Lady Gaga mourns teen fan's suicide, calls on Obama to institute an anti-bullying law


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Lady Gaga was so upset about the news of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer taking his own life, she has tweeted her plans to meet with President Obama about ending bullying.

Rodemeyer was a self-identified gay teenager from Buffalo, NY, who killed himself this past weekend after being bullied at school and online.

Rodemeyer had previously been trying to help other bullied youth, posting an “It Gets Better” video, which discussed bullying as well as his idol, Lady Gaga. “She makes me so happy,” he says in the video, embedded below. “She lets me know that I was born this way…. All you have to do is hold your head up and you’ll go far…Look at me. I’m doing fine. I went to the Monster Ball and now I’m liberated.”

His final entry on his Tumblr page offered thanks to Lady Gaga, writing, “Thank you Lady Gaga. For everything you have done for me. Paws up forever.”

Gaga was clearly devastated by this news, tweeting, “The past days I’ve spent reflecting, crying, and yelling. I have so much anger. It is hard to feel love when cruelty takes someones life.”

She later tweeted, “Bullying must become be illegal. It is a hate crime,” and “I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey.”

It is currently unclear whether or not President Obama has agreed to meet with Lady Gaga, or if she would just like to. He certainly should consider it. For better or for worse, Lady Gaga has aligned herself strongly with the anti-bullying movement and the It Gets Better project.

With the 2012 campaign season well underway, candidates have been using anti-gay rhetoric to rally certain groups of people. How many teens have to die before adults finally get the message that words have consequences? The President should step up and set an example, and if that involves meeting with a singer teens idolize, who has spoken often about her own experiences with bullying, that may be a good first step.

Readers, do you agree?

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  • Joe

    Bullies suck. That’s true. But they did not kill this boy—he killed himself. People get criticism—that’s part of life! We can’t isolate one particular issue and choose to outlaw it. That’s just ridiculous.

    Lady Gaga seems to enjoy painting herself as a Mother goddess for her fans. She asks people who feel ostracized to put all their hope in her approval. Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t fulfill them completely!

    • Lindsay

      Bullying is constant criticism and this poor boy clearly felt like he had no other way out. Maybe we cannot completely outlaw it or monitor it but something needs to be done!

      As for Lady Gaga, she may be over the top but she is clearly offering outcasts someone to look up to rather than the run of the mill pop stars and celebrities out there. This kid used Lady Gaga has an escape from his problems and she made a big impact on him. So in my opinion she can keep “painting herself as Mother goddess” if she continutes to helps those who really need someone to look up to.

      • Joe

        I hear you, Lindsay. But my whole issue with Lady Gaga is that she asks her fans to put all their hope in her! The reality is, she’s just some 24 year old girl rolling around in her underwear. I honestly think that her worst offense is that she constantly tells people to “love themselves” more and more. I think that mentality is the root of the whole self-esteem issue! Don’t people already love themselves a lot? We need to love others more! But when we fixate on loving ourself, we become totally fixated on ourselves, and we get so much in our own head that we become unable to really love ourself. I think it’s a vicious, unfulfilling cycle that she’s helping to perpetuate. But I don’t want to argue too much about it. I think the better message would be, “Love each other” instead of yourself, but there will never be a law that can regulate that or make people love—really love—each other.

      • Phil

        @Joe -Clearly you must be perfect. “Don’t people already love themselves alot?!’ Are you serious!? Do you realize how many people can never work the nerve to make the first move in a bar or social setting because he or she never know if the person they’re trying to get’s attention may not even like them ??? You must be surrounded by fabulously gorgeous friends & colleagues. Are you a model? What a complete idiot.

      • im with gaga on this

        bullying is serious and terrible. HOWEVER: i’d urge the legal community to remember that fourteen year olds, whether bullying or bullied, are still kids. I don’t want to see kids going to jail instead of detention.

      • SaraS

        Lindsay, 100% agree with what you said. Well put.
        Joe, you are obviously a straight white male. And an idiot at that.

      • Amy

        @im with gaga on this: I see what your saying. I do worry that criminalizing this could go too far. However, if someone was continually harassing you in person or threatening you there is an option: Go to the cops and get a restraining order. I feel like the same protections should exist online. I don’t care if they are kids. Kids should know there are consequences to their actions and that it is NOT okay to harass someone because you don’t like them. In fact, I do believe they know what they are doing is wrong and that is why they do it online- because they are too cowardly to do it in person and the internet offers a nice anonymous space for them to be awful. Maybe if there were steeper punishments 14 year olds would stop being such jerks. I don’t know why Lady Gaga is the patron saint of bullied teens all of a sudden but if she brings awareness to the issue and gets things done then it can’t hurt!

