Adele releases heartbreaking, beautiful 'Someone Like You' music video: Watch it here

Adele’s soaring, cut-yourself-already ballad “Someone Like You” may have recently dipped to No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but maybe its just released music video — splendid in its simplicity — will help it reclaim the top spot from Maroon 5’s overplayed “Moves Like Jagger.”

The understated, black-and-white clip promoting the song — which you can catch below — is, in a word: quiet. Honestly, it’s just what you’d want to see for this break-up heart-wrencher. Adele spends the nearly five-minute-long video simply walking around Paris, which is somehow fittingly deserted, as she wails through the haunting lyrics. 

“Nevermind,” she sings to no one but herself, pensively thinking during her long walk over the iconic bridges of the most romantic city in the world, “I’ll find someone like you-uuuuu.” The location — the Eiffel Tower shows up at one point — makes it all that more heartbreaking, as it’s easy to imagine happy couples making loving memories exactly where she’s walking. (Also: It’d be fascinating to know how producers managed to clear out Paris to make this video.)

Check out the video, in all its sad glory, here:

It’s almost as if she’s the last romantic in Paris. That is, until we catch a glimpse of her ex, walking away from her, near the end. The other thing worth noting is how the video is shot, many times with the camera panning away from Adele into circles that capture more of Paris. Those circles mimic how she’s obviously feeling, with her ex finding someone else. Crushing.

What’d you think? Isn’t it nearly the exact videographic depiction of “Someone Like You” that you already had running through your head?

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  • Mike

    She keeps getting better. Who hasn’t walked the streets of any city alone seeing a sad song in their head. Whether it be a break up, lost friend, sick family. Heart breaking an perfect at the same time!

    • lisa g.

      she is overrated to me!

      • @lisa g

        Your face is overrated.

      • buddymoore

        The burnsauce has been poured all over lisa g.

      • Julie

        have a heart lisa

      • Mike

        Over rated?!? So name a better musical act out there now? Please on the edge of my seat…

      • lisa g.

        I’m not really into any current artists! And zzzzz at the lame insults! YOU PEOPLE r really ridiculous with this whole not being able to handle a variety of opinions without bashing someone….geez! When someone sees things differently than me, I like to engage in dialogue abt it but some of u t just too ignorant I suppose!

      • lisa g.

        My rant wasn’t intended for Mike! I can appreciate his response of asking me to explain myself rather than idiots who hurl baseless insults to strangers on a message board!

      • Chris

        Overrated? So what’s amazing on music right now? Rihanna, Katy Perry or Kesha?
        You really need to use your ears, before your brains explote of all the crap you probably listen

      • UGH

        Is she walking to Burger King?

      • lisa g.

        @Chris….so glad u threw in the word probably! I don’t listen to any of those ppl! I posted earlier that I’m into “oldies”!

      • Vincent Vega

        She’s walking to Le McDonald’s for a Royale with Cheese.

      • I’m just sayin’

        I’m sure lisa g.’s mother called her overrated after being pushed out of her f**ked-up wh0re kooch.

      • Timoteo

        How do you know she didn’t have a c-section? I’m just sayin’.

      • lisa g.

        He doesn’t know! Yet another example of morons throwing out baseless insults to a stranger simply bc we have differing opinions…..trailer park nitwits who r on the public library computer aren’t worth a dam n!

      • Acaseofgeo

        @ Lisa G….DON’T be disingenuous (do you know what that word means?). If you REALLY wanted a dialogue offering a differing point of you, you wouldn’t have succinctly and dismissively wrote “she is overrated to me”. You would’ve written something more articulate and meaningful. As for the video, the song, the artist. She is FAR AND AWAY the best artist of this year. The song is nothing short of spine-tingling and mesmerizing in its heartaching simplicity. Loved it as an album cut and OVERJOYED it his #1 in a world of fluffy pop.

      • LisaGisaWhore

        Lisa has sucked so many _ock so many times her brains are like swiss cheese.

      • lisa g.

        LOL….at strangers thinking they have me all figured out! I really didn’t think ppl would take MY opinion so seriously n personally! And go jump in a lake asking me if I know what any word means….education n knowledge is not a problem for me but perhaps it is for u! Hence ur attempt to insult mine!

