Beyonce throws a ‘Party’: Watch her new video here!

If it’s another week, there must be another Beyoncé video.

The busiest pregnant lady on the planet (surprise — it’s a girl!) has moved on to the backyard-barbeque anthem “Party,” featuring surprise guest spots by J. Cole (replacing the recorded track’s Andre 3000), Beyoncé’s little sister Solange, and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. Alas, no signs of Michelle Williams.

Continuing her run for world domination, Queen Bey also co-directed the video, and while she plays it safe, she looks like she’s having a blast.

Unlike “Countdown,” there’s no visible baby bump in this vid, so I’m assuming it was shot mid-summer, which is when this really should have been put out. Releasing this track at the end of October seems like an odd choice, as the video involves a grillout and trailer-park pool party that would have sparkled mid-July.

As opposed to previous clips such as boy-band influenced “Love on Top” or her hypnotic, phenomenal “Countdown,” (both of which have come out in the past month, shortly after “1+1″) Beyoncé isn’t dancing this time around. Instead, she’s strutting her stuff with neon makeup and costumes straight out of the Day-Glo ’90s. Watch the video below:

What do you all think? Is Beyoncé going to release a video for every song off 4 by Thanksgiving? And if so, which song would you vote for next?

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  • Kelcie

    I find it odd that she did a mass-video shoot and is now steamrolling video releases, but I’m enjoying this video. It seems like Beyonce can pull off any look. Actually she kind of reminds me of the Beyonce we met when she first went solo in this video. I like the album version much better though. It was ridiculous how excited I got when I saw Kelly…

  • pat

    WERK! Love me some Beyonce! Go head girl, get your party on!

  • nzing

    I love your video …its really cool and fun to been

  • B more Girl

    What did my daughters and I say “10,9 8, Bs PR team will not allow Adele to tear of the charts with REAL music and no leotards!!!” hahahahahahahahaha Like I said ALL my fellow sistas are keeping Adele’s CD selling like hot cakes. She deserves this………I can hear B now “B more is my d@ city run Adele the h@ out of there!” hahahaha

    • Norah Jones

      Wow! You are using demeaning names for a woman while you claim to have daughters? What cojones it takes. To quote you “hahahaha”.

  • B more Girl

    Oh Adele girl I told my daughters I want your concert DVD for my B Day (no pun attended leotard, hahahaha). Get well so we can see you in concert girlfriend!!!

    • Diva!

      B shut your ass up. You probably one of those ghetto hoodrats.

      • respect

        truthfully that is rude she is doing her thing and at the end of the day she is laughing all the way to the bank so what you say it doesn’t matter for real

  • Stephanie

    I want an “End of Time” video, and I want it NOW.

  • Phil

    Dear Erin, when your co-worker Melissa posted the clip for the “Love On Top” video last week I implored her that she shouldn’t have used the line in which she insinuated that Beyonce wanted a boy band and was adding a member with her baby on the way (implying it woulda been a boy). She never removed the line in her piece and now she does look kinda foolish which is what I was trying to save her from last week.

  • troy

    beYAWNcy looks like an over made up prostitute, and an old one at that. it’s time out for her trying to act like she’s in her twenties as we all know she’s in her late 30’s after lying for so many years that she was still in her twenties. You can see it on her face she’s way past her 30’s. The song is again immature for a woman her age, and let’s not forget the poor cd didn’t sell as well as expected so again, she does video after video after video to try and sell the cd, and that makes the industry have to fork over more money to recoup cost unless she’s funding it herself. But leave it to an attention whore like her to want to be seen constantly..and where is the baby bump, she took it off again. She definitly is not prego’s seeing all the footage of her, her face is still the same, her thighs behind are still the same…

    • Courtney


      I agree with EVERYTHING in your comment!! LOL!!

    • DH

      Everyone noticed when people were getting tired of B she did what everyone kept saying she should “retire and start a family.” But noooooo B is a PR wh@ so she said “I’ll get pregnanct to garner more attention for the CD and I’ll upstage Adele (and others) by announcing it on national TV like I’m the Queen of England!” My mother always said “The best revenge is success…al la ADELE!!!!! So to answer your question BlackAmericaWeb…yes everyone knows she’s pimping this pregnancy!!! I feel so sorry for them. Zillions and a pretty face doesn’t buy happiness does it J “Can’t Sing” Lo????

    • abby

      nd whut r yew foo?

    • Shining Star

      Wow, I am not the biggest Beyonce fan out there, but I don’t understand the level of (personal) animosity like the above comments You don’t know this woman. Yet you have a level of disdain that is sheer madness. Dislike her music all you want, but the personal attacks reveal more about you than Beyonce. From your posts it seems your vitriol and bitterness (and anonymity) get you through the day. Your opinions are nonsensical and rancorous. Where is your thought process, your use of logic and persuasion and generally acceptable principles to get a point across? Apparently, non-existent. Please come back with more when you become coherent.

      • fancypants

        well said.

    • Diva!

      troy, don’t hate just because you don’t have money like Bey and Jay. You need to take your sorry ass back to Wal-Mart and get back to stocking the shelves. Beyonce can do whatever the hell she wants, and she is not in her late thirties…she just turned 30 this Sept you moron!