      • Bebe

        Why is everyone hating on Joe? He has a point. The key to being truly happy is to love other people. What is so “straight white male” about that concept? Sure, you should learn to love yourself, too. That’s important. But it’s just as important to try to love other people. It makes you an empathetic person.

      • edogg

        I am not a fan of bullying but making a law against it is ridiculous. I am not a fan of cross dressing but i’m not going to infringe on anothers rights and make a law about that.

      • Go away Gaga

        He is clearly a straight white male? Really? Why cause “a gay man would never say such a thing” ???? You clearly dont know many gay people. We dont all love Gaga you know, some of us see right through her and know she is just pandering to the gay community. If you want to buy what she is selling then fine but not buying into her BS does not make someone an idiot or a “straight white male”.

      • Casandara

        Lady Gaga is a no talent freak who I think supports queer marriage as a ploy to help further her fledgeling career and the queers don’t even know she is using them.

      • Born To Manipulate


        This illuminati Queen named GaGa is trying to save people?

        Lady Gaga is a no talent freak who ALSO supports same sex marriage as a ploy to help further her fledgeling career and the GLBT don’t even know she is using them.

        Beware…because Gaga is the marketing prostitute!!!!

      • Francis

        Lindsay, what joe says about focusing on others instead of yourself is correct. It is quite well known in positive psychology that attempting to “love yourself” is very counterproductive and dangerous, because it encourages people to focus only on themselves and their own feelings. Actually, happy people tend to be focused on others. Im sure you have observed that the happiest people you know are very in tuned with the feelings of those around them. If one can establish meaningful loving relationships with others, self love will naturally follow.

    • gato

      People do get criticisim all the time, but CHILDREN dont have the tools/support to deal with it, so sad.

      • Fed Up With Mess

        Lady Gaga needs to shut the hell up !!!!!!!

        Stop using ‘teens’, gay community and media to sell your lame music and art.

        The Queen of Media Manipulation much!!!!

      • Will

        You’re right gato but you forgot just a tiny little thing:

        “but children dont have YET the tools/support to deal with it, so sad.”

        Children won’t be children forever. They will grow and they WILL have to mature and that means learning to cope with criticism, frustration and rejection. And building a dome of glass around children and teens definitly won’t help them, quite the opposite it will only make them more vulnerable, socially akward and sensitive.

    • Go away Gaga

      I get the whole anti bullying stuff I really do, but I can not stand Gaga or her preachy crap she spews. We get it, you were picked on as a kid for being a WEIRD person. I get it, people made fun of you for you know wearing suits made out of meat. She panders to the gay community because they make her money, it is that simple. I just cant stand these celebs who think they are more then they are, you are a singer. Period. You dotn get to write laws and why should you get to speak with the president? What makes you so special that he should take time to hear you out? Get over yourself.

      • Jackie

        I don’t think she does it to make money at all. I bet she has tons of gay men around her all the time (the Haus of Gaga and other friends). She probably loves them as people and cares about their issues, as anyone with compassion would.
        I don’t know about creating a new law, but bullying should definitely be treated as more serious in schools. The sad part is, most of the time teachers don’t see it, and when it IS reported, they go easy on the perpetrator.
        My last point: kids don’t stereotype and bully other kids on their own; they learn it from their parents.

      • Go away Gaga

        How do you enforce such a law? A 15 year old bully’s another 15 year old and what? You lock him up? Unless they are beating each other up or something how do you slap them with assault charges? It would NEVER STICK in court. If anything these kids would get picked on more for bringing a classmate to court for bullying. I think it would make it worse not better.

        The problem is this used to be something to could get away from, you could leave school at 2:30 and go home and be left alone. Now these kids are on facebook or twitter or whatever other moronic thing they are using and they cant get away from it. Maybe its time we take down social sites like facebook. I realize that is harsh but its a solution that would help the problem. I think the tech and social media in this country is dumbing down the kids in the country anyways. Maybe make it so only 18 year old and older can use facebook. Kids dont need it.

      • Phil

        I actually agree with you Go Away, but the problem with doing so is that kids still lie about their age and or accounts to the parents. They create false email accounts with fake identities lying about their age, they’ve been doing this since Friendster & Myspace. My friend’s son who was 17 at the time, befriended ‘another 17 yr old female’ in Fl. They spoke on MySpace regularly. The kid graduated highschool at the top of his class and went to visit the girl that summer after he graduated. The girl, lied about her age, saying she was also 17 and turned out she was 13. The girl’s mother, rather than admitting her daughter had lead the boy on and falsified a fake MySpace profile with bogus info. proceeded to file charges againt the boy and have him arrested after finding her daughter in bed with the boy. Not only is the boy still serving time in FL as a sex offendeor, but has to wear that badge the rest of his life, when coincidentially he had never done anything inappropriate. And the young girl, continued to lie about her age on the MySpace page and befriend other older males in their 30s, while the boy is now turning 21 and still in jail.
        The only proper way to do what you now propose would be tying kids to registering their SS# and actual ages with social media sites, but no one would ever wanna give out that info. but of course kids young enough, and dumb enough probably would.