      • lisa g.

        And ur love rant for this lady is UR opinion! U arrogantly state it as fact! Regardless, ur opinion has no bearing on me! I’d never call someone on an anonymous message board names bc they said some artist was overrated! Some of u r really juvenile! the funny man with w/ the cheese joke, come better than that! I’m a Stern fan…u think THAT offends me?…..ha I laugh AT u!

      • Lisa G-string

        Lisa g is a crack addict apparently.

      • lisa g.

        So what does that make u? The stalker of a crack head? Tisk Tisk….this is what happens when ur mom is a pill popping alcoholic n ur dad gets busted for those “special” magazines he kept in the garage! Poor YOU! You never had a fair chance at life!

      • Bret

        @ Lisa, LOL . That was mean but funny.

      • lisa g.

        I’m overrated.

      • the real lisa g.

        Why thank u my imposter above! I’ll take that backhanded compliment!

      • Laura

        Get over yourselves.

      • peacemaker

        y u guys have to be so mean even though lisa g didnt say a very nice thing , but that’s her opinion . Me personally i love adele her music is right from the heart. if lisa g dont’ like her thats too bad. shes prob just hatin

      • lori

        Visiting LA, I bought a cd from norah jones at the santa monica 3rd street promenade. The best street musician I ever saw. She was right next to the silver robot guy that takes change and does his little jig. ha ha ha

      • Maxelia

        How can someone who sings so phenomenally, yet be so humble, be overrated? How can someone who is so genuine each time they sing as to still have stage fright, be overrated? You may say she is overrated, but you cannot deny that she is one of the most talented singers at the moment and within the decade. Just as I think Beyonce is overrated because she can definitely sing, but she never actually does. Same with Mariah Carey, I find her to be overrated for the same reason as Beyonce. And they spend too much time either singing pop music or ballads when Adele literally sings as if the music is literally her emotion and an extension of herself. I cannot say oldies are overrated because they have attributed so much to the music scene today; like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, etc. However, just as I cannot call these artists overrated due to their contributions to music today, how can you be so sure Adele will not contribute to the future of music possibly making its way back to singing and not synthesizing? In my honest opinion, I believe the music she has already recorded will be around for a very long time (although her voice may disappear in the future because of all those cigarettes). As of right now, Adele is unusual in that she can hold an entire audience captivated while singing with no costume change, a few instruments and some homely lamps. Personally, I will never say any performer, entertainer, singer, or musician is overrated until I have seen them live in concert because that is where you actually get to see who they are and why they are so great…or not.

        Finally my question; why do you believe Adele is overrated? You have mentioned many times that you have a reason, but you have never actually explained what it is. Just as you have mentioned you like oldies, but never given any examples. I understand your opinion is your opinion, just as mine is my own. But personally, if I were to make a comment so unjustifiable, I would be embarrassed with myself. Instead of just saying, “She is overrated to me,” I might have said something like, “She is overrated to me, but I cannot deny that she can actually sing unlike most recording artists today.” Because then everyone knows you aren’t just some 15-year-old boy or girl who believes Fall Out Boy or Kid Rock or something like that is actual music. This way people will ask you why you believe she is overrated, instead of saying disgruntled things about you.

  • Miguel

    SPEECHLESS. the last shots are amazing.

    • Nicole

      Easily the best song I have heard this year. Stunningly Beautiful!

      • Acaseofgeo

        Yes Nicole. While “Rolling In the Deep” will be the song “Rolling in the Awards”, THIS is the song that should win them. Its really a WIN WIN WIN WIN situation. Simply gorgeous.

  • bill

    Love this woman. LOVE her. No fireworks. No choreography. No “hey, look at how weird I am because I have no talent” idiotic Lady Gaggag b.s. Just a talented woman with an amazing voice. Screw these Britney and Kesha and Beyonce morons who have to dance around in their underwear. This is why Adele has been in the top 3 SINCE FEBRUARY. We want singers, not prostitutes.

    • Megan

      Shame on you for equating skimpy clothes with prostitution. Have you personally seen all those singers selling sex for money? I mean ACTUAL SEX, not a sexualised image.

