Indiana State Fair stage collapse: Lawsuit filed on behalf of one victim

The first lawsuit has been filed over the Indiana State Fair stage collapse that killed six people last week, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Injury attorney Kenneth J Allen has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of 42-year-old Tammy VanDam, who was of one of the victims, contending that flimsy stage construction and failure to heed warnings of “severe thunder storms” lead directly to the tragedy.

His suit alleges that organizers “did not reasonably exercise due care in the design, set-up, configuration, layout, and construction of the concert stage area” and also maintains that the stage overloaded with equipment and failed to meet the safety guidelines mandated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Indiana State Fair officials declined to comment, but the Indianapolis Star has reported that two outside firms have been hired to investigate why the stage collapsed.

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  • Lady GooPoo

    who cares? ga ga ra ra fa fa pa pa


      Who is the victim planning to sue… the weather?

      • roper

        I agree. When bad things happen, sometimes there’s no one to blame… other than than God, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • gottqaloveidiots


    • amy

      Yeah, they’re the losers! yeah that’s right! lol

  • zeke

    Surprised anyone? How convenient there was an ambulance chaser at the scene looking for a way to file a lawsuit.

    • Brian

      Yeah!…or maybe, and I know this is a crazy thought, someone screwed up and 6 people died, and that person deserves to be sued.
      Not every lawsuit is frivolous. Six people died in this accident. Their families should be compensated if someone made a terrible mistake.

      • AB

        Very well said.

    • sam

      not surprised at all. this is america after all. land of the free-loaders.

      • Brian

        I didn’t realize that suing someone for negligence that resulted in the deaths of 6 people was free loading. If these people screwed up they should be sued, if they didn’t, the evidence will clear them from any responsibility. I don’t understand the kneejerk, unthinking reaction that people have when they hear the word “lawsuit”.

      • dee

        Oh your definitely vote republican sam.

      • Lavar

        I love reading these aircltes because they’re short but informative.

  • Joe T.

    It was a horrible tragic accident….it doesn’t require a lawsuit. Sometimes horrible things happen. No one said those people had to stay there and risk it. It was obvious by the black skies and the forecast that storms were possible. I suppose if it had rained and someone slipped and fell on the wet pavement that would be a reason to sue as well. Or if a tornado struck then that would be the fair’s fault as well.

    • Brian

      Okay, but if he’s right and they “failed to meet the safety guidelines mandated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration” then it’s not just a horrible tragic accident because someone screwed up at their job and it should be a lawsuit. I’m not saying it is one way or the other, I don’t know, the investigation will determine that.

    • Jillian

      Oh people will sue anybody about anything! Remember the lady who spilled hot coffee on herself at McDonalds? She sued McDonalds and won! Fair? No, but who said life is fair?

      • h

        If you ever saw the burns that women suffered from the coffee you would understand the lawsuit, she only intened to be compensated her medical bills that were in the thousands. however, a jury of her peers came up with the million dollars and that was primarily punitive to teach McDonalds a lesson. A lesson that was well heard since they lowered the temp of their coffee. Fair– yes! It is not right to comment on a lawsuit until you actually know all the facts

      • Agnes

        The girl calling herself h. Lighten up darlin, you might get yourself a husband.

      • Brian

        Jillian, how exactly does that compare to a poorly built stage falling down and killing 6 people? Not every single lawsuit is frivolous. Sometimes people deserve to be sued. 6 people died. I don’t understand the outrage here over this lawsuit.

      • Tom

        Agnes, Could you be more of a c.unt?

      • @Tom

        someone spilled coffee on their groin area

      • AB

        Um, people died. That’s a lot more than just “suing over anything.”
        Someone royally screwed up or else that stage setup would’ve been safe and people going to a concert at a fair – a family environment – would not have died. People take their families to state fairs with a more than reasonable expection that they aren’t going to die. I think holding someone accountable for the resulting fatality is more than right.

      • Tara

        It was coffee dear- it is usually HOT unless you order it ICED. Thats like the dope that tried to sue Dunkin Donuts for giving her kid HOT chocolate and her kid got burned. HELLO- its HOT chocolate- did ya think it was gonna be cold? Take some responsibility for your own stupidity!

