Hank Williams Jr. attacks Fox, ESPN in 'Keep the Change'

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Hank Williams Jr. isn’t content to keep quiet these days.

Not long after his “Are You Ready for Some Football?” theme was dropped from ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” due to his controversial statements about Obama on “Fox and Friends,” the 62-year-old country singer’s lashing out at ESPN, Fox, and anyone who’s backing the “United Socialist States of America,” as he calls it, in a new version of his song “Keep the Change.”

“So Fox ‘n Friends wanna put me down / Ask for my opinion / Twist it all around,” Williams sings in the song, which he posted on his web site on Monday. “Well two can play that gotcha game you’ll see.” Early in the song, he insists that “This country sure as hell has gone down the drain / We know what we need. We know who to blame.”

We assume he’s not blaming himself. After appearing on “Fox and Friends” and comparing a golf outing involving President Barack Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner to “Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu,” Williams, Jr. initially apologized.

“My analogy was extreme,” he said in a statement, “but it was to make a point. … The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin’ and high fiven’ on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by, simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement, and I am very sorry if it offended anyone.”

But now that first amendment supporters from Whoopi Goldberg to Jon Stewart have defended him, he seems to have grown more bold in his opinions. Proof? His web site now has “Hank Williams Jr for President” t-shirts for sale.

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  • Bill

    What an overrated jerk.

    • Mike

      You smell like poop.

      • DE

        Stay classy, Mike.

    • Go

      This must be the first new song he’s written in 30 years.

      • jason

        yeah and its a dang good one and its all true what he says and fox and friends sure as heck staying outta my home

    • LOL

      America rejects crap like Hank.

    • bob

      Bill your the Jerk !!

  • ToMajorTom

    Can’t believe he’s trying to make money and commercialize on this situation. No, wait…yes, I can. (Of course, it’s certainly his “right” to do so.) Anyone who thinks any of this is any way related to First Amendment is in serious need of a civics class. He has the right to say whatever he wants…just like most everyone else has the right to say he’s an idiot.

    • mike

      we have freedom of speech in this country.he is not an idiot.

      • Alex

        Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that what you have to say isn’t stupid, it just means that you have the right to say it. Hank’s statements fall in the “I have the right to say this, even though it’s incredibly stupid” column.

      • Dream Out Loud

        @mike: of course we have freedom of speech. but that is a restriction on what the government can do. HWJ can say whatever he wants and ESPN is free to can him. 1st Amendment has nothing to do with it. That’s what ToMajorTom was getting it (I presume).

      • ToMajorTom

        @Mike. And that was my point. He has the freedom to speak; and I have the freedom to think he’s an idiot. And you have the freedom to think he’s not.

      • ship

        He is an idoit. But he’s free to keep being one in public.

      • Julie

        Hank……wasn’t calling Obama Hitler. He said Obama and Baehner is like hitler and netanyahu. He didn’t say Obama was hitler. He used Hitler and Netanyahu (every body knows they wouldn’t get along) as an example for the relationship of Obama and Baehner (they wouldn’t get along either, it has been provin). It is ESPN and the left that screwed it around to sound nasty. It is no difference in saying hot and cold is like water and ice. The libs and the left need to think before they push their crap on the people because it is backward thinking and this country needs to go forward not back wards.

      • LukeH

        @Julie: Give it up. The Fox anchor asked Williams if he was comparing the president to the most hated man in history, and Williams said, “Yes, I am.” He then said “Obama is evil. Biden is evil.” He has a right to believe these things, but it’s time we kill that stupid “He didn’t really say that” attitude.

      • Skye Hill

        We also have consequence. He’s a moron, and so are you.

      • Alyssa

        So according to Julie, Hank Jr. and Mike if I went on TV and expressed what I truly thought of former President Bush I would not have any consequences for it at all. He is not even our current president, but I can assure you what I would say would have consequences to some extent. We are free to say whatever we please, but there is a time and place for it. Being an idiot on TV is not in the Constitution. He looks like a hillbilly hick anyway. Cant believe his father was Hank Williams-they dont look alike

      • Nick

        And his son looks just like Hank Sr. and has 10x the talent as Jr. I say Hank III for president!

  • Alex

    I gave the song a listen…it’s TERRIBLE. I don’t agree with Hank in the slightest, but that aside, I know a crappy song when I hear one, and this sounds like a turd he dreamed up in literally five minutes.

    • Mike

      Like pretty much everything else on the radio, no?

  • Eflow

    Meh. Yeah.

  • Adolf

    That may have been the most racist piece of crap song I have ever heard

    • bob

      Anyone here that is talking bad about Hank is a selfish dumb ass This is the greatest guy in Country and he is free to say what he did its FOX ESPN’s fault for asking and twisting it and making him go off Monday Night Football so all you out there making the bad comments you just have bad souls

    • Butch

      I agree and it’s fitting because this the most racist President you have ever had.He knowly goes to a church where preacher,preaches hate of another race.

  • kaydevo

    I watched the FOX interview, and the hosts in no way “twisted” Hank’s words. They actually seemed taken aback by his comments (or maybe it was his practically yelling, addled delivery) and asked hi to clarify his meaning…. And his rights to free speech were not infringed at all. I don’t recall Jon Stewart “defending” Hank, so much as mocking anyone who was surprised by what he said, as Hank’s been saying this stuff for years, including on the campaign trail stumping for GOP candidates…. He’s welcome to exercise his 1st Amendment rights by writing a “song” to rewrite the history of last week, and get as much publicity mileage out of it as he can. And ESPN was taking care of its business interests when it let him go.

