Katy Perry ties Michael Jackson's No. 1s record... with a little help from Missy Elliott


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The (teenage) dream finally comes true: Following a false alarm a few weeks back, Katy Perry’s single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is set to climb atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week, officially putting the cupcake-clad songstress in league with the King of Pop himself.

The song is the fifth single from Perry’s 2010 LP Teenage Dream to hold the top slot, making Perry the first female artist and only the second artist overall after Jackson to produce five Hot 100 No. 1 singles from the same album. (Jackson did it in 1987 with Bad.) Other chart-toppers from Teenage Dream include the title track, “E.T.,” “California Gurls” and “Firework.”

Thanks to a catchy hook and a delightfully wacky video, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” has enjoyed a steady run near the top of the chart all summer. But a juiced-up remix of the song featuring a rap cameo by Missy Elliott, released last week, boosted the track’s popularity up to No. 1 status. Because plays and purchases of a remix count toward the chart performance of the original song, Elliott’s assist was likely the critical factor in the song’s rise to the top position.

Before corking-the-bat objections arise, though, as Yahoo!’s Paul Grein points out, this is standard practice in pop music—remember that “Til The World Ends” remix where Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj joined Britney and boosted her hit from No. 11 to No. 3? Or that remix of Rihanna’s “S&M” back in April that got an extra shot of chart adrenaline from a guest spot by Spears? Same idea.

Teenage Dream is also the only album in the 19-year history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart to log five number ones. It’s been a blockbuster summer for Katy Perry; she’s currently on the road with her sold-out California Dreams tour, but when the chart updates, we’ve got a pretty good idea of how she’ll be celebrating.

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  • katie

    im so happy for her! she deserves a star on the walk of fame!

    • NonEntity

      I’m ecstatic as well! Maybe we can find a way to shoot her into an actual star! Then she’d really be a firework.

  • Chris

    Remember when Michael Jackson released that remix of Man In the Mirror with the LL Cool J? Oh yeah, he didn’t need remixes on stale songs to get his number 1s.

    Good for Katy Perry, but let’s make sure that asterisk is present.

    • Captain

      I doubt she did it just so she could get 5 number 1s. People release remixes all the time, I’m relatively sure it’s just a coincidence that remix lead to her 5th number 1. Either way, 4 number 1s is still incredible in this day-and-age.

      • Michael

        They absolutely released the remix to get the song to number 1. It’s the same reason they discounted the song on iTunes this week.

      • Ben

        Exactly. The label wants to be able to say their artist tied Michael Jackson with 5 No. 1’s on Billboard Hot 100. This just certifies Katy Perry as a force in the music business. Not that I think her voice is even that good (how did Firework go to No. 1?) but the songs are catchy as hell and I do like her.

    • Brian Wallace

      People who blindly defend Michael Jackson….. Really? REALLY? What color is the sky in your world. An asterisk? We’ll get right on that, “Chris”, you pathetic loser. Somehow you seem to forget all of the silly promotional gimmicks he tried when he stopped selling records post-“Bad”. Please, someone lie to all of us about how Michael Jackson was greater than JC in his perfection. Losers.


      • Jenny

        LOL @ this whole comment. What “gimmicks” are you exactly talking about? Do you want to give to evidence to back up what you’re saying? I mean you know you do have to market your album/single somewhat if you want people to know it exists, but what Katy did was damn up straight just to get a #1.

  • Merson

    Katy Perry is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.
    Now she has to drop that ugly old horse’s ass husband of hers, Russell Brand. It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.

  • Jason

    The one issue I have here is calling Katy Perry an “Artist”. I think a better word to describe her would be “Performer”. Her songs are, for the most part, overly produced, formulaic and even recycled songs. “California Gurls” is the EXACT same song as “Tik Tok” (they were Produced by the same guy), and “ET” sounds identical to “All The Things She Said” by Tatu. I don’t have anything against her… but I do take issue with calling her an “Artist” and putting her in the same league as Michael Jackson.