      • The Truth

        Clearly you know nothing about Gaga and are just shooting your ignorant mouth off. She has talked many times about how she was picked on as a kid and so she identifies with the ‘outsiders’. During her concerts she always talks about acceptance and the importance of loving yourself and each other. Laugh at it if you feel you must, but for a lot of kids like Jamey her message has struck a nerve. That’s why so many of her fans are fiercely loyal to her for reasons that have nothing to do with music, and that’s why a kid about to commit suicide sent his last Tweet to her. I imagine she was quite devastated to learn that and probably feels like she let him down and so she is now trying to do something to at least help others in his situation. Unrealistic? Probably, but I admire her for at least trying to do something.

        Oh, and by the way, she has spoken with Obama before about repealing DADT so it is entirely likely that he has already agreed to meet with her to discuss this. So, get over it.

      • Erin

        As a singer, Gaga has the power to do something that the rest of don’t. She has many followers and people that look up to her. She has influence and because of her influence she can make change happen faster than the rest of us. She is not preachy, she is trying to make a difference! and God is certainly on her side. whether Lady Gaga believes or not, I don’t know, but she is a good person with a huge heart trying to help! I support her completely and hope she can make a difference.

      • Copycat Named GaGa

        Jo Calderone aka Lady Gaga. The alter ego of an alter ego. Monarch mind control victims have more than one alter.

        Lady “Gaga”s name is a Babylonian name and one of the names of Ishtar. Lady Gaga is like the Whore of Babylon (Very Satanic). There has been rumors of her being a hermaphrodite before, and her being a man or male lady further proves her plan to disgrace God, and follow the baphomet’s concept who is also a hermaphrodite.

        Ishtar, the hermaphrodite deity of the Amorites, one of its name is Gaga.-Atrahasis, p.32

        The name Gaga is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity.- The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

        Gog derived from the Babylonian deity called “Gaga”– Gog and Magog, p.95

        “Ishtar has many names – Anu, Anshar, Bel, Gaga, Gibil, Dagan, Shamash, etc.- The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

      • @Copycat Named Gaga

        Your comment was by far the scariest thing I’ve read in quite some time. To call you a “religious nut” would give all the other nuts a bad name. Believe what you must! I hope you don’t have ANY access to children because you would certainly twist and torment their young and impressionable minds far worse than anything a 25 yr. old pop star could muster up.

    • Fed up

      It’s true that the bullies didn’t personally kill this poor child, but they helped bring him to the brink. The daily bullying he endured wasn’t physical, but I’m sure he suffered from those mental beatings, which can be just as devastating. This wasn’t just criticism, what he endured was meant to hurt. I’m sure the parents of these bullies thing their children are just angels and would never do such a thing, so if a law is needed to slap them into reality, so be it. This isn’t just an isolated case. Unfortunately, bullying is everywhere, it’s just that we only hear about the ones that have tragic consequences.

      • Phil

        MTV has the TEEN MOM series which is supposed to educate teens and make them aware of the consequencees of having sex & the result 9 months later. Its supposedly ‘reality tv’ but its also exploitive. Why doesn’t MTV execs team up with the It Get Better campaign and create a bootcamp where bullies are confined to a stringent desolate holding facility and tortured on a dailt basis mentally, and phyiscally by having to endure harsh conditions. It would never happen cause of the ‘laws that protect these darling little angels of children’ . Bullying isnt going to end overnight, but someone needs to come up with a constructive way of reaching kids & show them the ugly consequences of how they treat & bully other kids daily have long reaching effects. I’m sure my proposed idea sounds insane…but the premise seems sound, if anyone else has other ideas…i’m just talking out of half anger/half shock. As a gay guy we have our own internal fight as kids knowing on the inside we aren’t going to be what we are taught at such a young age we’re expected to be. a parent doesn’t raise their kid to be gay, they raise them thinking their kid is going to be straight…the society norm. When we reach puberty and start to realize one of these things isn’t like the other, its hard, because we don’t know if we’ll be accepted or spurned. Its a sad cycle, so for everyone here making comments about Gaga, gays and laws, you need to realize the internal turmoil we endure on top of bullying from outsiders. Its never going to end, cause we’re never seen as equals.