      • whatevs

        Well, skimpy clothes aren’t anything to be proud of either.

      • Julie

        no gimmicks.. just music the way it was meant to me.

      • mwa

        right on bill!!!

    • PN

      I like the dance pop artists that you made fun of, but I also like Adele. She’s her own person and sings and performs in a more simple way. Even those same dance pop singers are huge fans of Adele and respect her singing approach.

      • fancypants

        They respect Adele because they could never do what she does effortlessly: sing beautifully w/o gimmicks and w/o taking her clothes off. And Adele does all this while being a huge commercial and critical success. She’s an anomaly in today’s music industry. More power to her.

      • Lily

        She doesn’t take her clothes off because nobody would want to see a cow like her shed her clothing.

      • lisa g.

        Always thinking with your genitals Lily. Nice.

  • Will

    Ugh! Fat lady who sings boring songs. It’s an anomaly that she’s having such sucess, we all know that this will be yet another Norah Jones. A one album wonder who will fade out of the pop consciousness once her initial novelty wears off. And yes, I know she’s released two albums, but it’s with this one that she’s found huge commercial success. I’d rather watch gorgeous and talented singers like Katy, Rihanna, and Gaga, than having to watch this cow trying to hide her rotund, misshapen form in another “quiet” video.

    • Jon

      Unfortunately, her previous album, 19 was critically praised as well. And she won best we preformed at the Grammys two gets ago. So thats longer than a one album wonder.

      And haha, you made a joke by calling her fat. Yay for you. Don’t you feel soo special for being such a duche?

      • Lily

        What’s a “duche”?

      • bree

        maybe people who quibble over spelling mistakes, thats who!

    • Carrie

      I feel sorry for you.

      • bree

        they don’t want good music they only want to be entertained with immature shock and over-sexuality

    • @Will

      Did you seriously just say that Gaga was gorgeous? I’d much rather have Adele’s face and be fat than look anything like Gaga.

      • fancypants

        now that’s the truth.

      • Annie

        ^ That. A million times over.

    • Marie

      Adele is gorgeous, too. The difference between her and Katy, Rihanna, and Gaga is that Adele doesn’t need to wear revealing dresses and market sex and sexuality in order to sell albums and prove herself as an artist. All she needs is her voice, which is one of the most real and stunning voices I have heard in a long time. Who cares if she’s not stick thin? That shouldn’t matter at all – she’s a singer, so what’s important is her voice. If you’ve heard her sing live, it’s simply magical. She doesn’t need to rely on auto-tune and synthesizers to sound good. I enjoy the music of Rihanna, Katy, and Gaga as well – sure, their songs are catchy and fun but lack the substance of Adele’s music. I give Gaga some credit for her out-there individuality, but let’s be honest, Rihanna and Katy in particular don’t hold a candle to Adele, especially when it comes to singing live, sounding authentic, and giving her whole heart in song, especially in those quiet, vulnerable moments. That’s what music is about. It’s a shame that you don’t see the value and beauty in that. But I guess to each his/her own. I stand by my belief that Adele is a true talent and we need more artists like her.

      • bree

        To be fair Katy is geared more for children and preteen markets

      • Lily

        Let’t not get ahead of ourselves. Madonna was also accused of lacking substance, being aimed at teens and not being able to sing. 30 years later, who do people remember, Madonna, or the tons of “substantial, true-to-their-art, talented” singers who released albums in the eighties? I can guarantee you that Katy Perry and Rihanna will be arouns, having hits, long after the novelty of Adele has worn off.

      • WhiteLady

        Amen to that

      • fancypants

        Adele will outlast Katy, Gaga and Rihanna and I would bet everything on that. Also many “substantial, true-to-their-art, talented” singers from the 80s are remembered today: Michael Jackson, Prince, etc, so who even knows what you’re talking about.

      • Irwin

        So true, Marie. As a former ‘Little Monster’, I can say Gaga is good, but Adele is GREAT. And to the guy who liked the oldies, I do too, but that dioesn’t mean there can’t be great music still made. In my 50 years of enjoying music, ’21’ ranks as one of the greatest achievementst in pop music.

      • lisa g.

