MTV 2011 VMAs: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele big winners


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Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Adele all won multiple Moon Men at the MTV 2011 Video Music Awards. Perry’s “Firework” won for Video of the Year, and she also took home a trophy with Kanye West for Best Collaboration for their sci-fi fantasia “E.T.” Perry harkened back to a previous VMAs show in her acceptance speech when she told her co-winner, “Now this is the time when you want to interrupt me, Kanye!” Lady Gaga — who spent the entire night dressed as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone — won Best Female and Best Video with a Message. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” meanwhile, took home multiple behind-the-scenes awards for editing, art direction, and cinematography.

Other winners included Britney Spears (who also took home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award), Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Foo Fighters, and Tyler, The Creator. Check out a full list below:

Katy Perry, “Firework”

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

Tyler, The Creator, “Yonkers”

Justin Bieber, “U Smile”

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T.”

Nicki Minaj, “Super Bass”

Foo Fighters, “Walk”

Britney Spears, “Till the World Ends”

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

Beastie Boys, “Make Some Noise” (Director: Adam MCA Yauch)

Beyoncé, “Run the World (Girls)”

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T.”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed “Rolling in the Deep” director Sam Brown as the winner for Best Direction. regrets the error.)

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Katy Perry, Adele, Kanye West lead 2011 MTV Video Music Awards nominations

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  • Emma

    “Video with a message”? Wow. Hey kids, guess where babies come from!

    • ks

      I know! what the Hell? sounds like they are making things up to be relavent.

      • Jenna21


      • bran

        Gaga could have done anything and you drooling ignorant obsessed haters would still be here chiming away about how much you hate her over an over an over an over. Get the picture?

      • lily

        It’s Mtv pandering to what’s popular once again. That is the most overrated, bloated song. I know people want to tout it as a message song but the lyrics are dreadful. Although Gaga tires me with gimmicks, Born this Way or even Pink’s F Perfect have more message substance.
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      • RnR

        Lady Gaga is ow ripping off Annie Lennex from the Eurythmics…who dressed/performed as a rocker back in the 80s. Gaga is nothing but a copycat.

      • BRAN

        Gaga could have done anything and you drooling ignorant obsessed lovers would still be here chiming away about how much you love her over and over and over. Get the picture?

      • kalo

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      • Robin the Boy Wonder

        Katy Perry tries waaaaaay too hard.

      • Time to pack and go home

        Gaga = trying hard to be…. mediocre! No standing ovation either.

      • That Is A Epic

        ..even Justin Bieber looked kind of disgusted and bored during Gaga ‘s lame ‘You and I’ !

      • MesoSoup

        While i think GaGa is a great person who does great deeds, her music is less than stellar – David Bowie she is not

      • Overkill

        LGG is pathetic with her most boring performance to date!

      • Failed Fashionista

        Why Lady GagGag chose to look like an Italian lesbian truck driver?

      • Jane

        I loved how jay-z wouldn’t clap for chris brown

      • Bye2

        lady gaga copies Annie Lennox 1984 Grammy performance..Sweet Dream.

        Now thats what I called..PATHETIC!!!!!

      • Jane

        Who’s Annie Lennox?

      • Aaron

        Lady Gaga is such a psychotic letdown. Tell me again why she dressed up as a man? What entertainment value did we all receive? It was a big, hermaphrodite-infested snooze-fest if you ask me. Bring back the real talent that doesn’t need to try SOOOOOO hard to “be original.” True talent doesn’t need to pretend they have balls when they’re a woman, and look like a fool trying to kiss Britney Spears and have an “MTV VMA Moment.” Props to Brit for being like “uh, no.” Hilarious.

      • sadface

        at least fonzi had water skis, right?

    • Thats Flaky

      GaGa won Video With A Message?

      Yeah right…Video With a Copycat Machine stuck to her left ball..

      • Godney Spears

        Minus the wig, piano ..and the guitarist what’s left in GaGa’s performance? Insipid.

        Adele is the real winner and Someone Like You deserves a real winning title.

      • Yawn

        For once I agree wit the haterz. Gaga performance is kind of forgettable. She needs to step up!

      • Ninja

        MTV is so full of ____.

      • Pathetic Monster

        When will Lady Gaga’s plagiarism end?

      • NonEntity

        The message is “Kids! Be mediocre and don’t save any money for when you are old, spend all of it on lame post modern costumes and pretend to be something you’re not!” Love Hesh Goo Gah

      • sadface

        I would still have sex with Katy even with that stupid looking cardboard box on her head.

