Katniss sings! Jennifer Lawrence lends her vocals to the 'Hunger Games' soundtrack


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You only have a few months left before The Hunger Games takes over the pop-culture landscape completely. (Yes, the post-apocalyptic adventures of Katniss Everdeen have captivated readers in book form for a few years already, but the coming film franchise promises to make Jabberjays a permanent part of common parlance.)

Famed producer T Bone Burnett confirmed to MTV News that he and star Jennifer Lawrence have recorded “Rue’s Lullaby,” a tune that Katniss sings to a fellow Hunger Games contestant after the latter is mortally wounded in battle. “It was beautiful,” he told MTV. “She did great. She’s singing great. Killer actor too.”

The composer, who is co-creating the music for The Hunger Games with fellow Grammy winner Danny Elfman, did not reveal when the world would get to hear Lawrence croon “Rue’s Lullaby,” only nothing that it would be released “soon.”

The Hunger Games is slated to hit theaters in March 2012, with the second film in the series already booked for November 2013. The soundtrack to the film seems to be taking a different approach than the soundtracks to, say, the Twilight films, which are huge clearinghouses of big rock names and elite indie favorites.

Unsure of Lawrence’s musical chops? Check out her singing to an 8-track tape of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell doing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” from the 2008 film The Poker House.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to outrun a pack of monkey mutts.

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  • Jesse

    Wow, SPOILER ALERT much? Glad I read the books and knew what happens, or I’d be pretty pissed.

    • bb

      Exactly what i thought

      • Heidi

        I’m thinking of the girl playing Rue that is such a sweetheart. Ugh. sad!

      • kal

        Jennifer is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via
        Celebmingle.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online. …You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

    • SAM

      Seriously… kind of a big spoiler Kyle… dur.

    • Cygnus

      Nice job with the spoiler. Couldnt believe it when I read it in the article. I know it from the books, but there are plenty that may not have read it yet. Nice professionalism there, in your attempt to get the article out before any other outlet.

      • KellKerz

        If you can’t be bothered to read the books- you can’t complain.. Just saying…

      • Jesse

        That is a bulls**t response. The books are still relatively new, with the last one getting released just last year. It’s possible that people haven’t gotten around to reading the books. But giving away a major death in the first book/movie so casually is a little tacky, no matter what you think. Just saying.

      • whatevs

        Actually, you can complain. Movies are for people who want to watch movies. There’s no prerequisite of having to know what happens because you’ve read the books.

      • Flip

        KellKerz, I agree. You can even figure out Rue dies simply by the premise of the series—only ONE person will survive the Hunger Games!

      • Heidi

        Um – Flip – Didn’t know that either.

      • Tori

        Um… Flip? Two people survive.

      • Katniss

        It is so obvious that it happens though! Everyone knows that rue and katniss can’t both survive

    • Tyler

      Agreed, wow. Didn’t even think twice about writing that, did you?

    • Liz

      I did say the same thing when they (SPOILERS!!!) spoiled in the interview with Jennifer about Katniss/Peeta doing the games again but I’ve realized that most people that read these article are fans who have mostly read the books. But still they need a spoiler alert.

      • jayne

        Only one person NORMALLY survives…by reading the book you find they made an exception for a reason i will not say…

    • allie

      well if you haven’t read the books, don’t click on the article. problem solved

  • Merson

    Jennifer is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

    • Miranda

      Se has such a great personality too if you watch her interviews! She’s freaking hilarious!!!!!!! And so down to Earth. Same with Josh Hutcherson- that guy is a big ball of charming. I’m glad our leading lady and man are so pleasant, otherwise we’d have to deal with awkward I-don’t-wanna-be-here stoic personalities like Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. Yuck.

      • Kinna

        Why must every single story about a YA movie or book have comments that bash Twilight or the actors in it? i don’t even like Twilight, but really. Enough already. You can be excited about Hunger Games/Harry Potter/whatever without bashing Twilight.

