MTV 2011 VMAs: Lady Gaga, in drag, cannot stop mugging through Britney Spears tribute


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So, which is better (or worse)? Chris Gaines? Or Jo Calderone? Lady Gaga’s male alter ego took the MTV VMA stage a second time to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award to Britney Spears, and for a man who opened the show complaining about the constant spotlight on Lady Gaga, he seemingly could not stop hogging it for himself.

After lauding Spears as “a pop music legend” who inspired him when he was a starving artist, Calderone offered this anecdote/over-share: “I used to hang posters of her on the wall and touch myself when I was in bed.” (Spears, for her part, found that hilarious.) Calderone then cued a well-choreographed-if-still-mildly-horrifying tribute performance by a gaggle of tween girls in Britney drag dancing to some of her biggest hits.

Finally, Brit Brit took to the stage, and alllllmost shared a lip-lock with Calderone. Instead, she giggled, and said, “I’ve done that already,” referring to her famous kiss with Madonna in 2003. But Jo would not be denied, grabbing the mic, and saying, “We’re just a good old fashioned American man and a good old fashioned American girl.” Well, okay! Then they both pivoted to introducing Beyonce’s very buzz-y performance of “Love on Top.” At least the two appeared to laugh about the whole hullabaloo afterwards.

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  • nickp

    I just don’t understand the whole Lady Gaga dressing up as a man and calls herself Joe Calderone thing

    • Jenny

      It’s kinda like Chasity Bono dressing up as a man and calling herself Chaz Bono.

      • Ryan

        It’s kinda like you dressing up as a comic but people still calling you an idiot.

      • Haley


      • Bran

        It’s kinda like dressing up as an internet hater and thinking you’re important.

      • lily

        Lady Gaga is so freakin annoying. I wouldn’t want to kiss her either. The look she had on her face all night was unbelievably obnoxious.
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      • Candycane

        Lady Gaga didnt even let britney talk. i dont like her she needs to make everything about her

      • kellan

        that was funny an so not entertaining and certianly not epic.

    • Foreverbeyonce

      #MTVFAIL i like to call it. First off Lady Gaga “performance” was horrible they should have had Katy Perry or Rihanna open, Adele -made me cry, Britney tribute?!!! WHAT ” Britney Tribute ” for a person who is the VMAs deserved better than that rubbish!!! SO MANY things were bad just to name a few..You gave her a MOON MAN that was supposed to be a “Vanguard award” you MADE HER, not Gaga BRITNEY present the next performer?!!! REALLY! I LOOOOOOVE BEYONCE, but that is a SHAME and very shady on MTvs part to do that! PERIOD., Pitbull was great, Chris Brown was unique, Beyonce (aw Baby Beh) and Bruno to sing a song Amy covered not one of her own songs-REALY?! they couldnt get Adele or Xtina to perform I dunno REHAB or BACK TO BLACK? This years MTV VMAs were ALL hype no substance. My annoyance for lady gaga has gone from 70% to a full blown 100% she didnt let Britney have her moment or even talk for her own award!!!

      • RANDYBlu

        you hit the nail on the head with your comment

      • petersince1990


      • Gen

        It’s not gaga’s fault tho. MTV/Britney’s team scripted the whole thing so…

      • kelly

        you said it right

      • kelly

        foreverbeyonce..i know it was nice to see beyonce pregnant, but brit shouldnt have been the one to present her award. i agree 100 percent with you ;)

      • huhwhat

        I totally agree, except for the tribute song being “Rehab”. I think that would have been in poor taste (not that the rest of the show was tasteful but still).

    • robbiee

      i think lady copy is pathetic and is spiraling downward———FAST

    • fleri


  • yo yo

    I think that was all planned. Britney picked her to give her the award. She does not like to talk so I am sure she asked Gaga to keep it moving.

    • emmelleee

      no sweety no Britney Spears wasnt allowed to talk why because lady copy and paste needed to get attention as well. she reminds me of the evil step sisters in cinderella. mtv didnt do a good tribute to britney it was a joke

      • Bree

        Britney wasn’t allowed to talk because her handlers didn’t want to give her too much time to say something embarassing. She doesn’t sing either, but her fans don’t mind that any. The reason the tribute wasn’t any good is because the person the tribute was dedicated to is an awful performer.

      • emmelleee

        no honey she can say whatever she wants she is BRITNEY SPEARS! She sings has been been for 13 years , lets see if gaga can even come close to that legacy! All she has are crazy outfits which ppl like myself are sick of. Gaga first album sold 13 million, Britney first album sold 50 milliong, Gaga second album sold 1,108 *insludes 600k sold for 99 cents. Britney second album sold 10 million * she was in the cd age which piracy could have played a huge role but didnt. Legacy Britney is a living Legend.