      • Francis

        Look, he killed himself, lets not forget that. It is insulting to the many individuals who endured cruel bullying and found the strength to overcome to suggest that this boys death was the inevitable result of bullying. It may make some people sad to realize that not everybody in this world is nice and accepting, but thats the nature of the world we live in. Don’t expect people to be so kind and accepting of your eccentricities, instead, be prepared to deal with whatever flak you receive for it. Although I do not condone bullying, enacting legislation against it would be unconstitutional.

    • Anno

      I totally agree, Joe. People seem to want to keep making excuses for kids who commit suicide. What they are doing is enabling these suicidal kids by blaming others for their situation. Kids need to learn from hard times, not take the easy way out. Reaching out to others when you need someone can lead to meaningful relationships that can make a life so much better. People like Gaga need to stop giving kids a reason to believe that someone else would be responsible if he/she decides to commit suicide.

    • angie

      This was a 14 year old kid – obviously something serious is happening that would make him feel like taking his own life would bring him peace.
      Kids have it a lot harder then I did growing up…and it just breaks my heart.
      No kid should feel ashamed of who they are – I am no fan of lady Gaga – but she has a point…Bullying someone is hateful and cowardly in my opinion. Someone (anyone!) needs to step up to protect kids. Period.

    • Isaac

      To everyone who has called Joe an idiot I say the following: you are obviously not understanding the message that “Lady Gaga” is trying to get across. She is simply stating love people for who they are. That means that Joe, who I believe makes some extremely informed comments, is to be treated with respect for his opinion. This means that he should not be treated with such petty disdain as to be called — without any proper validation or motive — an idiot, or the derogatory sense in which “white, privileged male” is used. Bullying is not only an issue for the downtrodden, sometimes it simple comes from ignorance and can be found in calling someone an “idiot” for expressing their beliefs.

    • mariana

      I can’t believe that “criticism” is being equated with cruel, evil words & deeds that aim to torment some poor chosen kid to a breaking point. I am outraged by the bullying that goes on- it causes so much pain and is more about torturing than just some “criticism”. The things written on-line and in text messaging are just beyond horrible and every decent person should be outraged and upset by it. I’m 60 yrs. old & am in total agreement with Lady Gaga that something needs to be done! I also have cried over hearing these stories in the media. I can’t imagine the pain these kids go through! All decent people need to make a stand that this is totally unacceptable because this needs to stop once and for all.

    • Trisha

      Kids aren’t “just kids”. They can think for themselves, and bullying shouldn’t be excused by some dumb reason like “they’re just kids”. They may need a ride to school and they can’t vote yet, but they sure as hell can prevent bullying from happening. I don’t normally like GaGa, but I totally agree with her on this

    • albie

      without pontificating, you’re clearly not gay, and if you are, you were never made fun of in school because of it. while, yes, this kid did take his own life, and it was “his choice,” something still needs to be done. in some states, violent crimes against homosexuals is not considered a hate crime, and are not adjudicated properly. i do find lady gaga to be self-righteous, and i am not her biggest fan by any stretch, but i also think she’s one of the few public figures out there that tirelessly talks about this.

      • Luis

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    • Color Me Impressed

      Making it illegal to bully? That is an awful idea! Sure bullys suck, they absolutely do. But I was bullied throughout most of middle and high school by the jocks for being feminine (despite the fact that I’m straight), and you know what? It made me stronger. I didn’t put up with their sh*t, but I didn’t let it bother me, and ultimately I won the @$$holes’ respect. Then they went on to bully my “nerdy” friends, and when I wouldn’t stand for it, the cycle began all over again. Finally, at the end of my junior year, they stopped when I aquired a hot cheerleader girlfriend. Then however, I started getting “bullied” by her “popular” GIRL friends, constantly making remarks about how I was “cool” enough for her (read: I wasn’t a chauvenistic, athletic d-bag with tons of cash and a weight-lifting fascination). I took all this bullying throughout those years in stride, and it made me a better person. I now realize that if someone says anything bad or mean about me, either they don’t mean it, or if they do, then I don’t give a f*ck about their opinion. Anyone getting bullied–for any reason–should just know that ultimately, they are the better person and that running from their problem through suicide isn’t going to solve anything. And you know what else won’t solve anything? Making bullying illegal! I certainly don’t want to sound like the macho, red-neck @sshole who always makes this type of comment, but that would simply result in a nation of coddled children who don’t know how to take it when someone insults them! As much as it sucks, bullying shapes people! Those that survive it come out the other side with more emotional and intellectual (and possibly physical) strength and they know that, in the end, they made the right decision by choosing not to retaliate by bullying others. So very long story short, making a law against bullying would be a very bad idea; all of the bullies will get punished enough when they die alone in their trailer homes and realize that their lives were wasted tormenting others.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Correction: WASN’T cool enough for her

    • Ashligh

      Wait, so we can’t “isolate and outlaw” the problem? Didn’t we isolate racism and outlaw it?

