Lady Gaga gets inked by Kat Von D: Watch the video here

File under: Things we maybe didn’t know about Lady Gaga. (And Lord knows that’s a short list at this point.)

In this vintage clip from 2008, we see a not-yet-fully-formed Gaga (Is she wearing pants? SHE IS!) hitting up LA Ink’s Kat Von D for some elaborate lower back art.

The two ladies chat about L.A., Gaga’s songwriting—she just worked with New Kids On The Block!—and her parents’ reaction to all those tattoos. Check it out after the jump:

Is anyone else feeling some secondhand pain? Will any of you be tuning in tonight for the season finale of LA Ink?

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  • Lady BlaBla

    Gaga is an attention seeking idiot.

    The flash in the pan will die out soon!

    Her music is boring and predictable.

    She has no talent so she goes for shock

    • pwgu

      haha u idiot shes very talented check out her duet with tony bennett of the lady is a tramp

      • Zzzz

        Artistically forced.

        I am sure her vocal coach get paid double for the effort. Still prefer a Amy Winehouse & Bennett duet!

      • Oh well

        ha ha ha..couldn’t agree more.

        Gaga is a copycat tramp. Even Britney is more original.

        ***close coffin***

      • Chad Bono

        The only talent is ripping off Madonna, Cher, Grace Jones, Bettle Midler, Annie Lennox. Just google..

        Gaga is just playing you gays and youngsters! She gives hype to the media for one reason like everyone else- Commercialism!

        How stupid are her fans.

      • Bagio

        Is this after she gets back from her Extreme Makeover stunt?

      • The Edge of Flung

        GOO GAGA GOO BLA BLA : what an idiot, she copied everything!

      • Saurab

        She has talent, to people who don’t think so, quiet. You don’t have as much. Just let her do her thing, she is not artisitcally forced, she does it in her concerts as well. Look at her earlier videos before she was famous. She has been writing songs for Britney for a while, so stfu!!!! That’s the truth accept it, like they say, “A person with an equal amount of haters and lovers is the one that prevails.” You guys hating on her is just making her more famous. :)

      • So Sad

        She is already in the midst of a lawsuit over claims she profited from charity wristbands she sold to raise funds for Japanese tsunami victims.

        Now it looks like Lady Gaga’s lawyers are going to be working overtime after the superstar singer was sued for plagiarism.

        A vocalist called Rebecca Fancescatti is claiming her hit song Judas is a rip-off of her own 1999 tune Juda.

      • tracksone

        (The only talent is ripping off Madonna, Cher, Grace Jones, Bettle Midler, Annie Lennox. Just google..)

        Actually I just did google, sadly I could find nothing about any of those artist being able to pull off classical, rock, and country songs. Nor do are any of them pianist. Looks like Gaga is just as much different as singers are different from other singers.

        Not only that, but she’s just plain f***ing better at it.

      • Grow Some Brains


      • Well…

        YouTube search “Tony Bennett talks about Lady Gaga” Since Tony Bennett is a music and showbiz legend… I tend take what he says with respectful weight.

      • Spongebob

        Gaga the skunk!

    • Sage

      End it now please. I’m not here for anymore garbage being spoofed that way.

      • JB

        Gaga looks verrrrrrry hot in that video. Wow.

      • Mariah4Ever

        Hope she will die from …Hepatitis C !

      • ANDIE

        You’re sick.
        And I hope that kind of misfortune gets put on you just for saying that.

      • Aunt Jemima

        Lady Gaga is the epitome of a white trash with no substance.

      • Oh No

        ….and this is where she got her cocaine supply? No wonder she is a freak!

    • Someone is getting boring

      I’m getting sick of her !

      • Meera

        Me too…I mean she is not the most talented stars in 100 years. Her voice is okay nothing great compared to Mariah or Whitney. She is becoming silly and overexposed. I couldnt care less about her music.

      • We Wint Get Fooled Again

        But thankfully, the world has begun to wake and is no longer fooled by her shameless copycat named like CaCa

      • The fact

        Everything she does is a ripoff of someone else’s ideas.

      • tracksone

        The real fact is everything she does, she makes it her own.

      • tracksone

        That is why she is constantly talked about. *looks around*

      • Justin ButtHead

        sick of her..till I wanna ouke!

    • Godney Spears

      Everyone begin to notice her music and persona are becoming insipid, mundane, boring and class-less.

    • Kevin

      Gaga’s the most original artist to come along in years. Every original artist is accused of copying everyone before them. Madonna has been accused of copying dozens of times. Blah Blah Blah get over it. Lady Gaga is a great singer, dancer, and a classicaly trained pianist. She wirtes her songs, produces them, actually sings live, along with having control over every aspect of her image. To say she has no talent is ignorant and shows that you are probably just extremely jealous of her.

      • Delusional

        The difference between Lady GaGa and Madonna. Madonna never let anyone sold her album for 99cents and walked around the street with dead animals on her head.

        Get it ?

      • Copycat This Way pt 232

        Hmm, so you’re defending Lady Gaga by using a new and improved definition of “original” ?