  • sil

    its called mother nature!! the stage couldnt take that strong of a force.. are the people of missouri going to sue because their house was taken away by the tornados? it was a very tragic freak accident.. there was no way to tell what would happen

    • AB

      If their house was constructed shoddily and corners were cut without their knowledge, then yes, they’d have the right to sue.
      Boy, I sure hope you never have to deal with something similar. I’d love to see you be told “deal with it.”

  • pw

    yes it is too bad. the families should receive something but not what they are asking. when you see a storm approaching you should take cover and not wait for someone to tell you. Would you stand on the train track if you saw a train coming……??????

    • Agnes

      My brother Earl used to stand on the train tracks. Almost got him one day! But he won’t right in the head, Mama told us not to talk about that.

    • Agnes

      Boy, Earl was so stupid we had to tell him to come in out the rain.

    • Kirk

      run the other direction the wind is blowing?

    • AB

      How would you know what “they” are asking for? And as far as this article is concerned, only ONE lawsuit has been filed, not multiple, so there is no “the families” asking for anything.

  • No More, No More

    You can’t have a bunch of regulation. That stifles the free enterprise, laissez faire capitalist system that makes America great. If a few people have to die in order to grow the economy and have jobs, that’s life.

    • Brian

      How about “Don’t build things that fall down and crush people”? Would that be an okay simple regulation for your standards? I fail to see how regulation that stops poorly constructed stages that kill people is in any way hurting the economy. What are you talking about?

  • Amers

    That was quick ? Isn’t there an investagation still going on ?

  • yepyep

    Thank God that suing for money heals all pain, no time at all has passed and the first lawsuit.

    • Brian

      Lawsuits aren’t always frivolous and sometimes suing is the right thing to do. Why do you have such a problem with a lawsuit filed against negligence that killed people?

  • Caroline Miniscule

    >>>If you ever saw the burns that women suffered from the coffee you would understand the lawsuit, she only intened to be compensated her medical bills that were in the thousands.

    And if she’d put it in a cup holder instead of between her legs, it would never have happened. Not the restaurant’s fault if she’s stupid!

    • AB

      As whose fault is it the powers that be forgot to give you a heart or any compassion? You don’t think that woman doesn’t tell herself that every day that she suffered through excruciating pain? Or do you seriously believe she just thought, “oh, great, who cares if I just suffered awful burns to my groin area, will be in severe pain forever after, and caused probably horrible damage down there, I’ll get a ton of money!” That’ll compensate her, I’m sure.
      Would you trade your nether regions for money?
      How about for some compassion, Caroline? Try for that.

      • Russ

        Idiots who can’t figure out that coffee might be hot don’t deserve compassion. They deserve to be put out of their misery because they’re clearly too stupid to live. Victims of other people’s negligence/stupidity, such as those who were at this show, actually have a case.

  • waytoofriendly

    If I am paying for a ticket to a concert, I have the reasonable expectation that I won’t be killed. I am surprised it happened this quickly but there are some serious questions to be answered after this horrible event. I live in Indianapolis and there was no other severe damage that night so I can’t believe there wasn’t negligence involved. Very, very sad.

  • Nancy

    I have no problem with someone suing over negligence. However, there is no way an investigation is complete at this point, so how can they possibly know if they have reason to sue???

    • jslost

      Exactly. It’s more the timing of the lawsuit..nobody has all the facts yet… so it “looks” like an ambulance chaser.

  • ann

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  • Logical thinker

    And the victim is exempt from failure to heed warnings of “severe thunder storms”?

  • Tara

    Wow that was quick. Are their dead bodies even in the ground yet? Yes someone should be held responsible and CRIMINAL charges of negligence should be filed, should they be necessary. This should probably include some kind of victim fees to the familys to help pay medical bills etc. but if these people are going to be sue happy and get rich off this, that makes them PATHETIC. Accidents do happen though, it was a freak of nature- winds came up quick as they were working on evacuation. Would it be their fault if a tornado hit too? The people at the concert could have seen the weather was picking up, and many of them left.

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