      • Cameron J

        Meh. We’re teens. Doesn’t seem like much take us seriously enough to realized that there is some amount of discrimination against us.

        What people don’t often realize is that it isn’t just other teens who bully teens. Even if there isn’t punching and namecalling from them, there is a stigma from a good percentage of adults where they have low expectations for us and hate that we don’t meet high expectations. I mean, not that many of us like to see how much we can

      • Cameron J

        (pardon my phone’s mistake) We don’t all try and see how much we can do drugs, get drunk, have sex, text mindless drivel, fail school and disgrace our parents like we’re some TV show on ABC Family. And yet that’s how everyone except the wise seem to see us. And it becomes a major pressure point on us to satisfy people who seem to never be satisfied. I could see how that pressure could have contributed to the suicide of some of the teens who took their lives.

        I know some of you probably think I should be quiet and know my place. But the point is, we can’t lock up everyone who bullies a teen. Even other teens need other ways to be handled. What will really heal the problem to a large extent is if people’s mindset towards us changes and therefore ours towards them. We didn’t start healing other forms of discrimination by locking up every discriminative person. And that’s not how we’re going to solve this one.

    • Kelly90171

      I don’t know the ages of the people commenting here-but if you graduated over 5 years ago, I think the bullying you experienced (gay or straight) is completely different than what kids experience now. When I went to school, way back in the 80’s, bullies were at school, at the bus stop, in the neighborhood. But I could go home and be with my friends and forget about them. With all of the advances in technology, it’s so much easier to be an anonymous bully who texts someone, sets up a web page where people post mean comments, attacks a FB page or a comment that someone posts online. When you’re in high school you don’t think always think about the ramifications of what you do-it’s funny to do it in the moment. But if it’s constant-and there’s no safe place for the tormented to be themselves? Bullying is serious and it’s different than when most people were in school.

    • R I P

      Lady Gaga once again using teens just like she misused GLBT and Japanese Tsunami victims for her career move!

      • @R I P

        How much money have you raised/donated for any similar causes? How much media attention/discussions have you provoked for such causes? Exactly!! Such an easy little sentence for you to sit and type at a computer while some people are using what’s available to them to invoke dialogue between the masses. With your negativity, nobody around you would want to lift a finger to help anyone because you’d just dismiss their effort as being for personal gain. If everyone thought like you (thank God they don’t) we’d have a lot of lonely vicious people looking for their next prey.

    • Beware

      Lady Gaga- the Freemason puppet

      Lady Gaga’s single “Born This Way” introduces the viewers to the birth of a “new race” and to a new world, using intricate imagery and a precise narrative. It is a psychedelic trip filled with occult and archetypal symbols, telling the story of a cosmic birth and new ideals. However, behind its outward message of acceptance, a more sinister message lies embedded in the symbolism of the video. We will look at the underlying meaning of “Born This Way” and analyze the meaning of the occult symbolism in the video.

    • NOH8

      While you don’t have to like GaGa, you can’t argue that she is trying to use her fame and influence to help people love themselves AND others. If you don’t really understand what it may be like to be bullied, I don’t think society or schools do enough to prevent or embrace differences. Yes they try but it takes a village, it’s not just someone else’s problem. I wish more celebs would use their influence to stop hate. yes teens will kill themselves every year that don’t get press, but that boy is is someones son, brother, nephew, friend etc. Its just as important to BE loved as it is to show love.

    • Michelle

      I couldn’t agree more with the first comment! He killed himself because he was being bullied?! I find that very hard to believe. Bullying doesn’t cause suicide unless lack of emotional support takes place in the home, it starts in the home! I blame his guardians for such mental instability. This boy needed therapy.. And, seriously, stop bullying?? How in the hell do you propose to do that, Stefani??Wow. She thinks she can actually create such an impossible LAW? How full of yourself can you possibly be?(I hope everybody realizes that she is only doing this to go down in political history ‘oh she helped w/theAntiBullyingMovement’-_-)It isn’t even her place to include herself in the political world(SheHasntTheExperience)but she thinks she can jst step in because shes fooled so many people wth her channeled emotions and rippng all these artists off. That boy killed himslf because he was naive, a bully didn’t kill him, he needed psychiatric evaluation!Who is this stripper who got lucky kidding(VERY lucky) herself?

