Charice, 'Louder': Watch the video here -- EXCLUSIVE

Charice, the Oprah-approved, Glee-renowned singer with the teeny-tiny stature and the big big voice, takes a sassier tack on “Louder,” the second single from her upcoming sophomore album Infinity.

Watch below as the Philippines-born 19-year-old explores her dancey-diva side in the clip, directed by Tim Cruz and choreographed by Gil Duldulao, the man behind the moves in Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for Tonight,” Janet Jackson’s “Together Again,” and “Christina Aguilera’s “Drrrty” and “Genie in a Bottle,” among others:

What do you think, readers — do you prefer Charice in saucy mode, or do you still think of her as the be-ribboned moppet who made sweet music with Celine Dion?

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  • Josel Garlitos

    wow! go Charice! Pinoys are proud of you:)

    • AncientChaster

      NOW this is what I want!! Luv this MV. Makes me want for more, more more…..

      • Tim C

        Glad you guys like the video! Follow the director @timcruzlovesyou

      • chaster0418

        Tim Cruz thank you so much for this Awesome MV of Charice!! Bravo Bravo!! :)

      • Greg

        She makes me feel flippin crazy.

      • blahblahblah

        She should go back to the Philippines, stay there and leave the rest of the world alone.

      • Aunt Sassy

        She isn’t going “dance” through anything – she’s a horrible dancer.

      • dennis


      • Charice

        You gimme soda; I give you boom boom.

      • St. Malo, Acadiana Pirate

        Miss Blahblahblah……for your information. Charice is not leaving Los Angeles, the Filipinos founded L.A. together with the Mexicans in1781. Go check your history you drop out.

    • Chaster_PL

      Not only Pinoys !! :)) haha

      • oblique

        i’m here again! i just love charice! i love her dancing! she’s all grown up. i’m just so happy for her. :) thanks to @timcruzlovesyou he’s the director of this MV! :)

      • adinn

        Sassy cattle out !!

    • bettyboop

      we, chasters, are proud of charice…not only pinoy:)

      • kb117

        i think Chasters should be considered as a race or nationality…..j/k
        Hail Charice!!!
        LIke this Louder MV. Kudos to the director and the choreographer, and all the staff who made it happen.
        Charice @ D TOP

    • warbler

      As a fan, I’m proud of her really…XD

      • Mico

        She deserves a grammy! Woot…

    • world

      hey would stop attaching “pinoy proud” or pinoy whatever …etc….. in filipino “mahilig makisawsaw”

      • Casper

        I agree, world. If you’re a true fan it doesn’t matter if you’re Pinoy or not; if Charice is Pinoy or not..her voice should be the sole consideration! It makes me think twice if she really has a lot of fans or if she just has a lot of Pinoy following because she’s Pinoy.

      • ina

        correct just hope evryone drop the proud and pinoys word!.. if u love the artist, support her!!… thats all!!

    • timmy

      can you filos stop sayin ‘IM PROUD TO BE FILIPINO’ its not like every justin bieber fan says ‘IM PROUD TO BE CANADIAN’ its just so irrelevant. its charice’s talent, not urs…

      • Mico

        Ok people, enough of the pinoy pride thing….filipino or not, charice is a real talent! She’s unstoppable these days!

      • april joy

        haha..^_^ ur right dude!!!! its charice…talent guys..c’mon…

      • ina

        i agree timmy iam a filipino, but no can take credit of who she is now…. its only for hers and her family!…
        tsk tsk too bad filipinos never see this gem before she was known worldide..

      • Sharisu

        Excuse me? Justin Beiber is from Mars, not Canada.

    • chaster0418

      Not just Pinoys the Whole World!! :)

    • Trimusic

      Please stop tagging “pinoys so proud of you” line , she’s an Asian (much more like it), but you don’t need to emphasize much with that line. That’s why she’s not getting a lot of fans from different race because of people like you.

      • adinn


      • ANA

        yes cha is representing asian all over the world…she is really really good performer.

    • Frasco Mortiz

      Yun oh! Una talaga sa comments oh! ;)

    • hykmalo

      i not only fell in love with charice’s voice, but with the story of her life. i guess minus that story she’d be nobody special.

  • nap

    I like this video.

    • abadstroller

      I like it too. And while I know that it’s the post-production fad of moment, a little auto-tuning goes a very long way. With a singer of Charice’s ability, this much auto-tune detracts from the beauty of her real voice.