    • Snooze Fest

      Lady Bla Bla the opening sucks..the most boring event of the year. RIP MTV.

      • Jz101

        Yet it was the only thing you mentioned. She did something right. Best performance of the show imo.

    • octopus

      The VMA’s: the one day a year when MTV acts like they care about music. What a crock.

    • Justin Poppiti

      Lady Gaga ripped off that woman in the 85 cult film, Just one of the guys.

      • Take A Break

        Lady Xerox Big Machine named GaGa. Period.

      • Michael

        Seems more like she is trying to cheaply be the new Andrea Dice Clay, a jerk whom was bannished by MTV, as Andrew was back in the 80’s.



  • High Horse

    Best collaboration: Amy Winehouse and cocaine

    • Duderonomy

      Too soon.

      • Desiree

        that MIGHT have been slightly chuckle-worthy had you said “amy winehouse and alcohol”. She wasn’t a cokehead, retard.

      • buddymoore

        Desiree, you serious?

      • MrMalik

        No for real… Desiree, are you serious?

    • Gothikarose

      thats not even funny you heartless wench.

  • Luc Berthelette

    MTV really is becoming a farce… Britney Spears’ video for that song that truly no one will remember in a year beats Adele’s hit song and gorgeous video?… not to mention… how does a winner win in their sex category but isn’t even nominated in the video of the year category?

    • dee

      At least Britney knows how to do her hair.

      • Summer

        Adele should of won dee, but yes Adele’s hair is just awful.

      • sv

        I don’t know what either of you are thinking, Adele’s hair is fabulous. She looks stunning tonight, flawless.

      • anne82958

        Her hair is fake.

      • sv

        Really? That’s the best you could come up with? Fake hair?

      • jmcg

        You mean her tracks weren’t showing this time? Brit’s hair is awful for a performer.

        People, this list of crap winners and nominees is why MTV has become irrelevant.

      • DRG

        “At least Britney knows how to do her hair.:”

        Which, of course, is what music is all about — knowing how to do your hair.

      • Bree

        Yeah, because when I go to buy an album, I always make sure the singer’s hair looks nice. I could care less about the songs or the vocal ability, just…..their hair better be flat ironed, damnit.

      • sadface

        Britney’s extensions start at her chin.

    • L

      Well if we are talking music video and not song, then Britney wins that one. Adele’s song is great but the video isn’t all that interesting. And beside, Till the World Ends is arguably the best song off of Brit’s new album, so it’s pretty memorable.

    • Josh

      It’s not MTV’s fault completely, though they knew Katy would win. They would have given the award to Adele. They made Video of the Year a viewer’s choice award. Then they put one of the most popular performers on the planet, Katy Perry, up against Adele, Beastie Boys, Tyler the Creator and Bruno Mars. I have no idea why Adele, Beasties and Tyler were nominated in a contest they couldn’t win. Had Beiber been nominated he would have won. Had Twilight: A New Dawn been nominated it would have won. MTV wanted to look legit with its nomination but then handed over the voting to the lolteen generation. That’s fine, it’s their show, but to call something the best because it’s the most popular is a bit disingenuous.

  • Adwina Lambert

    Wata no invite for meeee the new queen of pop?! tee-hee!

  • Ulysses


    • Sherry

      They only did the “tribute” because they kept begging Brit to show up and she didn’t want to. She decided to do it once they gave her the award. No offense, I think she wants to marry that Trawick guy and lay low for a while. I’m really starting to sense that. As for Beyonce, that was actually the best moment for me. I was Fred Sanford for about 20 min when she rubbed her belly. “Elizabeth, Beyonce is preggo I’m coming to join you!”

      • Classy!

        I agree with you up til u thinking that was the best part.

    • Sherry

      As for Gaga, the performance art thing is getting out of hand. And she fell on stage performing, which MTV cut away from. It’s like, ok stop the gimmicks. Wait, according to Gene Simmons she’s a genius.

      • Joe

        That’s because she is a genius. Anyone that doesn’t understand performance and art goes ….hand in hand needs to stop commenting. Really is that the best you can do? Gaga is bad because her “performance art thing” is geting out of hand? Why don’t you just show us all how she killed your favorite puppy and tell us how you really feel.

      • Sherry

        First off, I do understand the difference between performance and art. I also have liked Gaga’s other performances. But, this in my opinion, felt drawn out and overbloated. Gaga makes great songs, she is talented. Does that make her a genius? No, she’s only put out a couple cds. Give it ten more years and if she’s still around, then she can qualify as genius. By the way, I do not have a puppy. I have a cat AND I am a former performance artist myself. Thank you.