    • Michelle

      And really? anti-bullying law? that even sounds stupid. Ridiculous.

  • Phil

    As much as everyone gives flak about Gaga’s antics, I have to say I am glad that an artist that has risen to her star status continues to use her clout to further the gay community but its completely saddening for such a devoted fan of hers to have taken his own life so early due to his daily torture. This story was heart breaking, and the students in Jamey’s school and especially the parents of those kids that made this boy’s life a miserible hell should be called out for their awful parenting skills and the complete ruination of a poor boy’s life. Jamey is gone forever and those same kids that tormented him have probably learned nothing. The thinking is, ‘they’re kids, they haven’t learned to respect themselves yet, let alone others.” No parent wants to be told how to raise their kids, but the kids who picked on Jamey…if your a parent of one of those kids, you should be hanging your own head in shame and guilt.

    • Go away Gaga

      Are you high right now? Yes we should send bullys to a camp where they can be dealt with. Cause that does not sound like nazi Germany or anything. Bullys or not they are all just kids. The kids that take it toofar and actually hurt kids or commit REAL hate crimes get locked up. But the ones who are just run of the mill bullys cant be sent away the way to suggest. Im sure most bullys who dont go the way of hate crimes grow up and regret what they said to other kids. They were kids when they did it. It happens.

      • Phil

        Its an idea, not felshed out, and I’m not saying it needs to be some kinda concentration camp. Geez! It doesn’t even have to be a camp per say, it could be that the bullies that have displayed horrible behavior be sent to live with gay couples ‘foster’ parents even since their own folks have done such lovely jobs raising angels. Its just an idea, but sadly kids learn alot of how they treat others from the entertainment they watch/consume/absorb. MTV has always pushed the bar as putting gays in front of Americans by casting numerous homosexuals for the first true reality hit series, the Real World, and if they wanna stay as a trendy cultural station that no longer supports videos, the idea of them greenlighting a series to help benefit youths appreciate the gay community & learn to not be so hurtful to those that are young & gay doesn’t seem that insane. and No, I’m not high, I’m just frustrated esp. where there are people like you that jump me proposing a bullying camp be the equivalent of a Nazi concentration camp. I know the certain parameters even reality tv has to work in in order to make it on the air, you are the one making ridiculous comments.

      • Go away Gaga

        The fact that you hold MTV in such high regard tells me everything I need to know about you.

      • Phil

        MTV is what 14 yr olds watch, hence how kids would be best reached through their programming. Obviously the kids’ parents are who need to be taught a few things, but they’ll claim they never met or even heard of the kids being bullied. I’m proposing methods to reach kids that are bullies, not complainers such as yourself. Its one thing to complain about a problem and offer no solution. Thats whta blogs have wrought…people making comments and rarely backing them up with reasoning. MTV may not be relevant to adults but its certainly relevant to kids’ perception, if you think I don’t know what i’m talking about, you shouldn’t be commenting.

      • Phil

        Oh and I should also add, if you wanna use the handle Go away Gaga nstead of your real name, guess that says EVERYTHING I need to know about you.

      • Go away Gaga

        Yes because I should use my name on a EW forum. You want my phone # too? You are grasping at straws right now man.

        I did offer a solution and you partly agreed. They need to stop kids from using all these social media outlets. It is that simple. We need to UN evolve I know thats not a real term haha but I mean with all this tech and all these facebook things kids can be bullied at home as well as at school. Saying they need to make it a law is just stupid, you cant enforce that law it would be impossible. They need to hold schools more accountable for not taking action against this kind of thing and they need to stop kids from using stuff like facebook. What does a 14 year old kid need a facebook page for? Go out and ride a bike, read a book, ask a boy out on a date or something but you dont need a facebook.

        I get your point on MTV being soemthing that would reach kids so that is my bad. But I am anti MTV and have been since I was in high school so IMO they shouldnt even allow the crap they pass of as TV to be aired on MTV. Its dumbing down the kids in America. Teen Mom does not teach kids not to get prego it teaches them that if they do they can be famous on MTV. And I dont blog either since you clearly think you know me, I saw this story, read it and felt the need to say something.

      • Just Sayin

        When I saw “camp” I thought of something like summer camp, but with empathy training. Probably more rules and regulations than, say, band camp, but I certainly did not jump to the concentration camp extreme. Todays kids live in a very different world than I did growing up. There are fewer rules and far fewer positive examples for them to follow. Perhaps, a few weeks, or even a few months, in an environment where they are taught empathy for others, proper social interaction skills, and what the consequences of their actions are or could be isn’t a bad idea.

