Lady Gaga set to perform on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve bash


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We’re just days into September. But People reports that Lady Gaga has already RSVP’d for a New Year’s Eve party.

ABC’s announced that she’ll be performing on December 31 in her hometown at New York City’s Times Square for the 40th anniversary edition of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2012. It’ll be the first time Gaga’s been a part of the ball-dropping affair.

On the West side, they’ve also confirmed the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie will host the event in Los Angeles.

We know it’s early, but do you plan on rocking with Gaga, Seacrest, and the Ferg come NYE? Let us know.

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  • Josephine

    Lady Gaga looks like a failed abortion

    • Stephen

      What u know about failed abortion?

      • The Real Housewife from Rodeo Drive

        Lady Gaga is becoming a ‘brand’ rather than a musician. Just like McD.

        Sad to see her talents wasted due to commercialism and ratings.

      • Gaga Again & Again

        I am so excited!

        Who will she copy next?

      • Scary News

        Lady GaGa for the Occult Fashion again..of course.

        It has been already widely discussed about Lady Gaga’s involvement with the occult, masons and the illuminati this week in many forums.

      • Boy _Youtube

        I kinda feel sorry for her…….She”s just doing what she”s being told! She became a puppet for the ILLUMINATI supporter in this industry and it looks like she did sell her soul and also her talent.

        The illuminati is all about sex money and fun! And artists like her are being used to influence people!

        How she’s dressed in the video and how she behaves, and how shes tied up and stuff…. Little girls and youngsters look up to that not knowing the real agenda behind all her videos and singles.

        Better open your eyes America and WAKE UP!!!

      • Dr Bruce

        I dont care..she needs a nose job for 2012.
        I am sicked and tired looking at that parrot nose every month in the net.

        Do something, Lady Gladiator Helmet- Faced Germanotta!

      • Watch Out I missing something.

        Yeah, I read in other forums that Gaga is a deeply into Illuminati symbolism and messages.

        The music video ‘Born This Way’ for instance, is a mix of deep hidden symbolism with modern day decadence and Satan imagery. It’s very disturbing if you take a deep look at it.

        I thought it was an art but I was wrong. There are many videos of her that dedicate and associate with Freemason, Illuminati & Occult.

        Very disturbing indeed !!!!!!!!!!

      • Gaga Art Exposed

        Lady Gaga the modern Illuminati puppet.

        Jo Calderone aka Lady Gaga. The alter ego of an alter ego. Monarch mind control victims have more than one alter in Occult symbolism.

        Lady “Gaga”s name is a Babylonian name and one of the names of Ishtar. Lady Gaga is like the Whore of Babylon (Very Satanic). There has been rumors of her being a hermaphrodite before, and her being a man or male lady further proves her plan to disgrace God, and follow the baphomet’s concept who is also a hermaphrodite.

        Ishtar, the hermaphrodite deity of the Amorites, one of its name is Gaga.-Atrahasis, p.32

        The name Gaga is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity.- The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

        Gog derived from the Babylonian deity called “Gaga”– Gog and Magog, p.95

        “Ishtar has many names – Anu, Anshar, Bel, Gaga, Gibil, Dagan, Shamash, etc.- The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

      • Neberaska Retired Wife

        Psychiatrists will have to admit that this young woman has an anti- Christ problem and self-absorbed personality.

        Please sit down..your music is getting nowhere, Gaga.

      • We Wont Get Fooled Again

        But thankfully, the world has begun to wake and is no longer fooled by her shameless copycat named like CaCa

    • Bonnie

      What’s the point really? Her album, songs and fashion are getting lackluster and quite snooze fest.

      Take a rest, GaGa

      • Mr Know It All

        Kelly Clarkson’s new single sounds like a hit compared to all GaGa’s song. Check it out…

    • Right-Wing Papa

      I’ve observed some people on internet forums / communities, and they behave like Lady Gaga; impulsive, emotional, demanding, outbursts… and that stuff is rewarded in some liberal communities. All they have to do is display an undeserved, misguided self-righteousness, especially if it’s against traditional / conservative values, and they are celebrated for it. No questions asked.

      Those particular forum members are almost like heroes to some. It’s very disturbing era for the music indu$try.

      • Shocking

        So much, in fact, that Gaga’s images in the media led me to believe that she is the anti-Christ.