      • Ghostofyou

        FORMER is the key word

      • @Sherry

        Gene Simmons’ brain is fried!!!

      • She is officially done

        Lame..lame & lame Gaga!

      • sadface

        fonzi would be proud of her

    • Bye2

      gaga is ann0ying; product of an over-exposed marketing, hype and noise.

  • buddymoore

    Is “Video With A Message” a real category now? I stopped watching the VMAs years ago when the winners were no longer the best music, but the music with the most 13 year old fans.

    • Pittner

      Perfectly put.

      • tracksone

        If it was just music with the most 13 year old fans then the only winners would have been Katy and Beiber…

  • J

    The whole thing sucked! Gaga looked like a zombie version of the karate kid,and awarding Spears over Adele is a sick and twisted joke

  • cindy

    Adele should have taken home all the awards..just sayin’

    • J


    • Hal

      Adele will win where it really counts, at the Grammys.

      • Robin

        Adele was the real winner. It’s ok.

      • tracksone

        Yeah the grammys is more about talent. Hopefully Adele gets her due in the grammys with real grammy winners like last year’s Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga.

      • Classy!

        Aw u poor puppies. The Grammys have been irrelevant for years lol.

      • JD

        @Classy! Anddd this show IS?…

    • Summer

      I agree!

  • Kayla

    These awards were disappointing to me. I expected more from Lady Gaga besides dressing in drag. Lil Wayne having his song censored every other word is horrible. The bright spot of the night was having Adele perform Someone Like You. The only artist of the night besides Jessie J that had amazing vocals(:

  • J

    Katy Perry’s ridiculous outfit made me want to knock the block off her Pepto Bismol hairdo !

    • Joline

      And since when is Katy trying to compete for most ridiculous getup? Between Gaga, Minaj and Katy it looked like Halloween up in there.

      • Robin

        Her outfit is cute, and she looks great. Whoever decided that the cube idea was a good idea, was definitely on crack though. Just saying.

      • Dave

        Yeah, why was she wearing a cheesehead? Is she going to a Packers game?

      • Jason

        I think Minaj was trying to out do GaGa big time.. imagine Nicki’s surprise when she saw that GaGa only stuck to one outfit this year. She tried way too hard.

      • sadface

        Minaj has the staying power of a gnat in a windstorm

  • Travis

    One has to wonder, if this category was around a few years back, would lil wayne had won for lollipop?

  • gio potes

    Go haters. Make all of this a lot more popular. ;)

    • Robin

      shut up

      • Gothikarose

        thank you robin…. i always hate it when people call others haters just cause they dont like the same singer they like. you dont have to be a hater to realize an untalented popular artist.

      • Robin

        Being schooled seems like hate to stupid people.

  • Joline

    Worst award show ever. So many awkward moments. Britney “tribute” was a travesty and Gaga acted like a jackass.

  • Jeff C.

    Katy Perry’s video where people shoot fireworks out of their tits won video of the year? Holy crap that’s terrible.

    • Sluttichic

      :D i know!

    • Sherry

      It’s Mtv pandering to what’s popular once again. That is the most overrated, bloated song. I know people want to tout it as a message song but the lyrics are dreadful. Although Gaga tires me with gimmicks, Born this Way or even Pink’s F Perfect have more message substance.

      • tom

        comparing pink’s MESSAGES is absurd….pink is a true artist…..If Pink was not at home with a new baby her song should have won…..but Pink prolly said “FU MTV”

      • cickles

        No. More like Pink was at home because Pink is a nonfactor. Her last album was garbage.

      • henry

        The problem is that the awards are picked by popular decision, except for in the professional categories. That’s why Adele’ beautiful video took home nearly every award there, and the rest were pretty ridiculous decisions. You can’t be mad at MTV for those winners, just their audience.

  • Tom

    People settle down, Adele will clean house at the Grammys , the vmas are a joke.

    • Jose

      So true…

    • Kayla

      Can’t wait for Adele’s sweep!

    • Cate

      Adele is a big bore.

      • sv

        You obviously have no idea what talent is.

      • BIGROB80305

        Adele is a bore? Maybe you should learn something about class, cause your hero Niki Minaj has none-hoodrat!

      • M&M

        Adele is talented, but she is boring… Quit trying to be apologetic for her.

      • YeahRightt

        Why is she a bore? Because she doesn’t wear meat dresses or shake her ass on stage? Maybe actual talent bores you. Where’s the auto-tune, right?? The glitter? Back up dancer!! HE-LLO!