        @fancypants…… It’s not necessarily true her career will last longer! Nowadays almost everyone’s career is short lived regardless of their (perceived) talent!

      • fancypants

        I said I would bet on it happening, as I think Adele will have a very long career and surpass the lesser singers currently popular alongside her.

      • Lily

        Norah Jones has all but disappeared from the charts and the pop consciousness. Yet, she was called everything from “the future of pop” to “the savior of music”, and everyone bashed all the pop tarts of the day, propping up the miraculous Jones. And now? She’s back to obscurity. Adele is simply the awards-worthy flavor of the month, that will disappear soon after she gets all the grammys she’ll surely get next year.

      • lisa g.

        Norah Jones never really had any big hits. I don’t know anyone that has heard her music before. I could probably ask a dozen random strangers, and they would all probably say they have no idea who I am talking about.

        Everyone knows Adele.

      • the real lisa g.

        Wow someone is really taken with me!

      • the real lisa g.

        And to the fake Lisa g, u obviously don’t travel in jazz circles! Ha…ur so beneath me only makes sense u impersonate me!

      • lisa g.

        And it doesn’t matter if Norah Jones is a unknown artist quickly fading away into obscurity of Jazz like meandering melodies. I love elevator music. We need more music like that.

      • the real lisa g.

        Lily….while I like nora, I completely agree w/ u!

    • Matt

      She had succes with her first album douche, do your homework. Two albums critically acclaim by people that know about music on like you, Gaga is good!! but can Rihanna and Perry say the same?
      You don’t know about real music, your a music inept, that’s why you can see the real thing even if it is in front of you…
      Keep hearing those singer that relay on auto- tune, wear things that aren’t clothes and have an addiction to make a fool of themselves

    • kaydevo

      Will, there is something very wrong with you, down to your pathetic soul. I pity you.

      • bree

        Can you imagine being stuck with a guy like Will? No thanks

    • Dave

      I didn’t realize that Norah Jones had faded away. Last I checked, her most recent album in 2009 (as well as all of her albums for that matter) went platinum. She’s one of the best-selling artists of the last decade. Expand your musical horizons. Top 40 isn’t the be-all end-all of music. An artist doesn’t need to be all over Top 40 radio to be considered relevant and popular.

    • Mike

      Ummmm. You are a complete idiot. Comment are ignorant. She has had 2 successful albums and keeps getting better. And your other musical choices clearly show that you buy your songs based on iTunes top 10 pop singles and that’s it. Enjoy your boring life.

    • lisa g.

      Norah is better than her!

      • lisa g.

        Except for the fact that nobody on earth knows who Norah Jones is unfortunately.

  • Joan

    Funny how she’s always wearing in black, shot in extreme close-ups, from the neck up or from afar. Clearly, she’s fat.

    • Keith

      Your soul is an ugly, fat, piggish thing.

      • Pravin

        Hi Krista. Thank you for your comment. We aaerpcipte your kind words and will miss serving the Kingsway community. It was a very difficult decision to make, however unfortunately it was a decision made for the best interest of the company. We wish the new proprietors all the best of luck and thank you for your patronage.Giancarlo

    • Carrie

      For the record, I’m a size 2 and I think Adele is gorgeous. I don’t care what her weight is, she has a beautiful face and one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. She’s also a talented songwriter.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, her face is stunning. Haters are going to hate, as they sit alone in their mother’s basement eating donuts and playing with themselves.

      • ^


    • bensmom


    • Jason

      And you are what size 1? you can’t contain your ego that you make such a stupid comment…
      You are probably a lonely woman or one of those chicks with no brain in that size 1 figure.
      I prefer I woman seize 80 with raw talent and brains than one that’s purely superficial.
      Go play with your barbies…

      • Jaroslav

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    • Julie

      Joan wasn’t hugged as a child. It’s ok Joan.

      • Melissa RIvers

        Based on the stupid comment, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Joan Rivers.

      • lisa g.

        Joan still wears madonna pyjamas from 1985.

    • Dave

      Okay, she’s fat. But she’s still more attractive than Lady Gaga.

      • the real lisa g.