  • LIl Jo

    can someone actually show me where it was exactly that he said the President was Hitler??? I think me was calling the President, Benjamin Netanyahu. Does that make it better for everyone.

    PLEASE he never said that he was Hitler, he said that it was so odd seeing these two men “paling” around on a golf course it would BE LIKE seeing Hitler and Netanyahu together.

    • Alex

      Yeah, because that’s not an extreme statement to make, either…

    • Lou

      It was all an analogy, but for sure he wasn’t calling Obama Netanyahu in the analogy. Gretchen Carlson said that Williams used the name of one of history’s most hated men to describe the president, and Williams said “well, that’s true, but I’m telling you like it is.”

  • Steve

    He must have something new coming out and trying to get attention for himself. Backwoods redneck.

    • racebaitingpovertypimp

      Racist. I can’t believe you just called him the “R” word in open forum.


    It seems that they (the media) stretched his analogy a bit. He did not call BHO – Hitler. In any case, Hank has the right to his opinions – it is a free country last time I looked. Hank’s political expertise is as good as Susan Sarandon’s, Michael Moore, etc., etc., etc. Who made these entertainers important? They each are entitled to an opinion….unfortunately they have the ear of the press. Doesn’t make them right or even knowledgeable. Let’s exercise the right of free speech….both sides get to be heard.

    • Dream Out Loud

      @Lakebus: are you suggesting that ESPN has to keep paying someone who said what he said? if so, is there anything he could have said that they would be allowed to fire him over?

    • PrincessBride

      No one said he doesn’t have the right to say what he wants. But are you saying that only the government should have the right to determine if ESPN can fire the guy because they feel his comments might reflect negatively on their brand? So should OJ Simpson get his job back with Hertz?

  • ernest degroff

    hank.to many people areve to satisfied with all the lies.so you will have to rely on the few to help out

  • Wank Hilliams Sr.

    Can we be fair about this? 3 things:
    1. Hank Williams Jr. would make an amazing POTUS, maybe the best ever.
    2. I don’t want to say anything too controversial, but compare Adolf Hitler’s body of work to Barack Obama’s and draw your own conclusions.
    3. Fox News completely twisted his words around to make him look bad. There is clearly a liberal agenda at that station.

    • Alex

      “2. I don’t want to say anything too controversial, but compare Adolf Hitler’s body of work to Barack Obama’s and draw your own conclusions.”

      Yeah, remember the time Obama authorized the genocide of six million people. Considering that never happened, the Hitler/Obama comparison is null and void.

      • Dream Out Loud

        @Alex: considering #1 and #3 were comedic, is there a chance you missed the joke in #2?

      • Alex

        Considering some people actually believe things like that, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

    • ToMajorTom

      Welcome, troll!

    • ship

      Fox? Liberal? The guy running it — Roger Ailes — worked for NIXON. Fox is pure Republican propoganda, and even they weren’t hard right wing enough for ol’ Hank.

    • van

      It all goes back to free speech. Many people called Bush Hitler and nothing was done, but call the democrat Hitler and all heck breaks loose. This double standard is ruining The United Socialist States of Amerika.

      • Alyssa

        When it was caught in PUBLIC something was done. On boards like this, yes Bush was called it all the time. Something even more simple than name calling happened to the Dixie Chicks- they simply said ” we are ashamed Bush is from Texas” So WHAT??? People are simpletons, Im from Fargo-what do you think of when you hear that? The movie right. No place is ever quite what it seems. I think the girls were saying we all dont have his opinion.

  • lawrence

    Hitler may be RIHGLHAO (rolling in his grave …)
    ‘LMAO, obwohl tot, habe ich noch schock vieler Menschen.”

  • Anthony Asaro

    Just watching an interview with Hank ….. Single digit I.Q…….poor guy!

    • ToMajorTom

      Single digit or not, I envision a minus sign before it.

  • ship

    Guess being ‘President of the Confederacy’ wasn’t as fun as it looked in his racist song.

  • Amy

    His “song” is not a song but rather a rant set to music.
    However, I don’t think he is a racist, as he is a Herman Cain supporter.

    • ship

      Read his song saying that he wished that the Confederacy had won… There’s not many ways to interpret that doesn’t condone the most heinous aspect of the Confederacy.

      • Nick

        Might wanna do a little research on the Civil War. I honestly hate Hank Jr.’s music, his father and son are the true Hank Williams’. Regardless, the South didn’t secede to keep their slaves so much as there needed to be a clear answer to the question: “Are the United States one nation with a central government, or individual sovereign states under an alliance to one another?” If the south had indeed won the war we would be similar to the European Union rather than what we know now. And look who did the actual fighting for the Confederacy. Poor white farm laborers who were far from capable of affording even a single slave. Quit glorifying the North and demonizing the South, they both have their good and bad sides. The Northerners were just as racist as Southerners, watch the movie “Gangs of New York” if you want a good illustration of racism during that time. It wasn’t the South, it was America in general.

      • RobNJ

        Yes I get most of my American history from Hollywood films too!

    • DE

      I’m sure Cain is real thrilled about that.

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