        In Gaga’s videos or images, you can find the scriptures, horns are symbolic of power, and crowns of ruling authority “The Manifesto of Mother Monster”.

        Often enough, we see subtle illustrations of the devil with horns especially in Bad Romance, Alejandro and Judas video. The Beast in Revelation 13 has the characteristics of a leopard, a bear, and a lion which may or maybe not coincidence with Gaga’s fashion statement and clothes.

        Just google..

      • Shocking

        I agree 100%!!!!!

        Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. If you haven’t read articles on Lady Gaga (google Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet pt 1 and pt 2) or (Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning), you wont be aware of the occult symbols permeating her imagery. Just like our kids buying her music or stream her videos, you cant clearly see.

        However, the article mentioned the presence of mind control elements, of the horned god Baphomet, of secret societies and so on. Far from steering away from those themes, Gaga incorporates all of them in her videos. If you are familiar with religion and Freemason, you will think twice.

        Intriguing but scary. And I have stopped buying her music since Alejandro.

      • Aunt Jemima

        So, when will we see Gaga suffer the “Tom Cruise” effect? All this mind control will show up eventually, I bet!

      • Gina

        I decided to look into this topic, that topic being whether or not Lady Gaga has Illuminati and occult connection, images, symbols and related and I begin to think she is spreading occult messages.

      • True Love

        why Gaga..why?

      • Rev Deborah

        Gaga’s videos are fulled of the illluminati puppet images.


    • Scary Gaga

      First I thought haters are nuts but…

      Lady Gaga is an iIluminati puppet and her videos are riddled with occultic, satanic, illuminati & freemason/masonic symbolism!!!

      When you think about her target ‘market’ being young kids and her songs such as ‘pokerface’ (about oral sex) and lyrics like “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” (penis), you can see that there are exterior forces working to seduce young vunerable minds through her songs with perversion and occultic influences. People need to wake up and see that her music is simply not ‘bubblegum pop’ and there is a dark message in her music.

      Just Google or go to Youtube..scary, man!!!!

      • HAHA

        the same person posting over and over is amking me laugh! You people need something better to do with your time.

    • Man Biker

      She’s so..f-ugly!

      I just cant imagine … her !

    • Nana

      Lady Gaga is a no talent freak who I think supports queer marriage as a ploy to help further her fledgeling career and the queers don’t even know she is using them.

  • Brian

    You look like a failed abortion Josephine, thanks for letting us know dumb** retarded, fa**ot.

  • DRG

    Welcome to EW daily quota of Lady Ca Ca stories pimping her for an event more than 3 months away.

    • Brian Mc Cullen

      EW doesn’t know that Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet agent.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Emily Rose kidding!

      • Spy vs The Monsters

        Lady GagGag copying 1986 Madonna True Blue promo again in the new Harper’s Baazar 2011 October edition. Just saying…….

      • Mrs Gold card

        “Symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga, in her pictures and videos, mixes those symbols with occultism of secret societies”- source


    • klynb

      And that’s why Fergie’s hosting from L.A.

  • Brian

    @DRG Hey a**hole you don’t like it, f*ck off and go eat your own Caca you f*cking retarded fa**ot.

    • DRG

      @Brian — I don’t share your taste in music. Get over it.

  • Dingo


    • Think Before You Buy

      The truth is, Miss Lady Copycat Germanotta is deeply into satanic symbolism.

      The music video ‘Bad Romance’, is a mix of deep symbolism with modern day decadence and religious imagery. Parents should be made aware that Germanotta uses occult symbols to permeate much of the imagery she uses in her videos and stage performances. Included in these rituals (disguised as musical performances) is the presence of mind control elements of the horned god Baphomet, and symbols used by other secret societies and so on.

      As she becomes more bizarre with each public appearance, Germanottoad is becoming a female version of Marilyn Manson, a committed Satanist who tears up Bibles and encourages teenagers to kill their parents. Such is the dangers of the “music’ industry today that seeks to control our children.

      • HAHA

        Think before you post…over and over and over. SPAM

      • Cheers, Copy to That

        Let me ask all of you Laddy Glue Gunk lovers a question: Are any of you losers that live off a diet of thoughtless recycled seventies disco sticking vomit as knowledgeable about the details of the music you worship as the “haters”?

        Love for donkey..opppppssss I mean Monster breeds blindness, stupidity, and apparently deafness.

