Kristen Stewart makes her music video debut in Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broke': Watch it here!

Apparently, today is the day that everybody gets involved in music videos.

There’s a pair out there that feature Community star Danny Pudi, and Shia LaBoeuf just unveiled the Marilyn Manson video that he directed (be warned the latter is NSFW, nor should it really be viewed by anybody, ever).

This one could trump them all. Making her music video debut—well, as long as you don’t count videos that include footage from Twilight—Kristen Stewart stars in Marcus Foster’s clip for “I Was Broken.”

Really, Foster himself does most of the starring (three-quarters of the clip is a static shot of his face), but Stewart does lend her visage (and those deep, dark eyes) to the lush black-and-white clip. Watch the whole thing after the jump, and don’t worry: there are no vampires present.

You can take or leave the song (which is pretty if not a bit bland), but the main complaint is the general lack of Stewart. If you have such a huge and entrancing actress willing to appear in your music video, go ahead and point the camera at her every once in a while. Fans of K-Stew will probably feel a little short-changed by her relative absence.

Stewart is going to be busy promoting a ton of high-profile projects over the next few months, including both installments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the long-awaited film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the fantasy adventure flick Snow White and the Huntsman. Somewhere in there, she should really make time to take a vacation, or visit another music festival.

What’s your take on Stewart’s appearance in Foster’s “I Was Broken” video? Drop your opinion off in the comments!

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  • Lisa

    LOVE IT!!!

    • LOL

      She’s hot, but her looks and health will fade quickly if she continues to smoke.

      • HC

        hahaha, thank you for the PSA

      • Dana

        that’s true actually. Every single woman, and often man, who smokes, will prematurely age. Even if they smoked for just a year. And people wonder why asians look so young. It’s cuz they don’t go out on the beach with a six-pack of cigarettes!!

      • Lindsey

        Um Dana, if you compare smoking in “asian” countries to the US, they DO smoke a lot! For example, China is the largest consumer of tobacco products.

      • Trisha

        But they also have a lot more people

      • Cee

        Um, China also has a 1.5~ BILLION people, where as the US has 300 million. There’s 5x more than us. So it makes sense that they would be the largest consumer of tobacco products. I would venture a guess that India is up there, too.

      • kalo

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      • Rob

        He looks like a hamster. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

      • ‘Lish

        I know, right..

      • uhh?

        A six-pack of cigarettes?


    She looks so intense in that vid. It’s almost haunting . Her gaze , the lyrics and his voice go so well together. Simple and well done.

    • Rob

      I’m over it.

      • Shagga

        You sound pretty bitter in your two posts. If you are really over it then move on. Seems like you are quite stuck on it and not over it at all. lol

  • StewyFan

    Kristen is absolutely beautiful. I loved when Robert Pattinson covered this a while back, but I do love Marcus’s voice on this one as well. I think it is really sweet of her to do this for Marcus.

  • Phil

    Its EW, so yeah now that September is here I guess they can start their monthly quota of all crap coverage of all things TWILIGHT. *SIGH*

    • BMW328i

      haha Phil, yes she is in those crappy movies, we can’t hold that against that forever, we don’t hold a grudge against Ben Kingsley or ‘Bloodrayne’ or Robert De Niro for that ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’ movie! let the hate go Phil, let it go….