        Please ask Gaga to be real. Have a real talent and idea would be nicer than few downright lies.

      • tracksone

        Keep lashing out at gaga for 99 cents when it was only 400k out of 5+ million sold.
        I also bought JLo’s album and gave one to my sister, guess that makes JLo a zero cent artist amiright?
        Same difference, now if you’d be so kind to get the f*** over it.

      • You and Coffin

        Adele reached #1 on Billboard without have to wear fake penis. Gaga is no longer relevant. Her hype will die and she will be remembered as an artist with one hit wonder album – The Copycat !

        Ha ha Ha

    • Agustina

      I’m not going to defend her, all I’m going to say is that you all seem to really love to hate her! I don’t know why, I find it really boring to hate on a performer. I mean, if you really couldn’t stand her, why would you click on this article? If you ignore her she will disappear, is easy as that! That’s why I think you don’t really hate her, you are just saying that because you all want to look cool xD

      • SaraS

        I agree, why can’t articles about Gaga just be about the subject at hand? Not about her as an artist or how exposed she is.

      • tracksone

        No people dont hate her to look cool. People hate her because they are made Gaga is better than their own *insert female Pop hero here*. Britany fans, Madonna fans, etc, etc,.

        You see, Gaga can actually do things outside a recording studio, like sing well live, or master/spin the controversy on the whim of her fingers. This angers folks who want to see her fail, because they know deep down, she isn’t going anywhere. So they can’t leave her alone about it. She’s just that damn good.

      • NonEntity

        Some people care that the talentless are taking up money and jobs in the entertainment industry and ruining America’s musical landscape by dumbing it down. Would you not pull out the weeds in your garden too? Goo Gah is a gigantic cultural weed that must be eradicated.

    • Sad Era

      Still, she is NOT original!

      She’s just a big copycat & her moronic ‘fans’ fall for it.


    • Whatever

      Awww…how sweet.

      No cocaine involve here ???

    • ANDIE

      Flash in the pan? It’s been 4 long years and she’s already done more in the music industry than her predecessors have. As for talent, she clearly has enough talent to get her notice from Tony Bennet, Elton John, Yoko Ono, and other legends. So I would suggest you shut up unless you know what the hell you’re talking about.

      • Smarten Up

        ****Hype is the only Gaga’s best replacement for the lack of her own talent*****

      • Amanda Casandar Wheelan

        Those old hags and has- beens are using Gaga for the sake of ratings and Gaga is happy to associate with them because it seems misery allows company!

    • Baby Crystal

      I am sure she used a fake ID

    • Keisya

      Lady Gaga is a piss poor excuse for a human being.

    • Candy


  • DRG

    Lady Gaga sneezes — read about it at EW!
    Lady Gaga takes an afternoon nap — read about it at EW!
    Lady Gaga has pizza for lunch — read about it at EW!
    Lady Gaga gets a new pair of socks — read about it at EW!
    It is time for EW to admit it is nothing more that Lady Gaga’s publicist.

    • I Luv Hip Hop

      Lady? …that ugly?

      An overrated thrash!

      • Urban Gal

        The definition of a white trash is in the video!

      • tracksone

        Lady Gaga sneezes — DRG comments about it!
        Lady Gaga takes an afternoon nap — DRG comments about it!
        Lady Gaga has pizza for lunch — DRG comments about it!
        Lady Gaga gets a new pair of socks — DRG comments about it!
        It is time for DRG to admit he it is nothing more than obsessed with Lady Gaga.
        *Fixt it for you*

  • God is alive

    ….another reason not to watch this show!

    Lady Gladiator Helmet -face with an Illuminati symbol? I hope she will die soon from her lupus and sins !

    • Miss America

      The real definition of FUGLY and she is only what? 26yo.

      Imagine 10 years from now how this ‘lady’ will look like. Someone should get her a hat, broom and tree!

  • True Blue

    The haters never cease to crack me up and pity them at the same time.

    • True Blue

      * and make me pity them at the same time.

      • Real Housewife of Buffalo

        ..even more pity lay for Gaga’s brainwashed fans who bought her 99cents album called Hype This Way.

      • My Dear

        LGG @ A common white trash just like Palin, Britney Spears or the Cake Fart Girl (Lisa Wogen), who use a body part other than their brains to become a me-me sensation.

      • tracksone

        …even more pity for Gaga’s haters who can’t fathom that Born This Way lived up to the hype by doing better than 99% of all studio albums within the first 5 months. (And would have still done so by selling more than 5 million copies without Amazon’s 99 cent deal).
        Going platinum, double, and quadruple in some parts around the globe. Also being the second best selling album of the world in 2011. The hype? Yeah it lived up to it and then some.

      • Please Dont Lie

        Suck This Way 5 million in hard sales! LOL

        Please…take your garbage elsewhere!

  • Cindy

    The more I see this lady GagGag..the more I appreciate Madonna!

  • Fed Up With Mess

    The Gaga persona is an act. An extremely marketable act.