      • me

        What is WRONG with people!? Why must we pit female artists against one another? Hey I have an idea, let’s line them all up small to large and judge them based on that alone! Ugh.
        Lady Gaga is lovely in a non-conventional way, and Adele is gorgeous. I like them both, and I agree with others that we need more singers who are real artists, write their own music, and sing from the heart. It’s hard to do dance pop music and be authentic and talented (which Lady G is, but Katy, Rihanna, etc are not).

    • Mike

      Are you serious?? First of all, she clearly doesn’t hide her weight. Secondly, would you rather her be a bulemic drug addict with 2 kids who lip sync their entire career? If so, you clearly vote republican you skank!!

      • Holly

        How exactly does that make her a republican? Why are you bringing politics into this at all?

    • UGH

      Hey, it worked for Heart and Wilson/Phillips!

    • lisa g.


  • oye

    Hey Bill – get your panties out of a twist please. Beyonce and Lady Gaga do not belong in the same category as Kesha and Britney and a one Ms. Adele would agree. B for one is one of the most respected women in the business. And Gaga, despite her theatrics is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. You dont have to diss other artists to praise another. Adele is PHENOMENAL, no doubt – maybe event he best of the bunch but those other two women aint too shabby.

    • Kat

      “You dont have to diss other artists to praise another”..uh didn’t u just do that to Britney and Kesha? Adele is great and this song is beautiful. But theres nothing wrong with Britney or Katy or whoever either. You can have fun dance songs on your ipod as well.

      • bree

        The only thing bad anyone ever has to say about Adele is her size and before that they all imagined that she was black. I think it is hilariously funny how hypocritical people can be. Everything to do with performance has to be compared with some weird MJ cartoon character to be considered greatness. I’m over it. People want more obviously.

      • lisa g.

        @bree….so r u saying ppl thinking she was black was bad? Ur sentence structure is confusing!

      • lisa g.

        Oh wait I get it. Everyone thinks MJ is a god and using that cartoon character as a basis for the determination for what is truly great musically. It is childish, shallow, and stupid. I got it now. It just took a second for the old grey cells to work again.

      • the real lisa g.

        LOL..darn ur jokes r stale

      • lisa g.

        MJ is overrated like me.

      • the real lisa g.

        How am I overrated? I’m not famous! U actually compliment me when u say that! Get if together Justin! Boy I must’ve really hurt ur feelings n that ceelo thread! Wuss boy! Follow

  • Keith

    Honestly, this video is a minor masterpiece. It’s perfection. Like the singer and the song. Worth the wait.

  • shane

    Hmmmm….I knew I had seen this idea executed flawlessly before…this is a rip off of Faith and Tim’s b&w Paris video of Let’s Make Love.
    You know, I know that as a girl I am supposed to find something to admire about this woman but I find her incredibly pedantic and soppy. BORING with no challenge at all to the music, artistry or performance. Nothing provoking at all mentally or emotionally. A retread- like this video which was done beautifully ALREADY.

    • Keith

      That’s interesting. I’m familiar with Tim and Faith’s video. I never made the connection, I guess because Adele’s song is far superior, as is her vocal. The mood and songs are so entirely different that, to me, they are nothing alike. Paris is a big city. It’s been evocative for many artists, singers, etc. Tim and Faith don’t own Paris. Your other comments I won’t comment on. It is what it is.

    • Keith

      I also don’t understand your use of pedantic in this context at all.

    • Cole

      Pedantic? well you should see her interviews she’s far from pedantic.
      You should study a little bit of music and cinematography to be able to judge and make such comment.
      Take a look to the reviews about her two albums and you will see that the one with faulty music knowledge it is you and open your eyes and see that the videos needs to express what the song is about.
      Keep watching Rihanna that sings about love while the video shows her repairing a car with barely clothes on

    • Julie

      Faith is flat and her range is limited to just one lonesome octave.

    • Mike

      Clearly you have never been to Paris and walked the streets falling in love with the beauty or having your heart broken reliving a lost love. I am sure main street 123 has the same impact on you. Enjoy your faith and tim video on repeat. Ignorant

  • Carrie

    The song is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, she’s beautiful and of course the scenery is beautiful, but the video is so simple that it’s boring. It’s the kind of video you’d watch while going through a terrible breakup.