      • Phil

        When the Twilight movies end and Miss Stewart (and even Rob) can’t get another movie to open big (as their proven track record stands), maybe the collective conscience thats had their brains sucked dry by the supersaturation of all things Twilight will wake up. This artist Marcus Foster doesn’t even have his music, let alone this song available on iTunes to purchase. The ONLY reason this video is getting reviewed is because of the TWILIGHT ties and EW’s love affair with the franchise. And as a fan of music, I have to agree with Kyle here, the song pretty much can be LEFT cause its not even interesting.
        What upsets a fan like me, is for the first time in quite a few years, dance music (which is vastly ignored) is back on pop radio big time! With singles from Swedish House Mafia, Dev, Afrojack & Eva Simons, and Alexandra Stan all getting played on mainstream radio, as well as the biggest song of the summer, being dance smash “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, it astounds me how rather then seeing a trend emerging the tired writers & editiors at EW continue to shove TWILIGHT down our throats and then a multi-page spread on Lady Antebellum in their Fall music Preview issue (whom I certainly don’t hate, but am pretty confident they’ll never have another huge crossover hit like “Need You Now”). I mean other than Taylor Swift’s successful summer tour, her current album has yielded no real pop hits as “Back to December” and “The Story of Us” have both stiffed, and didnt even go top 10. The Band Perry got lucky this summer with a pop crossover hit, but to be fair, that song had been out since the winter of 2010, and was initially a free give away on iTunes that winter.
        I’m not cranky or old, I’m a fan of music, all music, but its kinda scary when others who come to entertainment boards valiantly defending artists and actresses who continued to be shoved down our throats, who had their moment in the sun, but have yet to prove they can continue to be successful or prominent. They call us bitter, when I just see it as we’re informed, and y’all are blind sheep holding on to has beens.

  • natalie

    she looks beautiful, hope she settles down soon Would love to see who she picks as a boyfriend, she’s intriguing

    • Cee

      She’s been with Robert Pattinson for almost 2 yrs now.

  • M Riley

    This is such a beautiful song/video. I love how Rob’s close friends have become her friends as well. Shows what a natural, normal couple they are.
    She looks amazing and Marcus’s voice is so captivating.

  • Will

    She is only “huge” in the Twilight franchise, and she is far from entrancing, unless you think pouting and looking like you are constipated is entrancing.

    • jada

      She doesn’t look constipated here honey.
      ” She is only “huge” in the Twilight franchise” lol at least there is something she’s huge in.

    • Lindsey

      Actually, Kristen was in huge demand on the indie circut long before she was in Twilight. She was cast in Twilight while she was still filming Adventureland. I hate the Twilight movies, but that is because of the source material. Kristen has been well respected in the film industry for a while now.

    • CY

      This man should be in the Twilight movies. He does the consitpated look very well.

  • Adam

    It’s a shame no one watches videos any more.

  • roger

    Why is Robert Pattinson being mentioned here? I’m sorry but he has nothing to do with this. And I refuse to believe that Foster is friends with him.

    • tez

      They are friend but Marcus is a better singer. Rob sings like a dying pig.

      • a knight in shining armour of cyndonia

        Hes british ,duh. Most british singers r really strange to the americans…..

    • lol

      rob and marcus have been friends since they were younger. there are pics of them together all over the internet. just because you refuse to believe it doesnt mean its not true.

  • Mel

    Kristen is gorgeous! I will never get it with the hate since none of y’all know her. She’s a great role model and I love her. Oh, EW, you’ve made yet another mistake on your blog. ‘I Was Broken’, not ‘Broke’!

  • rocknmovies

    Yes, Robert Pattinson can be mentioned here, because Marcus Foster is his buddy, and Rob sang that song as well. Not sure if they co-wrote it.

    Natalie, Kristen already has a boyfriend! Duh!

    • bdrattz

      Rob had no part in the writing or composing in I Was Broken. Marcus confirmed it was all him. But I’m sure Twilight fans would love if got some credit for someone elses work just because he sang the damn song.

  • Mel

    Roger – Marcus Foster is one of Rob Pattinson’s best friends. Rob covered this song a few times during open mic nights before he was “edward cullen” Kristen became close to Marcus due to her relationship with Rob. They attended several of his shows together.

  • whatever

    I don’t think there should have soo much of that guys face…other then that it was really well done.

    Oh, and I think people on here complaining about the Kristen is in the Twilight franchise really need to find something better to do with their time. >.>

  • Lorraine Dunn

    Rob and Marcus are friends, so I should think Kristen did this out of friendship. When I found it on Twitter I thought she was going to be singing as well, so this is a bit of a disappointment to just see her in the background. He could have shared a bit more of the limelight.
    She does look good, but I agree with the smoking statement. She’ll end up looking like her Dad. LOL.

  • Winnie50

    I’m sure the song is great, but I was to distracted by his voice. I really don’t like his tone. Anyway, I do think Kristen looks pretty and I guess she played her limited role well.

    • Winnie50

      Sorry, I meant to type *too*

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