      • Phil

        The more that I’ve thought about my comments on a ‘camp’ to teach compassion & understanding, the more that I do think that would be the best option, not changing laws, cause it takes too long for that to happen due to political climates. But I still think that it doesn’t have to be a camp, but kind of like a rehab facility-ish kinda of place, I’d say predominantly run by the professionals in the oppressed gay community, even have a kind of jacked up drill sergeant type physical ed instructor pushing the kids, not around, but in rigorous daily physical activities like long mile runs and stuff. The instructors obv. aren’t meant to be threats to the bullies, but instill the fear in them they had instilled in other weaker kids. As with all rehab facilities, they’re cut off from using the p[hones and computer, so they can be taught the evils of social media outlets, and how their words hiding behind a key board hurt just as much as physical blows. It could also be dually beneficial by having professionals speak to the kids’ parents and see where they may picked up some of this behavior. I’m sure most parents would of course be shocked! Ceraintly not my child! GASP! But thats the only way this problem is gonna not only come to light, but work towards a solution.
        No one should be bullied, and no one should certainly feel they have nothing to live for, esp. at the age of 14. And for everyone commenting on how them getting picked on when they were younger shaped them to be the person they are today, that is true, but as many have said, things are vastly different now, with victims being unable to escape their attackers via the web. I mean, this debate could go on for days, should parents allow kids under the age of 15 to even have cell phones? Thats where alot of the harassment starts, but most parents again would claim, their phone is for emergency use only, blah blah blah. There are lots of things to take into consideration here, but I def. suggest that the kids that bullied Jamey should be exposed and see how much they like having their names out on social media networks being known as ‘the kids who drove jamey to kill himself’. I know, two wrongs don’t make a right, and I am seriously not a violent person, but how else are these kids gonna truly understand what they wrought unless the shoe is on the other foot?

  • Sammie

    I agree that bullying could be stopped, for the rest I can’t comment.

  • john

    When is this going to stop? I doubt the bullying will ever stop, but coping mechanisms MUST be put in place!

  • Jason

    “For better or for worse, Lady Gaga has aligned herself strongly with the anti-bullying movement and the It Gets Better project”

    Why “for better or for worse”? Why take a little random shot? (Or is this just sloppy writing?) Think what you want of her music; Lady Gaga’s involvement with this issue can only be a good thing.

    • Alex

      My guess is that “for worse” stems from Gaga being something of a polarizing figure. She’s very in-your-face, and that can cause some people to simply tune her out. Personally, I can’t stand her — music, or otherwise.

    • Krull

      Yeah, I was just about to make the same comment: how can having a very popular celebrity take an active stance against bullying be considered bad? This would be “worse” than what? Lady Gaga taking a pro-bullying stance?
      …the use of “for better or worse” seems a bit odd.

  • commentor

    Want bullying to stop? Why not start with the parents who have obviously instilled that this type of behavior is ok, or who have passed down their own hateful rhetoric to their children?

    • Mike

      I agree with you that parents need to be responsible and step in, and teach their children it’s not okay to bully. I feel most bullies learn hate speech at home. However, parents cannot police what goes on at school.

      • Lisa

        Unfortunately for the most part the parents are as bad if not worse than the kids. That’s where they learn it from. The parents need to be accountable as well as the kids.

  • Alyssa

    I agree with Lady Gaga-I may not on a lot of things. But this I do. This may be finger pointing. But the Republican hopefuls are not going to get anywhere near the White House especially Ms.Bachmann with anti-gay rhetoric she has been spewing-” Gays need to be cured” ” God does not love gays”. Who is to say this poor young man didn’t hear her on the news saying these awful things. I have, Im very disappointed in the Bachmann Campaign and the Republican hopefuls for going so low.

    I hope she does get an audience with President Obama. RIP Jamey.

  • Jen

    I heard (and cried) about this story earlier in the week on my local news because I am from Buffalo NY. Today on the news, I discovered how this story blew up and is now getting attention world wide, mostly in part to Lady Gaga. I’m not a fan of her but I have a new found respect for her because this is an example of a celebrity using their voice for good. The most heartbreaking and ironic thing about this story is that I wish Jamey could see this. It cost him his life, but he is quite possibly going to change the world. R.I.P Jamey, the world is fighting for you

    • SaraS

      Nicely put. I’m sorry for your community.

  • whatevs

    Bullying is definitely never going to stop. People are inherently evil. It’s always been that way and it’s always going to be that way.

    But seriously, if this were a bullied kid who wasn’t gay or a Gaga fan, I can assure you she wouldn’t be making any public announcements about it.