    • Keith

      Um, yeah. Exactly. What did you want her to do? DANCE? Wear a bra that shoots whipped cream?

      • Carrie

        What’s your problem? I said the video was beautiful, but it’s not necessarily something you’d want to watch unless you were going through that experience. Save your sarcasm for someone else. I expressed my opinion w/o being a jerk about it.

      • Cameron J

        You did and I certainly have to honestly thank you for being one of the few people in existance for sharing an opinion without being hateful.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Well Carrie I don’t agree. I’ve watched this video and played the MTV performance several times to just revel in and take in how gorgeous it is. I don’t agree that someone can only relate to this song if they are going through a breakup. Its almost a universal feeling, the lament of a lost love. I’m happily partnered for 10 years but I FEEL and BREATHE the ache of this song each time I hear or See it.

      • lisa g.

        Good for u Carrie! This site is full of dim witted, insecure, immature fools who can’t handle the fact that a stranger sees things differently than them! If they get this bent out of shape over strangers opinions on someone none of even know, one can only imagine how pathetic their real lives must be!

      • lisa g.

        @acaseofgeo…ur a freakin drama queen..ugh! Do u know what that means queen? I bet u have on a tiara n glitter shoes!

      • Acaseofgeo

        @lisa g. Yes, at times I’m a drama queen. Usually not, but sometimes that passion just wells up and needs a release. I guess I should’ve been more respectful up above to you, as I totally agree that its GREAT to have different opinions. I simply felt that if you were truly meant to open up a dialogue about different views and musical tastes (paraphrasing you there), that you should’ve said something not as succinct and dismissive as what you originally wrote. I applaud that you have a different view. But I do wonder WHY, when someone doesn’t really care for a particular subject matter, WHY put in your 2 cents in a very dismissive way. Its just begging to start up trouble. As for me, I don’t usually post on subjects that don’t interest me.

      • lisa g.

        Well thx for ur newly found objectivity! I feel my original comment was not rude bc I clearly said it was MY opinion! Now had I simply stated she is overrated… that would have been more in line with someone looking for a fight! And are u seriously telling me what I should n shouldn’t have said?! Now that is comical! As far as why I commented, I did it bc i had an OPINION I felt like expressing….not that I have to explain myself to u! W/ all do respect, get over urself!!!!!!!

      • Lisa G-string

        You need therapy. It is just a song.

      • lisa g.

        And what do u need since u stalk me? Go practice coming up with better jokes lame one ;-)

      • lisa g.

        Norah Jones is my idol. She is so great. Too bad nobody has ever heard of her before.

      • the real lisa g.


      • lisa g.

        And I will always love Norah Jones even if nobody has ever heard of her before.

  • MJ

    Perfection. Anything more elaborate would have killed it. Instead it remains the haunting, beautiful song it is.

  • bill from ecuador

    hope this helps make someone like u number 1 again..not that i care too much about just that is really nice when u see pure raw talent achieve the highest form of popularity

  • Coolest Kid on the Block!

    Tanner, no truer words have been spoken. You bring out the best in Adele, and me….

  • doug

    All this back and forth about a video…If you liked it, like I did great…If you didn’t… just move on!! Are there not more pressing issues in the world that deserve a bit more attention??…

    • lisa g.

      Right! Why do ppl get so sensitive if a complete stranger isn’t moved by it?? Do tell!

      • Lisa G-string

        Maybe because they don’t dump out their entire purse for the world to see each and every damn day.

  • me

    everyone has their right to speak their opinion. they can disagree, it’s just their thoughts. here are mine : a gorgeous, simple, yet special video. it makes me love the song even more. adele is one of the most beautiful female singers out there. i appreciate her and her music very much.

    • robin hanning

      cut the chase. agreed with you me. now, isn’t that sound funny haha. just watched Adele’s ‘someone like you’ it’s an amazing work of art and she is one of my favorites too. she rocks my world every friday @ 8:30 evening.

    • lisa g.

      Good post. @ me!

      • lisa g.

        I think everything is about me, so naturally it must be about me.

      • the real lisa g.


      • lisa g.

        Me me me… It’s all about me!

  • David

    love it…simply beautiful

    • peacemaker

      i love myself tooo

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