    • Tae

      She’s not preg in this vid because she shot it b4 she was preg!

  • Phil

    I dunno if she is gonna release EVERY video off “4” but she is releasing a Live Concert & behind the scenes from 4 At Roseland just in time for Black Friday. Surprised y’all didn’t mention that.
    Replacing Abdre on this with hubby’s signee J.Cole is simply a favor to Jay to try and get his artists some mainstream success to broaden his appeal. Woulda loved to have Kanye holding some spaghetti sauce jar a la Ragu with “Swagoo” on the cover…but other than that…

    • B more Girl

      @Phil-Come on you’re joking right? You know B is throwing a tantrum right now watching Adele, Usher, Mariah, Norah Jones, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne etc. all break weekly sales records and some go over 10mil when the media hypes B like she’s the most talented diva since Barbara Streisand, Celion, ReRe and Whitney. No one has told her she overexposed herself and is played out. She’s a Youtube SNL skit joke. hahahahaha Troy is right, my daughters says she makes kiddie music (same tired runs and hood lyrics). No Motown classic expert writes for her that’s for sure! No friend of mine owns a CD by B but ask how many of them just bought Adele???? The only song I liked by B “Best I Never Had” I knew was written by a master, one of my favorite producers
      (next to Jimmy Jam /Terry who did Confessions) Face!!!! oh I LOVE Diane Warren so I need to hear what she wrote for B…a grown-up sound I bet. hahaha

      • Phil

        Look, I appreciate your comments, but if you keep talkin’ bout ‘having daughters’ why is your handle B more Girl? How old are you? It should be B more Mama …otherwise you’re basically doing the same thing you’re accusing Beyonce of doing….pretending to be in her 20’s when in your thirties…Either way, where I come from thats called being a hyocrite.
        All that aside, I agree, and have agreed on most EW stories concerning B that she is overexposed, and that this album is essentially a commercial failure. The costs to promote the disc, as well as all these videos can’t possibly even out. EW won’t DARE write up how the album has failed but are quick to write up pieces like the End Of Summer that claimed what movies flopped at the Box office. Its certainly no secret that Adele has carried the music industry all year long with her continual weekly sales, but I hate to be the one that breaks the news to you that Adele and Beyonce are on THE SAME LABEL (Columbia) so either way, they’re having a LOVELY year overall.

      • welcometothedollhouse

        She is having a “tantrum”? Where do you get this? From your personal level of immaturity? Where do you get any of your information? Your addled brain? Let me guess. You also believe the “Illuminati” is real…

        You seem to take pleasure from what you perceive to be someone else’s failure. That is what is called pathetic.

  • B more Girl

    Oh how cute I read on another music board (I think Billboard) Adele is selling like hot cakes cause us old folks don’t download illegally or pirate music. My mother did always say the best thing about getting older is being more financially stable. So you’re welcome Adele us ole skool folks don’t know how to steal music for free or download. My daughters and I still hang in a music store, CD Depot, and enjoy chatting about artists the ole fashion way (as shown in my homeboy Nelly’s video with Kelly, haha). I joked that video was based off my daughter’s Seventeen Mag spread…ummmm research that one hahahahaha

  • ericasapplessauce

    This video reminds me alot of the website Cobrasnake, so I take it that’s where she got her ideas from for the video. Like the look of the clothing, and cobra snake enjoys that overly done up made up look. I would even go as far as wonder did the photographer for cobrasnake actually direct the video.

  • ISIS


  • Dena R

    Andre 3000’s verse is why I started liking this song. I can’t believe she did that…(sad face). You can never replaced 3 Stacks!!!

    • boxman16

      Apparently it’s because of Andre 3000’s record contract. He wants to get out of it badly, but if he appears in anymore music videos, he has to stay on it longer, or so I’ve heard. That’s why he hasn’t been seen in a video since 2007.

  • Ben

    Are they going to just release videos from all of the songs on this album in the hopes of an actual hit? So far it is not working.

    • ummm..

      She’s done pretty much the same video outreach for her fans for last couple of albums.

  • Sally

    I love the fact that Adele has steam-rolled over Beyonce and Gaga without bombarding the world with video after video. Instead, just two fantastic songs with low-key, tasteful videos – and she is once again at number one on both the album and singles charts. (And out-selling the other two by millions.)

    • Norah Jones

      I am a fan of both Adele and Beyonce (both of them are also fans of each other). Adele is not exactly comfortable in her vids and is not the same type of artist as Beyonce which is why she does not realize many vids. That should be okay. She should do her own thing. Why is this supposed to be some kind of proof that one artist is “better” than another? When 19 was released were you on Adele’s tit this much? Probably not. Now that she has a really good (and popular) album somehow she is “better than” another artist? No, she is just a good artist in her on right as is Beyonce or Lady Gaga or any other current and talented artists. Why must you attempt to find disfavor with another artist in your championing of another? Can’t artists of different flavors just do their own thing?

      • Kristin

        I think Sally’s point is that Adele just ‘is’, without having to try so hard. The other two are working overtime to get everyone’s attention while Adele is taking a more subdued approach which is obviously striking a chord with millions of people.

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