    • Actually

      You’re pretty on the mark with the similarities between the songs. However, she’s still an “artist,” just maybe a different caliber than that of Michael Jackson.

  • nykolus

    …and here jay-z was claiming his wife is the second coming of michael jackson. just sayin…

    • Chris

      I think he meant skin lightening-wise…

      • John

        No he didnt

  • chris

    it doesnt matter. yes she tied him statistically. but i think we all know what a phenomenon thriller was compared to teenage dream.

    • fancypants

      Yes, but “Bad” had the 5 #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits (Man in The Mirror, Bad, Dirty Diana, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You and The Way You Make Me Feel), not “Thriller”. “Thriller” had 2 (Billie Jean and Beat It).

  • Raymond

    At least she did it with a remix that somewhat resembles the song. Jennifer Lopez did it a decade ago with Ja Rule, and went to No. 1 twice with remix singles that had no relation to the original, except for the tilte.

    Does this mean T.G.I.F. will get as much play 20 years from now as Dirty Diana gets now?

    • HoneyB

      Does Dirty Diana get play now? I haven’t heard it in years.

      • Laurie

        it’s on the radio today. KTU in NYC, for example.

      • HoneyB

        Not being snarky, just never hear it. I do agree with Brian below. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” is pretty awful.

    • Brian Wallace

      Are you serious, Raymond? You’re OLD! These people defending Wacko Jacko are OLD! “Bad” was released, like 30 (!) years ago! Get over it! It’s a new era. I’ve never heard ANY of those No. 1 singles from “Bad.” I had to You Tube them. And guess what? They suck. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You?” Rebecca Black wouldn’t even record that one, its so stupid. “Dirty Diana”. Oh, yeah. I hear that every day.


      • fancypants

        Bad was released 24 years ago, dumbass. Radio plays Man In the Mirror, Dirty Diana and The Way You Make Me Feel ALL THE TIME. Keep your head in the sand.

  • sc341

    BILLBOARD should disqualify the song, REMIXES SHOULD NOT COUNT!! Also, did it appear on the original album? Oh that’s right, kids today don’t buy albums, they download digital tracks from iTunes.

    Sorry, she hasn’t tied his record in my book.

    • PN

      Sometimes the original album’s song doesn’t always catch on with some people so they put on the remix single too! But the song’s still doing well pre-remix or not!

    • ML

      Luckily for her accomplishment your “book” doesn’t matter. Remixes are counted towards hot 100 charting whether you like it or not.

    • Hana B

      Just cause your like 80 doesn’t mean the rest of the world is…so stfu and myob if you dislike Katy Perry don’t read these articles

  • PN

    Finally! It was stuck at No. 4 for 4 weeks and No. 2 for some 4- 5 weeks against two other competitive records but it’s finally No. 1. It still would have done well even without the Missy Elliott remix. And great that she got to do one with Missy to help the song get to the top!

  • John

    She isn’t as good as most singers let alone Jackson but she tied his record with a remix so good for her. 50 years will tell if she’s the artist he was. Also isn’t billboard just USA

  • PN

    5 No. 1s! Remarkable! Katy Perry’s had a great year with this album! And even before the album reaches a year old on August 24th!!! The hard work paid off!!!!

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Tommy


  • Jenny

    LOL are you kidding me? Katy Perry’s alright but there’s no comparison between the two. And she was pretty desperate to get this number one tbh. the remix, the discounts, literelly telling people to go buy it. Plus getting to number one means nothing anymore. I mean just look @ the charts nowadays and look at the charts 20 yrs ago. There was FAR more competition back then.

    Michael Jackson is the best of the best and I’m actually quite sick of people comparing all these new mediocre artists to him. It’s actually quite insulting, as he had more talent in his little finger than all these “artists”.

    • fancypants

      I agree. Many great songs that will be remembered for ages didn’t get to #1 (Purple Rain and Thriller both WEREN’T #1 on the Hot 100, WHICH MAKES NO SENSE!). Perry’s #1s are cheap by comparison.