      • Miranda

        @Kinna Im not talking about Twilight! I’m talking about Kstew and Rob Pattinson. Just because I mentioned 2 of the actors that were in Twiighht doesn’t mean I’m taking about/mentioning Twilight! Those were just the first two examples of terrible personalities that popped in my head

      • OdairYouAreFinnick

        @Kinna wtf? She didn’t even mention Twilight. Thanks for bringing it up now. *eye roll*

      • parksnRec88

        right on!

  • Miranda

    BEST KATNISS WE COULD’VE EVER WISHED FOR!!! Rue’s *SPOILER ALERT* death scene is going to be heart wrenching. The little girl Amandla who plays Rue is so preciousidk I’m going to be able to watch her die :'(

  • Dana

    Gosh, she looks a lot like Renne Zellweger

    • Miranda

      O.O ….noo she doesnt

    • Wubblepup

      What?!!?!?! Jen is 74657382464628957479947489% prettier than Renee. They look nothing alike,,,,

    • Kevin

      You’re nuts. Rene’s face looks like she’s permanently smelling a fart while sucking on a lemon. Jennifer is easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The two look NOTHING alike!

      • Cris

        I’m not sure what’s funnier — the insanely offensive description of Rene Zellwegger, or the fact Kevin just provided the most accurate description of Zellwegger that I’ve ever seen!

      • Dana

        I never said they had the same level of hotness. Jennifer does look similar to her, just look at the eyes, the lips, and the round face. However, I do think Jennifer is a thousand times hotter than her.

  • Kinna

    I’m very excited to see HG…the book was so amazing and I know Jennifer Lawrence will do an amazing job.

  • OdairYouAreFinnick

    We are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing talents involved with this movie!!!!!! Jennifer Lawrence, Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins co-wrote the script, Donald Sutherland, Elizabe Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harellson, Danny Eldman, TBone Burnett!!!… Thelist goes on!!!

    • Jay

      @OdairYouAreFinnick- You’re right that we’re lucky to have all of those people, beacuse we really are, but you’re forgetting Josh Hucherson! He is the perfect person to play Peeta- Charming, self-deprecating, humorous and likable to the extreme. I had my doubts in the beginning, but now that he’s blonde and muscular and I’ve seen some interviews with him, I can’t even imagine anyone else playing Peeta.

      • Katniss

        I totally agree! Josh Hutcherson is amazing and absolutely perfect as peeta!

      • Bukky

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    • Auth

      It’s nice to finally have a name/face for Katniss, now cnatisg can finish up and production can finally begin. Then, in approx 1 year we’ll be able to see the finished product. Hooray!!I was also looking at the other actors being suggested for the role of Peeta, and I actually think Hunter Parrish LOOKS the part. I don’t know much about his acting skills, but at the moment, I’d sign him on his looks alone :).I can’t wait to see the movie, the books were amazing!

  • AK

    “You only have a few months left before The Hunger Games takes over the pop-culture landscape completely. ”

    If only. EW has been shoving this franchise down our throats for months already. I mean, two covers and the movie hasn’t even come out yet. Come on!

  • Alice

    I’m looking forward to hearing it- although barring a miracle it’s going to be odd to hear the real tune, which will in no way match the tune in my head that I made up while reading the book. The meter of both the mountain air and The Hanging Tree made it really easy for you to hear someone singing it even as you read the book. Always impressed me about the author.

  • TMal

    Just finished the books, but I would have been very disappointed to see this major spoiler so casually mentioned. Not cool.

  • Strepsi

    If there’s a dance remix called “Catching Fire” I’m in.

  • Suua P.

    Oh yeah, that really puts her into the character! Jennifer Lawrence is trully Katniss Everdeen!

  • jets

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge her singing based on that clip. But it is fascenating to see her and a very young Chloe Moretz (in the car with her) together. Two of the best young actresses there are before they became IT girls. (Still don’t think Jennifer can really pass as 16, but oh well).

  • jets

    oh, and it’s not that big of a spoiler spill if you know the premise of the book/movie is kids are forced to kill each other until there’s one left.

    • julia

      omg thank you so much for saying that! i mean its obvious that someone is gonna die

  • jets

    * and if you didn’t know that you would have by seeing the trailer when it comes out or reading the back of the book.

  • Trey

    Seriously, you guys? Katniss singing is a major spoiler? Get out of here lmao

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