

      • NYC88

        Yes, well this article isn’t about Madonna.

  • BigC

    So she sold more albums than Thriller and has like 5 singles per album?

  • negatory

    gee…a rapper brags. that’s about as common as a line outside a Taco Bell bathroom.

    • negatory

      ps Anne Hathaway blew Beyonce off the stage at the Oscars awhile back.

  • hanna

    I think she still has a LONG way to go, but without a doubt, she is the strongest over-all performer out today. No one can match both her singing AND dancing ability.


    Both are/were severely overrated.
    That’s about all they have or ever will have in common.

    • PLEASE.

      Oh, and MJ & Beyonce too.

    • anonymous

      Their egos, don’t forget their ginormous egos, they have that in common. I can imagine their conversation goes like
      J : “you dabomb B, you as big as MJ”
      B.: “aw J, you are bigger, you sit on a Throne”
      J: “yeah but I have to wear pants, you so big you go pantless”
      B: “yeah, but you so big you make Kanye look small ”
      J: “I love me…um I mean you B”
      B: “I love me…um I mean you too J”
      J: “Let’s procreate!”
      B: “Right on! And we can name our firstborn Giant Ego”
      J: Sounds great, I’ll get the throne ready!

  • Trevor

    lololol….has Jay-z lost his mind? she is good! but come on…everything is starting to sound and look the same…lolololol….lolololol…too funny Jay-zzzzzzzz

    • JB

      He definitely HAS lost his mind. Didn’t you hear how he and Kanye compared themselves to Jesus and Hitler? And they’re charging $200 per seat for their concert!? A**holes.

  • Yo Yo YO

    My b!tch is teh next Michael Jackson, mother-f*cker. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Know what I mean?

  • Thad

    Ha! And the sales for her latest cd are like MJ’s ‘Blood on the Dancefloor.’

    • jillyro

      I’m waiting for EW to do an article about Beyonce’s sales not what they used to be on Four or that Beyonce can’t seem to crack the top 10 this time around. But *sigh* EW won’t, they don’t want to topple the “Throne” and tell the truth that Beyonce is actually struggle with this album.

  • anonymous

    Think Jay Z has been drinking the Kanye juice a little too much. Egos of all 3 of them are out of control. It’s like JayZ thinks he’s God, Kanye thinks he is Jesus and Beyonce is Mary without pants and the virgin quality.

    • Bryan

      quite frankly, i get a haheacde listening to most of the crap that passes for music these days. i grew up when music was good in the 70 s. literally every song on the radio was a gem. now it’s the other way around. literally every song is crap and once in a great great while you might hear something that isn’t completely awful.

  • bobjustbob

    Hmm. wonder if Jay Z is trying to butter up the missy?!! Reports are he has been seen partying LOTS with various women without Beyonce around and there was a blind item floating around that sounded like them. Maybe he had to compare Beyonce to Michael to get back into her good graces/bed LOL!!!

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