      • emmelleee

        Femme Fatale the tour is SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE, Femme Fatale the album has gone Platinum! Keep hating hater.

  • Buyahka

    I was really hoping for a stripped down performance from GaGa and we all got that awkward Joe performance. I did enjoy the slip by the piano.

  • AV

    I thought they were gonna kiss. Maybe if she was dressed like a woman they would have.

  • fancypants

    The whole Britney/Lady Gaga intro/weird, creepy kids dancing segment should’ve been scrapped and all that time should’ve been added to Beyonce’s performance. Beyonce rubbing her belly and Jay’s reaction shot was more entertaining than that whole mess.

    • Foreverbeyonce

      i couldnt agree more. Beyonce being preggers so cute, Lord please let it look like Beyonce. Britney deserved better than that Mtv should be ashamed! It was like a bad april fools joke

      • kellan

        yeah this wasnt what i expected. If i knew her tribute was going to be that short and lame i wouldnt have tuned in.

  • Amber Wheeler Hammer

    Personally, looking at Brittany’s body language, you could tell she felt awkward standing there with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga in my view was rude, once again she was hell bent to make it about “Lady Gaga”. The women has an amazing voice, but she is rude and lacks class off the stage, and well on the stage to ………..

    • Angelina

      IMO gaga is done with her last album sold 1.108 albums and 600k of that were for 99 cents. she really needed to give more respect to britney and for that i officially dislike gaga

    • emmelleee

      Gaga is trying to hard to be Madonna, she even tries to kiss Britney spears. Lady Gag me is a joke now!

  • Sunsetsnow81

    Britney looked scared and uncomfortable.

  • Blueeyes4721

    Very unimpressed with how rude and awkward Gaga made Britney and how pathedic attempt to make a tribute to Britney. Gaga shouldn’t have make it about herself.

    • RANDYBlu

      I thought it was just me. MTV didnt do Britney justice after all its because of her they even have good ratings. Gag me really needed to shut her pie hole and let the living legend speak and atleast accept her award properly!

  • Elle


  • P7

    Yeah, Britney definitely looked uncomfortable. I think she would have made an actual acceptance speech had she not been terrified that this Gaga alter ego may molest her at any time. So rude, Gaga. So rude. And what a copy. Madonna – 1993, right? She performed as a man. We’ve already seen this. GO GET ORIGINAL and please, stop standing on pianos. Every time you do, your dumb ass falls off of it.

    • lilmnstrpod


  • Jim

    Britney wanted to get the hell out of there. Can’t blame her.

    • ulloap

      LMAO! right

  • sam

    I am not a Britney fan, but she deserved to have her moment without being overwhelmed by Gaga’s bizarre bit and introducing Beyonce. Somebody at MTV doesn’t like Britney.

    • AK

      MTV did Britney so wrong. That dance tribute was horrible and then Lady Gaga completely highjacked her acceptance speech.

    • Julie

      Oh, please. Britney has overstayed her welcome by at least 5 years. If it weren’t for all the tabloid drama, everyone would have forgotten about her long ago.

      • Donelle

        @julie and you over stayed yours ..get out thank you. Mtv you did a bad job. “Britney Tribute” was a joke

      • Bree

        Agreed. I was kind of hoping she would go away after the whole meltdown, but here she is with more auto tune crap…..

      • Demetrio

        at Breee i can see you dont like Britney but honestly she has a better album than lady gaga right now. i am just speaking truth.

  • True Blue

    I found Gaga highly entertaining. She was actually having fun as opposed to being needlessly pretentious. Beyonce gave a pretty good performance, and I’m glad she didn’t perform any of her current singles. Still, apart from those two, the show was completely forgettable.

    • fancypants

      LG was being needlessly pretentious. I guess you missed that too long speech she gave before finally singing.

    • Donelle

      she was horrid and rip of of Cher and Madonna male alter ego. She is just a rip off and very rude when it came to the britnay tribute. like ok we know you devulge in attention but this isnt your moment get off they stage and no she wont kiss your mug!

  • ashley

    Those girls gyrating on the stage was so scary….i couldnt believe it horrifying isnt even the word. Pedophiles around the world were no doubt rejoicing

  • Dave

    Lady Gaga is so freakin annoying. I wouldn’t want to kiss her either. The look she had on her face all night was unbelievably obnoxious.

    • Gabriela

      True, how very true haha. Me and my sister change the channel or look away everytime she did that face.

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