      • ashley

        You should hear her live to know the difference. She is fantastic!

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        LoL Charice is never auto-tuned. Watch this so that you won’t look ignorant watch?v=7BUFSJlKUW8 and skip to 4:59.

      • asmoothrider

        while the auto-tuning in louder isn’t as bad as in pyramid, i too wonder why charice’s producers are scared to use her real, young whitney houston-like golden voice. nice video, though, but it could have used more vibrant colors as the song has a stronger, positive message compared to the crop of hits proliferating nowadays on the airwaves

      • abadstroller

        STN: I listened to and watched the whole thing. If it isn’t auto-tune, what is that echo-ey thing happening with her sound? Whatever it is, Charice is still amazing.

      • Gary

        Auto-tune are for correcting wayward pitches. Knowing Charice’s knack for hitting the notes spot on I don’t think there was need for it. If Charice can hit the right notes live why can’t she when recording? I know what I speak of. I do home recording myself. Anyway, great MV Charice. I’m so proud of you.

      • intnetkilldmytv

        First, I’d like to say thanks to Director Tim! You did a great job Sir, this is an awesome video! Secondly, people confuse “Auto tune” from “Effects.” Those are two different tools in recording. Auto tune is for correcting/matching vocal pitch in relation to the music,as Gary said. While effects add dynamics,shape and color, such as echo,reverb,distortion, etc. “Pop” uses those tools, so treat it differently from “Ballads” which normally come with ‘clean tone.’ If you want to hear Charice’s clean tone, then listen to her ballad songs, and don’t feel disappointed if she sounds differently on her pop songs, coz’ pop is pop.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        Why did you not provide a time-mark on this video to support your claim? To do that is difficult? Echo is not auto-tune. Did you watch the earlier link I provided? I guess not. It’s the same BUT if you listened more closely, LIVE is better.

        Here is what/how auto-tuned is/sounds watch?v=9Cd36WJ79z4 As you saw/heard in this linkm one does have to be a vocalist like what the current crop of “vocalist” but are presented as vocalists.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita


        @Gary and @intnetkilldmytv have answered your questions. I’ve provided something to watch, something concrete to explain the concepts to you for you to better understand the concept of auto tune. Cheers!

      • Jigsor

        I love it!!! I just don’t understand why you all make a fuzz out of the auto-tune. The world is not perfect. The way you want it may not be the same to others. So it’s just a matter of “Do you like it, then appreciate it. And no more but’s and arguments. If you don’t like it, then shut up and move on.”

  • oblique

    awwww! charice finally it’s here! ho my gosh! *hyperventilating* i want to dance w/u!

  • nap

    I like this video. Charice always delivers, indeed.

  • BUbbles

    LOVE IT!!! the Charice I first saw in Ellen show is all grown up now..

    • alma

      She grow up too fast and much more beautiful and to its perfection in her voice!!!!!Mabuhay!! Charice..

  • Anna Wain

    Charice is amazing as always! Love this video!

  • grace

    she is hot in here, she did great on her music video.

    • Beni

      I am also in the military and love this wesbtie. If you can keep up with the workouts prescribed here then you are going to be way above your peers in basic training. But if you feel you need more. I would mix in a swim. I know that sounds weird but I find that I run faster when I only run 3 days a week and swim two days. Instead of run all 5 days.

  • narj

    wow wow wow more sexy please

  • JB


  • abi

    Wow Charice is gorgeous! Where’s the tiny little girl in ponytail and Kitty backpack? She’s HOT! Great moves!

  • MagnusToday

    I love it!

  • lancecobi

    Love it! Charice is hot and sexy! ChaFIERCE!

  • KIRA

    this is GREAT…..really WOW…really just great

  • lancecobi

    Our girl is all grown up now!!! She’s hotter than ever! Wooohoooo!

    • Joan

      Intervals on the bike this morning. On the trniaer so used highest gear. Was suppose to play basketball with the support staff (people that watch the students in the classrooms, I teach at a boarding type school) after school today, but no one showed. No S&C today will get that in tomorrow.

  • jerryojeragabog

    Charice is sooooo pretty…

    • rahrahrah

      Blahblahblah is an envious idiot.

      • Mico

        COME ON crabs…try harder! LOL…we chasters are in full throttle here ha ha!

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