Courtney Love tells 'Vanity Fair': If Kurt were alive 'I'd kill him'

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Another day, another moment of Courtney Love cray cray.

Asked in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair about whether she’s still mad at Kurt Cobain for committing suicide, Love replies, “Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I’d have to kill him, for what he did to us. I’d f—ing kill him. I’d f— him, and then I’d kill him.”

“He tried to kill himself three times!” Love insists, adding that he overdosed at least five times, forcing her to carry around Narcan, a drug that’s used to bring overdosing heroin users back to life. “I was the f—ng E.M.S.” she says. “I was always sticking pins in his balls.”

And that’s not all. Love’s thoughts on why her relationship with her daughter Frances is fraught? “I never read to her! … Why didn’t I ever take her to a Broadway show? She f—ing loved those Broadway musicals!”

On her and Kurt’s struggles with money: “We had $135,000 in our bank account. They said that if he would go do Lollapalooza he would make $11 million… Do you think Kurt would have killed himself if he had known he had $54 million?”

On her detractors? “They won’t be happy until I’m dead.”

Well, at least there’s more fodder for that “definitive” memoir.

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  • ^

    Is that picture from an ad for Bobbleheads?

    • Flip

      Courtney did kill Kurt. It wasn’t a suicide. I’m just glad she’s finally admitting it.

    • Tim

      I can onlu imagine the hell Cobain went through being married to courtney. A sensitive troubled intelligent guy in greatn physical (stomach) pain. Having to listeen to her screech and put up with her demands and craziness.

  • Eric

    I bet she has to make a formal apology for this comment ala Johnny Depp’s from yesterday.
    Being a celebrity isn’t rocket science.

  • Hello

    Courtney has definately made a place for herself in the entertainment world. She has proved to have longevity whether is bad publicity or not. Stay strong Courtney. Everyone has issues and no one is perfect. You are an inspiration to all strong women with your ambition and drive. Hang in there Court! I hope I get to play “Black Girl” right next to you on the guitar some day :) . P.S I know your sick of this, but I really want to see the K.C biopic ASAP. I hope the film highlights his talents and struggles as a musician not a junkie as alot of ppl make him out to be. KURT C forever!!!!!

    • ^

      Francis Bean, is that you?

      • SaraS

        Ummm.. why would that be Frances? Did you read the article?

  • Curious Khan

    I like Courtney! Rock N roll needs more crazy people!

    • Shawn

      you mean ‘cray cray’

      • hello again

        yes, bc everyone knows it’s the epitome of cool to talk in baby talk and tweetese. sheesh. we had gen x, gen y, and gen y bother cause they are such idiotic wastes of space. well, not all of them, but as a group they celebrate idiocracy in an unprecedented way. hey, look at us, we shorten words that makes us cool! we take the names of two people who are dating and smush them into one. isn’t that cool? hey we make celebrities out of morally bankrupt addicts and they make millions of dollars while we don’t have jobs. isn’t that funny?

      • Guest

        No,she meant crazy

        WTF is cray cray?

  • Mike

    It’s easy to pass judgement on these feelings if you’ve never had a spouse kill themselves. It’s a selfish act and is not easy to overcome the grief and anger that results from it.

    • ^

      Sometimes it’s easier to overcome when you actually murdered your spouse and got away with it.

      • Mike

        That’s a big accusation to make when she has never been tried for it in the court of law. According to the law, that isn’t true. In you mind, it is.

      • Flip

        I agree. Courtney killed Kurt and got away with it! It wasn’t suicide.

  • Sid

    You do the best you can with what you have at the time. You were rolling in a situation with a bunch of corporate musician industry people who didn’t have the best interest in keeping him alive. They made more money off of him just being dead. Follow the money.

  • Phil

    Why does Vanity Fair continue to interview her? How is she even relevant anymore? Who cares what she has to say? I mean she hasn’t done anything relevant to the entertainment world let it be music or movies in years. I mean, she may hbave relationship with the editor…but why would she be seen as a selling point to move issues? *shrugs*

    • Melly

      Vanity Fair has low standards.

    • BM

      She actually released an album last year and it was quite good. Just because you don’t enjoy her, doesn’t mean others don’t. Further more, why are you reading articles about her if you don’t give a crap? Quit trying to act like you speak for everyone, when you obviously do not.

      • Phil

        “Nobody’s Daughter” shoulda been entitled “Nobody Cares”. Its sales were abyssmal.

  • SaraS

    If you click on the link, I feel like Vanity Fair just strung together a bunch of Courtney’s claims randomly to make her look bad. Usually they include an excerpt of the interview in its entirety; how did this conversation start? Shame on Vanity Fair and Melissa (EW writer) for calling her crazy.
    If you actually listen to what she’s saying (with all of her exaggeration and drama) she actually makes sense. I don’t find her crazy, I think she’s funny and extremely intelligent. Also I saw her on tour at a music festival last summer and she was awesome.
    Oh and lasty: her VH1 Behind the Music was the best one yet.

  • Curious Khan

    Like I said I think she is a talented musician and song writer….I still think that no matter the reason she is a bit crazy.
    Must disagree on her story being the best VH1 Behind the music…..that title goes to Motley Crue another group of rockstars that too are a bit crazy!!

  • Esox

    GOD, I love that crazy woman!

  • Blarls Smarkley

    Cray cray? Are you serious?

  • Punk needs to resurrect

    Everyone is crazy in their own way. Girl Power! Courtney is seriously underrated as an artist as well as lacking credit empowering women not to put up with the whole Macho men rule the world mumbo jumbo. I say right on Babe! Aside from the drugs (which artist has not done drugs? i cant name one) she is very witty, funny, energetic, crazy and rocks the crap out of a stage.

    • Esox

      Here’s one…Ted Nugent

  • Cean

    She killed his ass

    • JackieB

      Oh, get over it. No she didn’t. There’s no evidence of that. She wasn’t even a suspect, it was a suicide.

    • Samuel

      Kimber Smith – I don’t think you could have found annyoe more perfect {other than moi, ahem}!!

  • smells like crazy a$$ ho

    She has zero talent, she is crazy and ugly and stole her songs from Kurt and Dave Grohl. She most likely conspired to have Kurt killed, because he wasn’t gonna do what she wanted him to do to make more $$ and he wanted to divorce her. Can’t stand her, but she makes for good crazy talk!

    • Esox

      Oh, she’s got talent….

    • Esox

      Ugly? Really?! She’s in my 5.

  • Tony Campos

    Cha-ching! She is greedy and certifiable. Somebody will end up with Kurt’s money and hopefully it’s someone that deserves a chance at a wholesome life like Frances. Time to put out the trash. Grohl and Krist will help with that I’ll wager.

    • smells like crazy a$$ ho

      Could not agree with you more.

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