Taylor Swift contemplating legal action over supposed topless photo


Image Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Taylor Swift does not take personal attacks lightly (after all, she wrote a song and filmed a video in response to a bad review), which is why her team sent a cease-and-desist letter to a gossip website because of a supposed topless photo of the 21-year-old country crossover superstar.

Over the weekend, Celebrity Jihad posted a photo of a curly-haired blonde girl lying topless across a bed, claiming that it was a leaked photo of Swift. Shortly thereafter, Celebrity Jihad received a letter from Swift’s legal team asking that the photo be taken down, insisting that it was not in fact Swift.

The picture remains up at Celebrity Jihad, despite the site’s acknowledgement of Swift’s protest. A formal lawsuit could be the next step.

Here’s the thing: The picture obviously isn’t Taylor Swift, so this whole thing should theoretically go away pretty quickly. Still, with a hacker already arrested for unearthing nude photos of the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera, the message to young female stars remains steadfast: Nobody can steal your nude photos if said pictures don’t exist. Though if they can’t, apparently, they’re happy to fake it.

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  • Fithri

    What a stupid website. They will have no chance against Taylor Swift and her management. They chose the wrong celebrity to fake and I’m very sure Taylor will not stand having her wholesome image being dragged to the mud.

    • eatyourheartout

      It did not take them long. The site seems to be down.
      lmao. That`s what you get for messing with american sweetheart.

      • Lisa S

        Nice of EW to give that trashy website a load of free publicity.

      • iamlandru

        I saw the actual pic and it does not even look like her; not even close. It’s laughable. There’s probably zero chance to start with that she’s do something like that combined with a pic that doesn’t look like her spells no controversy to me.

    • Rosalie

      Yes, this little girl has really done a good job of showing wholesomeness. She’s already been passed around through every guy in Hollywood, from the Jonas Brother to Jake Gyllenhal. Yup, quite the rolemodel.

      • eatyourheartout

        You do know that both of these guys you mentioned are gay?

      • Rhonda

        No, no, they’re not, as there is every reason to know.

        Every guy you’re not a fan of isn’t “gay.” And it wouldn’t be an insult if they were, pinhead.

      • Santana

        Yep. She beards like a pro.

      • Ashley

        Just because she dated those guys doesn’t mean she slept with them.

      • Kitty

        They look like pepperoni slices. Nobody wants to see that.

      • Ann

        So, she’s not a good role model because she’s dated more than one guy? Lots of people her age date a lot before they settle down and no one said she ever slept with these guys. Is she not allowed to have boyfriends? You don’t have to like her music, but I don’t understand how anyone could say she isn’t wholesome compared to the other pop tarts out there. She keeps her clothes on, sings perfectly innocent songs and doesn’t find herself in trouble with the law or mixed up in any scandals.

      • Rosalie

        I’m sorry Ann, but where I am from we call a girl who goes from man to man all the time a whore. Yes, compared to other pop tarts she is tamed because her clothes stay on. She has every right to date different guys all the time, but hey maybe she is not relationship material and that is why guys don’t keep her around for long. It’s not always the girl who is looking for the right guy, sometimes men are looking for the right girl too.

      • aleksa

        Put the scarlet letter down, sweetie; the only difference between her and 90 percent of the single 21 year-old girls out there is that paparazzi follow HER everywhere.

      • scd

        You realize she is the WOLRD’S best role model right? and you realize she is a virgin right? and will not have sex until marriage right? so take that attitude somewhere else

      • Loni

        Wow Rosalie, since when did dating become so skewed that you’re a ‘whore’ if you date different people? That’s the whole definition of dating. It drives me crazy that people like you reinforce this idiotic social pattern. Young adults should be encouraged to socialize and date many different people so they find one they’re compatible with and want to commit to share their life with. I think it robs people of a lot of self discovery and fun when they feel they have to be exclusive with just one person for years. So give the girl a break. Let her enjoy her youth.

      • mike

        @scd: dellusional much? she’s as virgin as Miley Cyrus

      • fish eye no miko

        Rosalie: “I’m sorry Ann, but where I am from we call a girl who goes from man to man all the time a whore.”

        Wow, how are things in the Victorian Era?

  • Vagpoker

    Women with no t*ts shouldnt be taking pictures of themselves naked. She probably wants it taken down because it shows how unwomanly she is.

    • eatyourheartout

      And she has never taken them. Stay failing.

      • Vagpoker


    • Brad Adien

      And a misogynist whose penis is often mistaken for a genital wart shouldn’t be criticizing a woman’s breasts.

      • Vagpoker

        You have no penis? How sad for you, lil fella.

    • Marylu

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  • ljm44

    what a bizarre website….