      • Dave

        Ignorant people with no taste think that if you don’t have an elaborate set with a bunch of lights and dancers and crazy outfits means you’re boring.

      • M&M

        And ignorant people with no taste think that if you have an elaborate set with a bunch of lights and dancers and crazy outfits means your no good. See what I did there?

      • Sherry

        Adele is an acquired taste. Some find her captivating, others boring. I think her voice is beautiful but I am not going to knock someone because they don’t find her appealing. Personally, even though I have been a fan since Chasing Pavements, I think people will treat her like they did Winehouse, Joss Stone and Norah Jones. Brag how brilliant she is, then after she wins her slew of Grammys lose interest.

      • Dave

        Nice try, M&M. I never said the elaborate sets, lights, dancers, etc. mean you’re bad. Learn some reading comprehension skills.

      • M&M

        No you cleverly insinuated it though by calling people ignorant by your statement otherwise. Way to try and dodge your way out of being stereotypical.

      • Snickers

        M&M, you truly are an idiot.

    • YeahRightt

      Yes, I do see what you did there. It’s *you’re. But hey, everyone has an opinion right. And YOU’RE not wrong for having it but out of curiosity what is about Adele that you find to be SO boring?

      • M&M

        Might be because when I see Adele I know the the only performance I’m gonna see from her is her amazing voice? It is amazing, but so are hundreds of others. If I really wanted to hear an amazing voice I’d rather goto an opera and get more than one single meaning which Adele tends to only sing about.

        I said Adele is talented, but now I gave my reasons why she is boring to me, which are valid. Anything else you care to know about me? (We both know you dont care about me youre just trying to again, be apologetic and protect your “idol”). Now get off my nuts, thanks.

      • YeahRightt

        lol She’s not my idol but cute answer. Thanks for the brief bio.

      • M&M

        Oh no your just here defending her out of the good grace of your heart when someone has a constructive opinion about her. You’re welcome for me putting you in your place, english professor.

      • YeahRightt

        In what way is “Adele is boring” constructive? You’re delusional. And i’m glad I could make you seem less stupid to the general public, so YOU are welcome. ;)

      • bran

        *tsk* You left out the “contructive OPINION” part. I’m not delusional you just take things out of context. Try not to get the two mixed up next time you confront me, your welcome.

      • YeahRightt

        I think you need to look up the definition of constructive. Maybe you should just drop it from your statement and just say OPINION. And everyone is entitled to their opinion but you had to be a a “smart” ass. And thank you for my welcome.

      • M&M

        I think you need to look up the definition of constructive, my opinion was constructive. It was thought out and explained. And I wasn’t the “smart” ass who jumped all over me when I gave my opinions in the first place. What comes around goes around. And no thanks needed, not from you, lol.

      • YeahRightt

        “Adele is talented, but she is boring” that’s “thought out and explained”? “when I see Adele I know the only performance I’m gonna see from her is her amazing voice?” That’s constructive??? In which way would someone telling you, you’re talented but boring help you? lol are you serious? You’re basically saying “sure you want to be a singer but all you’re gonna do is sing?” You’re obviously right. I should have let your “constructive” (whatever that means in your world) opinion be. No use in arguing with an idiot.

      • Snickers

        YeahRightt your an even bigger idiot.

      • YeahRightt

        Oh really, Snickers? Grace me with your wonderful reasoning.

      • Snickers

        1.) You seemed to have an obsessed condition about how others think about you on an internet site. Hence why you continue to check in 5+ hours laters so you get a last line to things.
        2.) The idiot M&M gave a good reason for Adele being boring to his taste (for the most part her songs do have the same ol’ message and you already know what to expect from Adele when she comes out to perform), even if he acknowledges her talent. That’s something you can’t seem to understand.
        3.) You whole thought even at the start of your conversation was that your arguing with an idiot while your doing the arguing, what does that make you?
        4.) And lastly your hypocritical thinking. That in someway your opinion is valid while others are not. That you have to constantly reconfirm with anyone who thinks otherwise. Your also so quick to point out other’s with names like “smart ass” while in turn you resort to the same tactics with snear remarks of “grace me with your wonderful reasoning” as if your already “above” the peons you so intently have to reconfirm with.

        And don’t bother a reply to expect my response, unlike you I know the actual meaning of what people (including myself) say on the interwebs. I came on this site to say you and M&M is an idiot because that’s how I see it. You can either get over it or have it ache away in your body, I care not.

      • YeahRightt

        Snickers, you have proved to be the biggest idiot if you can’t see the hypocrisy in your post…. thank you for the laughs. My body aches, not.

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