    • Mike

      You are wrong; Gaga has been involved in the “It Gets Better” campaign from the start, and has shown love for ALL her fans.

    • Phil

      The kid’s Tumblr page was a veritable shrine to Gaga and the reason Jamey’s story is so big now is because he had already amde his own “It Get better” video to show his support, well beyond his years at 14, even after being bullied everyday, and most people who posted It Get better videos were adults. Your comments are out of line and unappreciated. Show some respect.

      • whatevs

        Respect? Please. No one shows that to anyone.

      • Uzairali

        Kids tend to grow very attached to airtcen celebrities. Whether it be their childhood crushes (I still have a fondness for Leo DiCaprio and will watch anything he is in thanks to my being 12 when Titanic came out) or simply a celebrity that they relate to in some way, they can feel a very powerful (if unreasonable) connection to that person. When they see that person who they feel connected to making a statement that they are ok, that they have worth and that the particular celebrity thinks they are important, that’s going to have the kind of power that an anonymous Joe Everybody just won’t have. I don’t think it makes much of a difference if that celebs PR guys thought it would be a good move or if they genuinely feel that way. The kid isn’t questioning the motive he or she is simply taking in the message.

  • den

    A lot of folks seem to think kids should “get over” bullying … do they not remember how excruciating bullying is when one is a child/teenager?? When you are that age bullying tears you down faster than you are able to build yourself up. We need to ensure appropriate counselling is in place in ALL schools for the bullied AND severe penalties for the soul-crushing bullies who victimize others.

  • Ronnie

    His final tweet to her was heartbreaking. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like for her to read that and know she had such an effect on someone’s life. She is just a girl in her 20s after all.

    • Thumbs-up

      I thought so too. It must have been devastating for her to learn that he found so much hope in her amidst his daily torment, and at the thought that she could’ve done something more had she known about him before. Because even for a public figure, it’s not customary for one to receive such a heartbreaking last thank you note. It’s quite an emotional burden, and knowing Gaga, her decision to do something about it was very much expected. I’ll definitely support her all the way.

      • Completely agree…

        I agree with you both, Ronnie and Thumbs-up!! Hopefully, in whatever form it takes, his death won’t be in vein. Although it’s terribly sad that whatever good might come of this whole ordeal, it won’t be phyiscally witnessed by the one who helped spark part of it. RIP Jamey!

  • Ruth

    Bullying is generally a group dynamic, and it can sweep up individuals who would not participate in it in a one-on-one situation. I am dismayed that the push is to make it illegal. When I worked in schools I would do groups with the kids when bullying got to be a problem, and that was very helpful in de-fusing the situation. If I wanted to institute policies to stop bullying I’d add mental health professionals to schools to help address it head-on. The urge to scapegoat someone is ancient and common; we need to use feelings to fix it, not laws.

  • Shawn

    My heart goes out to this kid, it really does. But a law against bullying seems extreme – where do you draw the line? at what age does ‘bullying’ become legal again? do we have to cancel shows like “American Idol” and “Fashion Police”? ::fingers crossed::

    I will say this. I am the man I am today because of the bullying I received in elementary, middle and high school and how I reacted to it. It prepared me for the real world.

  • hephastia

    I feel terrible for this boy and his family. I don’t think that legislation is the answer to the problem, however. A law isn’t going to change bullies’ behavior. Most kids don’t have a lot of impulse control. Some kids are deliberately mean and go for the jugular to hurt someone, but other kids behave the way they see their parents behave or the way they tell their kids to behave (sometimes the parents say this is being assertive or standing up for yourself). They also see a lot of bullying in popular culture. Scripted shows rely heavily on cutting remarks and put-downs packaged as humor. Reality shows are awful–judges on shows like Project Runway say awful things to the contestants, who have to stand there and take it with no opportunity for rebuttal. Bullying doesn’t cease after high school; we just deal with it better. Perhaps a better response than legislation is to get competent psychologists into the schools, but where’s the money going to come from?

  • idviceroy

    As an adult who happens to be gay and didn’t accept that fact nor acknowledge it to others until I was in my 20’s, I am glad to see a celebrity like Gaga stand up and not only acknowledge her gay fans but actually use the words – gay, lesbian, transgendered – when speaking to those to whom she is reaching out. Yes, other’s have done it before – Madonna, Janet Jackson, – but never in quite the way – the balls to the wall way – that Gaga does. She repeatedly calls attention to the injustices that others feel on a daily basis just b/c the don’t fit the ‘norm’. It’s sad in this day and age that someone has to do that. Jarney isn’t the first to take his life for being bullied.

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