    • Santana

      Yeah, that site was pretty gross. Couldn’t find the actual pic but I guarantee it was just a photoshopped picture based on the other crap on there.

      • Kitty

        I have seen surfboards with more curves than this.

  • tre78

    Agreed, what a strange website—it’s total fake, inflammatory “news”. I’m actually pretty mad at myself for giving them a hit.

    • goose

      you mean EW?

    • trey98

      I agree I is a weird website. And I am mad also for giving them a hit. What I found funny is how people are taking this so seriously when all the photos on there is so badly faked its laughable.
      I hope more celebs take action against this web site for falsifying there images like that.

  • Eli

    That picture is not Taylor Swift at all, Its a shame that people do this to Celebrities, its like a bad jealousy thing :( It doesnt look like Taylor anyways

    • Big Walt

      If it’s that obviously not her, she’s done more damage to herself by calling attention to them. Dumb move by her PR team.

  • monoroe 7

    Relax people this is just another one of Taylors famous publicity stunts to get her in the news… she is now going to have to thank the magazine for her popluarity just like Kanye, Jake, Joe, Jon, and the critic who says she cant sing

    • eatyourheartout

      Relax people. Its carriefan Monroe with another hate speech. She will win the CMA-awards, and you will cry. Again.

      • monoroe 7

        Sorry not a Carrie fan either. Im a Miranda fan Just stating facts whenever there is an award show or album release she has a PR scandal i e .. kanye and Jake just to name a few! and guess what is next week?? CMA awards right on schedule for her

      • Emily

        monoroe 7 actually makes an interesting point. But why are we bringing the ‘my favorite country star’ into this? I love Taylor. I love Carrie, Miranda, Blake, Kellie, Keith, Brad, Kenny, Band Perry, Lady A, all of them. Everybody just needs to get along.

    • Big Jim

      Stfu pls. If you knew anything about the site, you would know that it’s only purpose with the bogus pic and various mocking of Swift is to drag Taylor’s name in the mud. Why would would anyone want something like this to be circulating around as a PR stunt. Get your head out of your a**.

      • monoroe 7

        Its facts look it up

  • Esox

    It’s difficult to have your privacy invaded if you DON’T TAKED NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF! Right, Scarlett?

    • Esox

      TAKED NAKED, some typos are heee-larious!

    • Jonathan

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  • jared pendley

    Can i wear your bra and panties from that topless photo. I am a boy. I am 17 years old and i want to be a teenage girl just like you. aa country singer and sexy, hot, preaty, and cute teenage girl. sighned jared pendley.

    • ann

      Keep it clean and stay on the subject–can you read, Jared?

      • Kitty

        He would probably have bigger tits than her.

  • Molly

    The photo is CLEARLY not her. I hope she throws the book at them.

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    Pretty girl but who wants to see her topless?

    • Esox

      Many, many a folk. Consider me one. Yum!

  • Steele

    Don’t know about you guys. That pic is pretty hot actually.

  • variel

    It’s definitely not her! They can go burn in hell.

    • Big Jim

      Her fans need to support her now.The bastards will pay. I hope she sues them for all they have.

  • eatyourheartout

    I have mixed feelings about this. She obviously was stupid to give this no-name flop site hits. Nobody cared about them.

    But on the other hand i am glad somebody called them out on their c/rap. This is the biggest troll site i have ever seen. Absolutely disgusting.

    Go kill them, Taylor. Don`t you let them off the hook now, although i know they are seeking to find a solution outside the court already.

    The thing that bothers me the most about this story is, how can someone stay sane in the celebrity world? Taylor has always been about class and trying really hard to stay a good role-model for her young fans. Now, when these low-lives fail to get dirt on you, they fabricate it. And then we all act surprised that all of them end up in rehab.

    Internet is the devil.

    • Big Jim

      Umm other blogs would have picked up on it eventually. So no, I think her team made the right move. It’s obviously not her but them using her name and her deciding not to do anything about it would have tarnished her image even further. Ppl will form their own opinions whether she did something about it or not.

      • Santana

        I don’t know. They had several things on the website that also claimed to have photos of Selena Gomez and Emma Watson topless as well and their teams aren’t going crazy. Anyone who visits that site can clearly see how disgusting and fake it is.

  • Phil Esteen

    Is she suing for bigger breastseses?

  • FoX

    i wouldnt wanna see her naked shes fugly

    • Esox

      Swing and miss, Agent Wrongo

    • Theo Huxtable

      Me neither, I’ll take the Selena Gomez nudie over squinty swifty any day.

      • Esox

        That goes for you too, Malcolm Jamal Wrongo

      • Kenny

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    • Root

      Your comment makes me pretty sure you’ve never seen a naked female in your life. Loser.

    • ilovetaytay

      your just hating cause no one wants to see you naked asss!

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