    These 2 liberal ladies have serious issues and Lady Gaga is NOT the most talented singer in 62 years.
    When you start out so outrageous…where ya gonna go? Boy George or Lindsay Lohan?

    American music industry, please smarten up.

    • tracksone

      ^This person is serious about his/her entertainment. Meanwhile, the rest of the “american music industry” is having fun with it. Music, Fun, heh …who knew?

      • NonEntity

        Fun, so that’s what is ruining our world! People who only focus on fun do so at the expense of the rest of the world at large. Music is not meant to purely be for fun. It’s good for many other uses. Hypnotic sex music is bad for the thinking human brain. All this focus on fun won’t help us solve anything in this world. Turn off the valve of inanity and Goo Gah insanity.

  • Ex-Fan

    I’m sorry, Madame Lack of Originality, but the revelation of your vaginal meat flaps during your visit at the LA tattoo parlor doesn’t make up for your lack of ….talent.

  • Rev Tiara

    those satan worshipers ..tsk tsk tsk

    • Magic Mirror

      Copycat Satan…the way I see it. :(

  • Chico

    The Most Overrated Artists Of All Time

  • Tony Brunett

    Xerox tramp!

  • Bob Smith

    Sorry but this is really old and i HAVE seen this video og GaGa. Awesome news story :P

    • Thats Funni

      the author is desperate to create website traffic I guess

  • The Edge of Flung

    I hope she gets lupus with cocaine overdo$e and dies soon

    • Saurab

      THat really isn’t nice. You should be sorry for that because she hasn’t done anything to you and no one deserves to have someone talk about them like that. It really shocks me how much of a cruel person you are. Just chill and listen to someone else and not make other people feel bad.

  • Biggie

    Why is she tattooing her in the back alley? Sketch….

  • Tavia Jones

    Hating on the fans… Really? Yes, many of us are young and gay, but we all share the same desire to express ourselves creatively. We feed on her passion… She inspires us to take chances and be whoever we want to be. The girl has as much passion about her work as Jesus has about giving eternal life!!

    Did you see her VMA performance? Gaga is wild-out of the box and crazy talented, and does it for us… She isn’t a copy-cat either, there’s no crime in being inspired by other artists. If you want to compare her to Madonna fine, but Lady Gaga is here and now…

    I wouldn’t expect all you haters to understand what inspiration and creativity is anyway. You’re all the normal people, with normal jobs and normal interests. Stop hating and go rot in your cubical, no one is going to remember you anyways.

    • Garbage much

      Gaga’s Flying Monkeys opsss.. I mean Monsters would have you believe that she’s some sort of creative genius but ever more people are seeing that she’s simply a blatant thief!

      Just this year we’ve had several Madonna rip offs, along with jacking Bette Midler’s act – which led to Midler giving Gaga a humiliating public dressing down – and now the legendary Annie Lennox, whose style she has copied down to the very last stitch.

      Gaga’s idea of being artistic amounts to nothing more than watching some Youtube videos and then attempting to pass each idea off as her own.

      That’s not being creative, it’s out and out theft.

      • tracksone

        If she copied Annie Lennox’s style down the every last stich. Why is Annie Lennox a f***ing nobody?

      • MJ dangerous

        Lady GagGag will end up in the Celebrity Rehab- VIP version in 2 years.

        Just wait…. lol

  • Eric

    Wow you people are just amazing I tell you. The more comments that get posted on here the more that it just shows that you have some slight interest on the subject matter. Continuing on your comments is just going to make it more hyped up which it already is. I watch and read everyday how people say the same stuff about every famous person out there. If its not not hyped then it is nothing. I happen to like Lady GaGa because from my perspective she pretty much does her own thing and does it her own way. She seems more grounded then some people today. That is my take on it all.

    • Canadian Classic

      She is over-hyped and self-rated. I agree with the comment above…. SHE IS SO FORCED!

    • Wasted

      People are getting bored of her.

      At the MTV VMA 2011 she was voted as ‘ the worst performance of the night’. Adele wins without even trying.

      Lady Gaga is the circus act gone wrong!

      • tracksone

        You And I (you know the Lady Gaga song that nearly doubled in sells after the song’s performance at the VMA) would like to have a word with you.
        I’d say most voted it as one of the best of the night.

      • Stop Lying Monster

        Who are you trying to impress?

        Hot Digital Songs:

        01-Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera – “Moves Like Jagger” (220,000)
        02-ADELE – “Someone Like You” (213,000)
        03-Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks” (193,000)
        04-LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem” (155,000)
        05-Gym Class Heroes f/ Adam Levine – “Stereo Hearts” (145,000)
        06-Lady Gaga – “You and I” (141,000)
        07-Cobra Starship f/ Sabi – “You Make Me Feel” (127,000)
        08-Rihanna – “Cheers (Drink to That)” (126,000)
        09-Kelly Clarkson – “Mr. Know It All” (107,000) [DEBUT]
        10-Lil’ Wayne – “How to Love” (90,000)

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