    • NonEntity

      Thank you Laddy Glue Gun fans for preserving the use of all caps in your diatribes and the absence of any individuality outside being a hypnotized unpaid publicity machine for your master/mistress.

      • Spongebob

        They have been brainwashed by Mother Monster :
        G O A T (a Government -Owned Alien Territory) in the US.

      • Gaga Art Exposed

        Gaga introduced Joe Calderone, a male alter-ego. Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, most people have absolutely no idea why Gaga did what she did. Why was she dressed as an Italian dude to sing a country-rock song? What’s the point?

        Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, the occult meaning of this whole charade can be found in the music video.

        While the video could be the subject of an entire article, I can sum it up in a few words: mind control. More specifically, it is about Monarch programming and the creation of alter-egos through the use of trauma-inducing techniques. In the video, Gaga is shown bound and tortured by a cruel handler who subjects her to the most common methods of mind control: Electroshock therapy, sexual abuse, the injection of drugs and physical torture. Yes, all of these things were portrayed in a video, along with the presence the several alter-egos created by the process. (If you have no idea what I am talking about,
        I suggest you read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

        So Lady Gaga, who is already an alter-persona of Stefanie Germanotta (the real person) has another level of alter-ego that is pretty much the exact opposite of Lady Gaga: Male, dressed in drab clothes, not glamorous, not famous, etc. In Calderone’s long speech at the beginning of the VMAs, Calderone says that Gaga left him and that he wants to be reunited with her.

        In occult terms, the union of opposites is called the “Alchemical Wedding” and is often represented by the figure of Baphomet – an androgynous, goat-headed deity. The title Yoü And I represents the union of the two opposite personas, Gaga and Joe Calderone, and, since they are basically same person, this ultimately creates an androgynous entity, not unlike Baphomet. In Kabbalistic lore, androgyny is perceived as the highest level of occult achievement and the concept of duality is strongly instilled in mind control victims. In other words, the presence of Joe Calderone at the VMAs is a big tribute to mind control. Good way to start a show. But Gaga did not stop there. She committed to her persona and played the role of Calderone during the entire show.

        Dont let your eyes deceive you!

  • Sarah

    @LOL Shut the f*ck up a**hole, you love crap, America loves extremely talented and intelligent people like Lady Gaga you f*cking dumb** sad, and miserable f*ckface.

  • cakes

    Wow…Sarah and Brian…maybe the lady would prefer you NOT defend her since you cannot seem to refrain from using gutter language. Keep it classy, sweethearts. Unless, of course, you really are Trailer Trash and don’t know any better.

  • Brian

    Shut the f*ck up ugly a** f*ckface, we keep it classy unlike you dumb**, retarded Trailer Trash, stupid whore, worthless pile of dog sh*t.

    • Brian

      “retarded Trailer Trash, stupid whore, worthless pile of dog sh*t.”
      Yes, that’s Lady Ga Ga.

      • Brian

        retarded Trailer Trash, stupid whore, worthless pile of dog sh*t. Yes that’s you a**hole.

  • Sarah

    Hey cakes Do the world a huge favor and kill yourself you f*cking hideous slut, Trailer Trash. keep it classy sweetheart.

  • @Brian

    LOL! You just confirmed cakes’ point – feel free to go after me now, I hear the censors are a little bored right now – make their day, lowlife.

  • Brian

    LOL! Both You and cakes just confirmed my point you f*cking stupid a** fa**ot prick. go kill yourself along with your gay buddy cakes you sad, pathetic lowlife loser.

  • Fed Up With Mess

    Gaga’s disco shtick often wears out in the first two minutes. I think “Lady Gaga” is dangerously narcissistic and just hype.

    And she is unwilling to acknowledge the truth about homosexuality.

    She misleads millions of young, impressionable people with no self-esteem. How sad.

    • Sebatien

      I am gay and I dont need Gaga

      • The Edge of Coffin

        I am Gaga the Mother Monsters and I need my donkeys..

  • Jenna

    BrainSarah – obviously you are the same person, you need to step away from mommie’s computer and do your homework. Then maybe someday you will be able to write your own adult insults instead of copying what you read. I’m referring to insults that are not obsenities (I know…it’s a big word -look it up).

  • Stevvy

    I cant stand her anymore. Period!

    • HAHA

      I can’t stand you so we are even.

      • Cheers, Suck it up

        I cant stand her donkeys even more..I mean Monsters!

        Ha ha ha

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