    • HoneyB

      Calm down. They’re comparing chart feats, not quality. I’d say there’s more competition now with digital sales and no longer needing to release a physical single. However, does hitting number one mean it’s lasting quality? No. For every classic, like “Beat It,” there is a dud like “Ben.”

      • Jenny

        Um i wasn’t saying anything inappropriate or ott to get a “calm down” but anyways. I’m talking about the quality of songs. There was far more competition back in the 70’s, 80’s even 90’s as the songs weren’t all computer edited like nowadays. Looking at the charts now the majority of it is complete crap. And you actually had to go out and buy the single it wasn’t just as easy as downloading it. .

        Plus I find most of the best songs don’t get to #1. Look at Thriler, Purple Rain, Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun etc. Those songs are all remembered today and are some of the most iconic songs of the 80’s and never reached #1. Somehow I don’t think Last Friday Night will be remembered quite in the sameway.

      • 2lc

        Once again “Honey B” you manage to say something pointless yet again. You’re good at that.

      • HoneyB

        Whatever 2lc. You haven’t said anything of note period.

      • HoneyB

        Sorry, calm down was for fancy pants who seemed to be getting upset about Purple Rain’s chart position.

      • fancypants

        I’m not upset about anything, so you should stop projecting. I was making a point about Purple Rain. Also “Ben” was not a dud. It won the Golden Globe for Best Song, was nominated for the Oscar for Best Song and was MJ’s first #1 as a solo artist.

      • HoneyB

        Writing all in caps seemed like you were upset, but whatever. I agree with your point about Thriller and Purple Rain being classics and memorable even if they never hit number 1. My point is that just because a song hit number 1, it doesn’t make it a classic or memorable. While Ben might be a great song (but not in my opinion), it’s not as memorable as many of MJ’s hits. When I think of MJ, I think of Thriller before I think of Ben or Man in the Mirror. I am not a fan of much of MJ’s ballads, even if they were number 1s.

      • fancypants

        I made the exact same point about not all #1s being great when I mentioned Thriller and Purple Rain when I responded to Jenny, so I’m not sure why you’re repeating it. The caps were to convey incredulity not anger. Ben is a classic and it is memorable.

  • Phil

    Ok, here’s my rant for the day…possibly week. I am a music fan and I HEART remixes, but traditionally most remixes started out as dance/club remixes, until hip-hop artists decided to start taking the trend to the next level by adding multiple featured artists to tracks making remixes entirely new songs with new verses and in some cases new hook singers. Thank Diddy for really kicking that trend off, but anyways…my point is that in today’s modern pop landscape, pop artists like Katy Perry, or Britney Spears add hip-hop artists to their songs in order to not just increase digital sales, but to get play on Urban or Rhythmic stations which account for a higher toal of radio play in the U.S. Its what makes a hip-hop song able to go top 10 quicker on the Billboard Hot 100 instead of an alternative song by say The Killers or currently, Foster The People which finally makes its top 10 debut thi week. So Katy’s label not only deliberately picked a rapper like Missy who has had virtually no new material released in the last few years, but strategically released the remix to increase both radio spins and sales when the song had kept stalling at #2 behind LMFAO. Anyone who believes otherwise is a complete and utter fool, and is just an overzealous fan who is misinformed.
    As I mentioned last week, if her label TRIES to re-release “Teenage Dream” as a new Deluxe Package with a new song to attempt to get a 6th #1 it will be disgraceful, esp. since the disc was already nominated for Album Of The Year at this year’s Grammy ceremony. As I said, I’m a fan of music, but its when artists, or more specifically labels bend the rules these days just to earn a fabricated title, its kinda shallow and makes people who know better think less of the artists.

  • RM

    The label doesn’t care about breaking records for its own sake. Capitol Records paid for the remix because it wanted a whole lot more revenue back than what it paid out. That said, records do matter. Like everything else in life, only a few artists reach number one. Most people can never accomplish it, much less chart at number one for 17 weeks. Every label out there will resort to any means to goose sales.

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